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  1. Mario98x

    Aaron "DemonSphere" Emge has passed

    I don't know Aaron, never heard of him too. But I'm sorry for this loss. I would give to his family a warm hug. Rest in Peace ♥ Condolences
  2. Looking for good City textures (Urban maps etc..) for doom1, Can anyone help me?

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    2. Maisth


      Half life 2 has some good textures, If you want direct textures that coincide with Doom, your best bet is Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Redneck Revenge and other more

    3. Mario98x


      Downloaded duke nukem 3d textures, really cool.

      What about citizens? Can't found anything :\

    4. HUNdebLeonidasX


      Tekwar and Carmageddon has plenty of "citizen sprites"

      Or maybe that Pepsiman game on psx

  3. Cover photo uploaded rn. It may be in LQ because I had to compress it! :(

    Full Pic: 





    I hope you enjoy,

    1. Misty


      Poor zombie, so much disrespect for him. 

    2. Mario98x


      This is what he deserves!

  4. Peenis



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    2. Mario98x


      Oh now I see:
      Those blank status weren't blank. It was my brower that showed "..." on everyone status.

    3. Avoozl
    4. Mario98x
  5. Hi! I'm asking this question because I have an idea where I need new textures (Replacing the existing ones) and a new type of npc (Friendly or neutral) as "Civilian" I saw a long time ago this kind of features but I can't find sources :l
  6. Playing invasion 1.9 before work :o



  7. Your avatar is great! ;-)

    1. Armaetus


      Smart Doomguy is smart.

    2. vita


      Ugh, no, doomguy in these glasses and with such a face looks stupid.

    3. Mario98x
  8. Mario98x

    What's Doomguy like in your mind?

    He likes to seize flowers, donate to Orphanage, serve hot meals to the poor Also, every pray he makes, goes to the starving children in Africa
  9. Mario98x

    First map for Doom 1..

    Looks like missing textures.. but hey, doesn't it reminds you of The sims2? ahah
  10. Mario98x

    First map for Doom 1..

    Hi, thanks! But why you can't see a lot of textures? I made another map, I think is better than this one :) It's for Ultimate doom. If you want to check it out.. :D
  11. Mario98x

    Labochurch [WAD]

    I've called it e1m1 'cause I could load it more fast Thanks :D
  12. Mario98x

    First map for Doom 1..

    Cool, thanks! I've just uploaded a second map following some suggestions :)
  13. Mario98x

    Labochurch [WAD]

    Hi, this is my second map (This one is meant to be more clean and good than the first one :) ) IWAD: DOOM.WAD Map name: E1M1 Background map: This laboratory is connected with a church. Demons are created in the lab and then a Satan disciple will send them all on the earth. Difficulty: Pretty Easy Song: D_E1M4 (My fav) Secrets: Who knows Download now S c r e n s h o t s Additional infos: I've tested it with Zandronum but it should work with almost everything. It's just a basic map. This map is meant to be the first of 12 more maps :)
  14. Mario98x

    Issue with a line for ambushes.. [FIXED]

    FIXED!! Looks like that a sector is needed to do a walkover thin, didn't know that :)