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  1. Dutch Doomer

    UAC Labs (lab.wad) My first wad!

    Neat little beginner map, its playable and doesn't look all that bad either. Gameplay is really easy, altough I managed to get killed by a Cacodemon, I blame the beer I had :p If this is really your very first Doom map you have nothing to be ashamed off. Personally I would have gone for just plain Doom(2) format when building your first maps, as its the time you gather experience and Zdoom Hexen format might overcomplicate things a bit. Like others mentioned study other maps and see how things are done. First and foremost enjoy making maps, enjoying working on something is a good ingriedient for making something people probably will enjoy. And stick to your own style, always nice to see a new mapper coming up with refreshing ideas, but of course its good to take inspiration from other work whatever it may be.
  2. More old school vanilla styled projects, without any extra resources. Just pure Doom....
  3. Dutch Doomer

    Cacowards 2017 discussion (24 years)

    Congratulations to all the award winners. Really nice to so much great talent in this community, keep it up guys :)
  4. Dutch Doomer

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    New map I started today, 2 hours into so far.
  5. Dutch Doomer

    Tekgren Tension 2 [Playtest]

    Sorry you got lost :( The switches are kinda small and easy to overlook. The map is somewhat non-linear which can add to the confusion. Wasn't planning to add non-linearity to the map, kinda sneaked in while building it :p
  6. Dutch Doomer

    Tekgren Tension 2 [Playtest]

    I have ocd when it comes to aligning textures :p Most work went into that. I didn't really needed Zdoom other than using some flats as wall textures. Even my monsters closets were done with lifts and doors to release the monsters at a certain time. Wanted to be creative with that. I didn't really need Zdoom for this map. When I started on it I just rolled with it, didn't changed the format as I was going along. Thanks, glad you liked it. It could be a good starter map for a megawad, seems perfect for the lower level slots :) I'm still mapping, but I'm not very active anymore. I try to put stuff out when I can, just way too busy with other things right now. Thank you for the video, I'll watch in a sec. There's indeed quite a few teleporting enemies, just went crazy implementing those. I had fun working on this, thats what matters most in the end.
  7. Dutch Doomer

    Tekgren Tension 2 [Playtest]

    A short map I've been tinkering on for a while. Gameplay can be challenging, plenty of traps in this short map. Kept a focus on fun and intersting gameplay. It needs (G)Zdoom or any other Zdoom based port. Gameplay might still need some additional work. I hope you like it :) dd_tek2.zip
  8. Dutch Doomer

    Is your home and Doom life separated?

    My Doom life is something I don't discuss with most of my friends or family, my girlfriend knows I'm into Doom editing, asking me can you make money out of this, I said no its only for fun. My mother used to look over my shoulder when I was mapping, trying to explain her what I was doing was a mission impossible. Played Doom with two of my cousins, one of them even introduced me to the game back when it was released, sadly he died in a traffic accident. Guess my memory of him lives on while playing the game. Other than that I'm not very vocal about my interest in the game to others, but that doesn't mean I'm all secretive about it. I don't see the point talking to someone about Doom if the person doesn't even know the game in the first place.
  9. Dutch Doomer

    Dark Tide :: Finally Released

    @LutzNot only a great mapper but also a great artist. Congratulations on your release, looks impressive as usual.
  10. Dutch Doomer

    Why do people remember Doom as fast paced?

    If I play Doom fast paced I will die, cause I suck. I'm a Doomguy who tiptoes through any map, carefully peek around corners.
  11. Dutch Doomer

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Thats one big pile of gore.
  12. Dutch Doomer

    Most recent movie you saw

    Blade Runner 2049, I'm a huge fan of the original Blade Runner, and the new one did not dissapoint. I'll probably watch it numerous times again in the future. Renegades, meh nothing special here. Ghost in the Shell, saw it while flying to Hong Kong, one I must see again on a bigger screen.
  13. Dutch Doomer

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Top screenshot still need a bit more polishing, the other one is finished. Last screens for a while, I'll be in Hong Kong for a week.
  14. Dutch Doomer

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Started rebuilding this area, its the outside area near the start of the map where the red keycard is located. One of the main reasons for rebuilding this is that the original area was build in such a way I couldn't plan a nice battle here cause of lack of space. This new area should be perfect for this purpose now. Its not finished yet but its getting there, this area won't take too long to work on. Looking pretty good so far.