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  1. She told me that she was beginning to really feel for me. She wanted to know now instead of later. For the relationship to continue I had the choice of telling her I felt the same way. Or that I can't commit and it ends right there.

    I'm sure I'll regret it but I'm not at the point in my life where I can have a serious relationship. Not that I didn't love her, I just couldn't take it to that point. We held each other and cried. Talked about all the good times and all the wonderful traits we saw in each other.

    We soaked in every last second together because once we parted that was it. She had tried being friends with her exes before and insisted it doesn't work. We had breakup sex which is a real rarity, followed by more hugging, kissing and sobbing.

    Then we parted.

    /End emo.

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    2. AirRaid


      I still live in the same house with my Ex. We get along great. I could understand how some people might find it hard though.

    3. Danarchy


      I'm friend with most of my exes. Doom.exe is an old friend of mine.

    4. Dr. Zin

      Dr. Zin

      I don't have any ex's. I don't know whether that is a good or a bad thing...