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  1. loveless

    Rapidfire - 6 Level Vanilla Mapset - RC 3

    just finished playing, overall had a good time! here are a few thoughts: map 3, a fun warm start brought down by ssg being too late. forcing the player to use normal shotgun against midtiers is mostly not-fun. i am not sure how to fix this. once getting ssg, you'll never be forced to use anything else. i was able to get to it and never once use another weapon. i don't enjoy ssg-only gameplay but others might, not sure how you want to work around that. map 4, best map in the wad by far and the first to kill me. i was forced to use more than ssg and this includes fights after the opening. maybe for previous maps i'd say use less shotgunners while allowing the player to use more than hitscan-only against midtiers. there's little challenge in that outside of testing player patience. map 6, once i figured it out it was an instant skip. i cannot recommend any changes to this map outside of removing it from the set.
  2. loveless

    Doomworlds Opinion On Xavier Renegade Angel.

    Plus, l'm a board-certified Wahakamana healer
  3. loveless

    Doomworlds Opinion On Xavier Renegade Angel.

    it was deep, balls deep.
  4. loveless

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Morrowind. am doing things a bit different this time around! i've put approx 1500-2000 hours into this since i got it for xbox and proceeded to disappear an entire summer during high school. always going for two-handed long blade, heavy armor, or the occasional battlemage build. properly going full marksman(darts, stars, bow & arrow), not going straight to high-ticket items for sell-buyback with Creeper/Mudcrab(only did this once i actually got good loot for rewards, dumping tons of gold into training), and going for separate factions. my favorite was always House Hlaalu and Thieves Guild. this time around, i've finished up Morag Tong and am aiming for House Redoran next. am keeping Bloodmoon and Tribunal main quests on my sights next.
  5. loveless

    What are you playing now?

    since my last post, i've finished CC2, CC3, and Down The Drain. not sure what i want to play right now, i might take a break for a week or so.
  6. loveless

    Enigmatic: Complevel 9 Speedmap by Jacek Bourne

    pretty sure people reference Nostril Caverns first because it's around 3 years older than Degrassi(at least counting the SF2012 release date).
  7. loveless

    So, how old are you ?

  8. loveless

    Enigmatic: Complevel 9 Speedmap by Jacek Bourne

    played this earlier this morning and had fun! i took a few screenshots to point some things out. i understand the need for a blocking line here, although i am typically not a fan of them. this could've also benefited from more barons. i was able to slip through and rocket the barons in the hallway instead of being forced to fight the cacos. they were then easy pickings. i am not sure how this visual bug can be avoided. i am playing in dsda-doom with software rendering. not sure how long this took in real time. i took a break to eat and became distracted by youtube. had fun, would play more maps of yours in the future! quick edit for a few final thoughts i didn't have any ammo scarcity issues. whenever i finished a fight with too little health(around 75/75 or 50/50 i'd repeat the fight until i was satisfied before moving on. the nostril caverns throwback was cool, like others i expected far more viles at the end.
  9. loveless

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    i know i've put on a few pounds in the last year but damn, cut me to the bone.
  10. loveless

    Down the Drain - 32 vanilla maps - RC1

    great midis, silly visuals, and whimsical gameplay with a splash of challenge. very fun!
  11. loveless

    Sol Ank - 10 hard maps

    i like hard maps, always have, and found this to be hard. bravo!
  12. loveless

    The Resurgence of: DWIronman League.

    category 2, i've played most of this without saves and recorded a demo for 18 way back. still not enough to keep me from dying on map 2. wrapped up in homing revenant missiles, distracted by incoming cacos. loveless_resurge_cat2.zip
  13. loveless

    What are you playing now?

    have recently played CC1, Arrival, and Ancient Aliens. right now, i'm playing CC2(about halfway through it). been nice mixing things up with some older stuff, newer stuff, and of course chill stuff.
  14. loveless

    Post a picture of your cat(s)!

    good cats
  15. silly dnb song with a friend, outright copying photek