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  1. Alien Vendetta and A.L.T gives me weird nostalgia. Also all those 90's wads,because they show how Doom mapping evolved and changed.
  2. I think recoloured doom texture pack would fit here,they won't feel out of place. Also,I would include waterfall and lavafall. What's more - some cctex textures would fit here too and maybe alpha/beta doom stuff like decorations. These are just suggestions. I'm mostly use stock stuff with provided content pack.
  3. Will you add more things like skies? I just want expand my map and submit here.
  4. This track is so calm and mysterious as a title said.
  5. Are you trying create something like Chilax? :') Last picture speaks itself.
  6. I want draw some linedefs in map,but I must work. I guess breaks are good thing. 

    1. leodoom85


      It's not a good thing. It's very important.

    2. bzzrak


      Pffff quit your job and draw linedefs for a living.

      AFAIK folks like Tim Willits did just that, you might too.

  7. You should rip these textures from your megawad,I saw cool recolours here. They just need a little more improvement and they could serve in other people maps.
  8. I shared this in non serious way. Next time I'll be good again. Sorry.
  9. That guy,I mentioned before,takes other people mods and puts random things in them and calls them(often) "special editions" :')
  10. Nope. I just saw picture in random doom group and posted here,because of weirdness :') One guy claims that he's modder,but everything what he does,goes into mess like this. And modder name is Ivica :')
  11. Why don't you generate oblige wad and test everything here?
  12. You need MAPINFO for this if you use udmf. You write text here and define it in what level this shows.
  13. You can use MAPINFO for that,I think. I'm not sure. Also,if you want change titlepicture/intermission screen you simply rename your desired picture into TITLEPIC and INTERPIC.
  14. Damn,this scares me a lot. It seems,forum engine decided to make me that one creepy person who follows you whatever you go. But it's not true. Anyway,almost everytime when I try reach thread "what are you listen to?",my web browser runs out of memory. Maybe it's issue from my side,not forum fault. Other things work like a charm.