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  1. EtherBot

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    I finally made it to the end after playing casually for a few weeks. Pretty well-made maps, although the final boss is a bit frustrating to actually fight. I don't hate homing attacks or archvile style hitscan flames, but both at once? Stops being 'difficult' and just becomes mindlessly busy. I wouldn't mind focusing more on cover than on actually firing but she's got way too much health to boot. Not a satisfying encounter imho.
  2. Doom 64 for Doom 4: Foretold
  3. EtherBot

    So I tried Out A Doom 4 Mod...

    Geez Louise guys the man liked a mod, i dont see why we're getting into the semantics of it.
  4. EtherBot


    Thanks I love it.
  5. EtherBot

    Scooby Doom?

    Liked for the shaggy in the background.
  6. EtherBot

    Doom II - new animation movie

    I adored every minute of that.
  7. EtherBot

    Unpopular maps you enjoy

    I LOOOOVE The Chasm. Right when the level design is getting stale they through this really interesting challenge with an unexpected amount of verticality that makes navigating really interesting.
  8. EtherBot

    New PC build vs Doom

    "But can it run Doom?"
  9. EtherBot

    Favourite Doom Monster?

    In terms of raw monster design, Cacodemon all the way. If there was ever a mascot to the doom roster, it'd be that Cacodemon. But if I had to say which monster is most fun to fight...I mean, can I choose a small group? Doom monsters aren't designed for one on one fights as much as bigger fights with lots going on. But I've always been super fond of a good old zombie pinky imp group if handled right. It's such a masterful dynamic that every other enemy in the game is some variation on those three.
  10. EtherBot

    PC Doom sound effects VS PSX Doom sound effects

    This is unrelated but the theme created for playstation doom is my defacto tune that pops into my head when I think of "doom songs" Not E1M1. Not d_runnin. The psx doom theme. Hellll yeahhh bah bah-dah-dah-daaaah! bah-dah-dah doh, doooooom! doooooooom! (bom bom bom)
  11. EtherBot

    β€œDoom: The Fake Outrage”

    Kinda sad. I personally thought the joke was funny and good character stuff for the UAC. Along with the other quotes it implies that the UAC intentionally let the demons flood Earth, which is probably what the developers were intending when they put it in the gameplay reveal. Can it be interpreted as being "anti-SJW" or "anti-immigration" out of context? Probably. We'll have to see how it is when the game comes out. If it turns out that Hugo Martin and the team were actually trying to play up that angle for the 4 chan type edgelords who seriously took the joke as validation...like, I'll be kinda sad? I wouldnt really try for a refund unless the game is also like super shit, which it doesnt look it will be.
  12. EtherBot

    "It's too cartoony"

    I mean thats fair I guess, I just disagree lol
  13. EtherBot

    "It's too cartoony"

    Chill out man. We're talking about video games. I've already conceded that I can understand NoXion's point, I'm just talking subjectively about why I don't love the new redesigns. With my disclaimer being out of the way, that's a pretty weird argument imo. I was never trying to claim that real life animals look similar, and if I was it would be totally against the rest of my argument. The monsters in D16, for instance, don't look similar at all. Compare the imp to the Mancubus or the Mancubus to the Revenant. I'm not trying to say the Doom Eternal monsters should have looked like they were the same species or something, just that they don't match stylistically with each other. Even in the original Doom, the Lost Soul, for instance, is totally alien compared to the Pinky Demon but they look like they realistically inhabit the same space. They are similar stylistically which has nothing to do with whether they look varied or not.