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  1. Phoenyx

    Junkfood 3 demos [-complevel 21]

    Just to avoid confusion I would edit the title to say 'Junk Food 3 demos [-complevel 21]', instead of just Junk Food 3 ^-^
  2. E1M22: Gonna Never Have to Die | UV-Max in 11:12.69 bx122m111269.zip
  3. E1M21: Failed Experiments and Trashed Aircraft | UV-Max in 6:57.23 b121m657.zip
  4. Phoenyx

    1 Sector Community Project

    - Fixed the 'exit column that wasn't meant to be an exit column but was an exit column' column - Included a UMAPINFO and CWILVXX text just so the music works and the map title/author appears on the automap and intermission - Fixed a texture that was scrolling too fast TOOFAR.zip
  5. Phoenyx

    1 Sector Community Project

    Oh, my mistake! I misunderstood how the slots worked LOL But yeah, it might be better in the secret slots since I'm not entirely sure how I could work vanilla textures into the map and have it be cohesive. Happy for it to be Map 43! ^-^
  6. Phoenyx

    1 Sector Community Project

    Ah that's a fair point! I was just thinking that since my map would be a secret map, it could be a bit of an oddball and have more of an abstract visual aesthetic compared to the main set but it's okay if I need to change some stuff around. How much would you suggest I change? :D
  7. Phoenyx

    1 Sector Community Project

    It is possible to get 100% kills, just gotta be careful with your ammo :) The two exit columns is not intentional though, whoops! I'll fix that now Thanks for playing! ^-^
  8. Phoenyx

    1 Sector Community Project

    Enjoy this weird map I made :) Map Info: Screenshot: TOOFAR.zip
  9. Phoenyx

    1 Sector Community Project

    Sounds good to me! :D
  10. Phoenyx

    1 Sector Community Project

    If the slot count does increase, I'll be happy to make a quick map for this :)
  11. Phoenyx

    Miscellaneous demos (part 5)

    Doesn't play back on my end either unfortunately. quadruple checked I had the right version but no matter what the demo desyncs about 3 minutes in :c
  12. Might wanna remove me from Map 22 btw, I'm no longer in the project :)
  13. Phoenyx

    Favorite Doom Music Composer?

    He's also behind the MIDIs for Map 02, 07, 08, 14, and 29, all very good tracks too! Rest of Plutonia 2's soundtrack was either by Jimmy, Stewboy, pcorf, jaubourg and The Green Herring or stock tracks from Doom :D
  14. Hi! I'd like to give up my slot for someone who's newer than me and more deserving of it. Don't really feel comfortable keeping the slot as I don't think I can be considered a newbie mapper anymore and in hindsight, I shouldn't have a taken a slot in the first place. Apologies.