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  1. Definitely not, I like to see things that are different stylistically. I hope people don't have the impression that I want to evangelize to people so they do things my way.
  2. Thanks, @spiritmaze. The stock enemies aren't changed from the base game, other than some cosmetic changes (only to Arachnotrons and Mancubus, if I remember correctly) Have fun with E2 and E3 :D
  3. Sure, @Nevander! I've experimented quite a bit but haven't really created anything worth releasing yet. I am hoping to move beyond boom for my next project, though, and I have a lot of things I want to try using the more advanced features offered by the UDMF enabled ports.
  4. I'm not sure. An Eternity dev might know.
  5. Although the errors you're seeing are TEXTURE1 related, Ancient Aliens will NOT run in mbf.exe as it's maps are built with ZDBSP extended nodes. I have no interest in supporting a legacy port like MBF - modern, maintained alternatives such as ZDoom, Zandronum, prboom-plus, and Eternity all run Ancient Aliens without issue.
  6. Thanks Altaz, much appreciated.
  7. Buuump.. The demo map links (both printz and Alazimuth's) appear to be broken. Anyone have a working link?
  8. 8levels.wad hellarea.wad If @Grazza (or anyone else) happened to have an archive I'd be thrilled...
  9. Here is the oldest that still exists: my pre 2011 work is pretty bad IMO, here's a list: unfortunately, my other 90's wads never made it to the archives - I only uploaded them to AOL. They're lost forever as far as I know.
  10. I didn't have the internet back then, so to learn the basics... To develop my own style, it took 20 (on and off) years of repetition and well-disguised plagiarism, accompanied by lots of criticism from myself and from others.
  11. I was going to do a map on Triton! It was going to have a level with ice nitrogen geysers that you have to avoid (and can lead enemies into). Please steal my idea :D Also, looks awesome.
  12. Hey, I absolutely love your mapping style, especially on ancient aliens. do you have any advice on mapping like that? I loved the open maps that actually made every area feel useful. I've tried to make maps like yours, but the difficulty I find is where to actually start on the map.

    1. bzzrak


      A few of skillsaw's old posts I've found:



    2. Phade102


      Thanks Bzzrak =D

    3. skillsaw


      Thanks Phade. Starting a map is the hardest part for me, too. I usually don't know how to begin or what I'll use the first areas I build for. Sometimes they end up as the beginning of the map but other times they get used for something else.


      A general technique I have for building non-linear or sandboxy maps is to always be building the map out in multiple directions. That way, if I get bored of working in one area or don't know what to do I can just work elsewhere. Eventually, you need to decide that the map has reached critical mass and it's time to start tying all the areas together, which can be challenging, but usually when I make this decision it feels like I'm over the hump so it really motivates me to finish the map. I'm not sure if that helps. Let me know.

    4. Phade102


      It does help Skillsaw, of course any advice you can give me helps! One other thing I wonder in terms of starting the map, is what do you start on? Like, do you start on the entrance area for your level? Or do you just start on the main part, the gimick of the level if there is one?

    5. skillsaw


      It really depends on the map.


      Some of the maps I've made are so centered on the gimmick (in particular, I'm thinking of 'turret maps' like MAP07 of Valiant or some of the early Ancient Aliens maps) that I have to design outward from that, because I have to design every area around the lines of sight that the turreted monsters have. Entrance and exit areas (such as the disjointed entrances to MAP01 of AAliens or MAP07 of Valiant) get tacked on later.


      Other maps I prioritize the entrance area - for something like MAP01 of Valiant I had a very specific style I wanted to capture. I wanted the views to be dramatic (so it would leave a positive impression on the player) but the actual gameplay areas to be small, contained, and very clearly directed (so it would still feel like a somewhat typical MAP01... just with a big view or two to look cool). So I focused on getting the opening area right and then built the rest of the map around it.


      So I guess I would say if you have an idea of:

      • What a map's character or gimmick is
      • What a map's role within a greater mapset is

      Then prioritize whatever you need to do to realize those things and then once you're confident you have that right, build the rest of the map around it.

    6. Phade102


      Thats some really helpful advice. thank you so much Skillsaw

    7. Phade102


      I also just wanted to come back and add that I really hope one day to be able to map as amazing as you. While I never finished Valiant of Ancient aliens, because they're damn challenging, they are amazingly beautiful maps with amazing gameplay, and you're by far my favourite mapper.

    8. skillsaw


      Thanks, that's very generous of you to say. Keep practicing, keep reaching out for criticism from others, and don't be shy to ask if you have any questions.

    9. Phade102


      I wish I could watch you design a map, haha. I love your choice of texturing, i'm practicing with cc4-tex myself. Trying slaughtermap lite maps, sort of like yours, But ill keep practicing.

  13. Hey, make another map set or something

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    2. Nevander


      Don't worry skillsaw. I am sure, in fact I know, that anything you make will be incredible. Oh, here I go fanboying again, but it's true. You are my favorite mapper by far.

    3. GarrettChan


      @Nevander As another fanboy here, eventually we'll get something new :) Really like Ancient Aliens and Valiant.

    4. Phade102


      @skillsaw Why'd you have to reply? Now I look like a fool. isn't it enough that your megawads have made me lose sleep trying to finish them!?

    5. stru


      Waiting for DOOM x Persona no Embremu: Waifu Jam! Gaiden by Skillsaw.

      And yall MFers said I wouldn't get a response :p 

    6. Phade102


      Stru, hurry up and upload more disjunction. it delights me to see you rage =D

    7. stru


      I haven't even played through MAP09 yet, mainly because I'm absolutely dreading MAP10. I can't even survive for like 30 seconds. I tried asking Garrett and Zdenda what I should do and they were like "pssh idk man just don't die" 

    8. Phade102


      Thats some pretty solid, yet Useless advice. if I wasn't in australia i'd totally co op it with you.

    9. GarrettChan


      Dude, I didn't say that. That's why I put the Arch-vile jump at the beginning, so you can try a lot without losing too much. Wait, it's a joke? Never mind.

    10. stru


      That ping would be brutal, Phade. And yeah Garrett, that pretty much means "just don't die" :p haha

    11. Phade102


      Yeah I know man, it sucks, because you're by far my favourite doomer and I'd love to do some stuff with you. Ill just have to settle for watching, I hope you never stop.

  14. VV2 is a pretty fun mapset. I don't have much to say about VV1 because, uh, reasons :)
  15. Have fun.