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  1. JD Herrera

    Alien Vendetta MIDI Pack - Now on idgames!

    It was meant to be more like a spoof than a remix, but thanks, I guess...
  2. I'll be straight honest, I got stuck with my midi to the point I had zero ideas to move forward. And to help things out, in the meantime I joined another couple of projects which drained my attention. Good news is that I'm done with everything so I can get back with my midi here, maybe this time I'll be able to come up with something that will spark the definitive progress I really need.
  3. I've just played through Killerratte's map! I had to, I've barely seen some WIP screens so I wanted to see how it plays with my midi in. Here's the video if you want to check it out. Recommended wad, fairly tough and tricky. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1025067303
  4. Thanks everyone for the feedback! @Alper002 I Agree, the last minute could benefit some shortage, I've doubled everything to give me the space to enrich each riff with more passages or movements, but at the time of posting I hadn't come up with anything. If I won't find a valid way to keep it like this I'll cut some of those parts for sure. @Jimmy Thanks for the suggestion, Jach is one of the tracks I listen the most! I'll follow your hint and try to focus on that specific part and see what I can come up with. (also solid thumb up for Kinship!) @Lippeth I'll experiment with the intro as well, also I kind of like the idea of using reverse cymbals, even though it's the kind of touch I'd think about when finishing the project. Same goes for velocity, very little in my midi has been tweaked to that point but I'll make sure to check the harp part as well as the rest of the project. I'm mainly worried about the structure now, however I'll make sure to find some parts to enrich with reverse cymbals and maybe other fxs. By the way I wasn't able to make any progress this week beause I'm switching position at work so this is going to be a busy and long week (yes, I know it's friday), but hopefully next week I'll be in a better situation at work that allows me to have some time and free mind to work on some midis at home. In the meantime thanks again everyone for the feedback!
  5. Hello there everyone. As Jimmy said, I've reached to him privately to see if I could give it a shot on slot one for this project. I asked the first slot as it was the first free I saw. Anyways I'll attach the midi I'm working on in the current state. Obviously volumes, pannings and automations are temporary, but the structure is there. I want to still work on this one to bring some closure (it's not supposed to end like this) and maybe come up with some other parts. I'm open for collaborations unless I finish this midi first XD... Which is not guaranteed as I'm not working constantly on it during working days. Almost forgot, I'm obviously open to any criticism. Oh, almost forgot, the title of the midi is a terrible pun, Cha-Useless Sphere... Because Hexen Lore. Cha-Useless Sphere.zip