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  1. finished last friday's work and off to the next sections. I've got 4 sections remaining :D


    1. Fonze


      I would suggest giving that area a bit more attention; things like the tan flat used on that grey stone, square staircase-thingy look bad because they flat/textures used conflict with one-another and do not give the impression of a 3D object. It makes them look like lines with wallpaper plastered on.


      Also, try working with more interesting shapes :)

    2. R1ck


      I thought you're talking about that pillar lol. good advice, thanks. I sucked at texture alignment on curved sector but thanks for that too.

    3. Fonze


      Actually I was referring to the grey, square, staircase-like structure that is pictured in both shots and has a red torch on top of it, but most shapes in that room are still orthogonal squares, aside from that one curved section. 


      As for texturing, the curved wall looks good. I'm more referring to that grey staircase structure with the tan flats on its floor sections. But while I'm talking about it, the light flats you used get cut off in bad places in a few spots in these screenies, which is an easily fixable thing by drawing a small sector around the part you wish to keep as lights and making the remainder CEIL5_2, which is the same flat but without the lights.


      It would also be good to work on adding color into your maps; brown/tan/grey/white/black are all neutral colors and look bland by themselves.