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  1. loveless

    Hell Unearthed - 6 DOOM 2 Limit Removing Maps

    omg, i have no idea how i missed that the yellow key was in there. also hilarious i felt the need to rocket jump this gap.
  2. loveless

    Hell Unearthed - 6 DOOM 2 Limit Removing Maps

    played this in 1-2 map bursts over the last few days, had a good time! the only thing that i was hung up on was the progression in map 5. i went into the lower areas, was not able to find a way to return to the upper portions, and could not find the necessary progression. was able to finish the map but it felt like the rocket jump over this gap was mandatory(to which i'm not opposed but seemed confusing given this map set).
  3. cl9. are you using opengl or software rendering?
  4. ayyy i'm only a little late with my post. i can't say that i found a lot of visual issues; i don't often look for those. i'm playing on dsda-doom with software rendering(the lighting looked great btw) on UV. map 1, texture misalignment map 3, lift can only be activated from the narrow side map 4, gate can be walked through map 7, HoM, nonteleporting monsters, and a stuck baron map 9, monster pit never raises(doesn't interfere with progression) and non-teleporting monsters map 10, texture misalignment
  5. loveless

    Nensha - single boom map (now on idgames!)

    played with dsda-doom and on UV. had a great time! fights were a bit spicy but not overwhelming, couldn't find anything game breaking, and i did NOT get lost(something i am prone to on less than linear maps). quality release!
  6. played the first 4 maps last night, was pleasantly surprised by the misleading title ;)) have a few things to report as bugs/odditites, will post later tonight/tomorrow with some screenshots. nicely done, had a great time playing the opening maps!
  7. loveless

    How big is your "Doom" folder?

    just want to say that i'm proud of everyone here for being a data-hoarder like myself.
  8. loveless

    [-CL9] OCCULA.WAD [RC1]

    so good, this is a pleasure.
  9. loveless

    Fractured Worlds [Final Release/Idgames]

    so good, i'll have to give this another replay soon.
  10. loveless

    What are you playing now?

    1k Lines 3, only the played the first 5 maps so far but i'm enjoying myself.
  11. loveless

    Doom Burnout?

    sometimes you have to step away and let yourself miss it. i've tried the "push through burnout" thing and it's only resulted in misery.
  12. i'm a Show No Mercy kind of guy myself but i'll check this out soon ;))
  13. replayed map 14 on new RC and holy shit, that was really fun. mostly didn't bother with infighting, just cut loose some rockets and zig-zagged until the end.