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  1. RjY

    Abandon - RC1 is here!

    Here is a pacifist run of map17, in 2:21. I suspect this isn't intended :).
  2. RjY

    Abandon - RC1 is here!

    The TEXTURE1 lump contains five texture definitions with no patches: BRICK11, BRICK12, MIDGRATE, SKY3, and WOOD10. All of these, along with METAL_E, METAL_F, SCOBRSW1, WFALL1, WFALL2, WFALL3, and WFALL4, are defined multiple times. This does not seem to affect the source ports but the problem for me is that unfortunately Eureka immediately closes on startup if it detects patchless texture definitions. This is rather annoying, I can work around it, but would you be willing to clean up the texture definitions to remove the duplicate entries, especially those with a zero patch count? Thank you in advance for considering -- it is hard to debug anything when one's editor cannot open the wad :). (and honestly, this is a bug in Eureka too, it really should be able to cope, not to mention that it incorrectly reports ASHWALL2 as the problematic texture)
  3. RjY

    E1M1 - A different version?

    As others have said, those are Eureka's grid marks :).
  4. RjY

    What are some "Hitscanner hell" maps?

    A couple of old ones. Commando Mission 1 (3 fortress) (JOI-CM1.WAD) - JOI A small fortress map, really made for deathmatch but has monsters for single player. When I say monsters I mean "sergeants", over a hundred of them. And one (1) soulsphere with which to recharge yourself -- nothing more. It is so stuffed with sergeants that they used it to illustrate Doomwiki:Shotgun_guy, which incidentally is how I found out about it. At first you will die over and over again until you find the exact sequence of moves to establish a foothold, and even after that you will constantly need to watch your back and cover all angles. Finally, if you manage to clear the map you must repeatedly sweep it for unexploded barrels lest you telefrag one while walking down the corridor to the exit. If any map deserves to be called "hitscan hell" it is this one. GOTCHA 3 (GOTCHA3.WAD) - Bruce Vautherot A town: a dozen or so brightly-lit buildings of miscellaneous purpose, surrounded by dark streets and parks. A hundred or so monsters, of which about two-thirds are sergeants. The wide-open design, and large windows in every wall, force you to take a highly cautious, tactical approach, constantly checking every possible angle, etc. As health is limited to little more than half a dozen medikits scattered around, you cannot afford to take much damage. You must snipe through windows, use the available cover perfectly, and react instantly if a monster appears close by. Be prepared to be stuck on "picked up a medikit that you really need" health for most of the duration. The chaingun can improve things but it is hard to spot in the gloom. The exit is hidden behind three secret walls.
  5. RjY

    E1M1 - A different version?

    Before v1.2, there was no lift opposite the shotgun secret.
  6. RjY

    What is your favorite texture from classic doom?

    Given the IWADs' lack of real dev textures I default to ASHWALL3/FLAT10. It functions effectively as a low-contrast random noise pattern that does not look too bad when unaligned. Also I must mention a fondness for COMPOHSO, mostly because of how RETURN01.WAD E1M2 puts a secret window in it. I loved that when I first saw it.
  7. RjY

    One random Arch-Vile in older maps?

    I am certain the aforementioned special conversion software is DM2CONV (DM2CNV32), used with its default example configuration, shown below. It turns some of the barons into spiders stuck in walls, troopers into various kinds of health items, and exactly four randomly chosen monsters into one each of a megasphere, an archvile, a berserk box, and a super shotgun. [THINGS] 2001=82 ;Shotgun = SuperShotgun ;at least 1 of: megasphere, archvile, berserk, supershotgun 9,3001,3002,3003,3004,3005,3006=83@1,64@1,2023@1,82@1 3001=65@20% ;Imp = Chaingundude 3005=71@10% ;Cacodemon = Pain Elemental 3003=68@10%,66@10%,69@30% ;Baron = Arachnotron,Revenant,Hell Knight ;Trooper = Chaingundude,Medikit,Stimpack,Health Bonus 3004=65@10%,2012@5%,2011@10%,2014@20%
  8. Thread summary: # wad maps in particular ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 11 hell revealed map04, map09, map13, map32 8 sunlust map20, map25, map30; I assume "solar horniness" means this 7 plutonia map15, map27, map32; solo-net 4 doom1 e1, presumably a joke; e4, e4m1, e4m2 4 scythe episode 3; map30 3 scythe 2 map23 3 sunder 2 alien vendetta map08 2 italo doom map01 2 okuplok 2 plutonia 2 2 valiant map31 1 ancient aliens 1 btsx_e1 map24 1 chillax 1 combat shock 1 dark tartarus 1 doom2 map10 1 dystopia 3 map02 1 eviternity 1 going down 1 hellbound because of the length 1 hexen 1 impromptu minidido side areas 1 mephisto's mausoleum 1 miasma 1 slaughterfest 2012 1 speed of doom 1 stardate 20x7 1 super mayhem 17 1 teeth
  9. When I first got into PWADs in 1999, having made it through the likes of Icarus and Cleimos 2, I tried Dystopia 3... only to be so utterly defeated by the arachnotron ambush on map02 that I quit playing Doom2 PWADs and went entirely Doom1 for months afterwards.
  10. RjY

    Your favourite sound in Doom

    DSGETPOW is harmonious and melodic. Load it into your favourite sequencer or tracker, and play a tune on it.
  11. RjY

    Closing Wad Archive

    I am really sorry to hear this. I have used this site a great deal, it has been invaluable for identifying wads (if I guess the original slot of a map in a compilation wad, there is a good chance that I can compute the original wad file's md5sum, and then look it up in your database. This worked surprisingly often, e.g. E13.WAD E1M8 is an old version of Outpost Quark, DOOMPL2.WAD E1M7 is NETBEAST.WAD) and checking Guessthemap answers (it is much quicker to check the automap view of a map in your database than it is to download the wad, unzip it, and look at it in Eureka -- if indeed it is in a format that Eureka can open at all). Many heartfelt thanks for running it over the now-seemingly short years it was available. Gone too soon! Now I understand how people who use Google services must feel :).
  12. RjY

    Beat .00/:00 Demos Month

    Belatedly, many thanks for this. It is much closer to how I envisaged a recording of this map should play out, with so much more infighting and splash/spray efficiency to alleviate the scarcity of rockets and cell ammunition. But my motivation to restart after death has always been severely limited, so I have always been forced to adopt less risky strategies to ensure I reach the end of the map, even though this means the time is slow and the recording laborious and plodding... Also I appreciate your mentioning baron punching in the text file as I seem to recall it was this map that taught me it was possible :).
  13. I think in the era in which Doom2 and Plutonia were made it was not yet known that the player could pass a 32 unit gap. My recollection of nineties mapping literature and community "common wisdom" was that for a gap to be traversable by the player it needed to be at least 33 units wide. In particular, the influential Unofficial Doom Specs states So, many wads were made under the assumption that a 32 unit gap between bars was a sufficient barrier. It was not until 1999 that glides/squeezes were discovered (cf. lv16-023.txt). It took several more years for this knowledge to permeate the community (witness TVR!, released 2003, full of 32 unit glides).