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  1. cambreaKer

    Post your Video Game ideas here!

    i have an idea: a shitty low effort asset flip style game which is 4 example tutorial maps for FPS Creator made into a full game. oh wait i already made that when i was 9 years old lol i made a sequel for this game 5 years later
  2. cambreaKer

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    i can't draw well but here's artwork for a shitty shitpost game i made in FPS Creator a while ago
  3. cambreaKer

    A little game i'm making

    thanks a lot! also no, i don't think i will make that a secret level in PM, the unnamed side project and PM are 2 completely different games and won't fit well together, that's why it's a side project :) anyway, here's 2 more screenshots of the side project:
  4. with IDDT, of course. without it the game would be impossible
  5. cambreaKer

    Remaster Of "my wad"

    but what is your first doom wad? and why does it need a remaster??
  6. weapons mod with modern day style weapons (ak47, m4a1, mp5, etc.) that doesn't tactical\realistic elements, just simply doom but with these kind of weapons
  7. cambreaKer

    A little game i'm making

    i have started making a little side project, it's gonna be a pretty short game, around 2 levels. screenshot below don't worry though, project MIKUT is still being worked on!
  8. the game has just released!
  9. cambreaKer

    I want to work on a game but I'm lazy.

    i know 2 engines that you can make a wolf3d style game WITHOUT coding, if that's your cup of tea. Raycasting Game Maker - very simple, wolf3d style engine, features an editor where you can paint your levels with tile blocks and stuff. it's not that great though. FPS Creator - full 3d engine where you can also paint your levels with "segments", also supports scripting and has its own scripting language. it's pretty simple for a beginner yet pretty powerful for an experienced user.
  10. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. has a big modding community
  11. cambreaKer

    vorpal's 2020 wad picks from the community

    nice list! thanks for putting my wad there :D