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  1. Billa

    Junkfood 3 demos [-complevel 21]

    Map 69 Pacifist 0:02 jf369p297.zip https://youtu.be/d7gYE75ZKG4
  2. Billa

    Junkfood 3 demos [-complevel 21]

    Map 01 Tyson 0:59 jf301t5954.zip https://youtu.be/8ttEPl9jCfQ
  3. Billa

    Junkfood 3 demos [-complevel 21]

    Map 01 Stroller 0:13 jf301str1326.zip https://youtu.be/gPsI-8hudRQ
  4. Billa

    Junkfood 3 demos [-complevel 21]

    Map 16 UV-Max 0:33 jf316m3363.zip https://youtu.be/di51GmoOTZM Map 20 UV-Max 2:51 jf320m25157.zip https://youtu.be/4sd3gL6jb08 Map 43 UV-Max 3:04 jf343m30451.zip https://youtu.be/WRoeG90LOYg
  5. Billa

    Junk Food Demos [-complevel 9)

    Map 07 2P UV-Max with @Phoenyx - 1:39 jf07mc139.zip https://youtu.be/ARLkISyMhGE
  6. Billa

    Congestion 384 demos [-complevel 2]

    Map 01 UV-Max 0:06 cyc01m691.zip https://youtu.be/Wh5sVYPO5IE and 10 UV-Max 0:24 cyc10m2409.zip https://youtu.be/F1PyexTdBoQ
  7. D5DA4b Map 54 Tyson 10:09:58 d5da4b54t60958.zip https://youtu.be/C8ePh01y3Rg
  8. Billa

    Rare kills

    Single SSG shot dealing 300 damage in Boom. 300ssg.zip
  9. Which maps are broken? Does it include brendondle's and el inferno's maps? Thank you for the idgames release though, I'm glad it's on there, even if certain maps are broken. It's better than having the wad be in limbo forever.
  10. E2M8 UV-Max 0:28 e2m8m2886.zip https://youtu.be/v8Kcnt_67Xg
  11. Lol, this isn't 1337 speak, 7 is just Arabizi for ح. They avoided diacritics in favour of numbers for whatever reason, probably because it's easier to type on the chat services it came from. A7mad probably means أحمد (/ˈæħmæd/)
  12. Billa

    Ancient Aliens proofs [-complevel 9]

    @Kinetic I love you
  13. As of 2023-12-31 there were 14 Stroller movies: c_strafe is 9 maps, 44shock is 3 maps, theh is 3 maps, 0badness is 5 maps, 8-bitadd is 2 maps (lol). The rest are full-sized megawads and episodes
  14. I've run all of these at one point so I'll give my thoughts. E1M1 in 17 might require a new route with new manipulated damage boosts, the current one didn't feel any good to me. You have to slow down in the computer room to get boosted down the stairs, being able to take a straight line and go full-speed with the boost would be awesome. Main issue is you can't manipulate RNG that much purely with your movement, you would have to shoot, and shooting causes the staircase to fill up. There is an 18.14 TAS but the movement is poor and it doesn't quickstart. Yeah swtw01str in 24 can happen. 4shockblast and I ran it back and forth for a while, he walloped me, but our individual splits between milestones (namely the first switch and the key grab) had a lot of variance even in seemingly perfect-looking runs. I don't know where the time comes from lol. A TAS would probably go for an elastic collision off the first switch, that's the only "route change" I can think of, TAS wouldn't have an issue netting 24 with diagonal wallwalks ts09str is surely beatable. Here's an ugly TAS I made last year: ts09strx1057.zip I wouldn't want to grind an extra tic off it though, 10.69 was hard enough. Alternatively you could find a new setup for >80 damage boosts, maybe with 2 homing missiles. Some other strollers I'm interested in: E3M6s has a handful of tics to spare. Good luck though waronxmas04 looks almost perfect, but 4shock loses his Y momentum when he hits the wall before the glide and doesn't incorporate the little wallwalk afterwards. sl14 record is really good, I was getting to the Vile spawn faster than Dogmachine's run but it's hard to convert it into an exit lv01! 9 must be possible right :D E2M9. I tried beating this a while ago, got bored of doing the movement, and tried to get a door trick+Caco fireball to boost me into the key. It would have to be near instant to save time but I never got a grab before dying lol. Only in practice with IDDQD
  15. I have quite a few demos on my wishlist that I'd love to see completed lol. IWADs: I'd quite like to see a 2s run on any category of lv07. You can reach the exit position before 3s and turn into an instant zero press, but it would of course be a ridiculous grind. pa08 in under 20 seconds looks really close too. lv16o in 9 seconds is barely doable, would require good movement + a lucky instant glide, unfortunately nobody with the requisite movement skill can be bothered to grind out the glide. After looking at it more carefully it *doesn't* appear to be within reach with monsters enabled. My best failed attempt (I still grind pacifist every now and then) would have been 10.40 if I'd had an instant glide. Oh, and nm16 should be 10 too, the problem is that you rarely get attempts to the glide on that one. pa18 is another I'd like to see go, whether it's using the door clip or just with better movement. Ocelot's 21 still looks clean as hell, but Looper has a 20s nomo so it must be doable, right...? 🙂 Don't see why 15s on lv21 wouldn't be possible. lv22 max under a minute is possible. Kinetic or Looper could probably do it lv27... I'm not convinced by 10 seconds. I think Gosu has been trying to tic-beat it all this time. Either way I wish him luck. There's no reason for the other categories in lv30 to be slower than 29s, other than lack of interest. That means UV-Fast, UV-Respawn, NM-Speed. Not very important but would be cool to see pl12 UV-Speed uses no SR50 but 5 might still be beyond reach. I'd love to see happen it though PWADs: Hard to pick here because there's so many pwads and most of them aren't notable to most people so I'll just go with the ones I know. Nosp28 max can go under 2 minutes, Bredd and I have gradually pushed it closer. But there's always time somewhere in that run. Thissuxx is still missing maxes... 12 would be amazing, 15 won't be done, 16 is probably the closest to being possible, 32 would require some RNG manipulation TAS setup (I tried making one but I couldn't keep it human-viable, it's just too much RNG micro-managing to get stuns) 07 Tyson is possible but tedious, 19 would need the spider to get stuck somehow, same for 23, 25 is unfortunately impossible in an IL, 26 wouldn't be hard (I almost got an exit before), 28 looks possible with some infighting setup. 08 stroller should be 8. I have a 9.11 but forgot to keep grinding it. Would love to see some sort of diagonal zero press to save that singular frame in 13 stroller as well lol. In Ancient Aliens, the remaining pacifists in order of difficulty are 08/09, 22, 24, 13, 27. I wouldn't be surprised to see a full tablefill on this wad. Remaining Going Down pacifists: 14 & 23 are both pains in the arse but possible, 25 is probably impossible due to the placement of certain fruits, 29 is straight up impossible, and 31's final fight doesn't seem to be possible. Only 5 Down the Drain pacifists remain but they're all fucked. 31 is not happening. 16, 25 & 27 are probably not happening either. Couldn't find a satisfactory route for 15 but I don't see why it wouldn't be possible. Wormwood5 map 03 max please akolai D2Alls: Cyberdreams, Down the Drain (not happening b/c of 31), Speed of Doom, Fractured Worlds, Haste, Italo Doom (08-20 would be fine lol), NoSp E3 and NoSp3, WW:EU.