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  1. Oscillation UV pistol starts
  2. Not everyone is brave enough to handle 40-60 hours of picking apart a battle system and listening to amazing music, apparently.
  3. Oscillation UV pistol starts
  4. ...what's wrong with anime girls?
  5. I'm only on map 5 of this but already loving it. I can't say I was the biggest fan of map 1 but by map 2 onward the pace picked up and I was very happy with the increased pressure. Difficulty isn't way out there, definitely not too easy, detailing is proper. It's nice to have a strong believable space and so far you've accomplished this. I look forward to seeing more maps from you!
  6. Oscillation UV pistol starts
  7. Holy Hell is mostly downtime, though. The brief moments of threat are drowned out in clean up.
  8. See why I like jrpg's? Stories with depth, detailed worlds, and great music. What do we get in Doom? A guy that looks left to right sometimes, badly tiled brick walls, and d_runnin.
  9. Alien Vendetta UV pistol starts
  10. Yes, and it's damn good.
  11. I can make a short list of some wads I really liked and I'm sure others can tack on good ones I have forgotten. Sunder, Italo Doom, Slaughterfest 2012, Slaughterfest 3, Toilet of the Gods, New Gothic Movement 1 & 2, Strange Place, Disciples of Darkness, Stardate 20X6 and 20X7, Combat Shock and Combat Shock 2, Dimensions, Darkwave0024, Darkwave0032.
  12. Computer, tea, earl grey, hot.
  13. That sounds about right. Kama Sutra was a great experience overall and I think I'll have the same experience with Alien Vendetta. I'll have to remember this when playing, thanks!
  14. Welp, you got me. I spent the first 1.5-2 years of my Doom experience playing slaughter almost exclusively. I've found something I enjoy greatly but know there's still a lot more out there for me to play. So what have I done? I'm playing more incidental/hallway combat stuff, trying to expand my palette. Set piece styled maps(to me, at least) have an easily digested nature. Maybe the fights are hard but they're individual pieces to be handled at once. Incidental-styled wads tend to have a pacing I don't quite yet understand along with hitscanner traps to introduce difficulty without a strong emphasis on player movement. I'm seeing more of this as I go on with Alien Vendetta but I'm still enjoying myself, still playing it. I'd really prefer you engage in a discourse with us in this thread that's constructive rather than a one-liner attack on me personally. I've never actually taken it upon myself to talk to you until you were talking badly of me in elmle's twitch chat, while I was gone, and then continued to do so under alternates if I wasn't around. I'd say we could actually talk in there during his streams while he played some things, maybe discuss the maps he's in, but you're banned so I don't see that happening any time soon.
  15. Something I've noticed in discussions about slaughter maps: the loudest, most aggressive voices are people who don't like them. Don't like it, don't play it; a seemingly lost concept.