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  1. Been distracted for a few years now.
  2. Tan and green. Not necessarily together.
  3. TBH, actually make the maps play good. I love designing the architecture and scenery, but making gameplay...meh. :(
  4. At KEEP IT TRUE festival in Germany, April 2017
  5. I like making my own midis. I generally prefer dark, mysterious and melancholic midis, but there are exceptions of course. I think Mist Ache from ROTT is the perfect example of a good DOOM midi imo :) Also if you go to Metabolist's page and listen to the tune "Death Bell", vert nice! May come back here and provide a list later today :)
  6. Didn't really think this list through. The only one thats for sure is #1 10 points - Disturbia (by D-D) (epicness, mysteriousness, music, setting, design, atmosphere, secrets!) 9 points - Alien Vendetta (nostalgia, atmosphere) 8 points - Speed of Doom (atmosphere, epicness, style) 7 points - Plutonia 2 (design, Plutonia) 6 points - Hell Revealed 2 (nostalgia, epicness, music) 5 points - Elysion (by D-D) (atmosphere, setting) 4 points - Grime (by D-D) (atmosphere, setting, love the fights, design) 3 points - Scythe 2 (design!, settings) 2 points - Resurgence (epicness, hardness, coolness 8) ) 1 point - Hell Ground (design, mysteriousness/atmosphere)
  7. Alien Vendetta. Downloaded the map for coop play with a couple of friends as a random pick based on the name which I found to be cool and intimidating. Had only played the IWADs before AV. Minds were blown.
  8. Some, but absolutely not all, levels that has been immensely inspiring to me as a mapper: "Dreamscape" and "Sledge" from Speed of Doom "Disturbia" and "Elysion" by Death-Destiny "Arch-Violence" from Plutonia 2 "Sunset", "Crimson Tide", "Nemesis" and "Lake Poison" from Alien Vendetta "Post Mortem" from Hell Revealed "Plutonia" in general, I guess.
  9. Hmmm, a small city on a small island. If I ever return to mapping Im gonna make a map like that
  10. Jayextee: awesome stuff!
  11. https://brainshock.bandcamp.com/releases
  12. Absolutely not brutal in any way. Try again.
  13. Disturbia Elysion Grime Speed of Doom darkwave32
  14. Reminds me of those grey stone monsters in Commander Keen 4