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  1. EtherBot

    PsyDoom 0.5.2 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    Wow bizarre, do you (or anyone I guess) know if this was a bug with other console ports at the time? Like the n64 version especially, 3do, etc. I never knew the PSX version had this bug, it's fairly significant, I feel like. (also w.r.t. the screen blacking out, I can also confirm that this bug does not occur if I switch it to windowed mode. I wonder how a borderless windowed mode would fair? Unless the fullscreen mode is already that)
  2. EtherBot

    PsyDoom 0.5.2 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    Fullscreen mode. I'm using an intel hd gpu on Windows. Actually here are my specs by themselves: I don't see any errors at all, unless I'm not looking in the right place. For what it's worth, the entire screen turns black when you return to the window (although inputs still register and sounds are still active). So if the error would display in-game I obviously wouldn't be able to see it. There are no pop-ups or anything, though. Also I've noticed some other irregularities with sprites, of which I'm not certain whether they've been reported before (or even if theyre possibly present in the Playstation original version). (Open spoiler to show, images included)
  3. EtherBot

    PsyDoom 0.5.2 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    Has anyone else been having trouble with the game blacking out if you alt-tab away and back into it?
  4. OH ANOTHER ONE When you can "lean" but its like, the camera moves exactly one inch and just tilts a little bit, making it 100% useless
  5. sort of a weird example: games that DONT have some kind of dedicated melee button really frustrate me. it feels so janky to be shooting something thats like 1 foot away from you on a regular basis, in my opinion.
  6. EtherBot

    DOOM³ Golden Edition

    But it does, the element of reloading is completely inconsequential. In the vanilla game you often have to switch to a different gun or try to retreat multiple times in a fight because of the reloading mechanic which makes them feel very kinetic and dynamic. It's not fun literally being able to clear the whole room with JUST the machine gun, and then reload right after. Just because you might have to occasionally reload in the more ludicrously lengthy encounters like a boss fight doesn't make the fact that it reloads valuable for the actual gameplay loop
  7. EtherBot

    Discussion regarding death traps in maps...

    idk that I understand why this is specifically being asked to me but it is a pretty interesting question. I tend to interpret situations where the player can be permanently trapped with no fail-state or way to progress further to basically be "bugs" and therefore inherent problems with the game's design. Essentially you're being soft locked. Now I'm wondering what the result would be if a game employed this type of thing intentionally and it's a weird thought. Anyway, I don't see what sportsmanship or honor have to do with it, if you want to progress at that point you have no choice but to reload a save or noclip out of the spot you're in.
  8. EtherBot

    Discussion regarding death traps in maps...

    in my opinion the problem with death pits has nothing to do with the fact that they're inescapable but that it takes way too long to kill you. If I make a minor mistake and am killed instantly (like by an archvile or something) it doesnt really bother me because death in Doom isnt that big a deal for me. But if I make a minor mistake and am doomed to a fate of standing around helplessly for like 50 seconds waiting to die, it becomes infuriating
  9. I'm gonna have to agree with the above comment. Music isn't ephemeral and it's not cheap lol. I do think some of the albums could be a little less expensive since they've been out so long, but regardless it's free to listen to right on the bandcamp page!
  10. honestly i just dislike pain elementals in general, I'm not sure I've ever been thrilled or taken back by the presence of one, they're sort of a weightless enemy in my experience
  11. EtherBot

    DOOM Eternal -- *still* no ray tracing?!?

    lol im just waiting for the switch port
  12. EtherBot

    Doom 3 Custom: Community Edition

    For those who need it, the list of changes from the moddb page: https://www.moddb.com/games/doom-iii/downloads/doom-3-custom-community-edition1
  13. EtherBot

    unpopular retro opinions

    omg i thought "SS2" stood for system shock 2 and i was so upset and confused like "wtf theres no vehicle combat in ss2?????"
  14. EtherBot

    [Mod] Doom 3 subtle improvements

    i dont think the fight is bad because its an inherently bad idea to only damage the cyberdemon w/ the soulcube. The problem is that theres no urgency to anything going on. maybe if the fodder demons spawning in were more powerful and spawned more quickly. Then you'd have to make some pretty dire decisions, like whether it's worth it to soulcube something like a mancubus to regain health and take it off the board, when you COULD have used that soulcube to progress in the boss fight, etc