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  1. skillsaw

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    I think I found a gamebreaking bug here in MAP20: Anyways, awesome work. I'm absolutely loving Eviternity II so far.
  2. skillsaw

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    Woah, awesome! This looks fantastic. Congrats to Dragonfly and all involved. Can't wait to dive in.
  3. skillsaw

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    Damn. Sorry about the nightmare. Hope you and your girlfriend are OK. BTW, for future reference, this is what I look like:
  4. skillsaw

    Mappers you wish to see make a comeback

    I know I don't post much, but I am still active and working on personal projects when I have time/energy. Anyways, on topic, I haven't seen Vader mentioned and I'd love to see him make a comeback.
  5. skillsaw

    Vertical Sprite Pitch, tilt, yaw

    It's not clear from your question, but assuming you're using GZDoom, I think you're looking for the sprite billboarding option. Just search the options for "billboarding" and adjust. No need to run any scripts or load additional wads.
  6. It's fan fiction written by dew.
  7. Thanks :) I've done a few larger maps (including my other map in BTSX E3, weirdly enough) but it's definitely up there.
  8. skillsaw

    Problems with converting image files to flats

    I'm pretty sure the issue is your markers rather than the flat itself. Your flat is between FF_START and F_START. Try renaming F_START to F_END. You will probably need to completely reload your wad (or restart SLADE) for the flat to show correctly.
  9. skillsaw

    Quakecon 2023

    I'll be making the trip - looking forward to finally meeting everyone! My seat in the BYOC is H-99.
  10. If you are playing in a port that supported MAPINFO/EMAPINFO at the time of release in 2016, then when you finish an episode you'll need to select the next episode from the menu. MAP11 and MAP19 (the first maps of episodes 2 and 3) force a pistol start regardless of port.
  11. Your projectile inherits the "seesound" property from the Mancubus fireball - so, like the mancubus fireball, it makes the "whoosh" sound when it's spawned. Change seesound to the sound you want. thing MTF_EXTRA00 : thing MT_FATSHOT "Free-shot bolt" { Speed 18 Radius 12 ... SeeSound "fre030" DeathSound "fre031" States { ... } }
  12. skillsaw

    Looking for wads with multiple short episodes

    Scythe 2 is the originator of this formula and probably the most obvious omission given that Valiant, Eviternity, and TPH have already been mentioned. If you're willing to go beyond megawads, Scythe X and my own Vanguard have the same short-episode structure, but are techinically unfinished megawads. They are 10 and 12 maps long, respectively. If you're willing to extend episode length a bit, Unholy Realms and Ancient Aliens have only 3 episodes (with a forced pistol start between each) stretched across 32 maps. There are tons of short, highly thematic episodes, and you're welcome to play them back to back and pretend it's a megawad. I bet it'd be pretty fun. Here's a few ideas: Violence Mayan Mishap Lunatic Overboard
  13. skillsaw

    I need help removing a wad.

    Notice how the file is in grayed out text - that means it's been set in the Game configurations menu rather than the map options for this specific map file. Cancel out of that dialogue box, go to Tools -> Game Configurations, select the GZDoom: Doom 2 (UDMF) configuration from the left hand side, and remove help04.wad using the "Resources" tab on the right side of the screen.
  14. The behavior you're describing is due to the options.txt lump included in Heartland.pke, which tells Eternity to override your previously selected options with some defaults for Heartland. I'm pretty sure the rocket trails are disabled since custom rocket trails are implemented by Heartland itself; likewise with particle effects for blood and bullets since Heartland replaces those. Not sure why the BFG effects were disabled off the top of my head but the BFG is not present in Heartland.
  15. skillsaw

    Dreamed features in editors

    Since we're talking about dream features I've always wanted a multi-user mode (a la Google docs, though not in a browser window of course). It would be great to be able collaborate in real time on a map.