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  1. Gothic 1, 2, 3, Risen, Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas. My list of RPG's I enjoyed playing over the years. I would like to play Fallout 4, but my computer is too old :( Also still play Guild Wars 2, but don't think it counts here.
  2. Thought about it yes, on many occasions when I was younger and more motivated and more into games. Nowdays not anymore, guess it comes with the age or something. Also working on games these days is probably way too difficult for me. Anything can be learned if you put your blood sweat and tears into it, but not for me. I'm not super smart, I know my limits. To making it in the games industry, gaming should be in your blood or something, it should have been your dream since childhood. I'll just stick to enjoying games others create.
  3. So what did Pcorf release in 2012?
  4. You are amazing dude.  Your maps were a major inspiration to me. Take drugs every day if the need arises.


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  5. Friends come and go, their life change, they get married and have children, or relocate themselfs to a different part of the country. For whatever reason, their lives or yours might change at some point. I have a small group of friends, and to be honest I have nothing in common with either one of them, all of them have complete different interests than I have. Can't strike an in depth converstation with them about movies, games or music. They are family oriented, live a hectic busy life taking care of the children. Even all my relatives I have nothing in common with, I keep my distance to them as I can't really talk to them anyway. I had this party the other day where all my relatives showed up, and for the entire evening I was wishing I was back at home. Sometimes I think to myself that there is a planet out there where I should have been born on instead, as its full of people who share my interests. In a relationship now, but sometimes I wonder what the heck does she see in me. I'm a quiet guy, I rather refrain from speaking than strike a conversation with someone who starts talking about something I don't give a shit about. If you want to bore me to death talk about soccer with me...same shit topic at work every day, as if working isn't torture enough allready. I don't go out much, big crowds make me nervous, and why go to a bar if I can have a beer at home, yeah I know to socialize with people. But I'm why would I as I know 99% of the people you run into in a bar are either stone drunk, or just the same simple minded people with interests that I do not care about.
  6. My focus is allready out the window, got so many projects piling up by now, I wouldn't even know where to start. There where times I focused on one map alone and stuck by it until it was done. Seems my mind goes faster than my hands can create, lucky I don't get payed to make these maps, they would have sacked me long ago for not finishing anything :p
  7. I mainly use the Chaingun for zombies, imps and demons, and its a good sniping weapon. Also sometimes use it on a lonely Revenant or Mancubus. Not really using the plasma rifle all that much, some weapons are just better for clearing rooms. Maybe it would have been better if the plasma rifle used a different kind of ammo, so you wouldn't have to save it for the bfg.
  8. Working on another Tekgren/Metal themed map for good old vanilla Doom. Nothing fancy, altough I'm trying my best to make it as nice as possible. I think I got something good going here.
  9. The BFG is the cocaine from Doom, we all crave to have that weapon. Its the single best thing to pick up next to the Megasphere.
  10. And I just Struggle :p Looking pretty damn good Antares
  11. Pretty cool layout, with some more work this could become a really nice and classic map. Cool thing it about the map are the shapes you used for the rooms, staying away from creating boxy rooms (note to self) is a good way to make something really fun and interesting. I'd say hold onto this until you got some more experience. Looks like E1M1 was your source of inspiration judging from the nukage room.
  12. I did so many experimenting with getting myself into the right mood for making Doom maps. I always have headphones on with music playing so I don't get any distraction from outside. Experimented with various types of music, like metal, or any type of electronic music, or just music from games or movies, or even dark ambient music. Changed my set up, moved my desk and computer to the attic for more privacy and quietness. I try to be in a good well rested mood, and very relaxed. Messed with lighting in the room, even thought about changing the color of the lighting to red or placing candles, I prefer a dark dimmed room and like to work on maps when its dark outside. I also map during daytime, but feel more comfortable mapping in the evening. I basicly want to shut myself from the rest of the world and just focus on my mapping alone. So I have been mapping since '98 or so, and I like to think that the way you feel and the setting you create for yourself can have an influence on how you create a map for Doom.
  13. Nice starter map, an enjoyable 10 minutes. Interesting use of Doom monsters, aside from a lonely chaingunner no other zombies present, thought it was a nice design choice. Didn't really looked for any serious bugs, just blazed through it, still the secrets were easy enough to find. Some imps in the monster closets near the yellow key stayed in their rooms, probably better to have them all come out as soon as they hear the noise. I think a few more traps here and there could really spice up gameplay so more. Easy map to play, but a good effort for a first map attempt.
  14. Thanks for the demo, the Archvile sure isn't much of a threat once you find the RL. Kinda burned up working on my other projects, they demand more effort and time than something like this. So its quite relaxing working on something more simple for a change.
  15. Thanks, fixed version below, removed the Archvile at the end, replaced it with a Revenant. Some minor tweaks here and there, I think this map is pretty much finished now. Probably will make a few more of these. dd_tek.zip