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  1. Maybe for Map 20 you could do a normal DOOM map with monster spawners. And a big Icon Of Sin Texture laughing at the player before it starts spawning.
  2. is this considered a sequel to "Interception"?
  3. have not played but i am curious - is this like jumpmaze?
  4. wrong forum mate. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/37-doom-speed-demos/
  5. no offence, but i think you'll need higher quality screenshots than that.looks like a big square-shaped room with a bunch of still things to me.
  6. this sums of it perfectly. my recommendation is before posting it on here, you should have a decent starting block to show us. there's a Doomworld quote about it, but i have not seen it used in a while and I forgot what it was. Also, I CBF to look it up right now.
  7. perhaps with Javascript, as they are closer in relation. ACS and Javascript both manipulate elements that the user can see. But other than that the only thing that the two languages really have in common are basic programming syntaxes like if/else, loops, variable declaration etc. ACS commands have specific commands relating to DOOM (and it's similar games), while C++ is pure programming and if I'm not mistaken is used to make the DOOM engines themselves. In other words: ACS relies on the ZDOOM Engine. It's similar to Javascript. The ZDOOM engine relies on C++. Source: Programmer; C# is my mother tongue, and I know ACS. They are not similar.
  8. what about HMP, even? P.S: Rex: see my post. try surviving it, and if you die, use the 'Resurrect' command in GZDoom.
  9. least favorite would be poorly placed health pickups that you HAVE to get to move on.
  10. if it's single player - no. But instead of using 'IDDQD', a better approach is to use co-op mode or the 'Resurrect' console command or the 'Give Health' Command. That way you can play as if you were playing normally in a way.
  11. i think it's a nice collectors item, but $800 seems a bit overkill to me.
  12. Hitscanners show that sometimes the monsters with the strongest attack aren't always the deadliest. Even though a Revenant can kill a Chaingunner in just one hit, A Chaingunner could, given the right circumstances, kill a revenant. Don't forget about another hitscanner - the archvile. It's attack only misses if it cannot see you during the time of the strike. It takes a while to perform the attack, but due to it's pain resistance and health it is very deadly. Oh, and don't forget about tanks that come with it that it can resurrect when they die.
  13. reminds me of Soul Wars in Runescape in a way.
  14. I live in a suburb with a sizable Asian and Indian population, but we tend to keep to ourselves. A lot of people that attended the High School I went to traveled to India (I remember a picture of someone in Delhi as well as in Goa); I remember the picture of the inn they stayed at and it was very nice. But I never was into travel myself.