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  1. Blade Runner 2049, I'm a huge fan of the original Blade Runner, and the new one did not dissapoint. I'll probably watch it numerous times again in the future. Renegades, meh nothing special here. Ghost in the Shell, saw it while flying to Hong Kong, one I must see again on a bigger screen.
  2. Top screenshot still need a bit more polishing, the other one is finished. Last screens for a while, I'll be in Hong Kong for a week.
  3. Started rebuilding this area, its the outside area near the start of the map where the red keycard is located. One of the main reasons for rebuilding this is that the original area was build in such a way I couldn't plan a nice battle here cause of lack of space. This new area should be perfect for this purpose now. Its not finished yet but its getting there, this area won't take too long to work on. Looking pretty good so far.
  4. Ocean Park, Hong Kong. Ocean Park is a theme park/zoo. I think this picture was from december last year.
  5. Oh right that one, sadly I don't have that map anymore. I wasn't too far into it, so not much was lost. It was one of those maps where I hit a dead end soon after I started on it. I could always build one again :)
  6. I really can't remember honestly. I think I did make some attempts before with red and black textures, but have no clue for which project that would have been. Don't think I ever released anything with that color combo before. Chaingunners would be murder in an area like this :p I think I will put the flying types of monsters supported by Imps and Knights/Revenants. Think I'll reserve the tougher battles for the indoor areas. Thanks for your input :)
  7. Seems this area will be good for flying enemies, don't think a large battle will work well here, cause like you said there is indeed not alot of room to manouver.
  8. Finally after quite some work I can say this area is pretty much finished, thought I would never finish it. Okay, I took my time, but filling this area with rocks took me quite a while. I tried my best to make the rocks looks as natural as possible. My initial idea was to create two buildings with a rocky canyon inbetween, so I succeeded in that. Altough some parts didn't turn out as I would have liked, but don't want to remove it and start over either. I have no idea how to implement gameplay in an area such as this, so thats another challenge to overcome. I think I'm putting way too much effort into the design of the map, which is always something I run into when designing maps. Starting to get mixed feelings when I'm working on it, am I on the right track here?
  9. It is good, perfectly fine for a first effort.
  10. Its his first map, what do you expect, be more supportive instead of making comments that would discourage him to keep making Doom maps.
  11. Gave this one a go, I'm enjoying the first few maps, I'm not too far into it yet. One of those megawads I completely missed :(
  12. I haven't played it yet. Any special reason why I should check it out? There is still tons of maps I need to play.
  13. Those red brick pillars look a bit thin, like they would not have been able to support the structure above it. Think widening them would make them look better. Love how you took the effort of aligning all the bricks, good job.
  14. I'm using UAC Ultra textures, the liquid is a brighter lava flat present in the resource wad. Like Not Jabba mentioned I put up a couple of screens in the screenshot thread.
  15. RGDoomed by a company called "Renegade Graphics" just had a look on the cdrom. A full cdrom version of the editor would have cost you $50 back then. Think I even send them a letter, but got no reply. Basicaly the first level editor I used for Doom :p