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  1. Software. I generally prefer the way things look under a more restricted palette. And, to echo DotW, - to my eyes - the light just looks off with hardware rendering - generally too bright, with not enough contrast between light and dark. GZDoom's 'palette' tonemap is pretty good though, but for most part (that is, unless I'm playing something that requires hardware rendering) I've no good reason to use it over regular software rendering. And if you throw something like Urthar's DM2PAL into the mix, then the "browning out" mentioned in the OP isn't such a problem.
  2. Not finished in here, but it's coming along.
  3. Requiem.
  4. Nice stuff @Angry Saint - some interesting shapes and texture combos. It might be worth playing a little with the light levels - perhaps bringing the overall level down a bit, and introducing some contrast.
  5. Yeah, I love ToD's approach to visual design. And that map in particular is clever and a lot of fun.
  6. There used to be a reasonably detailed FAQ, which included a short guide for new members with a few dos and don'ts - e.g., don't post an introduction thread - but I can't see the link any more, I guess since the software update. Edit: See above!
  7. Love 'em - have enjoyed playing them on repeat for more time than I'd care to admit - though think there's probably more that could be done with them.
  8. Depending on which disc image GoG use, it may well be the case that your files need to be de-emphasised. I had an older EAC rip, which had also failed to de-emphasise the tracks (and so never sounded quite as I'd remembered it), but then stumbled on Jon's write-up a while ago and simply fixed the files using SoX.
  9. @YukiRaven Very cool stuff - immediately made me think of Wind Waker's Dragon Roost Cavern.
  10. Very tough to choose - the SSG and the RL are both very strong contenders - but in the end it has to be the BFG, primarily for the oddball mechanics.
  11. @Eris Falling I'd be inclined to at least try ceiling transfers and see if you prefer the look without the ceiling glow, and ctrl+z if not.
  12. I'll explain; there are three elements of that scene which use baked lighting: the shadows around the curved sections of the pipes (but I used vertical transitions between the gradients to be in keeping with what I take to be Doom's visual-style), the horizontal shadow on the wall immediately underneath the pipes (idea stolen from TEKWALL6), and the glow around the bulbs of the ceiling lights themselves. Anything else (maybe the circular parts you mention?) is just regular sector lighting with some Boom light transfers. No dynamic lights, or other trickery.
  13. Made a little time for this today; finally tidied-up the texturing in this hallway - too much TEKGREN3 before, and generally too busy, all a bit cleaner now. Also implemented a very small amount of baked-lighting, since with regular software rendering some of the shadows were coming out way too dark. That's that for another few months.