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  1. Hello, always nice to see people interested in Doom TASing. Firstly, you can use -recordfromto demo1 demo2 in prb+ and then press the join key (Q by default). No save tics, no pause tics at all (you won't need to press them, will you?). Secondly, rerecording and slow-motion are not the best tools for Doom TASing. The Doom movies submitted to TASVideos by Akse and ClumsyDoomer all use frame-by-frame demo editing with XDRE (xepop's 2.14 src, my own half-assed repo and the binaries) and DRE. They're not easy to use, but you can always ask if you have trouble.
  2. 38_ViTa_38

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    THISSUXX UV speed in 1:58. It has been hoarded since the end of February 2017. 30tsx158.zip Edit: Andy, please replace the 30tsx159 run with this one as it's included in this zip.
  3. 38_ViTa_38

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    Italo map 1 -nomonsters in 18.69. it01xo018.zip
  4. 38_ViTa_38

    2017 Goals

    Oh well, I haven't even touched them for a very long time.
  5. 38_ViTa_38

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    Scythe map 2 -nomonsters in 5.94. sc02xo594.zip
  6. 38_ViTa_38

    Your favorite thing about Doom

    Bugs Features, because Doom can't have bugs. Its movement code is the best.
  7. 38_ViTa_38

    Brand New Doom 2 Trick

    For an unknown reason I don't clip back in the test map I've just made. lsclip.zip
  8. 38_ViTa_38

    Brand New Doom 2 Trick

    Oh, I didn't know about Revved and Anima's demos. The post was the reply to the thread's name. Yes, it's probably exploitable in cases where falling down is much slower and there's a PE nearby.
  9. 38_ViTa_38

    Brand New Doom 2 Trick

    It's old.
  10. 38_ViTa_38

    How much storage has DOOM-related stuff took up on your computer?

    3.2 GB of wads, dehs, demos. 2.1 GB of code with some object files. 4.3 GB of pure object files. 123 MB of binaries. 9.7 GB total.
  11. 38_ViTa_38

    What's Doomguy like in your mind?

    He can outrun his own rockets and even BFG balls if he's sliding north or east along a wall. He can go thru some walls, too.
  12. 38_ViTa_38

    How do you organize your .wad files?

    I don't organise them, they all are in one folder. I have DOOMWADDIR set as well.
  13. 38_ViTa_38

    E2M2 is the best map that ever existed!

    No, it can't be the best map ever.