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  1. -Release the remnants of RoD -Delete Doom Builder
  2. I'm a metal elitist. No core. No mosh. No fun.
  3. All the maps are basically stand alone maps compiled into an episode of sorts. Also most maps contain like all the weapons :p
  4. Alright. Thanks for some great reviews :) Just a few thoughts and clarifications: To be honest I was expecting a lot more hate. When I made the maps I debated myself naming the WAD "Sadistic Intent", and I also made a title pic with a logo and 1000 arch-viles..., but ultimately I decided upon Plutonium Winds (which also was a title of a song in one of my previous bands). What inspired me to make these maps was the fact that I was so tired of working on RoD (for those who are wondering; I still have all my RoD-maps, might release them sometime soon (relative ;) )) with all those really big, detailed maps with some sort of strict rules to mapping which I had somehow imposed on myself. I just wanted to make something simple and fast, with "no rules", basically. So I thought, "fuck it, lets make some speedmaps". One might notice a progression in details and architecture/design throughout the WAD. Its getting a bit more complex towards the end. Thats just me not being able to make really simple maps, just can't keep myself from adding "just a bit more". All levels were intended to be in the vein of map12 (detail-wise), but alas (not that they are very detailed anyhow though). Basically my mood was "fuck it, fuck you, I can do whatever I want". Hence the dickishness with viles and revs and everything. "I bet I can fit another monster closet in there", "needs more viles", etc, without going totally over board though. I restrained myself several times. Also a little "fun" fact: I used to hate combining themes and textures that didn't "match", i.e. silver/tech and castle/rocks etc. This time I allowed myself a little, and I ended up digging it! Map16 is a prime example of this. Never done something like that before and it felt good. Sort of an old school vibe just doing whatever theme in a map (as long as it fits aesthetically though (also this is often very subjective, I know)). I actually went back and retextured some RoD maps after this =) Regarding the "Plutonia style WAD"-thing. I know, I know, I kinda begged for it when I used the plutonium IWAD and named it PLUTONIUM Winds, but it was never really my intentions to imitate Plutonia in any way, I just wanted the textures and simply to do "something else" than Doom 2. I could just as well have used the doom2 IWAD, only difference would have been the texturing. Kinda funny seeing many comments like "trying to emulate the Plutonia feel/gameplay/etc" ;P Main influences: Hell Revealed, Survive in Hell (which again was very HR inspired) and the obvious D-D. Sort of a mixed bag. I started on PW2, was going to name it Sadistic Intent (lol), but then I got really tired of mapping and stuff IRL going on etc. The usual. One map is going to PL3, the others I still have, sort of finished. I'm going to scale down the dickishness before an eventual release this time. Thanks! EDIT: Oh, I believe I added speed routes to all the maps. And the _second_ secret at the very beginning of map18, thats a fun one ;P
  5. Prepare to hate on map18 everybody! I'll write a short post with my thoughts on the reviews and PW in general when its finished.
  6. Oh god. Well, map13 (Infestation of Evulzzzz) is by far the worst map, I believe. I think? I hope.
  7. Love'em both equally much. <3
  8. darkreaver

    Please support your favorite content creators.

    I got the 220 USD from the exclusive rights section. If you dont want the song you commissioned to be free-for-all you have to double the fee, which sounds immensely overkill to me. Just caught my attention, that all. The other rates sounds just fine imo.
  9. darkreaver

    Please support your favorite content creators.

    All good and best of luck etc, but this cough my attention: Lengthy midi 2; so if I want a midi thats 6 minutes (or longer) exclusively for my project, the price is 320 AUD / 220 USD per track? Damn bro.
  10. darkreaver

    My first wad.

    Please dont share
  11. darkreaver

    Tidus Titan Triumverate

    Thats a classic
  12. darkreaver

    Plutonia 3 [boom-compatible megawad]

    Allready on the first page :(