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David Asaad

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  1. David Asaad

    Abandon - RC1 is here!

  2. David Asaad

    Abandon - RC1 is here!

    Both of these archviles dont have monster block lines. In map 03, the archvile fell off, revived stuff from the first fight and those guys were shooting me during the finale. In map 04 that guy fell off from one ssg shot in the back. The third image's death pits dont have block lines and I had a cyber get stuck, so revs could probably get stuck there too.
  3. David Asaad

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    I cant believe ribbiks made JAM
  4. David Asaad

    Death In Excess Demos [-complevel 9]

    map 31 UV-pacifist in 4:02 die31p402.zip
  5. David Asaad

    [CL-9] NapsNoWadMo

    very nice naps! lotta cool ideas here and I cant believe you...
  6. David Asaad

    [MBF21] MBOS

    Great stuff medi! Map 09 was definitely standout, but rlly the whole wad. thanks!
  7. David Asaad

    [MBF21, WIP] Sepia

    I love the palette tint in this bro. It does great for the atmosphere. Was fun!
  8. David Asaad

    YUM.wad [MBF21]

    lots of fun! thanks meowgi
  9. Any form of obligation or pressure that is self-induced is mine. In my first year or so, I pushed myself to post as if I was obligated to do something keep the channel alive, but nowadays, Ive let go of it and only post when something substantial inspires me to make a video. so if theres a map I enjoy enough to run, or I come up with some idea that I wanna make, thats the only circumstance Ill post. if this means I run out of maps I wanna run or advice to give to runners or mapping tips, so be it :) so ig id tell my past self to not be afraid of picking and choosing maps from a wad, and dont be afraid to go for some time without uploading anything. This allows me to put my all into a video bc I actually enjoy making it
  10. David Asaad

    Stardate 20x6 + 20x7 demos [-complevel 9]

    table fill 20x7 map 04 uv max st704m1109.zip
  11. David Asaad

    Flotsam demos [complevel 9]

  12. David Asaad

    Flotsam demos [complevel 9]

  13. David Asaad

    Sound overflow in large maps (cl 9)

    yea sry this was only about kb's thing lol
  14. David Asaad

    Sound overflow in large maps (cl 9)

    decino says this is a blockmap limit.