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  1. http://www.factmag.com/2018/04/18/doom-original-game-soundtrack-released-on-vinyl-first-time/ I might have to get the pre-order edition, just for that slipmat.
  2. I don't think so. I'd certainly enjoy reliving the experience of playing it through for the first time. But that experience was the way it was because I played the games when I did; I was a kid, with very little understanding of how games worked, and Doom itself was at the cutting edge, particularly in terms of graphics. For these reasons, the environments seemed to have a kind of life to them that they wouldn't do if I were to replay the game now with these memories erased. I've played much more graphically advanced games, and have some understanding of how they operate, and so I don't think I'd now be taken in by Doom in the same way. Of course, its gameplay would still shine just as brightly. But still, something would be missing. For example: back then, it felt like the gameworld extended well beyond the boundaries of the individual levels - that the mountains in E1 were there, and enclosed a single broader space in which all the E1 levels were situated (I think one of the first things I did on discovering the noclip cheat was to try to break out of the level and explore the space beyond it - a disappointing experience). But yeah, straight-up reliving that first experience? I'd go for it in a heartbeat.
  3. Watched the first episode of Wormwood last night. I was initially unsure if I'd enjoy it, since I don't tend to like documentaries that involve a significant element of re-enactment/dramatisation, but these scenes form only a small piece of the narrative, and - at the very least - don't detract from the story itself, which is fascinating.
  4. Nostalgic for the 90s

    Here, have a 90s reference:
  5. What port/s are you targeting? If you use ZDBSP's extended nodes, this should take care of a lot of them, though it will restrict the pool of compatible ports somewhat (Eternity, GZDoom, prb+ are still covered, though).
  6. Help on detailing my geometry

    Two thoughts: Not to suggest that this is what you're doing, but be mindful not to get too hung up on how the level looks from a top-down 2D perspective in the editor; things like repetitive room geometry and orthogonality stick out a lot more in the editor than they do in the game, while things that make a significant contribution to the way an area looks and feels - like the relations between its parts on the y axis - are not represented. A nice thing about visuals is that they can come for free with structure, but equally structural limitations can have a limiting effect on visuals. One such limitation lies in confining playspaces to straightforward rooms and corridors. If you're comfortable with orthogonal geometry, but want to implement it in more interesting ways, perhaps try thinking about levels less as collections of rooms, and more as single interconnected spaces, composed of many smaller intersecting spaces. Try drawing a biggish square, and carving it up into smaller shapes, as blocky and orthogonal as you like (tetrominoes are good); you'll be able pull any number of interesting playspaces out of this, just by switching to 3D-mode and altering the floor/ceiling heights of the various sectors in relation to one another; take note of the way changes in one sector can affect the way the broader space looks and feels. (I'm not suggesting you should actually build a level like this - it's just an exercise to get you thinking in a different mode.)
  7. Help on detailing my geometry

    It's difficult to offer advice here without a better idea of what you're currently doing and what you're finding unsatisfactory about it. So if you can, post some screenies :)
  8. The IWAD maps are nicely lit for the most part, but they don't really make much use of effects, beyond suddenly plunging the player into darkness. So if you want to show-off the capabilities of sector lighting, you're better off looking at user-made levels. Just thinking about recent stuff, dobu's Saturine Chapel deploys some very neat tricks. Edit: Check out dobu's recent post in the screenshot thread for a nice example.
  9. Your "dream" project that you've abandoned

    Nearly 20 years ago I started working on a TC based around the idea that Earth, or wherever, had been invaded by giant mutant vegetables. I guess I must have partially stolen this idea from Keen Dreams(?) The thought was that I could make a game that my then girlfriend would enjoy, by taking Doom and removing all the horrific imagery. So yeah; vegetables. I think I'd just about finished the frames for the mutant carrot before realising it was a dumb idea. That said, I do still like the idea of taking Doom's mechanics and replacing its imagery with something less horrific - Nintendoising it, effectively - so I could then play it with my kid without worrying about messing them up.
  10. My general approach on playing any new map is to explore as much open space as I can, and then to put myself into what I take to be the best position to settle in and engage from. This often involves going quite deep into a map just to get some decent supplies, and it often seems like I'm subverting the intended progression of the level. So yeah, when I start playing I'll happily run past (away from?) a lot of enounters. But I find this approach makes the combat more fun for me, since (ideally) a fair amount of chaos will have ensued by the time I get started, and I'm well equipped to deal with it.
  11. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Great pick! These maps are some of my favourites. Both in terms of gameplay and aesthetics, ToD's approach to Doom design is singular and uncompromising, and really resonates with me for some reason. His maps are also often clever in ways that reveal an uncommon and inspiring depth of thought. I'll not have time to play along, but I'll look forward to reading everyone's thoughts (great stuff so far).
  12. What do you think comes after death?

    I think it goes something like this: If you die, you restart the level at the beginning with a pistol and some bullets.