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  1. dmslr

    "Artificial Difficulty" in video games / Doom?

    From what I understand, 'natural' difficulty is when your success depends only on your own skills and knowledge of the game mechanics. 'Artificial' difficulty, on the other hand, is when you suck, no matter how good you are, because of unfair traps and enemy placement, but you can succeed by using trial and error or knowing beforehand where are the traps and where you can run to avoid those.
  2. A backpack at the beginning.
  3. dmslr

    Fun Facts About Any Classic Doom Game

    Just look at black vertical stripes.
  4. dmslr

    Favorite avant-garde doom wad?

    Is Maskim Xul considered as avantgarde?
  5. dmslr

    What gender do doom monsters identify as?

    Should we discuss how someone identifies him/herself as? Nobody needs to know it.
  6. dmslr

    Techbase wads with custom textures

    Wow. That's a long list. I appreciate your attention to the question. @galileo31dos01 @Gez @Slipgate Tourist, thank you!
  7. dmslr

    Techbase wads with custom textures

    I didn't know that TNTR uses this texture of elevator from Wolfenstein 3D :)
  8. Just finished Darkening E2. Now I want to play some more techbase wads but with custom textures. What are your recommendations?
  9. dmslr

    Drought [D4V // 3 maps // RC 2 10/6]

    My bad, I didn't use the latest version. The error appears only in version. works without a problem.
  10. dmslr

    Drought [D4V // 3 maps // RC 2 10/6]

    Can't run the wad on glboom+ because of signal 11. Prboom+ doesn't have this problem
  11. dmslr

    Any peculiar Doom habits?

    in cases, where I decide to save a shell on a imp by switching from SSG to the regular shotgun, the God of Random gives me minimal damage so I have to shoot at the imp for the second time. It's so frustrating.
  12. dmslr

    Drought [D4V // 3 maps // RC 2 10/6]

    The best mod + the best textures + Tango? God, I don't deserve this.
  13. dmslr

    What wads do you prefer?

    MBF-compatible wads are too rare compared to the others. Correct my if I'm wrong. I only know Eviternity and Valiant.
  14. dmslr

    What wads do you prefer?

    Yes, I am. For example, Akeldama as a vanilla wad, Sigil as a wad requiring at least limit-removing port, Ancient Aliens as a boom-compatible wad and Valhalla as a ZDoom wad. These wads vary in limitations, details, features, etc.
  15. dmslr

    What wads do you prefer?

    @MaxRideWizardLord everyone understood and politely answered my question. I apologize if I wasn't clear.