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  1. Bri0che

    About level Doom level design

    I asked to myself this question so many time if you knew… It's not only about Doom, but others hobbies I have, like music and literature. Someone above said a similar thing, but sometimes doing a thing just and only because you like to do it is fine and may be a justification to do it so, all by itself. There is no game manual for life, you do whatever you want, and you will born, breath, and die exactly the same way as if you become a rich person or a poor unlucky man anyway… What I mean by this is that the value of a thing doesn't necessarily belong to be a "gain" of something, purely because this is ultra subjective ! See, having fun is the gain of Doom mapping to me, as it is for video games and the rest, it's nothing else.
  2. Well, this is really out of everything related here, but I would had liked to see how Frederic Chopin play its own pieces live, in a concert :D
  3. Action packed map that is enjoyable, 3 green armors was a bit overkill tho, and I wasn't fan of the Cyberdemon placement Good map anyway !
  4. Bri0che

    In the Mess of it

    A set that work pretty well :) Just found out that this is by the same creator of JNNHangar and stuff, and as its previous map this mapset is good while staying on basic stuff, also the layout feels a little bit less linear for the good. I still find that it is rather not enough decorated and blend sometimes, but it is ok. E1M8 was the little "challenge", fair last level ! +1 for the awersome secret level !
  5. All you said is well :) I've both Pistol Started and Continuous Played every single map to make the most fair balance I could provide, but this is seriously impossible to balance such two opposed game style. I believe Pistol Start is the more interesting way to play these maps, indeed because Continuous Play may feels more on the easy way, and dodge some level design effort I made, but nothing crazy though. Yes the Cyberdemon is just a figurant. I was considering deleting him before the release, because I knew people that like to 100% would maybe be frustrated about that, but I told to myself "you know what, f*ck, it's just a symbolic 1% left". When it come to fight diversity, I'm not the best to be fair, I simply can't afford to do better than ambushes and teleporting monsters x) but I assume that Doom doesn't have the best gameplay possibilities when it come to enemy encounter, maybe I'm wrong. E1M8 isn't that great, it's a fact that I know, the map will surely change before the final release. Anyway, thank's for playing, and have fun for the next E2 if you do it so. I had great fun to make those episodes this far, so I hope you will have as much fun as I had !
  6. Bri0che

    SINTER v1.0

    I'm really dubitative about this level… The two comments bellow me explain pretty well the problem. In a hand the map is just frustrating at best, in the other the concept is cool and would just had needed a little bit more polish so you can understand what's happening on the level. I didn't even finished the map to be honest, not my taste at all. A map should always be first try-able, if it is not you failed.
  7. Not necessarily haha, but a lot of E1 map names are inspired by other titles such as HL, Lethal Company, Alien Isolation… Such games that I've recently (re)played. Have fun ! :) You are telling me that I did not noticed that since all this time ??? Damn… Thank you for telling me !
  8. Welcome to Ex Aequo's beta, this is a limit-removing Doom I (Ultimate Doom more specifically) megawad that is still under construction (about 50% achieved this far). A quite basic one, classic Tech/Phobos-Deimos/Hell themed episodes. No particular restriction, no particular style, I assume that by extension you may classify this megawad as a "vanilla-style" one, even though there are some particular tricks here and here at some points… This is still a WIP megawad. This beta include E1 and E2 only, some maps from E3 and E4 are also finished or under construction (more details on summary bellow). Summary : Screenshots : Technical utilities : IWAD : Doom I / Ultimate Doom. May run with : Any source port except non limit-removing. (GzDoom/DoomRetro/DSDA/CrispyDoom have been tested). Play time : 1h for each episode approximately (average of 100 monsters, 8 to 10 minutes for completion). Build time : Months… Difficulty : Options implemented. General difficulty is slightly above Doom's original difficulty. "True" challenge is UV Pistol Start, the way intended. Continuous Play is fine though. Download : >>> https://www.mediafire.com/file/ryc5gbvi8j3zntl/Ex+Aequo.wad/file <<< !!! Feel free to report any bug/visual glitch. Any feedback is welcome anyway :) Thank's for playing, you can absolutely post your playthrough bellow !!!
  9. Strong set from what I've played for now, I'm not particularly the greatest fan of such rough starting points, especially on Pistol Start but, hey, it work pretty well tbh ! Music is good too :) Also, found no bug/glitch at all this far. Good work soldier !
  10. Bri0che


    Not bad at all in fact… But as expected with such old maps, the navigation is quite a pain because of questionnable texture/design choices. Myself don't have a great patience when it come to find my way out, it rather spoil the rest for me, what a shame :/ Behind the expectable "messy" 1994ish layout hide a bunch of maps with a soul, you know, this kind of map without any theme, that have been drawn by an amateur that just love Doom. 3/5, not much because of the frustration it can provide, not less because of the nostalgia.
  11. Bri0che


    Cool map with an old-school, cramped and chaotic design, sweet :)
  12. Bri0che


    Definitively don't deserve 2 stars ! Ok the map is short and easy, but what's the problem with that ? The only real thing that may lower the note is because the author could had put a little bit more monsters here and here since actually some rooms feels empty, but efforts have been done you can't deny that, giving this 2 stars is like forgetting all of the rest because you considere a map is only "better" when it's difficult, but hey we (me at least) play video games for fun ! 3/5, but honestly it is rather a 3,5/5 that could had been a full 4/5 if only the gameplay was more consistant with its design.
  13. Actually playing it, at E1M2 for now. I'm not disappointed. Expected quality content :D No bug of issue this far, let's go...