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  1. I live in a suburb with a sizable Asian and Indian population, but we tend to keep to ourselves. A lot of people that attended the High School I went to traveled to India (I remember a picture of someone in Delhi as well as in Goa); I remember the picture of the inn they stayed at and it was very nice. But I never was into travel myself.
  2. return is for functions - use terminate instead. https://zdoom.org/wiki/Terminate
  3. the hell sky of DOOM 2 is different - hence it cannot be in DOOM 2.
  4. Worst? Runescape. Tibia. MMORPGs in general are not my thing. EDIT: ANY ET games also make the list.
  5. i'd think a megawad (15 or 32) levels with 300 monsters combined is easier. that's less than 20 (or 10) monsters per map!
  6. Okay, so various maps have various difficulty levels - one mapset in UV may actually be EASIER than another mapset in HNTR. So these settings refer to a typical generic-medium level map. Also, I'm gonna add a new difficulty for all of you because I feel like it: ANY DIFFICULTY WITH CHEATS: I'm a coward who shouldn't be playing DOOM. Or video games for that matter. 1. Just visiting: Dante shall guide thee through hell. 2. Stealth attack: many or most of the denizens of hell seem to be taking a break from guard duty. 3. Ye hath been sentenced to die. Slowly and painfully. 4.Welcome to hell mortal; we are waiting for thee. 4 with -fast. Abandon all hope ye who enter here. 5. Ye are a denizen of hell who thrives on pain, misery and suffering. @leodoom85 you realize map10 of DOOM 2 has 279 monsters alone?
  7. I disagree because you lose the much more threatening monsters. No PE's, no AV's, no Revs, Fatso's, Arachnotrons or Chaingunners. In UD aside from three boss monsters (Baron, Cyber, and Spider) there's nothing more threatening than a Cacodemon. DOOM has better maps, but DOOM 2 has the new monsters which make things much more dangerous.
  8. maybe this could include puzzles that vary each playthrough and/or put you under some kind of pressure (monsters attacking and you're unarmed maybe)? A good example of this could be Ultimate Doomer's crystal maze wad maybe?
  9. is it cancelled or just post poned? hope things get better for you.
  10. Both secret maps in Interception.
  11. seems like Zandronum is required - uses skulltag actors.
  12. stomper never finished.
  13. http://www.realm667.com/index.php/en/beastiary-mainmenu-136-69621/doom-style-mainmenu-105-73113?start=30#preview-16 look for the entry
  14. still wondering if i get to play an IoS map.
  15. There were two bosses I was scared of back then - and one of which I am actually STILL scared of. The Cyberdemon due to it's one hit kills and the Icon of Sin (got telefragged and I pooped my pants). @42PercentHealth I think the perfect DOOM boss fight for you would be the Spider Demolisher. It's like a spiderdemon, with twice the HP and chainguns. Oh, and it comes with a fully functional BFG too - and unlike the normal mastermind BFG-hugging this monster is usually suicidal.