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  1. Remilia Scarlet

    The steak thread

    Very well done, topped with salt, pepper, and a bit of basil, then eaten with a bit of A1 sauce or Heinz 57. I rarely eat steak, though.
  2. Remilia Scarlet

    Compare your first map to your latest!

    I don't have my very first few maps anymore, so I'll use my earliest surviving map. And latest finished map: Bonus Umbra of Fate just because it's large: I guess 20-some years makes a difference. Gameplay-wise it hasn't changed much at all, it's just been whittled down through practice. I always start with a general core idea ("central hub with spokes coming out of it", "two paths diverge, then meet in the middle", "low road, then high road") then build from there. Visually a lot has changed. I've gone from stock 1994 Doom map looks and not caring much about texture alignment to Lovecraftian-gothic temples inspired by Quake with far too many point lights. I've always tried to pay attention to lighting, though. And the ceiling decorations have always been there.
  3. Remilia Scarlet

    Announcement: Near Death Experiences: A Community Project

    Figured I'd show off the map I made for NDE ^_^ this is a mostly finished version with just a few texturing issues I need to fix.
  4. Remilia Scarlet

    How many maps have you created and released?

    Released: 90s - Kill Episode 1 (9 maps) Early 2000s - Kill Episode 2 (9 maps) 2010 - One Doomed Marine (5 maps) 2016 - Extreme Terror (1 large map) 2017 - Shadows of The Nightmare Realm (5 maps) 2018 - Umbra of Fate (1 large map) 2018 - Freaky Panties (1 map) 2019 (for the pending NDE project) - My Delirious Blood House of Contrivitiums (1 map) So 32 maps total! I'm counting that last one because I finished it last year, so it's literally just waiting to be released. The Kill stuff... I don't remember the original dates. Extreme Terror and Umbra of Fate are technically split into three conceptual areas as if they were individual maps. I approached the areas this way when designing them, so I suppose you could count each of those as three maps if you wanted to split hairs. But I left them at 1 here so that it wouldn't look like I was trying to artificially inflate my total.
  5. Remilia Scarlet

    The screenshot you are most proud of

    Bonus Quake shot:
  6. Remilia Scarlet

    What are you listening to?

  7. Remilia Scarlet

    What are you listening to?

  8. Remilia Scarlet

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Found an old pic of me that I rather like.
  9. Remilia Scarlet

    Doom - The Way Romero Did - Let's show Romero we support him

    Not to mention, there are transgender men as well :-P
  10. Remilia Scarlet

    Doom - The Way Romero Did - Let's show Romero we support him

    Jumping in to help with this with both feet, both hands, and an extra pair of feet I borrowed from someone else.
  11. Remilia Scarlet

    Announcing BSP2Doom - build Doom levels with a Quake editor

    I definitely was, but in the opposite direction you described. Doom Builder now feels horribly clunky to me without shearing, brush cutting, CSG, visual scaling of faces, a clear entity properties panel... But that's me. It doesn't feel like Blender and that makes me very happy. TrenchBroom is part of why I've since moved on to Quake.
  12. Remilia Scarlet

    Announcing BSP2Doom - build Doom levels with a Quake editor

    Neat! Color me highly interested. This would solve two problems for me: needing a way to better handle 3D architecture in GZDoom, and give me a good editor in Linux. Are liquids translated to swimmable 3d floors?
  13. Remilia Scarlet

    Announcing BSP2Doom - build Doom levels with a Quake editor

    How complex can the geometry be with this? Like, could it theoretically handle something like ad_sepulchre or Grendel's Blade?
  14. Remilia Scarlet

    Intermission Text BEFORE MAP01

    If you mean in GZDoom, the way I've done this is to define the intermission script in MAPINFO, then for MAP01, add the Slideshow option (Slideshow = "<intermission name>"). Then as soon as the level starts, use ACS to give the player a SlideshowStarter. This is how I accomplished it in Freaky Panties.
  15. Remilia Scarlet

    Best Movie Title Sequence

    Note: if you haven't seen this, there's some mild non-sexual nudity in it.