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  1. Boomslang

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    someone forgot to turn off GZ doom filtering.
  2. Boomslang

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    dude likes poems.
  3. Boomslang

    Doom Rtx is insane!

    zoomer here. you're wrong. this thing looks like ass. doom's graphics are all simple polygons and sprites. it's like shining a light into a paper diorama. it just looks flat and dark. the older vector based lighting works with doom much better.
  4. Boomslang

    Doom Rtx is insane!

    Haha this looks like shit. it's like one of those modded RTX mario things, it just looks like ass.
  5. How do i change the enemy sprites in this game? is there a modding tool? by the way, i only have fresh supply. not any other version of blood.
  6. Boomslang

    What is your favorite demon (and version of it) ?

    you will never approach the true mans world with that sort of thinking
  7. sorry i've been trapped in a plastic bag for a while, finally found the zipper.

  8. Boomslang

    Doom Netflix original series

    they Fucking Brutally Mauled he-man, so No thank you.
  9. Boomslang

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

  10. Boomslang

    Random Image Thread

    so cute. thnak you!
  11. Boomslang

    i really don't like being in this community

    don't worry, i'm here forever. nothing stops the boomslang train.
  12. Boomslang

    Random Image Thread

    >71KB image limit What the hell is this? 1997? https://i.4cdn.org/v/1621313029522.gif
  13. Boomslang

    Why You Chose The Username You Did

    it's a type of snake!
  14. eh sure. i've already beaten doom 1 and 2 on UV, haven't played final doom yet though.