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  1. As opposed to, like, an AmateurFile Picture?
  2. There are some nice pictures in there but why on earth is this a youtube video instead of a series of images?
  3. They said they left the story open ended enough that you can make up your own mind what's really going on. It's non specific enough that either case could be true. And now, some nerds will argue one case or the other:
  4. No, because the Prius actually has a petrol engine. You'd need a Diesel engine to run on cooking oil.
  5. A couple of people have messaged me about this forum's apparently limit to only show threads from the last month. This isn't forum specific but rather an option in your user settings. Here's how to fix it! Go to the Edit Options section of your User Control Panel. Near the bottom is an option labelled "Default Thread View". Set this to "View All Threads". If you wanna question why 30 days is the default, take it up with Linguica :P
  6. What graphics card/how much VRAM do you have? Also which OS are you on?
  7. Tips and tricks to make some of the funnest combat in years boring and dull. Good job!
  8. 33/33.
  9. It's not supposed to freeze until you get to Vega Processing. (sorry)
  10. Serious Sam is kinda specifically designed for it. Also, SS has: a) much lower fidelity game worlds (and a clever engine to handle LODs at distance) b) REALLY basic AI (run toward player, shoot, repeat) which makes it a lot easier to have lots of them spawned at once. Same with Painkiller, the AI for those enemies is reaaaallly basic.
  11. Photo Mode is fucking awesome in every game that has it and more games should have it. You can do cool things like these (from Mad Max) being able to stop the action and change the camera angle means you can create some cool stuff. Any extra effects like DoF or aperture settings are icing on the cake.
  12. I didn't know that a tectical kevlar vest which looks like SWAT team gear counted as futuristic space marine armour these days. Aside from that, they knew it was dumb and it was cancelled. Any concerns you might have or had about it literally don't matter. They knew it was bad and it was canned.
  13. Not really dead, but I won't really be playing it any more. Just wanted the achievement to fill out the set.
  14. Lord Voldemort.