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  1. Bri0che

    The first maps I ever made.

    Oooooh ok, those are old levels you've made before ? It explains everything ;)
  2. Bri0che

    The first maps I ever made.

    First one is obviously blend, second is already better, but still both have a pretty decent gameplay in my opinion. If I may give you a little tips for my part : - Don't underestimate lighting, I almost saw no variation at all. It will make the level design more attractive. Like, outside is usually more luminous, and a tall room is darker. But, lighting is also a TOOL : you can use its matter to create space visibility (to a key ? a secret ? a teleporter ?). And don't forget glowing/blink effects too ! They are cool stuff. And, obviously, (that I'm sure you are aknowledged of) you need more texture variety, this may give far more identity to your level. Try yourself to change EVERY texture, ceil and floor included, next time ;)
  3. Thank you all for the returns :) By seeing the playthroughs and stuff, maybe I should had given the rocket launcher casually, I though the secrets were already obvious to find, especially the rocket launcher one, but apparently not...
  4. Thank you for the playthrough madame :) Myself is a big Ultimate Doom enjoyer, and since there is indeed "way" less mapping (for a good reason maybe) for it - because Doom II is basically UD with more features - I tend to give this game a little breath up here so people can enjoy it. There is one thing in my opinion that UD did way better than Doom II, it's the atmosphere and aesthetic. I'm sure we can all agree that any UD map of any episode is more talking than any Doom II map because they are more chaotic and aren't as cohesive. The reason being, in my opinion, that they have a less communicative theme. Even to this day, I can't really quote you what Doom II themes are, if we can ever name anything like that ?
  5. First, thank you :D And, damn, you are right ! The two tracks share almost the same rythm, I didn't even ever noticed it. And so I just checked on internet, and its seems like indeed Bobby Prince may have been inspired by Starless, I saw the info from DoomWiki Fandom though. And now, if you want to know how to have the soulsphere...
  6. Thank you mate :) The music is Starless from King Crimson, a group of progressive rock that myself is enjoying a lot :)
  7. Somewhere on the wides of Deimos, an impious base is lurking, while it suceeded hiding itself from the Doomguy that long, now it won't stand any chance ! Clear this evilness and forgotten place, then Deimos will once and for all be purged of any malicious force. About the WAD: - DOOM I IWAD - Have been tested on Gzdoom/DoomRetro - UV only - Include a new music (a .midi of Starless, from King Crimson, banger of a song) - Vanilla textures only - Jump/crounch forbidden, freelook is also greatly discouraged due to some shootable switches that need a certain placement, otherwise this will make them waaaaay more easy to activate, do as you want though :D A little screenshot or two: Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/pvgmtftq7s2ovet/E2M1.wad/file (1.1: corrected a bug that allowed the player to press a switch behind a wall 1.2: corrected a midtexture that had a wrong offset) Have fun ! Found a bug, an issue, appreciated the map, hated it ? Tell me :)
  8. There you go :) https://www.mediafire.com/file/f0hqthzxck3whki/Four+Zero+Zero.wad/file
  9. Bri0che

    Newbie's first Doom II map

    A pretty good map ! Even if it is your first attempt, you got pretty fun ideas that you more or less succeeded to execute, considering you have no or less mapping experience. Some ideas though may be very non-intuitive for players that won't want to rack their brain that much... The switch-eye at the beginning for exemple. Map is balanced, and this is the major point that newbies tend to neglect probably because they pref' focus on the map layout by itself rather than the gameplay. I think I got all or the majority of the secrets ? Some of them are kinda confusing and I didn't even knew how did I managed to trigger them exactly. The others were basic and efficient. I had the felling that without those secrets the map would had been more difficult to beat. Just because of the Cyberdemon that block the teleporter leading to the exit. Maybe I just forgot some ammunition in my playthrough... Nice first try ! Keep doing !
  10. Bri0che

    Would anybody still enjoy a Doom 1 MEGAWAD?

    Well, I won't say much that people above didn't already more or less said... Doom I is still enjoyable to this day. And so people will still enjoy a released Doom I megawad :) the truth is that, maybe, there is less people in the research of Doom I maps in compareason of Doom II, and this is purely a reason of content. Doom II is basically Doom I with more things (except for textures where some of them have been removed when some of them have been added). Honestly, the reason I prefere Doom I is just because of this very limitation, the gameplay feel more "authentic" and "shorter" (in a very figurative way), and, damn, can I say it ? Why did they threw away the episodes system ? This is the ultimate (Ultimate Doom haha) reason of why Doom I is superior to Doom II in my opinion.
  11. Thank you two for the videos ! I've just patched a soft lock on the map, the map passage in question has been reajusted a little bit
  12. Hello :) Here is a single and short Boom 1 map. "Experimentation Subject" because this is basically a training map to get me into Boom particularities. Not my first trying on the purpose though, since I've already published a long time ago a similar map. This one may not be the last either as I'm trying to get more confident with all the stuff Boom has to offer... Boom format for DOOMII MAP01 Difficulties implemented Custom texture pack/music implemented This is all you need to know, now... Screenshot : Download : https://www.mediafire.com/file/v2sisadmz2xn9dx/ExperimentationSubject.wad/file If you found any bug, tell me, I'll correct it as soon as possible ! Feedbacks appreciated, playthroughs also ! :)
  13. Bri0che

    Phobos 2.0 - DOOMII MAP01

    Thank you for the detailed and constructive comment sir, always a pleasure to have such return ! Thank you again ;)
  14. This WAD healed my depression, thank you Sonic