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  1. It was released exclusively for the BFG Edition
  2. i really dont know what you mean. Edition means "particular form of some instance" so like your BFG Edition would be like...another you. A clone of you.
  3. this is such a genuine compliment, almost all my defense mechanisms want to believe it's sarcastic.
  4. I don't think the walls are soundproof, inasmuch as you can hear zombie groans pretty well.
  5. the site was taken down i think, so idk if the BFG edition had a choice but to make it an email.
  6. its very easy. There's just like a crawl space between the wall and the gate thingy, i literally just waltzed through. It's really not a big problem but it makes the map feel less polished.
  7. in MAP03, right at the start. you can just slide past the door thingies without having to press the switch. Its a small gripe, to be sure, but I thought I'd point it out.
  8. i only own doom3 vanilla for the pc, so if you're trying to mod the bfg edition i can't help you. if you're playing the vanilla original doom 3 on pc, for the most part you can just put the mods as folders into your main doom 3 steam folder, and the main menu of the game has a "mods" button, or something like that
  9. those walls with the diagonal slants and the lights are a trick of the lighting engine, it makes the hallway look dimmer lit since the light is splayed everywhere instead of focused on anything.
  10. somebody made a comment earlier about how doom 3 BFG's development was screwed over by doom 4's development, and somebody else was confused. I'm also sort of confused here, so dont take my word as law, but i think the point was that BFG was a lousy port cuz most resources were being focused on doom 4 instead of three. Anyway, my biggest problem with the whole "blah the flashlight" complaint is that it isn't really...true? Everything you need to see in the original game is plainly visible. Pickups have blinky lights, enemies have glowy fires, the control buttons and doors all have lights too, etc. The only function the flashlight serves, outside of a few setpiece moments, is to trick you into using it, even though it is, in effect, pointless. You can play basically the whole game without bothering with the flashlight at all. Also, is it just me or are the sounds way flatter sounding in BFG edition?
  11. there are many, lol
  12. I looked into it (read: I own the books and checked the beginnings) and none of them open with any such description.
  13. update on my current map. Green for the map just be aware it'll take a bit, as im busy with other things. Sometime soon, coming weeks. Honestly oblige maps are tiring to mess with for some reason. Sign me up for map 19 so i can get the vanilla oblige before my other map
  14. Alright, sure then. I'll get a map to you by, at least, the end of year. BTW if I can make some suggestions for good settings to use. "Normal" sized maps with "no monsters or weapons" and also absolutely "no teleports" seemed to work wonders for me. Oblige is great but gives you tons of the same guns and isnt perfect with its monster placement. Also making those dumb dead ends everywhere into monster closets can make them seem less pointless, especially if you put some goodies in them.
  15. I wouldn't mind making another map if that's allowed? Sort of slow, but I've seen many projects try to do this same thing and wanna see one succeed lol.