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  1. sorry. based on the timestamp of the post, i was more likely than not half asleep after coming back from work and the tax preparation office.
  2. slimez: i want a few maps that utilize monster spawners in a way. This can be Icon of Sin maps or just normal maps that use the spawner. Or both!
  3. hi guys - i don't expect this thread to stay for long but i got a new laptop and i'm in need of some recent non-megawads (or megawads not in idGames) that have Icon of Sin maps. any help is greatly appreciated. example:Plutonium Sandpits
  4. congrats on making a map with one of the highest monster counts! really enjoyed it!
  5. i'd love to see a Map30 for this. though I thought map30 was decent in the original.
  6. Vanilla DOOM has various limitations. There are some huge levels out there that have too many linedefs or things for Vanilla DOOM. Some maps (as you may have noticed) have "scripts" and other objects that you will not see in Vanilla Doom. These includes cameras, conveyors and flowing water, slopes, custom text and more. DECORATE is used to create monsters and weapons. This CAN be done in Vanilla using Dehacked but DECORATE is more advanced and is additive whereas DEHACKED is limited in what it can do.
  7. my guess is blogs/Post Hell still exist but normal users don't have perms to view "Morons".
  8. the fatso looks like a hectebus now.
  9. maybe keep the original sigil as a map33?
  10. the spectre is actually a huge threat when given the proper lighting and modeling. otherwise it's like a normal demon. but your screenies look good and i can tell map 8 will be fun to review. would love to see IoS maps from you.
  11. for me, it's not about pressure anymore. i'm in an LTR relationship (for two year) with a girl that I'll most likely marry in the near future. things will go from there.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QA75z81wRk this is the actual level in the game.
  13. A spawn gun already exists. It spits icon of sin cubes. Normal fire spawns weaker enemies only including zombies while stronger fire spawns cacodemons up to archviles.
  14. did you play a lot of jumpmaze recently?
  15. 1)No custom monsters: Learn monster placement with vanilla monsters first. This helps with monster placement. For instance, chaingunners or revenants inside spots that are hard to aim for the player make devastating foes. A well placed Pain Elemental or two can be more of a threat than a poorly placed Cyberdemon. As for textures: the main thing i saw is the door and the wall are the same. This is a no no. Try to diversify the textures a bit. I do think custom textures are okay, but layout is more important. 2)From what I remember, things are done differently depending on the map type. You make a door differently in UDMF than in Doom in Doom. 3)I'd recommend this before mapping possibly. Maybe make this number one. 4) Here, sometimes less is more. A pack with a few good custom monsters is better than a lot of various monster types. And I strongly advise keeping weapons to a MAXIMUM of 2 per slot (since slots 1 and 3 have this). And also, I recommend speaking to Jimmy about The Joy of Mapping.