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  1. e4m9 nm speed in 6.43 e4m9xn643.zip
  2. vita

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    The latest git version of prb+ (commit 5679359) desyncs while playing back some Eviternity and Valiant (both are cl11 wads) demos, e.g. evit30-250, evit24-832, va18-931, va24-1143. Both the evit30 demo and the va24 max have different rng from the very beginning (and evit30 cannot be finished at all in for some reason). Unfortunately I don't have enough time currently to investigate the causes. Also a fix of R_PointOnSide for clang on macOS and Linux can be adapted from Eternity.
  3. vita

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    When you run out of ammo with cl9 or higher, PrBoom+ continuously tries to autoswitch to the most preferred weapon and doesn't let the player switch to what they want. E.g. I spent all my cells with the plasmagun and want to use the rocket launcher but the port inserts a bunch of commands to change to ssg (one can notice this by inspecting Boom or MBF demos in XDRE); I have to switch to it first and only then to RL. This patch fixes that and adds an option to disable autoswitching completely.
  4. eviternity map 8 nomo in 5.66 evit08xo566.zip
  5. vita

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    CrazyDoomguy's UV max of chillax 9.7.2 map 46 is actually a run of his own version of the map, it's quite different from the original. chillax-v9.7.2.wad. CrazyDoomguy's map.
  6. doom e2m5 nomo in 16.57 and nomo secret exit in 14.94 e2m6xo016.zip e2m5sxo014.zip
  7. 1monster map 22 nomo tas in 8.83 (beating 9.66) 1m22xo966.txt: "8s is impossible with -turbo 100" well i don't think so 1m22xo883.zip
  8. hr2final map 32 nomo tas in 13.14 (beating 14.86) h232xo013.zip
  9. Thanks, should be fixed now.
  10. Doom 2 map 7 pacifist, NM speed and nomo in 2.49. lv07_249_tas.zip
  11. vita

    Does XDRE have a walkcam?

    XDRE indeed doesn't have a walkcam, I never got to adding it anyway. I'm not too likely to implement it any time soon but if someone has a patch, feel free to send it.
  12. Hello, always nice to see people interested in Doom TASing. Firstly, you can use -recordfromto demo1 demo2 in prb+ and then press the join key (Q by default). No save tics, no pause tics at all (you won't need to press them, will you?). Secondly, rerecording and slow-motion are not the best tools for Doom TASing. The Doom movies submitted to TASVideos by Akse and ClumsyDoomer all use frame-by-frame demo editing with XDRE (xepop's 2.14 src, my own half-assed repo and the binaries) and DRE. They're not easy to use, but you can always ask if you have trouble.
  13. THISSUXX UV speed in 1:58. It has been hoarded since the end of February 2017. 30tsx158.zip Edit: Andy, please replace the 30tsx159 run with this one as it's included in this zip.
  14. Italo map 1 -nomonsters in 18.69. it01xo018.zip
  15. vita

    2017 Goals

    Oh well, I haven't even touched them for a very long time.