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  1. Always looking for new Icon of Sin maps. Please message me if you made one or know of any new ones :)

  2. add nexusmods to the list too. and moddb.
  3. I actually think modding has INCREASED over the years. Skyrim Witcher Series GTA Fallout just to name a few recent games known for mods.
  4. link fixed and tested. thanks Marcaek!
  5. I think it could be nice to bring up the tweet ID made at the service. The DOOM series is a very well-known series that has a humongous impact on the gaming industry in general; being recognized by the folks who made it all happen is an honor in of itself. We also have a wiki on DOOM which has a memorial page that honors those we've lost. Quasar mentioned putting a page for Aaron on there. To be on the page usually requires one to be well-known throughout the community. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Category:Memorial
  6. Being in a community such as Doomworld means treating your fellow Doomers as friends or even a second family. I've been on this place for nearly thirteen years. I haven't spoken to anyone IRL (voice/video) with maybe one exception a long time ago. Yet this place with all of it's maps and offerings and people - it's like a secondary home I can go to. THAT is what a community is - and THAT is why we care about each other regardless of who we know or do not know in person. In addition, by actively playing Deathmatch DOOM, he has helped keep the spirit of retro Doom alive.
  7. Was going to like the post too but I don't think I "like" hearing that a fellow Doomer has passed. Not something to like. This is a huge tragedy and I think there should be more awareness about depression in general. Frequently the deadliest illnesses are the ones that are invisible and you can't tell someone's depressed just by looking at them.
  8. how can the chaingun guy have a lower rank than the shotgun guy? doesn't make sense.
  9. Pinkies -> Demon Pigs Baron - goat demon. i thought it was wearing a form of pants at first.
  10. I don't really think it's apples to oranges here. Icon of Sin is just a map that introduces the final boss into the world of DOOM. The other two are essentially expansion packs that contained improved versions. It's like comparing a new trend flavor to vanilla ice cream - they are both ice cream, and the trend flavor will of course outsell the vanilla - but the vanilla was what introduced the concept of ice cream into the world.
  11. In other words: you start with 100 health. If you get a soul sphere: you get 200 health and take 100% of all damage dealt. and a blue armor gets you 100 health but you take only 50% of all damage dealt until the armor runs out (or you pick up a green armor with less than 100 armor units). Both cases will require you to take 200 points of damage until you die - twice of 100 is 200. So let's say you get hit by a Revenant's missile for 50 damage. With soul sphere: you take the full 50 damage and have 150 health left. You cannot heal this without health bonuses, soulspheres, or megaspheres. An armor bonus counts as a green armor, which means 1/3 damage reductions. Because you have no armor, it takes 150 damage to kill you. With blue armor: the armor absorbs half so you take 25 and have 75 health left plus 175 armor left. You can heal this using stimpacks and medikits. Also, an armor bonus counts towards 1/2 damage reduction. Because you have enough blue armor, it takes 75 / 0.5 = 150 damage to kill you. So yes, in both Single Player and Multiplayer, a blue armor does more than a soul sphere. A megasphere equals 4 medikits + a soul sphere + a blue armor.
  12. in other games there are essentially things that are pointless that are still in the game.
  13. I love armor. Instead of losing up to 80 HP from a revenant at worst, I now can only lose up to 40. Also, because of blue armor, I can survive a direct hit from a Cyberdemon. But as Doomkid said: with the green/blue armors, you need health to utilize armor. In fact, if you play Stronghold, there's an armor that can block 100% damage. It's OP. In Short: Armor is very useful.
  14. 0 out of 5 for not putting in a starfish at least.
  15. S - 4. I don't have too many issues with strength and haven't had any issues carrying stuff, but I'm definitely no powerhouse. P- 8. I tend to sense things quite well and frequently hear E - 6. I can run a mile or two without too much difficulty. C - 2. Not social unless at work. I do have a fiance. Having real life friends is not a priority of mine. I - 8. I work a programming job, so this needs to be kind of high. But saying I'm a genius is going too far. A - 4. Slightly clumsy, but not so much it affects my day to day life. L - 10. Just for having the most beautiful and loving fiance to support me emotionally. It took a ton of luck to find and meet her especially considering my social life is pretty much non-existent (by choice).