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  1. I like how you have the armor bonus there to remind us that this is Doom. Seriously, nice job!
  2. ToD's maps are still very much worth look, I'd say. A bunch collected here.
  3. Bizarre. Also, compare that picture with one from the second post on the previous page (from an apparently different poster) - same wallety-thing, same belt. Odd.
  4. I always assumed the same as yakfak - the "gotcha" is practised by the player on the hapless shotgunner.
  5. I'll keep this spoiler free: I saw it at the weekend. I enjoyed it more than I'd expected to. I thought TFA was pretty poor on most fronts, but as a continuation of that (already weak) story, I thought TLJ did a passable job. Of course, it had numerous flaws, some of which could easily have been avoided, but given the precedent set by TFA, these were all very much expected, and it also surprised me by markedly improving on various aspects of TFA. I'd still happily watch it again. It would be nice, though, for a new Star Wars movie to have a coherent story; Disney's efforts so far have all failed to hit this basic filmaking mark, and I'm baffled as to why. Maybe they'll get there with Solo, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
  6. StormCatcher.77 - has posted some really impressive stuff in the screenshots thread. Oh, and Manbou - Water Spirit was one of 2017s standout releases for me.
  7. I'm of the view that Boom introduced mapping possibilities that have still hardly been explored (doubly so for Boom + Dehacked). So I'd like to see more people getting clever with Boom format maps. Relatedly: another mapset from mouldy, please.
  8. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks of course to the team! Nice to see Water Spirit in the runners up - that really impressed me. The Machaward is a great addition. Happy Birthday Doom!
  9. Some stunning stuff on this page!
  10. The only IWAD level which I don't particularly enjoy is Bloodfalls - I just find it kinda dull.