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  1. RjY

    Things about Doom you just found out

    ORIGWAD's nodes have their bounding boxes inverted top-to-bottom. This is apparently what causes PrBoom to fail to render the far side of the open door (pictured, with flashing_hom set) as exchanging the appropriate pairs of numbers in the nodes lump in a copy of the wad fixed it. Chocolate Doom, it must be said, draws the unmodified map fine. I don't know what changed later on. Also the order of the array of four coordinates which Doom uses to represent a bounding box is "top, bottom, left, right"
  2. RjY

    Ultimate Doom The Way id Did — Released!

    E4M2: The back of the sign (line 876) in front of the secret exit switch (line 869) is also marked as a secret exit switch. If you press the switch in the middle, it doesn't change texture or make a noise, because the sign absorbs the key press. As the sign is only a partial occluder, pressing the switch at the extreme left or right ends will still make the sound and change the texture. Nevertheless, please remove the secret exit action from the back of the exit sign, so that the real secret exit switch always sounds and animates as expected.
  3. RjY

    Flotsam - 16 hard boom compatible maps

    map06: There are 90 zero-tagged teleporter lines (types 97 and 126, e.g. line 1336). These have no gameplay effect, but cause the engine to freeze momentarily (for every sector with tag 0, search the entire thinglist for a teleport destination in that sector -- thousands of sectors * thousands of things = millions of loop iterations). Please set the lines' types to zero. The berserk secret mixes single-use and repeatable line actions. The inner door (line 10028) is single use open+stay but the outer activation lines are repeatable open+close. So you get stuck if you enter and let the door close more than once. The inner line should probably be type 1 and no tag. map12: In the north section, falling off the poles (sectors 516,518...534) before reaching the yellow key leaves you stuck in the area below. It seems more like a bug than a game-over from a failed pillar jump over an inescapable death pit, because the pit isn't a guaranteed death; there's plenty of safe floor down there.
  4. dead on map08 (familiar/unrehearsed)
  5. I have to admit it looks a lot less impressive at normal playback rate. As I was finishing the run I thought it'd look cool to turn back and watch the rockets close in, then, at the last moment, whip around and hit the exit button. Sadly I bottled it and span back far too quickly; it needed careful choice of demo frames, cropping, and slow motion, for the animation to look effective. Thanks. I doubt it would help in a traditional speed demo; that may be why it was previously unknown, or at least unpublished. It's a longer route, and needs slow fiddly movements to avoid activating certain lines -- likely quicker just to barge through and restart if it goes wrong. But of course you can't do that in ironman, you have to guarantee survival, and I found map06's monster teleporter to be sufficiently dangerous that it was worth searching for a way to neutralise it.
  6. RjY

    The King of IronCamel Doom Tournament #2

    dead on map31 after 2:24:14 (familiar/unrehearsed)
  7. RjY

    The DWIronman League dies to: Rush

    Try adding "-apply_mbf_codepointers_to_any_complevel" to the PrBoom+ command line. The desync in latest PrBoom+ arises from the combination of an old version being used to record and the monster (called the hectebus in the dehacked patch) using A_RandomJump in its attack. This should do nothing when the engine is pretending to be Boom as it didn't exist until MBF, but prior to it lacked the necessary checks.
  8. Good luck everyone. I'll be happy with any kind of exit at all, regardless of time :).
  9. RjY

    The King of IronCamel Doom Tournament #1

    I'm with you NaZa. So I did a demo anyway. Screw the rules, we can still join in unofficially :). survived+1 1:44:50
  10. RjY

    The DWIronman League dies to: Rush

    UV 01-08* / HMP 08-12* / HNTR 12 (prepared) In practice, I had defeated this pair of cyberdemons cleanly, so underestimated them; before, they had approached me in tandem and I was not expecting to have to dodge rockets from both at once. (I was not invulnerable because I was saving the powerup for the pair at the exit, by whom I had been killed in practice.)
  11. Survived+1 (prepared, /idgames version) in 3:17:05