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  1. Dr. Sleep was the best mapper E2M2 is the best map Contradiction: Dr. Sleep didn't make E2M2
  2. @vdgg Thanks for the call-out :) My first thought was that it was a bug from the dehacked patch creating invisible solid things, then I actually watched the demo and thought somehow the blockmap was screwed enough that the small brown stub in the courtyard was blocking the rocket, but yeah it's most likely what @rdwpa and @Memfis said. Maybe it was built with the same nodebuilder as dna_tech.wad, which has a similar load of invisible walls in an open area; both wads credit DCK as editor used.
  3. He was always up for a duel, his "duel anyone?" messages in #odamex were a frequent sight and I used to often spectate his matches against whoever answered, on zddl4.wad. Great player too, sadly not being much of a duellist I only played him once, where he wiped the floor of moo2d with my purple-suited corpse, but was never smug about it. He came third in the Quakecon Doom 20th anniversary tournament; his appearance on IDL Radio the week after, talking about the event and its behind-the-scenes, was hilarious. Really sorry to hear this.
  4. @NaZa Thanks for the reminder, I've been busy with 300minvr but I do intend to enter this month. It might be it's-still-September-somewhere-in-the-world late though. Also looking forward to @Suitepee's entry,@an_mutt could have had the britbowl sewn up this month but his fall at map06 leaves his opponent with a massive opportunity that he cannot afford to miss. No pressure John!!
  5. There should be a cacoward for thread titles, and this one should win it.
  6. @lirui1001 You were right, crushers worked out as a solution. Fixed. Thanks to you and @leodoom85 --- @Revae You are most likely thinking of the 30 plat (i.e. lifts, well, mostly) limit, I can't remember if that applies to crushing ceilings but either way I didn't need to add more than half a dozen or so crusher actions to different sectors in each of the exit areas to get all the monsters in them. --- @NoisyVelvet Thank you for the demo set :) --- Current changelog Thank you for your patience. My aim is to get the thing done and a final release in /idgames by the end of September. I set a deadline because every time I see another playthrough I spot more things that could be improved. I'll just keep poking at it basically forever because there's always something that could be better, but eventually you hit the point of diminishing returns. I've been through @TerminusEst13's stream and the first half of @Suitepee's stream, now I have the second half to watch (I saw the last quarter just now as it happened, missed the start and my own map). I also have two sets of FDAs, @NoisyVelvet's and one from an anon on /vr/ (well I'm pretty sure who it is but it'd be rude to say I guess). These have all been useful feedback along with posts here and on /vr/ itself. --- @Suitepee Thank you for an entertaining stream, I caught the last half of part 2 just now. As you noticed a couple of participants joined your channel, and there were a bunch of others lurking from the /vr/ thread itself. We all had a lot of fun I think. I especially want to thank you as your stream showed up plenty of places where improvements and fixes could be made. --- @EffinghamHuffnagel Thank you, that is already fixed. As it happens I knew about it from @Rowsol's youtube earlier in the thread. That prompted me to search the whole wad for similar and I found three more single-use lifts on map03, such as it goes.
  7. It seems these windows use a simple method for creating a bullet-proof glass effect. Inside the window is an inner sector whose floor height is raised to one less than the ceiling height, with lower textures left unset. It's not flawless (you can still shoot through the tiny gaps around the inner sector) but preferable to nodebuilder-specific hacks that use broken/unclosed sectors. I am not sure why prb+ -vidmode gl doesn't support it correctly. Unfortunately, I don't know how to fix it in a way I'm happy with. I don't know what method to do bulletproof glass the GL ports expect you to use in vanilla without Boom height transfers. It seems I can make the inner sector self-referencing, which makes glb+ happy, but leaves mismatched/unclosed sectors that both make Eureka's map checker scream at me, and worse, the bullet puffs don't appear, losing the effect which I believe is the author's intention. Thanks, I will put this in. Thanks, I ended up putting in two semi-hidden teleporters, so if the ceiling lowers and you instinctively back out from under it, you can still progress to your choice of exit. Sadly picking one exit or the other appears to be the design of the map. I don't think it's appropriate to change this. As a player I agree with your sentiment, but as a map fixer, it's more important to preserve the author's intention.
  8. Thanks gents, but may I recommend against putting too much time into recording on this wad yet, unless you don't care if your demos go out of sync later. I will try hard to preserve playback of those posted already, but just to warn others. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  9. @Da Werecat Thanks, that's helpful. The second map is Toomb (map17). I've fixed both that non-repeating switch, and map15's lift. I've seen a few other things on people's streams and so forth so I guess there will be more fixes forthcoming. I will endeavour to not break any demos of course, but it may be wise to hold off spending too much time recording for now, if you were planning on it. If anyone else finds any problems, please post them. I know there are millions of texture misalignments, far too many to bother to fix, but any outright missing textures or unpegged doortracks or, worse, places you can get stuck, let me know please. Also yeah if anyone wants to post a midi to replace D_RUNNIN please do, I can't pick one because I never play with the music on.
  10. Don't apologise it's not your fault or anyone's really except maybe mine for thinking I was done with testing, though we could always have used more people posting test reports of course. Heh no I don't anticipate map01 will change. I haven't watched your demo yet but I assume it involves at least a 192-unit jump over the river, the possibility of which occurred to me during testing. May be wise to avoid further recording for a day or two though. Certainly avoid map10, which I edited for gameplay fixes, but looks like @Repugnus adjusted for drawseg reduction around the start area. Merging the two will need some care.
  11. No, the dropbox, mirror, and idgames versions are all identical. This crept in earlier unfortunately. I didn't notice because after @Repugnus merged my suggested map order into his build, I didn't bother to recheck all the maps I'd already tested and posted fixes for, I just assumed they were all fine. % md5sum 300minvr*.wad | sort dfe8062f06ecc2684474441f273e44eb 300minvr-dropbox.wad dfe8062f06ecc2684474441f273e44eb 300minvr-idgames.wad dfe8062f06ecc2684474441f273e44eb 300minvr-thevidya.wad Indeed, I had just discovered the same.
  12. The /idgames version has a couple of problems. It seems to have an old version of some of the maps. Crash Site is full of texture bugs I know I posted fixes for. It is also missing the finale text changes in the dehacked lump. @TerminusEst13 must have streamed my unofficial build, because his stream had them. This is kind of annoying. I apologise for not noticing sooner. I didn't bother to check the final build, I just assumed it was the same as mine. At least reuploads are permitted. BTSX_E1 had about fifteen of them. Hopefully at the same time we can get the directory misfiling @Rowsol mentioned fixed.
  13. Full credit to @esselfortium for the nicely flowing water flats
  14. This is a remake of one of my favourites. (Remade because the original disappeared from its host)