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3 challenging maps by skepticist

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> doesn't exit

Damn, that was close, man. You've almost beaten this map. That death is totally unfair (splash damage from rocket of a distant cyberdemon if i got it right) after 40 minutes of careful playing... But still I think this map on HMP isn't much harder that previous one in terms of traps / situations, it's the length that makes it hard to beat at FDA.

> i hate you so much. :p

Somehow this makes me happy. Am I a masochist? :p

Well, I hope someone will record a pacifist / speed demos for m01 & m02 respectively. Possibility of pacifist on m02 is questionable, I wonder if there's enough health to survive chaingunners at the end of the map.

> uvmax on asgarden, not a perfect run

Nice, though time is far from optimal indeed. I had exit in 10:42 recently, but the good time should be at least sub-10, i think.

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> What is the music for asgarden, incidentally?

It's a midi version of Dominate, a song by french power / progressive metal band Adagio.

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@skepticist - Your file arrived on /newstuff, but it's the old version with less ammo!

You should reupload the skepland.zip with a note to ty.txt to replace the files.

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Finally got some time to try the third map, Ashen Garden ( my FDA is here ).
Couldn't finish the map, but I believe my last attempt didn't end too far from the exit.

Stunning job, as with the first two maps. Cyberdemons in particular were put to a good use.
Props for using Ogro textures ( although the stock Doom II STEPTOP midtexture looks ugly when mixed with those ).

On to watch gggmork's demo :)

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Only tried MAP01 so far, outstanding, difficult to stop playing.

No idea what's the voodoo doll for...

dew mentioned in his FDA .txt:
I commit some foul play with a glide and a sr50 RK grab, but the map doesn't seem to mind and allows me no shortcuts for it.

But it's the only way to get that key, am I right?

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[WH]-Wilou84 said:
my FDA

ha ha, you waggle back and forth at frustrating parts like me (like trap doors closing etc)

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> my FDA

Not a heroic play indeed, but some moments in here definitly gave me chills. Nice rushing towards the cyberdemon to hit a switch behind him and then running back to another one with the rockets flying just an inch behind you, for instance. And yeah, you'd probably beat the map if survived that room.

> On to watch gggmork's demo :)

I guess stragglers is a main trouble in maxing that map. Also some imps might be left in YK zone if you leave it without rechecking.

> No idea what's the voodoo doll for...

For the sake of being there. Actually, there was a talk with Hitherto about the megasphere was too difficult to grab the way I grabbing it, so RK is an alternative one. Initially i've planned to do something with that voodoo, but since the key changed it role, I just left all as it is.

Perhaps making another teleporter line, as dew suggested at his FDA, actually isn't a bad idea.

> But it's the only way to get that key, am I right?

I'm unsure is it SR50 only or is common SR40 from certain angle also works, but there's no secret button or stuff to lower that crate.

Also to note (in case you haven't tried it yet) that the obvious death slide on the map is BLOCKED for good. The true speed route is a bit more complicated.

Still making progress on m03, more than halfway done.

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Skepland just got updated with a new map: Master of Disaster. Get it now and don't even think about choosing Ultra-Violence on your first playthrough! ;)

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It doesn't matter how hard UV is but HNTR is very far from being not too rough. Please add a lot more ammunition and health, that is easily available, as opposed to being locked up in caches that aren't accessible until you have most of the map cleared.¹

Other than that I love the new map and indeed the whole wad. Such well-connected nonlinear maps are almost vanishingly rare. Despite how large they are they don't feel disjoint at all. I look forward to the next one, which will hopefully be better balanced on lower skills. Thank you again for making these.

¹ To explain further: I might have been able to avoid an absolutely ridiculous amount of savegame reloads if I'd had access to some of those resources earlier. But without health one has to reload and replay the same encounter over and over until one is lucky enough to get through it without taking damage. This is deeply frustrating and spoils an otherwise glorious map.

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darkreaver said:

Skepland was (is) really good, and somewhat overlooked, maybe? Gonna get the new map tonight.

it's awesome! with a cleverly designed layout that gives you a surprise at every step. it's like wherever you run, you make matters even worse.

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