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  1. Did no one get Bitches Brew, Head Hunters, or Third? For shame, jazz fans.
  2. durian

    What's the best Mario Kart game?

    Super Circuit related: the Super Circuit tracks which were updated for MK8 - Mario Circuit, Cheese Land, Ribbon Road - are some of the best in the game, I think.
  3. durian

    What's the best Mario Kart game?

    One thing I do like and miss about MK64 is that the game allowed the player to pretty much forget about the race and explore the tracks - for example, visiting the palace in Royal Raceway, or the riding the rails in Kalimari Desert. In general, Lakitu is much less intrusive than he became after MK64 (for example, he doesn't stop you from completing backwards laps). For this reason, while it's true that the tracks do feel empty, they also - for me at least - feel a bit more real, and less simulated.
  4. durian

    Your doom head-canons?

    DOOM's doomguy is a distinct character from DOOM2's doomguy.
  5. durian

    What's the best Mario Kart game?

    Best all round, I don't think there's any contest really - 8 has so much more content than all of the other games. It plays great, looks great, has some really fun courses, and an outstanding soundtrack. Some thoughts about the others: 64 is a significant entry in the series - the jump between SMK and 64 is so huge. But it's aged quite poorly I think. Wii had some really good courses, and I really liked the soundtrack, but was a mess in a variety of other ways to the point that I couldn't sustain any interest in playing it Double Dash is my favourite - I time trialled the hell out of it. I still keep a WiiU around just to play Double Dash.
  6. durian

    Dark Chocolate VS Milk Chocolate

    I've been on a ketogenic diet for years now, so milk chocolate is not an option, but 90-100% dark chocolate is a staple - it's usually the first thing I eat in the morning. Over the summer I made my own dark chocolate ice cream - tasted wonderful, especially if lightly salted.
  7. durian

    Let's discuss the term boomer shooters....

    Though I think it's a misnomer - 90s shooters were primarily played by Gen Xers and millennials, surely? - there's no harm in having a simple name for a distinctive style of gameplay. I can't see that there's anything in it for me (approaching 40) to be offended by.
  8. Mostly records and comics. Seemingly one of the more valuable comics I have is my copy of the Doom comic. I was already a few years into comic collecting when I received it new in the id anthology box, and so knew to immediately bag and board it, and so it's still pristine. The copies that I see on ebay are all pretty tatty in comparison. I might get it slabbed once the reprint from LRG arrives. Probably the most valuable segment of my record collection is the nine inch nails stuff - lots of rare promos, sealed OG pressings and other oddities, all in top condition.
  9. durian

    Most Satisfying Enemy to Kill.

    Player 2
  10. Haha, yes. I should expel it some point.
  11. Probably most proud of efforts to make sector lighting in the software renderer look kinda swanky. This map is pretty much just a lighting showcase. These are all taken using the bog standard software renderer.
  12. durian

    This probably SHOULD be said...

    Doomguy's armour is made entirely out of hemp.
  13. durian

    Incredibly undoubtedly amazingly trve Metal facts

    Non-ferrous metals include aluminium, copper, lead, zinc and tin, as well as precious metals like gold and silver.
  14. durian

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    In the last 24 hours I have bought: - groceries - a set of clippers - a kettlebell - several records - digital music via bandcamp - a spiderman comic for my daughter