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  1. I don't know of any tutorials. I tend to bash my head against the zdoom wiki until I figure things out. Failing that I go and find a mod that does what I want and then use that as an example. I'm very rusty on some of this stuff, but I had a pickup in doom raider that executed a script. Here's the DECORATE code, you should hopefully figure it out from that. ACTOR ProtectionAmulet : CustomInventory 19121 { Inventory.PickupMessage "Amulet of protection" Inventory.Icon "ST_AMUL" +INVENTORY.FANCYPICKUPSOUND +INVENTORY.ALWAYSPICKUP +COUNTITEM Inventory.PickupFlash none States { Spawn: AMUL A 12 //Bright AMUL B 6 Loop Pickup: TNT1 A 0 A_GiveInventory("ProtectionArmour",1) TNT1 A 0 ACS_NamedExecuteAlways("blueFlash", 0) Stop } } edit: Try this ACTOR Medikit2 : CustomInventory { Inventory.PickupMessage "myMessage" +INVENTORY.ALWAYSPICKUP States { Spawn: AMUL A 12 //change this to whatever your sprites are AMUL B 6 Loop Pickup: TNT1 A 0 A_GiveInventory("Medikit",25) //assuming this is a medikit variant and you want the same effect TNT1 A 0 ACS_NamedExecuteAlways("myScript", 0) Stop } } ...I seem to remember that only classses that inherit from CustomInventory can have pickup states. If I'm wrong then I'm overcomplicating the whole thing
  2. Off the top of my head.... assuming you are only spawning one Medikit2 and only the player can pick it up (and it's single player...maybe) int aTag = UniqueTID(); do{ delay(1); int x = GetActorX(0) + 200.0; int y = GetActorY(0); int z = GetActorZ(0); } until (Spawn("Medikit2",x,y,z,aTag,0)); //might want a delay here? while ( ThingCountName("Medikit2", aTag) > 0 ) { delay(1); } //then put your wanted code here or ACS_Execute to start the desired script Or do it in DECORATE, making the class execute a specified script on pickup.
  3. Here in the UK we use to have a TV program called Tomorrows World. It ran from 1965 to 2003 and looked at new and upcoming technologies, always through rose-tinted goggles no matter how unfeasible or flawed the idea was. In the late 90's they featured an item on a virtual reality prototype, which was basically a large transparent hollow sphere the user stood in whilst viewing images projected onto the outside of the sphere. The demonstration showed used a monster-less e1m1 as the environment in which user moved around, or should I say 'shuffled' around. I've been telling my friends about this for years, but could never find any evidence of its existence. Not remembering it's name didn't help. I'd got to the point where I was beginning to ask myself whether I had imagined the whole thing. But no, it did exist and I've finally found proof. Judging from the video though, I wouldn't want to spend too much time in something like that without having concern for my hearing. Wireless controllers and headphones would be a wise idea, but this was the 90's (....actually I'm not sure when these first became available). Anyway, I present to you the 'Cybersphere'........ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGVu7pWQIrs
  4. I made a Wrack map, but it suffered from the most severe case of 'mapping creep' I've ever encountered and ended up being absolutely huge. By the time I finished it nobody was interested in Wrack anymore (or at least most of the community had moved on). https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1086544456
  5. Russell_P

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    so 60 or 70 seconds per frame, thats almost playable :) seriously though, it looks awesome
  6. Russell_P

    Doom Raider 2020

    A_StartSound is, I think, a fairly new addiition to GZDoom. But then I'm a fool and got the version numbers mixed up in my initial post. You need the latest version 4.3.3
  7. Russell_P

    Doom Raider 2020

    Absolutley! A gentleman must keep up appearances.
  8. Russell_P

    Doom Raider 2020

    Thanks for the comments guys. Yes it is a very dark map but intentionaly so. I design in a very dark room and everythng seems ok in these conditions, so maybe if people play this in a bright room there will be visability issues. The gloves...OMG...yeah that is probably something I should have considered but I spent so long working on this i guess i developed a blind spot there. Now that it's pointed out it does seem like an obvious omission. or maybe where doom raider lives they have very strict handling protocols for weapons, black gloves for most pistols, brown for shotguns, and uzis, being the most sterile of weapons, are best wielded bare handed.
  9. Russell_P

    Doom Raider 2020

    17 years ago I released a map called Doom Raider which somehow managed to scrape into DoomWorlds top 100. It's safe to say the map is looking somewhat dated these days. It was my first non vanilla map and I only really achieved part of what I was aiming for. Over many ZDoom (and subsequently GZDoom) updates, many of the maps features have become diminished or broken. The original map is now unplayble due to GZDoom changes which leave the poison clouds in the level with infinite height, which makes it almost impossible to survive without cheats. So here's an unpdate/new version/reimagining/reboot/whatever. This started out as an exercise in updating my doom mapping knowledge, but ended up becoming a complete obsession. I have undoubtedly spent more time on this new version than I ever spent on the original and, if I was to produce a list of changes, it would be quicker to list the things I haven't tinkered with. If it wasn't for the cuurrent lockdown, which has given me a large amount of free time, I doubt ths map would have been released this year. This level borrows a fair few resources from other mods. I have tried to be thorough in giving appropriate credit, but some sources were a bit vague, so as a result some stuff is credited to a mod rather than a person. If anyone cares to shed more light on the origins of some of this stuff that would be awesome. A single player map for GZDoom 4.3.3 (not 3.4.4 as i originally stated) with a playing time of around 30 mins. It's a standalone level, doesn't need any other resources loaded. In fact it probably wont work if loaded with other mods. Ignore the orange text stuff on startup, it's GZDoom complaining about me leaving text files everywhere. And yes I know the trees can look a bit glitchy at the start. That's the price you pay for closely packed wide sprites. I did try tree models, but they only made my jungle look like an orchard! DoomRaider(2020).zip here are a few comparison shots...
  10. Russell_P

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    I was watching Josh and Jimmy the other day. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I fear streaming is taking it's toll.
  11. Russell_P

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Experimenting with lighting. I don't think it's quite there yet.
  12. Russell_P

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Updating a 17 year old map (credit to Brutal Doom for the new pistol sprites).
  13. So I updated an very old map of mine, stuck it on my website and forgot to tell anyone. So there you go, it's 6 months after the fact, but it's available if anyone cares to try it. It's a large single player level for GZDoom. I have retexured some areas, added dynamic lights and brightmaps and replaced the old dehacked file with decorate stuff. I got a bit carried away with Decorate (it's the first time i've ever looked at it) and ended up giving this level an alternative 'chicken themed' game mode called Clucking Hell. If you try this there's a few things I forgot to mention in the text file. This mode has a custom HUD that only supports the standard full screen GZDoom hud (sorry it doesn't support the classc status bar or GZDoom's alternative HUD). Because of my complete noobniss at decorate, the %kills in this mode will be a bit screwed up. And yes, I know I spelt 'Epilepsy' wrong in the game menu. Here's a screen shot from this mode. Download it here.. dec2019.zip
  14. Russell_P

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    You probably wont find an item more 'Doom' than this
  15. Russell_P

    DyingCamel's Demons #2

    Yay, I was beginning to think this was never coming out. Although, having watched both John and Camel struggle through Dubzzz maps, I'm expecting my swear box to be overflowing (not that I have a swear box, but you get the idea).