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  1. Pure Hellspawn

    Your favorite doom airplanes and flying craft (not spam)

    doesn't the DM area in AV Map30 have some craft?
  2. Pure Hellspawn

    Icon of Sin maps that don't suck

    Some spoilers here: I think the concept is actually amazing. A monster that shoots endless spawns, with the possibility to telefrag. The execution however was very poor. Shai'tan's Luck in this regard is a truly legendary level. One of the best I think I've ever played. It's a big map with >1k monsters and utilizes constant spawners and spawnshots throughout the map. As you progress further into the map, more spawners activate. Finding secret keys and hitting the key switches closes spawn targets slowing the speed that monsters flood the map. Would love to see more maps made in this regard - not necessary an IoS map but a map that has spawners throughout the map. Super Sonic DOOM: Map29 has a good boss Another good example is Halfmoon 2 Latrodectus Geometricus. Speed of Doom Map30 Darkness Without End. Tangerine Nightmare map08: Pandemonium Avactor Map11 : The Final Theory (good map) JumpmazeX Map29: Tower of Babel - hope you're good at jumping! One Bloody Night Map09: Ashes to Ashes - it's haaaard though!
  3. i want it! There's actually one aspect of DOOM that's scared me since I started playing. Will dm you about it so as not to spoil the surprise.
  4. Pure Hellspawn

    So I Started Blasting

    The cacodemons are smiling about the quality of this level. Nice job.
  5. Pure Hellspawn

    Mock3 [21-map WAD] [On /idgames archives]

    Mock 4 : The Insanity of the Impossible Joke!
  6. Pure Hellspawn

    Protoslayer 3.1: Judecca (GZDoom exclusive)

    Cacoward winner right here!
  7. Pure Hellspawn

    Any wad that makes the spider mastermind harder to fight?

    I think you'll want to fight this guy!
  8. Some combat is mandatory, but you would be able to determine how much by choosing how many spawners there are. Obviously, the main concept is the secrets to damage the Icon, and solving puzzles to get the keys can slow down the Icon. But there will always be that sense of urgency when you hear the cube spitting. If the secrets are considered "hard to find", perhaps reducing to 1 or 2 spawners could account for that, plus there won't be too much combat.
  9. In b4 Map30 is called "The Sinful Secrets". But anyways I thought of an idea - heavily inspired by Shai'Tan Map30 and CC2 Map30. The map starts with 8 (ITYTD/HNTR/UV) or 6 (HMP) Spawners, activated on start. Every secret you find, a door opens (similar to Map30 in CC2). When all the doors are open, the Icon of Sin gets telefragged by a voodoo doll ending the level. Keep in mind the easier levels have 8 because they spawn at half the speed, so they'd actually have the equivalent of 4. In addition, this level could also have three hard to reach switches or keys that are not marked as secrets. Hitting these switches or the switches associated with the keys will cause some of the spawn spots to be covered by a wall, which slows down the rate monsters come in.
  10. Pure Hellspawn

    Poogers - The Code Behind The Piracy Source Port Check

    Interesting! Never knew it was a glitch! Is it possible to replicate the non-skip in a port such as Boom or Chocolate?
  11. so i was messing around with Poogers and saw on Map01 and Map29 one of two thing happen depending on source port, comp level. The first obviously being the correct way which takes you to the proper level, and the second the incorrect way takes you to the Piracy screen. What I want to know is the logic actual linedef action that determines which of the two portals you take - especially as it is not a script and how the comp level settings and port determine which. Perhaps if correct, there is a hidden actor or something that blocks the piracy teleport (a WR action).
  12. Pure Hellspawn

    Beyond Evilness - 4 Vanilla Format Maps

    name reminds me a little of map12 Unholy Eveilness from mock2
  13. Pure Hellspawn

    Author Appreciation Thread: Dean Joseph (deathz0r)

    Hey hey hey look who it is!!! Soooo happy to see you here!! And honored to have been Dooming with everyone (even if not cooperatively) all these years!! And very hyped about the future maps. I wish I had the time and talent to map like that. At least I did something for the WOOO series - which was heavily inspired by your Mock wads.
  14. Pure Hellspawn

    Author Appreciation Thread: Dean Joseph (deathz0r)

    it sure is!! I'd argue Mock 2 is as well. Especially if You Fail It because Your Skill Is Not Enough.
  15. Having been a member of this forums since 2005, I've been around to witness all of his work. I loved his Mock 2 levels; notably "Hybrid". "YOU FAIL IT - your skill is not enough!" and used to play this megawad a lot when I was a teenager. This was back in 2003 before I even joined. I also remember DO-Tims. The belching flames, dracula, the pirates, the files. This was back in 2006. I was a teenager; and I loved those wads. Now we have Poogers, Junkfood and more. You've stayed with us all these years. Dean, I really appreciate everything you've done for the DOOM community. This place would not be the same without you.