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  1. This was really nice, aside from that one troublesome imp you killed everything in minimal shots, and lots of double-kills.
  2. Still my most lastingly useful contribution to the community. Seriously though, once again, nice job with the map. You obviously like noisy visuals (referring also to your eagles08 map). I also must dutifully confess that I found a couple of press-switch-through-wall shortcuts. Please do not fix them :). They're not really shortcuts to a faster exit (both come after exiting becomes possible), although do enable the possibility to leave certain lock-ins earlier than the voodoo conveyor timers would allow.
  3. Why did you pick a wad that you'd already played without saves to re-do for No-Save November? Wouldn't it have been better to pick one you had previously done with saves and try to re-do it without them? Or am I misunderstanding? I've probably misunderstood something.
  4. First attempt demo set for eagles08_v2 MAP01 DEAD 14/49 35 11/28 0/3 0:50+00 0:00 MAP01 EXIT 49/49 0 28/28 3/3 3:39+11 3:39 NeedHealth delivers another fine map with a nice loopy layout and height variation. Although I'm beginning to sense patterns emerging: this reminded me strongly of several of your previous maps. Maybe vary the style a bit? One death from inattention, let's just call it a warm-up as it was the first map of the recording session :). MAP02 EXIT 42/42 0 1/1 1/1 3:26+27 3:26 A small, fast map with a very clean-looking texture theme. Slightly annoying opening due to lack of ammo / forced pistol usage. The rest balanced just right. MAP03 EXIT 51/51 0 0/0 1/1 6:37+06 6:37 therektafire's maps continue to improve. This one actually has ammo :). Now all I ask for is some actual light to see what I'm fighting! The tunnels are lengthy, and they wind and meander around. The low light level demands caution, making the map a slow drawn-out play. It may be worth setting the monster blocking flag on the lines around the top of the cake so the cyberdemon can't be knocked off partially and immobilised. Also, please remove the annoying Eureka configuration (which causes error boxes to appear when I open the wad - my copy of cc4-tex is obviously not found under a DOS-style C:\blah\blah path) and pointless GL nodes. MAP04 EXIT 82/82 0 2/2 1/1 8:46+29 8:46 Somehow I managed to survive the start dodging in and out of revenant rockets and whatever else for long enough to establish a safe zone. Then it became obvious I was being tooled up for a confrontation, which did not disappoint although it also quickly became obvious the confrontation could be mostly avoided by hanging back at the other side of the map and watching the cyberdemons blow things up for you. A very visually noisy map. Contrastive textures going from dark to bright to dark again within the space of a few pixels, with everything seemingly glowing or flashing in some way, made it hard to pick out targets from the background. Plus, want to find a secret? Good luck, everything looks like it might be a door/trigger/etc. It does look very impressive, but detracts from gameplay somewhat. MAP05 DEAD 7/45 38 0/2 0/1 0:51+31 0:00 MAP05 DEAD 6/45 39 0/2 0/1 0:44+03 0:00 MAP05 EXIT 47/45 0 2/2 1/1 9:35+30 9:35 The first thing I thought of was "Another day at the office". The second was "DOOMCITY.WAD without the colourful texturing" along with "ouch" and "where are the guns". I died twice early on basically because the start building is troublesome to exit with just a pistol. When I finally reached outside intact I just ran around hoping the monsters would kill each other before I ran out of health. Not sure why it took me so long to figure out how to get into the secret, nor why it was over 6 minutes into the successful third start before the bosses turned their attention to each other. Amusing ending. MAP06 EXIT 60/60 0 3/3 1/1 10:16+30 10:16 This map is sloppy. The north central triangle is haphazard with angles that are easy to get caught on. Also, annoyingly there's no way out once the door shuts, so thanks for making me kill a baron and two mancubi with the pistol. Note the exit switch can be easily pressed from below, skipping most of the map (I recorded a speedrun afterwards). There is a missing texture by the 20% damage blood room (line 752). MAP07 DEAD 78/92 14 1/1 0/0 1:37+05 0:00 MAP07 DEAD 47/92 45 0/1 0/0 1:01+25 0:00 MAP07 DEAD 31/92 61 0/1 0/0 0:30+15 0:00 MAP07 DEAD 13/92 79 0/1 0/0 0:20+18 0:00 MAP07 DEAD 82/92 21 1/1 0/0 1:46+07 0:00 MAP07 DEAD 45/92 47 0/1 0/0 1:09+25 0:00 MAP07 DEAD 39/92 53 0/1 0/0 1:00+16 0:00 MAP07 EXIT 93/92 0 1/1 0/0 2:56+27 2:56 Walter does slaughter. This might rhyme if you possess the appropriate regional accent; I do not. I nearly reached the end first time, but caught a stray rocket. I proceeded to die stupidly several times as frustration set in, but was eventually able to get control of the map and exit. Perhaps hanging back in the start room so the door doesn't open is exploitative, as it means you can get the cyberdemons to kill off half the revenants outside without them waking up. OTOH, six archviles at once. Save the megasphere. MAP08 DEAD 2/96 94 0/11 0/2 0:21+31 0:00 MAP08 DEAD 7/96 89 0/11 0/2 0:22+00 0:00 MAP08 DEAD 8/96 88 0/11 0/2 0:24+08 0:00 MAP08 DEAD 19/96 77 0/11 0/2 0:25+11 0:00 MAP08 DEAD 74/96 25 2/11 1/2 4:21+15 0:00 MAP08 DEAD 24/96 72 0/11 0/2 0:31+30 0:00 MAP08 DEAD 37/96 59 0/11 0/2 1:27+07 0:00 MAP08 DEAD 34/96 62 0/11 0/2 1:35+14 0:00 MAP08 DEAD 78/96 23 10/11 2/2 6:21+14 0:00 MAP08 QUIT 79/96 22 10/11 2/2 6:25+23 0:00 Sorry I had to give up on this one. Too frustrating. Multiple chaingunner sniper towers, roaming archviles + other crowds, everything you touch releases more monsters (except bizarrely the red key, which appears to be completely safe). I barely survive the start. I once get as far as the berserk box + cake secret then stupidly try to go back to clean up the monsters I ran past, and get punched. A few more deaths later I think I cleared half the map or so, then entered the red key building. Pitch black, multiple archviles, insufficient cover for my sloth-like reaction times. I was too annoyed to keep playing. Not a first-attempt-friendly map. A shame because it looked nice with a pervasive green and grey theme and BFG sky. MAP09 EXIT 166/163 0 2/2 1/1 8:37+05 8:37 Forli's chaotic monster battle is much more forgiving than NoisyVelvet's. Despite monsters everywhere there was enough room to move and run away while they distracted each other, and enough health available to allow for mistakes. Even the player vs. 5 archviles + demon crowd final encounter was doable as there was sufficient cover (secret megasphere helped). Pillars need monster blocking lines around them, I saw a few imps hanging off ledges, or outright knocked into the slime and only killed by lucky rocket splashes. Notably one of the exit archviles was immobilised this way.
  5. Unless I've misunderstood what place you mean: that door is will re-open itself after 30 seconds, it doesn't need a monster to do it. (Also it's pretty easy to bounce the door off your head and skip the delay entirely.) Please don't! The specificity to vanilla is bad enough (I think all enhanced ports fix this bug) but, more than that, I think it's wrong to attempt to restrict the player's freedom of choice to play a map in ways the author doesn't personally approve of.
  6. I especially liked the "boom mic mouse pointer drifts into shot" moment :). First is obviously doom2 map01, second is doom2 map14, then finally sunder map09?
  7. FWIW your demo was why that map came to mind for strafe50, and why it was the last panel with the angriest face. "The world's fattest mancubus" still amuses me.
  8. Before you know it, you'll be seeing them everywhere and it will drive you mad.
  9. I used to feel this way, but after recording demos for a while I became accustomed to shorttics. After a while, you hardly notice the effect, unless you move your mouse really slowly. Then after a few more whiles, you realise just how useful the ability to suppress turning is when trying to do glides. So yeah, all hail shorttics, enabler of map breakage :).
  10. Oh this thing, yeah I remember finding this when I wondered why the heck there was a switch in a side room that didn't seem to do anything. I guess they were trying to replicate the floor crusher from E2M4 but whoever did the map set the linedef type to SR instead of WR and it never got tested properly. That's also the infamous secret sector staircase map so it clearly wasn't tested properly :).
  11. Well spotted, this is a combination of factors, the megasphere is not completely in the indentation but slightly overlaps ledge behind it (pictured). So when spawned at map start it will be at the floor level of the indentation, but when the door opens it will be clipped to the surrounding ledge and moved up by PIT_ChangeSector (but you won't see this because it's inside the door). However when the object is restored from a savegame its position is reset to the height of its sector's floor, which is the height of the floor at the object's centre, so it drops back down again.
  12. Giving a par time, and indeed showing the intermission screen at all for the last map of each Doom episode, is a portism. Vanilla doom2.exe goes straight to finale text. I think it's safe to claim that E1M8 doesn't actually have a defined par time. 30 seconds was just a default, a placeholder, because there had to be something in the array element.
  13. @Spectre01 Hey is this the map with the giant cacodemon rift from the pictures thread? Been looking forward to seeing that in action.
  14. "Remember when you had me dangling like a worm on a hook 100 feet below 1st Avenue?"
  15. @OldManRage Fair enough, I'll commit it and it'll turn up in the next test build :).