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  1. Pure Hellspawn

    Broken wad file

    this will probably be moved here: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/78-wad-discussion/ as for your wad file, you'll need to show a screenshot. what version of GZDoom, what wad file, what's the error etc.
  2. Pure Hellspawn

    Is FIREBLU hot or cold?

    The hottest of all: blue fire is 3000 degrees usually, but in hell i'd imagine even hotter to torture and agonize the victims.
  3. Yes and no - I will not be voting on this poll. Monster spawners? YES!!! I love monster spawners as a concept. If used correctly, they can add huge value to a map. It doesn't even have to be a typical "Icon of Sin" boss map - rather a map where you have to advance while dealing with consistent monster spawning adds a sense of urgency. Plus there is also that "fear factor" because there could be moments where telefragging does indeed happen. The icon itself? No - especially now with freelook. It's just the spawners - the icon itself cannot attack you. It only has 250 hp (less than technically you) and you need 3 or so well placed rockets to win. Now that we have freelook, it's a joke. This being said there are some remarkable Icon fights. Speed of Doom map 30 isn't about damaging a boss, but rather surviving a horde of monster spawners and monsters for a time. Shaitan's Luck takes you through a slaughter map, full of spawners - and more activate as you proceed in the map. This is an excellent use of the monster spawner, and I'd love to see more maps such as this.
  4. Pure Hellspawn

    [1.3 - 20MAY2022] Project GHAG: Gardevoir Has A Gun

    rule 1: this must be on "inverse" battle mode as those psychic attacks are super effective on the dark demons!
  5. it is up to you. i think you could release them, but maybe alter the levels so as to not mimic the layout. other than the layout you would be completely good. this is also a great opportunity for some creativity!
  6. i can almost guarantee you'll be okay, the only reason i mentioned anything was because the layouts match and Nintendo is actually quite infamous about copyrights. no other game company is like Nintendo in this matter.
  7. yeah the 1st and 3rd look really familiar! now my only concern is since these are replicas of the SM64 levels, could these violate copyright laws?
  8. Some screenshots would be nice. Normally a picture is worth a thousand words, but here a screenshot is worth a million. Especially since we are in oooos and aaaaahs about Golden Souls 3.
  9. Pure Hellspawn

    Theory: Icon of Sin Pacifist run

    It's already been done TAS - by utilizing arch-viles.
  10. Pure Hellspawn


    small squarish room. the exit switch is right near the start - you'll see an elevated tech pillar with a switch on it... 400 monsters or so, there are weapons spread out - BFG is hard to find but is there. some graphic bugs. someone put up a demo and hit that switch and go earn the 3 steam bucks...
  11. Pure Hellspawn

    Objective - Survive

    no demo or screen but it's possible to get above 9 mins UV Pacifist with 1.6k kills. a lot of it depends on how many archies are spawned - i saw close to three near my death.
  12. Pure Hellspawn

    RAMP - Rabbit's All-Comers Mapping project [DONE!!]

    map208 errors out :(
  13. Pure Hellspawn

    Most Satisfying Enemy to Kill.

    probably killing archviles with SSG.
  14. Pure Hellspawn

    Maps by El Inferno

    Took me many deaths and save attempts, but I finally beat the level. Well designed, hope to see many more levels similar.
  15. Pure Hellspawn

    Maps by El Inferno

    can anyone upload a video of Latrodectus Geometricus´╗┐? I feel its much harder than a 6.