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  1. dmslr

    Newest Video Game Waifu Crush

    I see cowgirl is the only option here.
  2. There are two stars. One for indicating the thread you posted in and the second one is a star in the teal circle. I'm curious what does the second star mean?
  3. dmslr

    YouTube is removing dislikes.

    As well as not there. Schrodinger's dislikes. As I stated before YT functions differently from region to region.
  4. dmslr

    YouTube is removing dislikes.

    I'm sure, if so, these shouldn't have likes too then. I checked videos from various channels including Dwars and decino and all of them don't have dislikes.
  5. dmslr

    YouTube is removing dislikes.

    Ok, it's happening. The dislike counter is gone.
  6. dmslr

    What's your Favorite Beer?

    Any sort of unfiltered beer.
  7. dmslr

    Any snow and ice themed maps?

    You didn't have to do it because I was gonna recommend this. 😄
  8. dmslr

    YouTube is removing dislikes.

    Maybe. I just assumed it has happened after googling "YouTube removing dislikes" and the first article was "YouTube Has Removed The Dislike Counter - Kotaku". Also it seems YT works differently in my country, e.g. I can download videos in my app without having a premium status. @Lol 6yes.
  9. dmslr

    YouTube is removing dislikes.

    I don't get it. Why do I still see the dislike counter?
  10. dmslr

    AI Generated Title Screens

    Ok... I guess that's enough of neural blender for today.
  11. dmslr

    AI Generated Title Screens

    @Pseudonaut the second one is definitely Toilet of the gods haha. The first is Sunlust?
  12. Hell Revealed III (pt. 1) is a short episode for Doom 2 designed for limit removing source ports made by various members of Doomer Boards. It is sort of a beta release for what, in the future, will become a full 32-map megawad. This month's project lead is 40oz. Download Screenshots: MAPLIST MAP01: Original Barracks - Joe-ilya MAP02: Radar - SilverMiner MAP03: Malevolence - 40oz MAP04: Rusted Chains - E.M. MAP05: The Pillar - kvsari MAP06: Painlord - SilverMiner, Chainie & Duke of Doom MAP07: Damage Overflow - Fryuko MAP08: I Never Played Hell Revealed - Lunch Lunch MAP09: Impaler - Matador Previous projects: