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  1. Insane_Gazebo

    Combat Shock 2 - Now on /idgames

    I actually agree with you to a certain extent, but just so we're clear - I was looking at texture contrast on a micro scale, rather than the macro. For example, in some wads, you'll see a dull grey rock with dull grey metal supports. Because they're got a similar colour, they lack contrast, and the architecture blends into itself. Get say, some wood and metal together, and they stand out nicely. (Wood and metal together is fairly common in this regard.) But, add what I've decided to call a 'hightlight texture', like redwall or the custom orangewall, some lava, and so on, and you can create another layer of contrast again. This is something I think this wad does really well, and thought I should point it out. Sure, you might have wads like Deus Vult with a huge variety of texture themes, and that can be fairly interesting, but I think some of his texture choices were fairly poor in areas, not because he's a bad mapper (he's one of the best mappers, architecturally, that I know of) but because he didn't spend long enough to develop each theme. (This usually takes me a long time.) And I think this is where we've got fairly different opinions on what looks good - I get the impression you prefer greater mixture of brighter colours in your maps than me, where as I prefer dark, decaying textures - many of which are brown. (This is part of the reason I dislike the standard tech-base textures, perhaps. Or maybe I've seen too many tech-base maps that look the same?) Anyway, I just wanted to add this in in the hope some constructive conversation came out of this, as it's a topic I became quite interested in while I developed my maps, hell, maybe there's a thread topic in there somewhere...
  2. Insane_Gazebo

    Combat Shock 2 - Now on /idgames

    No, I actually agree to an extent! I just preferred to lock myself into one 'set' of textures when I mapped. I feared that if I kept going and added more contrast (come to think of it, the way I'm defining the word in relationship to mapping is a bit different than what you're think of), I'd could end up with a big mess. I felt it was stronger to sit and develop one or two themes per map, rather than mix a whole heap of different themes together. (I actually considered doing what you indicated, and it didn't appeal to me much.) In fact, just so we're on the same page - the textural contrast I was referring to, wasn't in regard to the amount of textures a map wide at all. I was thinking about how, for example, the textures of two sectors/lines interact with each other - whether it be some metal and wood contrasting against one another, or if they've got a strong high-light texture (like a redwall texture for example), not just if there's more than 20 or 30 textures a map. As for Boom related features, they were something I was trying to avoid as I was pretty new to mapping and I was worried about compatibility at the time. (Ceiling and floor brightness transfers do sound nice, though!) Hope what I mean is a bit clearer now :)
  3. Insane_Gazebo

    Combat Shock 2 - Now on /idgames

    These maps look fucking gorgeous :) It's really great to see someone putting this much effort into the look of their maps. You even topped it off with some really good music choices too, which at least in my head, does wonders for the atmosphere of the maps. In fact, they were so good, I found myself wandering around looking for what I'd consider visual mistakes in regards to your architectural/textural contrasts and concepts, and found almost none at all. Hell, more than once, I'd look at some of your designs and think 'why didn't I think of that?', and I'd say that's a very good sign :) (The slaughtery nature of the maps was just an added bonus :D) Keep up the good work mate.
  4. Insane_Gazebo

    Community Chest 4 (PUBLIC BETA PERIOD OVER!)

    Ah, I was hoping that might have been the case. Thanks!
  5. Insane_Gazebo

    Community Chest 4 (PUBLIC BETA PERIOD OVER!)

    Well done on getting this far guys. A shit ton of work has obviously gone into this. I haven't had time to go through them all yet, but warping around through the maps showed me a few really good looking pieces of work in this pack. (And continued with the CC tradition of having a few lousy maps, that may or may not have been added in the last few minutes.) One question, however, and I'm sorry if I missed someone answering it: What happened to that giant green map I thought was part of this CC? I remember seeing some shots of it in the CC sub-forum a long time ago, and I was really looking forward to playing it.
  6. Insane_Gazebo

    Sunder [necrobumped thread, it's still dead, do not freak out]

    Right. I can't actually edit the OP any more because I've let it sit for so damn long. Here's the old Sunder.rar anyway, with the partly complete readme and all that. http://www.sendspace.com/file/92wc8j
  7. Insane_Gazebo

    Sunder [necrobumped thread, it's still dead, do not freak out]

    Hehe, sorry Kyka and all the rest hanging out for this. I've had very little time to map lately, and as a result, not a great deal of will to actually map either. There also hasn't been a great deal of mapping in recent months which I've found awfully inspiring either, which I also suspect hasn't helped. (With a few exceptions, of course.) My next map might be for one of the slaughter fests - something fairly simple to get me back into the whole thing. I'll re-upload the old sunder.rar in a moment.
  8. Insane_Gazebo

    Rumour: Doom 4 postponed "Indefinitely* (Officially refuted)

    http://kotaku.com/5851953/ Obviously it's just a rumour. Going to be a little annoyed, and also rather confused, if this turns out to be true, though.
  9. Insane_Gazebo

    Slaughterfest 2011

    Just going to poke my head in here and totally agree with this guy here. Not just for science, but for slaughter science.
  10. Insane_Gazebo

    Sunder [necrobumped thread, it's still dead, do not freak out]

    http://www.sendspace.com/file/gcfqbc Here's every version of Macabre I had on my HDD :)
  11. Insane_Gazebo

    my first map

    Gotta say what others are saying, this looks really damn solid for a first map, certainly much better looking than a lot of the other 'firsts' I've seen on these forms. Keep it up and all that. :)
  12. Insane_Gazebo

    Slaughterfest 2011

    Yeah, I'd agree. In fact, with slaughter maps, I'd say it's best to, initially, put too many monsters in and slowly delete them as you balance the map, rather than the other way around.
  13. Insane_Gazebo

    Slaughterfest 2011

    Slaughter-maps are the best maps. GOGOGO.
  14. Insane_Gazebo

    How do you decide music for your levels?

    To be honest, picking music is a pain in the arse. But, it's also feels really good to get right, too. The trick is to think about the 'feel' of your map. Is it a large sprawling map? Claustrophobic? A castle? A church? As long as you know how your map is supposed to 'feel', you should know the music that fits your map when you hear it. Most of this probably seems pretty obvious, but I can't even begin to count the number of times I've loaded up some guys map, seen some hellish landscape, only to hear something like elevator music, or worse, some tune the author has been listening to recently that they like. Neither really help sell the 'mood' the map has. So, I think as long as the author knows how their map is supposed to 'feel', they can find some music that (more or less) helps reinforce it. For, as far as I'm concerend (and this applies to other games, not just doom), game music should, simply, set a mood and not attempt to tell a story. Something like that, anyway.