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  1. Pure Hellspawn

    Playing Deep in Hell

    Welcome to Doomworld. There are normalish maps such as Holy Hell, or Slaughterfest that have over 10k. And there is a joke map or two with over 100k somewhere.
  2. Pure Hellspawn

    The Top 100 Memorable Doom Maps of All Time

    Other Maps: Speed of Doom Map 30 : Darkness Without End Yep - Whispers Of Satan Map 25: Vulcana CC 4 Maps 20 and 21 Super Sonic DOOM. I'm not going to throw in any particular map persay - but the whole concept and the advanced scripting of each level made it memorable. Sunder Map 11: The Furnace. I think this was the first map I saw with over 5,000 monsters that I played. There's more, but screw writing now, it's time to play some DOOM!
  3. Pure Hellspawn

    Doom's 25th Birthday - What will you be doing?

    Happy 25th - official as of EST.
  4. Pure Hellspawn

    Doom's 25th Birthday - What will you be doing?

    I was playing Avactor just before the Cacowards came out. How ironic! On another note, I gotta work tomorrow too.
  5. Pure Hellspawn

    Doom's 25th Birthday - What will you be doing?

    very nice. i actually took this friday off because the annual holiday party is thursday night.
  6. Well seeing as tomorrow was 25 years since DOOM was released and UAC hath unleashed demonic fury on our machines since then; What will you be doing tomorrow? What wads (if any) do you plan on playing? I have to play New Gothic Movement 2.
  7. Pure Hellspawn

    So, John Romero is teasing a thing

    He did earn his impaled head on a stick in the deepest layer of all hell in DOOM 2. I don't think it was Carmack or Romero. DOOM was a team project and every single person's effort made DOOM the game it is.
  8. Pure Hellspawn

    Doom fan from Japan here?

    There's been some humongous project from first-timers before. Deus Vult (a legend) being one of them. My main concern is that you mention the words "fear and tiredness". Remember, mapping is no good unless you enjoy it. Mapping is a way to express your inner creativity and should be a stress reliever, not a stress causer. I have made a couple crappy maps (with scripts), but even though the reviews were crappy, I was proud of the effort I put in and I enjoyed seeing my efforts produce something. Also, do you have any screenshots?
  9. Pure Hellspawn

    [WIP] Vela Pax - Beta 2.1 out, now with .1 more stuff.

    Honestly, this would be a good mapset for the Ironman Demo contest.
  10. Pure Hellspawn

    Doom fan from Japan here?

    I'm a huge fan of JRPG's (Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Legend of Heroes etc.) and I like some anime as well in addition to the gaming culture in Japan so suffice to say I'm very happy to see someone from Japan here. Can't wait to see your map!
  11. Pure Hellspawn

    Who feels a bit sick of constantly playing techbase levels?

    from what i understand, dark green walls can be very non-techbase.
  12. Pure Hellspawn

    Hell themed WADS

    If you play megawads, many of the maps 21-30 are hell based. Whispers of Satan Speed of Doom Community Chest (all) Alien Vendetta Bloodbath Doom 2 In Name Only Doom 2 The Way ID Did it Unholy Realms Interception Scythe (1 and 2) I think I gave you like over 50 hell maps. There's plenty more, but you'll have to find them yourself (shouldn't be hard - check Megawads and ports/Megawads). I know there are some good non-megawad hell maps. Shai'tan's Luck is one episode. Maps 21-30. The end is hellish, and very good at being so. Another is Erik Alm's AA_BTH? wad. Maps 01-09. The last few maps as usual, are hell. Map 09 is brutal in difficulty.
  13. Pure Hellspawn

    How do you feel the vanilla game has aged?

    First, of all: In my opinion, it's not DOOM that's aged the best - but rather DOOM 2. But I will use DOOM to represent both games. To me, it's the simplicity yet flexibility of modding the game that has enabled this game to age so well, in addition to the bestiary and weaponry being sustainable in many environments. This causes an extreme spike in replayability - which is vital for a game to age well. Megawads, and high quality wads & mods enable the user to have different experiences each time they play DOOM 2. As an example: I am playing Dark Souls 3. Really great series. It's known for it's difficulty. There is decent New Game Plus support to increase replayability, but in the end, the player simply goes through the same areas and kills tougher version of the same enemies. Eventually, that gets old and people move on to something else. As far as I know, it's impossible to make new maps and mobs for the game, and the only mod I know of (besides textures) is a randomizer one. I will add that another game I think that's going to age like DOOM is Skyrim, and for similar reasons.
  14. Pure Hellspawn


    This project and Bridgeburner's are going to be rough and rough for the best aesthetics I've seen recently. Both are incredible.
  15. Pure Hellspawn

    Are Polish games good or bad?

    I did play Witcher 3 - and it's an awesome game. It's not so much as a "time sink" as much as it is a huge world, with a huge story, and even the optional quests are fun (rather than go fetch me this). There's even a card game (Gwent). I'd say Witcher 3 is extremely similar to the Divinity Original Sin series which is extremely high quality.