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  1. Chipchase


    Not quite as bad as some other comments said, for an old wad anyway. Playable but easy at UV. Some poor texture alignments, nearly all brightly lit, no atmosphere. New sounds are mostly cranky but I liked the machine gun. The voice sounds the same as in "Wild West Of The North" - WEST.WAD which was by Mike Lasota and which also has cranky (but different again) sounds.
  2. Chipchase

    I am Evil 5

    Boring tosh. Long narrow passages packed with hundreds of demons to grind through with a chainsaw. Might as well work in a bacon factory. Gave up after checking the map to see if there was anything more than carving demons. There wasn't.
  3. Chipchase

    Stupid Benchmark #1

    A quarter of a million monsters in a gigantic flat square room. It is said to be for stress testing source ports (and your PC?), otherwise it's on the other side of crazy. It took my PC nearly two minutes to load the wad (I thought it had crashed) and I took less than two seconds to die. At least it ran - the author says he never even managed that. The first screenshot has a high viewpoint because an Archvile lifted me. The second shows it in the Eureka editor; seeing only about 4% of the area, and every red square is a heavyweight monster (yellow selecting a caco). and Doomguy is in the bottom left corner. Eureka was crawling, almost unusable - how did the author even build this?
  4. Chipchase

    Where to get FluidR3_GM.sf2 ?

    If you read my original post again you will see that I did use Google. What it led me to was a load of music based sites that frustratingly did not give any link to this file, even though I saw it mentioned once or twice. I had also searched here on Doomworld itself without success. As it seems to be much used in Doom, I thought someone here could point me to a download and they kindly did. I had already spent nearly an hour searching via Google, including downloading and unzipping packages, before I put the question here. Googling is only a means to an end, and not always an effective one, not an end in itself.
  5. Chipchase

    Where to get FluidR3_GM.sf2 ?

    Thanks for the links guys, I found and installed the file. However as you said, it was not the lack of the file that stopped wow.wad from loading : it was because I had made the elementary mistake of not realising it was a Doom (ie Doom "1") wad. As I had been playing Doom II wads I had omitted to point to the right iwad, ie doom.wad.
  6. Chipchase


    I guess this was meant to be a serious wad, just using a trick to make the C-Demon hard to see. I don't think it was a deliberate troll of the style that caught on later, eg Sand Chain and the Terry wads. IMHO it nowhere near holds the record for "worst wad ever" (even if it did once) so it is now "over-rated" in that respect. There are wads where you die quicker (eg "Stupid Benchmark #1"), and wads with worse graphics( eg "Sand Chain"). TBH, after all the hype I was a bit disappointed, I was expecting worse LoL.
  7. Chipchase

    American Idol

    Pointless crap. A small yard, empty except for a futuristic shotgun. No monsters and no exit. See my screenshot and you've seen it all.
  8. Chipchase

    Where to get FluidR3_GM.sf2 ?

    Several wads I have tried to play lately have refused to start because I do not have a file called "FluidR3_GM.sf2", which I believe is a collection of music sounds; I show the error messages below. This is in PRBoom (not +) under Linux. I do have a file /usr/share/sounds/sf2/TimGM6mb.sf2 which I suppose is some different tone of music. Putting "-nomusic" on the command line does not get round the problem, nor does "-file /usr/share/sounds/sf2/TimGM6mb.sf2" Where can I find and download a copy of FluidR3_GM.sf2 ? Googling, I found people talking about it (and some alternatives) but nowhere to download it. One of the wads that demanded it, and refused to start without, was wow.wad - yet music plays fine in most other wads. Why do we need these different versions of music tones anyway? Sorry I know nothing about music, nor do I care much. I just want to play wads. fluidsynth: error: Unable to open file "/usr/share/sounds/sf2/FluidR3_GM.sf2" fluidsynth: error: Couldn't load soundfont file fluidsynth: error: Failed to load SoundFont "/usr/share/sounds/sf2/FluidR3_GM.sf2" fluidsynth: warning: Failed to pin the sample data to RAM; swapping is possible. fluidsynth: error: Unable to open file "/usr/share/sounds/sf2/FluidR3_GM.sf2" fluidsynth: error: Couldn't load soundfont file fluidsynth: error: Failed to load SoundFont "/usr/share/sounds/sf2/FluidR3_GM.sf2"
  9. There are thousands of wads not talked about any more. In the "Downloads" area there are some wads that have never even been downloaded, others that have been downloaded but never reviewed, and others only briefly reviewed in one or two words like "OK" or "Meh". Wads which have been "talked" about at any time outside a review are a minority, and ones that continue to be talked about long after their creation are a tiny minority of exceptional ones (either exceptionally good, or exceptionally bad like wow.wad). If you want to hear a wad talked about, then you should start the talking here yourself, and then maybe others will join in.
  10. Chipchase

    Don't Run on Phobos

    Seeing how many WADs are supposed to be on Phobus, just a warning not to run :- http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2018/11/anything-faster-brisk-walk-martian-moon-could-send-you-spinning-space
  11. Chipchase


    More an exercise in 3-d artwork than a game. Just someone's bedroom with a HK in a tiny lobby outside the door, and a Caco in a tiny yard outside the window. A BFG and Invisibilty Sphere are also in the yard but you can't get out there. I think the name is a clue - maybe this was the start of a bigger level, then abandoned. He ought to have allowed it as a base for development.
  12. Chipchase


    Starts with all monsters with their backs to you, and you might as well leave it that way and just listen to the music. One big rectangular room with no finish switch. They couldn't even make the rectangle properly - freehand I guess. Kill the monsters if you want, it's easy.
  13. Chipchase

    The World May Now !

    Superb firework display of thousands of fireballs seeming in slow motion because of the vastness - mostly avoidable as they land where you were ages ago; but worth playing just to see it. A HUGE square surrounded by tiers with hundreds of imps and a few others, plus a blockhouse you can enter first to collect ammo. Fighting through the hundreds of monsters when you get onto the tiers is another matter, overwhelming at UV. I cheated to finish so at least I could review. Some HOM bugs.
  14. Chipchase

    If you could add a weapon, what would it be?

    Wasn't there an option in Marine's Best Friend to have a grenade launcher instead of a rocket launcher? It has always seemed implausible to me how much weaponry and ammo Doomguy carries already. I reckon he must have an electric golf caddy with him, not just a haversack.
  15. Chipchase

    Why all the "Guest" Downloads

    It seems that most wads for downloading have been placed there by "Guest". I first thought that these were ones imported from the old /idgames database, but even all or most new submissions are by "Guest", looking at the Downloads (beta) page. Surely you cannot upload a wad if you are not logged in member?