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  1. looks like only 2 maps made it before 1st september, is this project dead?
  2. I'm in. I think i'm going to take the MAP09 slot.
  3. Here's the angled sprites: I'm not that good at making angled sprites.
  4. I have made a concept art for the new Technospider monster. It was made in MSPaint of course. Here it is: Does it look good or BAD?
  5. I'm currently making a new MAP30 replacement.
  6. So I've decided to make a new MAP30. And i'm still working on it. You start off in a upside-down cross-shaped area, and then you move on to kill some enemies, and later you come across a teleporter which brings you to the boss area. now there are 3 screenshots:
  7. Alright, Introducing: The Complex of Desire - a new "obligewad". It of course was made with Oblige 7.50 and it's different from the others. How? Well, i'm not using the "Full Game" option in oblige, and i just use "Single Map" so i can make every map seem different from the others and introduce you to new weapons on later maps, instead introducing you to the BFG 9000 in the FIRST level of the wad. There's no story yet. Here's what you've been waiting for: SCREENSHOTS. *This obligewad is not finished yet* (This is the link to screenshots)
  8. Are "obligewads" (Wads made with Oblige) allowed in here?
  9. Does my map need the 4 playerstarts?
  10. I think i'm going to test my mapping skills and make a map for this.
  11. I got an idea for a mod called "RanDooM", that would randomize EVERYTHING. Items, monsters, weapons and music. It also would generate random maps via a "random map generator". So, this is just an idea.
  12. Alright. The ScooT9's E1M1 Update is done. I fixed several things such as: Removed soulsphere from the map and removed the backpack from the map. I also added 4 dm spawns, in case someone wanted to play dm on this map. Here's the link:
  13. I'm fixing it now, so i removed the blue armor, the backpack and the soulsphere and i also fixed the first nukage pool on the start, so now it deals damage.
  14. Alright. So should i make a fixed version of this map?
  15. Um... here it is, i guess? The map that nobody asked for, and it also is the "My first attempt at making a doom map." So, this is "ScooT9's E1M1" if you didn't notice. Yeah, and the map itself isn't filled with STARTAN, trust me. Here's the link: heres ONE screenshot to not spoil too much: I made a update for this wad. Just scroll down to find it. Tested with: Chocolate Doom v2.3.0