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  1. skillsaw

    A_Detonate and the Suicide Bomber

    A_Detonate causes an explosion with radius and damage both equal to the value of the calling Thing's missile damage property.
  2. skillsaw

    A_Detonate and the Suicide Bomber

    The double explosion behavior is not intentional, but the total amount of damage is. I balance based on the feel, not the numbers, so I tuned it until the result felt appropriate, without ever realizing that it triggered twice.
  3. I noticed the same issue in Eternity -- it turned out it was a symptom of (mistakenly) playing with the Ultimate Doom IWAD instead of Doom2.wad. Might be worth checking your IWAD since the music seems to work for me on a recent EE dev build.
  4. Holy cow, I've been looking forward to playing this (and putting all the technical tricks under a microscope. The trailer alone demonstrates so many cool tricks)! Is it too late to scrap my plans for the weekend? Also a well deserved congrats on the release, I know this has been quite the journey.
  5. skillsaw

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    Expressing negative opinions about Doom wads is fine (let's be nice about it, though). Criticism is important. No one's maps are or should be immune to criticism. In Yugiboy's initial comment (the YouTube screenshot), though, he isn't pointing out that MtPain criticized the maps unfairly, he's pointing out that MtPain criticized people unfairly. It's a significant distinction. I wasn't a fan of MtPain turning Gene Bird into a meme in the CC2 review, regardless of the quality of his maps and how much or little they were enjoyed, and I'm also not a fan of accusations that someone is an egomaniac on the basis of having played a large Doom level by them. It's a personal attack, and that is the line that was crossed, and why some people are upset. Nothing about the map criticism in the episode is unfair in the least. I seriously thought the line was a badly delivered, throwaway joke, until it was pointed out to me that MtPain doubled down on it in his comment.
  6. skillsaw

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    To be clear (and I maybe should have specified this, but I felt being controversial was appropriate for this thread) it's more thought experiment than something I intend to do.
  7. skillsaw

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    OK. Time for an actually controversial post. A few years ago I remember some general surprise (or maybe even minor controversy) when Ribbiks released Magnolia without any thing placement on UV. I've always assumed this was a response to people playing SD20x7 blind on UV (and, predictably, having a bad time and complaining about it) despite warnings that HMP is the intended skill level for a first play, and UV was intended for a repeat play once you've mastered the wad. The "this is too hard on UV" complaint has always been my #1 trigger/pet peeve when getting comments back on a wad, because it's entirely within the player's power to fix by selecting a lower difficulty. I admire Ribbiks for having the stones to outright take UV away so he wouldn't have to deal with this (though I'm sure he's also gotten the difficulty complaint way more than I have, due to the hostile nature of his maps). My #2 trigger/pet peeve, though, has always been the "I should be able to 100% this map when playing it blind", as in the idea that a player, no matter the choices they make in their playthrough, should be entitled to get 100% secrets and kills on a blind playthrough. This is a shitty for a few reasons - and mappers feel pressured to comply and treat this as the default mode of play (even though we are under no obligation to). Choices and play should have consequences to give weight to the gameplay. If burning through too many radsuits or taking too long with something prevents the player from finding some optional area, so be it. It's valid to reward a player who does better with optional bonus content. For narrative or aesthetic reasons, not every map should allow backwards progression, particularly if the point of the map is to convey distance travelled or to be a journey that transitions between themes - E.g.: MAP16 of Ancient Aliens (Leave Your Sol Behind) is actively hurt (IMO) by the idea that you can go back to secret/kill hunt because the narrative weight of the map is that you're leaving the solar system behind you and going deep into unknown alien territory forever. If you're feeling regret that you've strayed too far from home, and left something important behind that you can't return to... congratulations, that's literally the narrative of the map. I don't remember if I caved to criticism that I should let the player go back, but I probably did (if so, I regret it). Making things that are unintuitive to find and outright missable adds incentive to replay or to share your experiences with others. This is basically From Software game design 101, and one of the chief reasons people love talking about their games so much. All of the above seems to come from this idea that players must -- out of FOMO, or maybe just believing that This Is How People Have Always Played Doom -- force themselves to 100% every map in order to say they've beaten it, which just isn't true. The game -- as originally designed by id and played in doom.exe in 1993 -- didn't provide kill or secret percentage until you exited the map and landed on the intermission screen. Some might argue that this was a UX shortcoming, but I'd argue it's because id believed these things don't matter and are merely intended to be treated as fun trivia. Kill counters and secret counters that are on screen as you play have the insidious and inadvertent effect of turning bonus content into obligations, just the like the checklist-driven design that plagues so many modern games. This checklist-driven play behavior has forced mappers to acquiesce to the check-marking demands of a subset of players, when we should be focusing on building the moment-to-moment experience we want to create instead of facilitating check-mark seekers. Bringing this full circle, back to Ribbiks and Magnolia - like Ribbiks, who solved the UV problem with the nuclear option, I've wondered about solving the checklist problem by blasting it from orbit: Maps will have as many secrets as I want, but none will be marked using sector specials. All monsters will have the +COUNTKILL flag removed All items will have the +COUNTITEM flag removed Effectively, all maps would show 0 monsters, 0 items, and 0 secrets, and 100% completion would only require an exit. Lastly, I do understand that 100% kills/secrets is important as a category for competitive play; but in casual playthroughs it only gets in the way of enjoying the moment to moment experience. Maybe (a la Magnolia) a separate version of the wad could be released to the demo archives that reverses the thing flags and applies the secret specials to sectors as needed.
  8. skillsaw

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    Cool! Glad you enjoyed them. For me, though, it's less about how the movement feels and more about lounging on the couch, haha. The hardest encounters for me end up being those where you need to watch one direction while dealing with monsters from another(say, the type of encounter where you need to pay attention to AV or Cyberdemon snipers while the room floods from a different entrance). With a gamepad it's really difficult to keep your eyes on both.
  9. skillsaw

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    Secrets don't need to slow the game down if you don't want, since they are optional in most maps - personally, I also prefer to keep the pace of play up, and so I never really look for secrets and am content to find them by accident/luck. --- Here's an opinion: Doom is just as fun to play using a gamepad. Sure, it's not as precise as playing with a mouse, but I often play through less demanding wads on the TV in the living room (and have a good time with it!).
  10. skillsaw

    An Evening with Nirvana [Ep 9 - MtPain27]

    Great show as usual! Thanks both of you.
  11. skillsaw

    MBF21 Specification v1.2 Release

    Only the new action pointers introduced in MBF21 are documented in the spec. A_RandomJump is from MBF originally; you can see information about it (and other action pointers that originated in MBF) in the MBF doc: https://soulsphere.org/projects/boomref/mbfedit.html#sec5 And of course, the vanilla code pointers (https://doomwiki.org/wiki/DeHackEd#Code_pointers) are available to use as well. The full range of action pointers from ZDoom is not available.
  12. Wow, thanks for gifting us with these maps! I finally got around to playing -- every single map was a blast to play with tons of memorable jokes and silly moments ... I'm really impressed with how densely you pack cool, unique ideas (and baddies) into your maps. This is definitely going on my list of wads for a quick shot of Doom fun. It's great stuff. And of course, if you do pick up regular mapping again, I look forward to playing more!
  13. skillsaw

    SLADE needs a recovery feature.

    Are there any .bak files in your folder?
  14. skillsaw

    Ancient Aliens Boom compatible

    https://doomwiki.org/wiki/MUSINFO There are two music tracks defined in the MUSINFO lump for MAP01. The first is an MP3 of ambient wind noise that plays at the lodge; the second is stewboy's music track, which starts playing once you teleport. Check the placement and thing types of the music changer things in the map to see how it works.
  15. skillsaw

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    My hope is that with widespread adoption of UMAPINFO into various ports, over the next few years mappers will feel free to establish their own episodic structures, with variable secret maps, boss maps, story splash screens etc, rather than adhering to Doom 2's (somewhat tired and predictable) 32-level format. This will, of course, wreak havoc on everyone's MAP07/MAP15/MAP29 tier list but who really cares if we're more free to make what we really want with the structure that we really want.