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  1. Japanese Community Project UV pistol starts
  2. testing Strange Place again
  3. Japanese Community Project UV pistol starts
  4. What port is recommended to play this with? PrB+, GZDoom?
  5. Walking backwards gets you a chaingun, towards the end wall of the opening room gets you a rocket launcher and ammo. The next area has an ssg and it goes from there.
  6. Japanese Community Project UV pistol starts
  7. 50 Shades of Graytall UV pistol starts
  8. Just handle one section at a time and save when it's safe to go afk, @therektafire. It's generally how I'll play slaughter, not saving mid fight or when there are things alive that can hit me. It's a good way to learn how to handle fights with consistent strategy. Have fun!
  9. 50 Shades of Graytall UV pistol starts
  10. I've played through this wad in testing and enjoyed it greatly. Strong visuals, gameplay I enjoy, and a solid midi. Even if slaughter isn't your thing, I recommend taking a trip through this map just for sight seeing. The fights themselves can be tough and taxing but the scenery itself is worth it. You'll feel tired and rewarded after, cheers Nirvana.
  11. Watched your 50shades vod pt1.  Cool.  I liked the inescapable pit find on Map05.  I'm surprised no one found that before.  My personal doom code states that if I find a softlock, it counts as an exit.  But that's just me.


    Also, sorry Map06 dragged too much for you.  There is intentionally insufficient ammo for all the Mancu/Trons in the back.  The thing I neglected though, which became apparent during almost everyone's first playthrough, is that everyone finds it more intuitive to try to clear the outdoors first, rather than going into the not-so-well-conveyed castle entrance.  The design philosophy was very 90's sandbox, aka. not explicitly railing the player in.

    There's also only a shotgun at first because the first vile fight is designed to be a mini-boss balanced around the single-shotgun; using only the sky-pillar in the center as cover.  Though, for the reasons mentioned above, it's not a lock-in and players can just leave the trap after shooting Romero.

    If I re-designed the map today, I'd probably do two main things: 1) fences on either side of the castle that funnel the player into the mouth; and 2) make the romero-sky-pillar encounter a lock-in. 

    Overall, the map isn't designed to be very fast-pace in the first place, but solo-net has plasma weapons from the get-go and has Cyberdemons.  Thanks for playing.


    In defense of Marcaek's map Map07, I didn't enjoy it at first but liked it more on subsequent playthroughs. It's sorta a pseudo-pacifist map, and it's kinda "obstacle course-ish."  It's also the ugliest of the maps because it was the first one and to serve as an example of initial project goals.  It's pretty much just unaligned graytall textures.  The map grew on me a bit, though.



    1. loveless


      Although I may not have enjoyed the gameplay of your map, I did respect the effort put into it.  The only other wad I've seen silent teleporters used was Rush.  You truly did give the effect of 3D floors into a boom-compat wad.  I may have groaned and complained due to my route, and surely we do have differences in approach to gameplay and enjoyment, but I can still see the work put into it and appreciate it.  


      As for Marcaek's map, I felt it encompassed what Skillsaw goes for minus the things I enjoy in his maps.  Again, a preference in taste but I do not have much experience in mapping.  Mine tend to be fight, teleport to another area, fight, teleport again, fight, and exit.  I have no mind to link together areas and create routes or long term planned movements, only combat.  


      I appreciate your words having seen the vod, cheers!

  12. 50 Shades of Graytall UV pistol starts
  13. 50 Shades of Graytall UV pistol starts
  14. Dark Tartarus, Frogging with Ribbiks after
  15. Dark Tartarus UV pistol starts