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  1. Finished :) 49:56, sent via PM
  2. idk if there is a non-tas demo of lv32, so here it is :) no32-018.zip
  3. haha, I think you're right about the h2c4s028 date, I gave the date of heretic-N's update :) I remember recording it on the same day that h1c1s027 : https://dsdarchive.com/files/demos/heretic/438/h1c1s027.zip so it's 2008-10-09 ;) wow, Almost 9 years old demo ^^
  4. @PVS : I'll check if these demo are pacifist, if so I'll update the tables :D @Kraflab : E2M4 coop SM-speed is 2009-06-27 E5M8 SM Max is 2008-10-12 the rest is 2007-12-23 source : http://lsvc.free.fr/Heretic-N/index.html
  5. It's nice to see some heretic work :) Vincent Catalaa's h2m1 max isn't a max (44/45 kills) I changed my ip address, so the new Heretic-N is here : To clarify, my port (smart heretic) was a test and I need more sparetime to work on a real heretic sourceport ^^ @Kraflab : I have 3 new demos : both h4m2 and h4p7
  6. Hi guys ! Fast and for Doom is a compilation of 5 vanilla maps done during my speedmapping sessions. Here is some old screenshots : Link : https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/d-f/fa4d Enjoy :D
  7. Yeah, The IOS voice is the french voice of Korax from Hexen 64 which says "Salut mortel, Es-tu prêt à mourrir ?" (Greetings mortal, Are you ready to die ?)
  8. Sorry for the late answer, Add other categories is not a bad idea, I have already added NMS in heretic-N ( ) I can create other sections, even sections for Pwads, but they must be vanilla compatible ... I just need some time to update the database and fix the upload page ^^ (Time and Date is broken, and I have to add PVS in the players list) If you want to add a Pwad, tell me here
  9. I can't watch your demo, it desynch on e3m1 on heretic.exe (or with the vv's hack). I think it's because it was recorded with chocolate doom ... Times look good anyway
  10. 3 FDAs for the beta2 I didn't finish the map31 because i was stuck in a lift (tag 3)... I found the secret exit :p
  11. E1M3S UV speed in Coop 3P in 0:12 c1s3s012.zip
  12. Survived - 2:22:29 Really slow, but I didn't want to die :p
  13. Sorry for the double post I never did demo in pacifist on e2m8 because I didn't have a correct strategy to kill the 3 maulotaurs ^^ But thanks to your demo, PVS, you proved me that this map was possible with all the crushers (yeah, I didn't remember that there were crushers in this map xD) So here's my attempt, with a void glide finally useful ! :D h2p8-257.zip
  14. Idk about recording chocolate heretic net demos ... I prefer recording under DOS About my coop max run, I have a modified heretic Dos executable with coop stats : It's really weird about my episode 2 max run, I don't have any errors when I playback it ... I don't remember a possible mistake when I recorded it, sorry about that :/ Do you like hexen run ? https://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/1698404 :p If I have some time, I'll try some 1v1 with Ch0wW on Heretic :D And here is some new demos : E1M8 Coop Smite-Meister in 0:20 E3M8 Coop Smite-Meister in 0:54 E4M2 Coop Smite-Meister in 0:29 jccoophdemos.zip
  15. Hi, Maybe I can put this demo here. Ch0wW and I recorded a run of hexen on our modified DOS executable (to enable multi-level, maxdemo and more) I hope you can playback it with hexen-plus If not, here is a YT link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyYL_R_R-Ag hx4j1617.zip