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Remilia Scarlet

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  1. Remilia Scarlet

    How old are you ?

    wtf, I just now realized I posted the incorrect age for me 0_o 36, not 37 lol
  2. Remilia Scarlet

    What kind of maps do you enjoy?

    Depends on my mood, but generally I like maps along these lines Small maps that emphasize nice level design Large maps that take that a good half-hour or so to complete, but don't dip into wide-open-areas or non-linear territory Maps with varied colored lighting Semi-linear maps Maps that aren't very wide open, or aren't wide open in a lot of places Maps that aren't curve-heavy, but somewhat blockier with sharper edges Maps that don't emphasize the BFG Maps with a gothic look, and maps with a classic techbase look.
  3. Remilia Scarlet

    Herzog Zwei for the Nintendo Switch

    Holy crap, I loved this game growing up. The music is amazing and I still listen to it quite often. And the way it blended RTS with flying/walking around like a top-down shooter was really cool, as was the whole "more sub-bases = more money" mechanic. Unfortunately none of my friends understood it, nor wanted to take the time to learn it, so I almost always played it single player :( I think Air-Mech was also partially inspired by it, iirc. But, while it has an awesome soundtrack (done by Front Line Assembly), I just never found it nearly as fun as Herzog Zwei. It was just too MOBA-like compared to this. I think I still have the cartridge for it, so I doubt I'd get it on Switch, but it's nice to see it's making a comeback.
  4. Remilia Scarlet

    Any casual community projects running?

    Two, last I checked. I can always open more slots, though. I'd rather do that than turn people away. Yes! And I think you just joined the Discord, so I'll get you set up on there.
  5. Remilia Scarlet

    Any casual community projects running?

    I have Oops! All Greyboxes! going on, and there's still a slot or two open. It's UDMF, but its very nature makes it a good way to learn the ropes of it.
  6. Remilia Scarlet

    What aspect ratio do you use for Doom?

    16:9, always. 3840x2160 to be precise.
  7. Remilia Scarlet

    What's your favorite text-editor/IDE and why?

    Wait, I'm not the only Slackware user here? :O
  8. Remilia Scarlet

    Misheard Lyrics

    I didn't realize it isn't "Dirty deeds and the thunder chief" until I was like 17 or 18.
  9. Remilia Scarlet

    What's your favorite text-editor/IDE and why?

    I've used Emacs for years now and have only grown to love it more each passing year. I originally started to use it when I learned Common Lisp programming, for which Slime is very nice. There's other editors I've tried, but I never stick with them. If I'm in a terminal and just need to do some quick edits, I use Zile, which is basically a lightweight clone of Emacs.
  10. Remilia Scarlet

    What pre-defined shapes or tools do you use most when mapping?

    I'll copy-paste, but I don't use any of the tools. For me it's partially stylistic (I prefer a blockier look to curves), and partially habit (I used DEU until 2004-ish). I've tried the tools, though.
  11. Remilia Scarlet

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I always use an RPN calculator on my phone. It's something I've done for years and am just really used to using. I think I learned to use one as a kid when my mom showed me her old HP-15C.
  12. Remilia Scarlet

    What pre-defined shapes or tools do you use most when mapping?

    I honestly free-hand everything. Still snapping to the grid of course, but yeah, all done by hand. Even my 3d floors and slopes.
  13. Remilia Scarlet

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    My own playthrough of my Freaky Panties 2 level that I released in June. No, it isn't lewd :-P