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  1. skillsaw

    Mapper's block and lack of confidence

    For whatever it's worth, I don't think these feelings ever really go away. Creative work is hard, it's often done in isolation, and the quality of the outcome is unpredictable even if you have a lot of experience. I think it's natural to second guess yourself. ... but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Imagine someone who never feels that way - what do you think motivates them to learn or improve? They might be happy where they are -- and that's fine, this is just a hobby after all -- but you clearly want to learn and do better. Take small steps by setting small, clearly defined goals each time you set out to make a map ('I want to make cool archvile fights', 'I want to make a map that reuses space for multiple set piece encounters', 'I want to make a map with impeccable texture alignment without relying on the grid') and you'll quickly find that such things become part of your toolkit and you don't have to think about them anymore. I still find myself doing this. Last, I'd just advise some caution when comparing yourself to others. To some degree it's OK (you can identify things you like that other mappers do in different ways than you that you prefer, and try to incorporate it into your own work), but it isn't fair to compare yourself to someone who has been at this for years or even decades, and no reasonable person is going to hold you to those standards. This is just for fun.
  2. Breezeep - MAP01, MAP05, ... , MAP29 AD_79 - MAP02, MAP06 ... , MAP30 Tarnsman - MAP03, MAP07, ... , MAP31 skillsaw - MAP04, MAP08, ... , MAP32 bats.wad? stab.wad or tabs.wad would work too. Hell, divide it into 4 episodes and we can each design a theme, too.
  3. skillsaw

    Heartland - final version available on idgames

    Thanks Karsios! Glad you enjoyed it. I'm curious about the acceleration issue on MAP05 - was this by any chance due to wall running along fence midtextures? (wall running, IIRC, is possible on the bridges past the BK door that lead into the central tower that goes to the roof with the control room) I'm hoping for an engine side fix one day for the other issues but overall I don't think they negatively impact the experience too much, and if the engine side fix never comes, I'm not worried too much. I tried to minimize them as much as possible without rebuilding large portions of the maps but there was a limit to how much I could do.
  4. skillsaw

    Adding new projectiles in DeHackEd

    Adding new projectiles using DeHackEd is one of the major features of MBF21. Note that MBF21 DeHackEd patches aren't supported in all source ports (currently, I believe MBF21 is only fully implemented in DSDA-Doom and Woof!, and currently undergoing testing in GZDoom, with support coming to the other ports listed on that wiki page at some point in the future).
  5. skillsaw

    Uprising (Megawad)

    Played through the first 5 maps -- I'm enjoying this so far! Congrats on the release.
  6. skillsaw

    My greatest fear is Cyberdemons in enclosed spaces

    In the release version of Valiant, the arena you fight the cyberdemon in is more than twice as big as it was in the earliest pre-release versions of Candlecove (it was very beatable, then, but also very, very mean).
  7. Most mappers here default to Boom or lower and I think it's a side effect of the landscape of ports and players more than anything else. UDMF is objectively more powerful than Boom or Vanilla when you consider only mapping/modding features (this is true whether we're talking about GZDoom or Eternity, or any other advanced port really), however, in terms of features available to players, you're making major sacrifices on their behalf. Often, these features are non-negotiable to players. Compatibility with demos/speedrun friendly ports Client/Server multiplayer ports Accuracy/faithfulness of the game itself Since people generally want to share the maps they create, it's natural that the default is to use a format that allows players to pick their port of choice.
  8. skillsaw

    Heartland - final version available on idgames

    Thanks dianghong! MAP07 was intended to be different than the rest, so if it felt different in design, theme, and combat that was definitely by design - but I've felt for a while that my execution came up a bit short with it (for a lot of reasons, but mostly because the map pushed me past exhaustion and I felt like I needed to be done with it) so I'd agree that it could be better. Although I doubt I'll do 'vanilla' stuff ever again (outside of potentially helping with BTSX related things) I do plan to do boomish/crossport stuff in the future (mbf21 hype!) -- though I certainly want to work in EE again as well because it's really fun to be able to build complex 3d structures and have all the flexibility that comes with ACS, UDMF, and EDF.
  9. skillsaw

    About You: List 9 important Doom WADs.

    First -- I'm ruling out wads that I was involved in. Best Soundtrack - I know that technically I contributed to Eviternity, but I was far from a core member of the team, and I had nothing to do with the music, so I don't mind picking it. Even though I think my favorite wad soundtracks are probably Ancient Aliens and BTSX episode (any), Eviternity is easily up there with them. Favorite of all time - Going with Scythe II, but Speed of Doom, Going Down, Eviternity, Alien Vendetta, TNT: Revilution, Doom II: In Spain Only, Doom2.wad, Sunlust, and JPCP are so, so close. I might pick one of them on another day. Favorite Ending - I absolutely love the last couple maps of Going Down and the way Mouldy used them to, uhh, 'deconstruct' Going Down's central conceit. So to speak. Haven't Played But Want To: Also, the final release of TPH and Struggle... You Love, Everyone Hates I don't think folks really 'hate' STRAIN but to me it seems less appreciated than most of the other big name 90's megawads, but it's probably my favorite of the bunch. Fondest Memory Alien Vendetta was the first community created content for Doom I played in nearly a decade. It was so new and ambitious to me at the time. After playing it, I learned Doom Builder and made Aeternum as a small tribute project to it. So it's hard to top, in terms of fondness. Always Come Back To Scythe X is so quick and fun that I replay it all the time. I've lamented that it's incomplete many times, but that's because I enjoy the 10 maps we got so much. Guilty Pleasure I think 32-in-24-14 gets kind of forgotten because it's a bunch of Christmas themed, jokey speedmaps -- and there are definitely more substantial things to spend your time on -- but honestly? I enjoy it a lot anyway, I think it's kind of underrated.
  10. skillsaw

    MBF21 Specification v1.2 Release

    I'm not really sure I should be listed as a collaborator, I mostly just asked for things -- but thanks for the mention :) A spec beyond MBF is a really huge deal -- just to add some context for anyone who is looking in from the outside, for any mapper looking to target multiple ports, the most advanced option was the MBF spec (targeted by Eviternity and Valiant, among a few other things) from about 1998-1999 plus a very small number of additional features that had made their way into prBoom+. This new spec, in addition to the semi-recent DEHEXTRA/UMAPINFO features are really going to open up a LOT of possibilities for map makers looking to retain demo compatibility. And that's not to mention all the quality of life stuff. Again, this is a really big deal. Thanks so much for all the hard work. I'm really excited to see what folks make with these additional features, and (of course) to play with them myself.
  11. skillsaw

    [Megawad] Tarnsman's Projectile Hell - RC2

    Wow, congratulations Tarns! I am so, so hyped for this.
  12. skillsaw

    My 11 Most Memorable Skillsaw Maps

    Thanks @rd.! I enjoyed reading that. I don't want to comment on my own maps much so I'm just going to meditate here on the concept of memorability. I'm not sure what a good definition for "memorability" is (as in the OP, it's a subjective and personal quality ---- and, of course, a map can be memorable for bad reasons too.) But, going by your (delightful) descriptions, I've come up with a list of things to consider. Sense of Journey/adventure - Did I feel like I accomplished something by traversing the map? Complete dedication to a gameplay gimmick - Does this map utilize some element of the game in a way that is novel/unique and enjoyable/fun? Addictive gameplay and/or replayability - Do I feel compelled to play this map again? (in the case of a map like Wormhole Junction -- I think music selection is really important for this, particularly the 'addictive' angle) Unique setpiece events - Did something happen in the map's combat, dynamics, and/or usage of space that I haven't seen before? Subversion of popular tropes - Did the map break some unwritten rule in a way that was new to me and enjoyable? Narrative - Is the environment expressive enough to make sense of what's going on here? (I'm not sure, but I could be convinced this is just an element of a sense of journey) Visual spectacle - Did the appearance of the map (due to technical, artistic, or other reasons) leave an impression on me? A lot of these can be accomplished by going in with a plan and sticking the landing (narrative, journey, gimmicks, spectacle), but some others are just the product of being in the right place at the right time (recognizing tropes to subvert). Hmm. I'm sure there's a lot more that I'm not even thinking of...
  13. Congrats on the release @Pavera! I finished playing this today on UV in Eternity. This was absolutely great. I'm not sure I've ever played a mapset that put it's foot on the gas pedal so hard so early on, but that's a good thing. The maps are spacious and chunky, the opposition is heavy but so are the munitions ... the ample space and emphasis on letting the player use the big guns make Arrival a lot of fun to play. I like the approach to gameplay, where you never know if a setup is going to be devious and mean or more power fantasy oriented but either way the combat is fun throughout. The last two maps pushed me kinda hard on UV but I was able to get through without too much trouble. In retrospect I'd probably enjoy them more if I played them on skill 3. Random comments. @AD_79's music is great! I especially liked MAP07's music. Was everything originally composed for this project? I'll admit that I don't care much for vanilla textures anymore but the usage here is good, and the skies and music do enough to make the levels feel like their own thing. This and D2ISO are pretty great recent examples of this, IMO. Holy Archviles batman. Archvile usage is absolutely great throughout. Very devious and very fun. I love the barrel usage in the early parts of the wad. Because of the way the wad uses archviles, I was regularly wondering if I should save them for later which is a cool dynamic. I absolutely love that you scattered so many health and armor bonuses around everywhere. This is secretly one of my favorite mapping tropes, even though it's super videogamey. I love turning the screen yellow. This mapset is a great example of how scale is it's own form of "detail" - the maps are big and imposing to look at and combined with the dramatic skies, it's more than enough to make the scene composition look good IMO, even though the sector detail and textures are basic compared to a lot of modern stuff. Some tiny-ish complaints. On MAP05, there's a forced berserk pickup - it's not clear (at least, it wasn't to me) that you have to trigger progression by picking up the berserk, since it's just sitting in the middle of an open space. I was going to save it to use it for health so I walked away and didn't trigger what I believe is required progression... maybe change the setup a bit to a switch, or maybe change it up so you get teleported onto the berserk somehow and then the progression triggers when you move off of it? The PLAYPAL uses an improved red range that allows reds to fade to black rather than brown in dark areas, but the IWAD assets with red aren't included and repalletized in the wad (other than the blood flats). It's pretty noticeable that the menu/STBAR text, gib sprites, caco sprites, and SP_HOT aren't paletted correctly, probably among other things. There are lots of "TEXTURE NOT FOUND" errors in the Eternity console when starting most maps - may or may not really be an issue as I didn't notice any real problems. Just letting you know. MAP02 has different name in the automap & intermission CWILV ("Bedrock Deadlock" vs "Saltstone Sanctuary") -- not sure if this is an accident? Can you go anywhere in the final map? If it was a puzzle I wasn't able to figure it out.
  14. skillsaw

    Let's talk about mbf+ / a new complevel

    Agreed, but thankfully the new mbf21 codepointers (https://github.com/kraflab/dsda-doom/blob/master/prboom2/src/mbf21.md#new-dehacked-codepointers) should remove the need to repurpose A_FireOldBFG when making new projectile weapons.
  15. Another cool map... I had fun! here are some disorganized impressions: Plasma zombies are really dangerous in tight areas (in particular, I got a few stuck in the long mechanical vent at one point.... waaay too far for me to autoaim at, that was scary) Map is quite a bit larger than I expected (mostly because I saw 115 monsters - lots of things spawn in though) Again, I love the way is woven together vertically, you reuse the space really effectively. Initially it's challenging to navigate but itt's fun to figure out how each disparate area connects. I felt pretty lost after grabbing the RK, but kind of dumb-lucked my way into falling back to the RK switch that raises the stairs by the map start. The dropdown after the YK (where you're supposed to land on the platform with all the revs) is really easy to screw up, and if you do, you need to navigate back around and climb up to the top of the map again, which was a little annoying... I wonder if it can be made a little more obvious where you need to land? The barrier in the screenshot attached looks like it is supposed to lock you into the fight, but you can just walk around it. The pit in the other screenshot attached is mandatory progression, and once the bars around it and the switch disappear, it's hard to find. Maybe put some lights in/around it?