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  1. Datacore85

    Doom Builder 1.68

    https://www.mediafire.com/file/fgpavtf1jxdl92c/Doom+Builder+1.68.zip/file Just Doom Builder 1.68 with mscomctl.ocx+dx8vb.dll I still use it today for mapping with VMWare Workstation + Windows XP. I prefer it to UDB I'm posting it here just in case. Sorry for the mediafire link but it weighs more than 15.65MB
  2. I created a server on zandronum with TSPG for those who want to play coop or survival. [TSPG] Doom II - Flesharmonic_RC1e
  3. @Vile Sorry for my all-consuming passion in using Archviles.
  4. I use Doom Builder 1.68 with Windows XP on VMWare Workstation
  5. Datacore85

    FUN-PLUS-ONE : New WAD for Freedoom

    No, https://www.moddb.com/addons/freedoom-phase-2-freedom-on-earth1
  6. Memorial version of Doom 3 with The Lost Mission ? Nice !
  7. Datacore85


    I search a "DOOM64" wad ressource for to make some maps for DOOM 2 with the DOOM 64 sounds,textures and Flats. Someone can help me ?
  8. Datacore85

    [Limit Removing] Flesharmonic (Wip)

    More Screenshots later
  9. Datacore85

    [Limit Removing] Flesharmonic (Wip)

    Some Screens. :)