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  1. darkreaver

    Dommedagsnatt [Boom] - New map released!

    I have nothing more to add than: very good! =) Er du norsk eller dansk?
  2. darkreaver

    Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

    For those (if any) interested in black metal (ish), I just released an album with a new project of mine, Eternality. Melodic black metak with some heavy metal influences thrown in. https://eternalitybm.bandcamp.com/
  3. darkreaver

    Guess the Map! [14th Edition - DONE!]

    13 is Elysion or Elysium or however it's spelled again. I think? Haven't checked.
  4. darkreaver

    What's a map you never get tired of playing?

    Although there are some below par maps in the wad as a whole, I never get tired of Alien Vendetta. The good maps are very good, and in general the nostalgia and feeling I get is unprecedented. Also the "late old school" to "early modern" style is perfect for me.
  5. Discovered my dad's vinyl records by the age of 5. Found Def Leppard, ZZ Top and Deep Purple first. Shortly after I discovered Dio - The Last In Line amongst his records, and that was it. That music, that cover, that feeling of heaviness, mystery and just plain awesomeness ... I'll never forget! My dad found out I had been listening to that record a lot and he recommended me a band called Judas Priest. We went to the record store and he bought me the Painkiller album on cassette (it was brand new, so I guess this was in 1990). When I got back home I ran to my room and played the cassette. I was so amazed I had to go call my friends to come over and listen to it. Damn, those time were magic. I never turned back and I've listened to metal for 33 years now. Mostly into old school heavy metal/epic heavy metal, black metal and some death metal (Autopsy!).
  6. darkreaver

    React to the Username above you

    Sounds swedish
  7. darkreaver

    What Kind of Car/Motor Vehicle Do You Drive?

    2015 Mitsubishi Outlander hybrid.
  8. darkreaver

    What kind of vacation is your type ?

    For summer vacation, my favorite thing is hiking and fishing up in the mountains. Next favorite thing is renting a house in rural Italy with a pool and BBQ and just chill to the max for a couple if weeks. Food and wine in excess.
  9. darkreaver

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Close to finally finish Angband for the first time ever. I'm at lvl 99 and fighting Sauron. Looking really good, and I'm sure I'll defeat him without much trouble, if any at all. Next up is Morgoth at lvl 100, reached him a few times in older runs, but then I had not killed enough of the most powerful unique monsters beforehand, so his "summon unique monster" spell was too overwhelming. This time around, though...he shall feel my wrath!
  10. darkreaver

    What are you listening to?

    Been alternating between Celtic Frost, Omen and Fates Warning lately.
  11. darkreaver

    Favourite food

  12. darkreaver

    Vinyl Thread

    Yes I do. May post some pics later, not home atm. I sold heaps of punk and death metal vinyl a few years back. I only collect/buy black metal (and some old school heavy metal) now. Not sure how many I have, but its close to 1000 now I guess.
  13. darkreaver

    What's your "mapping style"?

    My style is open ended maps with lots of interconnected areas. Always some kind of explorative and adventureous feel. I like atmospheric maps and areas, and I never copy paste (with few exceptions of course). What I dont like about my own style is that I often focus too much on the looks and feel of the areas/maps, so fun gameplay and creative ideas and use of linedef actions dont get enough attention on my side.
  14. darkreaver

    Revelations of Doom megawad?

    NT! Still looking forward to it 😅 I have not spoken to Deathevo in years. Have no idea where he went and what hes up to. Lets just hope his maps arent lost!
  15. darkreaver

    Revelations of Doom megawad?

    Lol! No, I still have DB installed. And as a matter of fact, I have been chipping away on these maps the last few weeks. Going slooooow, but it seems like I will end up on around 18 maps or so (made a couple of new ones, even though I should be finishing the old ones first...). Estimated time of release? Who t f knows. With this pace (working a bit for a few days, then take mooonths off), my guess will b around 2030 ;) But hopefully about 8 or 9 years earlier.