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  1. Rush, No-Save November
  2. Rush, No-Save November
  3. Rush, No-Save November
  4. Only played on UV, I haven't played any wad on anything lower.
  5. Rush, No-Save November
  6. Dank Midis and Linedefs, last map
  7. Dank Midis and Linedefs | UV pistol starts
  8. Dank Midis and Linedefs | UV pistol starts
  9. Ol' No Name UV pistol starts
  10. Ol' No Name from Octavarium, UV pistol starts
  11. Vanguard UV pistol starts
  12. If this were tested in PrBoom+ you'd notice the wall texture you tried to use as a flat in the opening of map 3 where rocket is picked up(both sides). The final fight of map 3 is clearly meant for infinite height turned off and room to be creative with zdoom flying monster slide. I tried the final fight for an hour over two days and stopped, not even going to bother with map 4. If you're going to make a wad for a sourceport, test it in that actual port instead of saying you did. Perhaps you could provide a demo of gameplay? Not youtube video, an actual lmp recorded in PrBoom+.
  13. Harvest UV pistol starts, @Archi speedmaps after
  14. Map testing for LoveableLegume, Harvest UV pistol starts after
  15. Let's not conflate meme wads and piles of shit.