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  1. I'm interested. I love textures like these, but I've never found them in Doom texture archives.
  2. I just decided compare my maps year ago and now. So below,you'll see screenshots of them. I guess, that's how people become experienced. 


    proud of myself.jpg


    1. MysteriousHaruko


      Also, I'm planning to remake first map in screenshot and for second one record quick gameplay how this looks inside. I just stop teasing people with the same screenshot in below :")

    2. GarrettChan


      Wait... it's a shape of a pistol? Probably we can have a mapset shaping like every weapon in Doom, sounds good.

    3. MysteriousHaruko


      @GarrettChan Damn,you're right, but when I created this, I didn't think about it. 

    4. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      @MysteriousHaruko, in case you overhaul your first map, it could also be part of the recycled CP, if you would want it there. Participants can submit more than one map. So, if you would like for people to have a look at it, it might actually be a good opportunity.

    5. MysteriousHaruko


      @Nine Inch Heels Sure. I hope wad is not corrupted and convertable into boom format. I have so many "first try" wads. Heh. For second screenshot I'll put 3d view after I add more details and textures and create status update someday. 

  3. You need convert Doom patches in Ancient Aliens pallette to work them correctly. I'm using them for my future project for gzdoom.
  4. Dude,use Ancient Aliens pallette and resources, it would feel so colourful.
  5. Easier skills doesn't have mancubus, I replaced it with revenant or I'll replace it.
  6. I didn't remove mancubus in map, unless you want second mancubus in ending area ;) and I'll fix that too @GarrettChan in next update.
  7. Well, does map feel near finish line? I know, I need reduce light in one door sector and lower ledge for more fight, but I need main opinion.
  8. I need check map once again and see where I could draw additional sector for it, if players love fist-fight with demons, I'll provide path to it and drop update once again. But now I need go to finish my essay for college ;)
  9. Damn, you're good runner as @Nine Inch Heels , don't have skills like this. I prefer move slowly and observe smallest details. I wonder if these demo runs will be preserved for future generations ;)
  10. When everything will be finished, I'll rename wad into "apology", because real wad's name is "all apologies". Anyway,thanks for demo,I'm going to check it right now. And "Shell" exit for me seems nice touch, I dunno about other testers and players.
  11. My reworked map is intented to be hard, it doesn't have so much monsters, but you need quick reaction and be fast as possible. You can freelook in prboom+ ports. Also, I recommend run prboom+ with zdl. It would save your time and let set complevels,demo recordings correctly in line commands.
  12. Another update,yay. Map changes: Map link here: I decided put dates on map versions,it won't be so hard to see what I've done in that map. After I'll finish college related things I'll put older versions of same map and write what I changed in notepad text file.
  13. Well, yes. After 180 days or less if forum admin didn't switch off that function. Go into profile settings and check "display name" if you passed that time, you'll be allowed change profile name.
  14. Why do you need second account in the first place?
  15. I won't hate your mod,shhh. Also, you should post this in zdoom forum too. If you look beyond this forum, a lot of people like well-made mods. Sure, you'll get some hate and criticism, but it's part of mod/map creation. Go for it, nobody is perfect.