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  1. dmslr

    Good to be back after 23 years

    Don't try to kill an aware Pain Elemental with rocket launcher in Doom 2
  2. dmslr

    Recommendations for E1 WADs to play

    According to the list of notable wads by doomwiki: CH Retro Episode Classic Episode Classic Episode Part 2 Fava beans Phobos Revisited Simply Phobos Southern Cross
  3. Wow. Even such a thread as this exists. What a friendly community!
  4. dmslr

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Who's behind this level? HUD shows level designer's name and portrait who worked on current map (John Romero / Tom Hall / Sandy Peterson / etc.) Of course the mod is compatible only with original doom wads :)
  5. Ok. You convinced me to get final doom. I steered clear of it because many complain that it has too many levels boring and unduly difficult to play. I'll play teamTNT's wads after Memento Mori
  6. 3 of you recommend Memento Mori. I'll surely check it out
  7. Yeah, you can list the wads you recommend with a little description and I'll try them and find what I want
  8. I got into Doom recently and I've just finished Doom 2 after Doom (UV). The next stage is to play some wads by community. I prefer classic gameplay without new features as 1 type of monsters or slaughtermaps. Just want pure Doom with new levels. The wads for D2 are desirable
  9. I've just got a clear picture of Doomworld and it's cool
  10. I wonder if BD is still popular
  11. dmslr

    Doom 2 Pre-Release Question

    Lol it looks like they just put two barrels into regular shotgun via Paint to make it "double-barrelled" shotgun
  12. dmslr

    Things about Doom you just found out

    This has always been the sound of nearby imp
  13. I don't know why but I would be happy to get it :)
  14. I can't wait for its release and I've just looked for an icon to it. Unsuccessfully. This guy makes really good icons and I'm using the ones to Doom 1 & 2. Does anyone do things like this here? doom .ico files.rar
  15. I looked for autoaim option in glboom+ but couldn't find, so it's turned on. I approximately know how doom's autoaim works. Full mouse look is preferred because I willy-nilly want to look up or down, especially when you need to descend from height