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  1. durian

    Victorias' Secret Karen opinions?

    https://www.nytimes.com/2023/09/23/nyregion/victorias-secret-karen-video.html Some context.
  2. I'm an academic and I say dumb shit all the time. One thing worth bearing in mind about academics: we're specialists, not generalists. Our expertise is typically limited to a teeny tiny sub-field of our subject. When we stay in our very narrow lanes, our comments will (hopefully) be well informed and properly thought through, but don't expect that to hold when we step out of our lanes - we're just as prone to ignorance and error as everyone else. Also, degree in philosophy ≠ actual philosopher.
  3. durian

    What are your Relaxing Games?

    Thumper. It chaotic, and not exactly easy, but I've never known a game that was able to put me so quickly into a flow state, and that's very relaxing.
  4. durian

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Well, this is nice!
  5. I was being facetious.
  6. Doom/2 for gameplay, obvs. Quake for soundtrack, easily (Quake 2 music is actually terrible). What is story?
  7. durian

    Fellow insomniacs?

    I've struggled with sleep since I was a kid, but made big improvements over the past few years. Things that have helped: -no caffeine. -no alcohol. -intense exercise 5 days a week. -good diet. -consistent bedtime. -dedicated decompression time before going to bed. Oh, and earplugs!
  8. I can't remember the precise details, but some years ago someone flounced off the forums with a lengthy post, not unlike Bloodite's, which was pretty funny on its own, but (I think) RottKing recorded himself reading it out, and that was next level.
  9. durian

    What Chocolate is Best Chocolate?

    I eat a lot of chocolate, occasionally make my own, but nothing below 90% - sweet chocolate, like sweet coffee, tastes awful to me.
  10. durian

    Fried egg on ice cream.

    If you make icecream from scratch, it actually involves a lot of egg yolk, so this isn't as weird as it sounds.
  11. durian

    New Zelda Game looks pretty awesome

    Pfft, bunch of negative Nancies. I've got my collectors' edition pre-ordered! I wish I could say I've cleared Friday to play it, but it's my daughter's birthday and I'm taking her camping, so I'll have to wait til Saturday - boo!
  12. durian

    Surreal doom maps?

    Doomdream is a trip.
  13. durian

    What's the meaning of life in your opinion?

    Be kind, have fun.
  14. durian

    Should i quit modding?

    It really isn't.