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  1. They(textures) should use your username prefix.
  2. Considering, that in my college, my group is made only from ladies and my room mates are ladies... nobody cares about doom around me. They consider that games are for guys and children and dislike idea to play games. I think, they are looking at me with "wtf, why you can't be normal person". And I don't like idea to bring Doom in that group anymore. I rather keep this hobby for myself and share my thoughts here and in doom oriented groups.
  3. With plan in paper or head, I can make main map layout in one day. With free style, no plans this can take few weeks. My recent map took one day to create, but two weeks to polish and fix all game breaking issues, even in public testing people found those issues, which I had to fix. I believe, for few maps combined in one epizode it can take half year for me. Well, I can tell you, with map plan on paper main mapping on builder becomes easier and more enjoyable.
  4. How to create underwater effect in boom format? I saw it in boomedit.wad but I don't understand how to create it.
  5. Maybe, it was recoloured a bit?
  6. This soundtrack keeps me awake. Heh.
  7. Try draw new sector in those voids or change render or source port.
  8. Alright, if you want be serious mapper, you should say no for cardboard monsters. It puts negative impression for me. Besides, some intro parts, both maps are flat and you need play more good wads.
  9. My cat in the bag, she wanted to go with me in student hall, but sadly I can't take animals with me in that place. My dog and he loves attention.
  10. I made quick demo wad to check if texture resources work correctly in boom format. Fortunately, they work without any problems. Dragonfly's wireframe textures converted in AA palette looks quite good, so I can rest until tommorrow.
  11. I'm resurrecting this thread and I would like to hear about this map changes. Maybe, I need add something or change something in this map. Well, I changed download link for this too. All changes are in text file(and old wad versions too)
  12. Oh, well. My broken english strikes again :"")