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  1. Datacore85

    FUN-PLUS-ONE : New WAD for Freedoom

    No, https://www.moddb.com/addons/freedoom-phase-2-freedom-on-earth1
  2. Just played HL3, really fun thank you! I love the hellish geometry you made, felt real atmospheric. The critic in me wants to mention I got a bit lost on level 2 a few times, not being sure where to go, but got there in the end. I totally missed the door before the red key. Nice music, too.

  3. Memorial version of Doom 3 with The Lost Mission ? Nice !
  4. Datacore85


    I search a "DOOM64" wad ressource for to make some maps for DOOM 2 with the DOOM 64 sounds,textures and Flats. Someone can help me ?
  5. Datacore85

    [Limit Removing] Flesharmonic (Wip)

    More Screenshots later
  6. Datacore85

    [Limit Removing] Flesharmonic (Wip)

    Some Screens. :)
  7. Datacore85

    180 Minutes Pour Vivre demos [-complevel 2]

    Forget the UV demos if there is any problem with the viewing, it does not matter. The Nightmare demo is more important to me.
  8. Datacore85

    180 Minutes Pour Vivre demos [-complevel 2]

    Yes, i played with the variable -complevel 2 in prboom-plus...it seems to me. The NM demo is ok, i 'm sure, i used -complevel 2.
  9. Datacore85

    180 Minutes Pour Vivre demos [-complevel 2]

    Map05 Nightmare Speed in 0:24 180mpv-05-024-NM.zip
  10. Datacore85

    180 Minutes Pour Vivre demos [-complevel 2]

    Map05 UVSpeed in 0:55 I think, i could to do a better time later. 180mpv_05_055_UVSpeed.zip Edit: Map05 UVSpeed in 0:24 180mpv_05_024_UVSpeed.zip