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  1. dead on E3M3 after 22:23 (intermission) / 29:26 (total) E3M1 EXIT 65/65 0 1/1 2/2 4:49+10 4:49 E3M2 EXIT 158/164 6 3/3 2/4 17:34+04 22:23 E3M3 DEAD 100/315 215 0/10 0/2 7:03+24 22:23 It is one of the great tragedies of Doom PWAD history that 2002ADO did not retain its original name. Would anyone have cared -- or even remembered, after a year or two -- that it missed its release date by a few months? Anyway, I died on E3M3 when trying to run past the cyberdemon. The room surrounding it is awkward, with knobbly, momentum-stealing corners hampering player movement. There goes any last remaining hope for my start-of-year goal of 600k points (50% of a season's possible total) -- I might not even scrape 500k at this rate.
  2. dead on map04 / 33:54 (intermission) / 57:07 (total) MAP01 EXIT 9/14 5 0/0 0/0 2:04+18 2:04 MAP02 EXIT 211/221 22 46/46 2/2 12:31+26 14:35 MAP03 EXIT 186/166 1 87/94 4/7 19:19+29 33:54 MAP04 DEAD 160/262 108 2/33 0/4 23:13+13 33:54 I am familiar with this wad. A review of it was my one submission to the /newstuff chronicles when it was opened to user contributions. Map01: I was very lost until I spotted a switch I could press from almost out of reach - I think this was a sequence break. Map02: I was very surprised to survive but not as much as I was surprised to find I could reach the exit with a small straferun. That couldn't be intentional. Map03: Tricky with ammo especially with that archvile resurrecting barons over and over. Not sure about the wolfenstein secret. I began to quicken up as I was beginning to worry I hadn't left enough of the month to finish the run. Map04: after 20 minutes aimless wandering and fighting with tiny elevators, I teleported in front of a firing squad of revenants. I spammed the 100 rockets the map had just given me, but messed up my footing, and failed to circle-dodge enough of the missiles. I died with two of the monsters still alive and a megasphere for the taking right behind me.
  3. dead on map11 after 42:39 (intermission) / 52:23 (total) MAP01 EXIT 24/69 45 8/9 1/1 1:16+12 1:16 MAP02 EXIT 51/112 61 3/15 1/1 3:24+21 4:40 MAP03 EXIT 89/89 0 21/21 2/2 4:41+28 9:21 MAP04 EXIT 66/77 11 5/14 1/1 2:01+13 11:22 MAP05 EXIT 95/95 0 3/3 1/1 5:17+33 16:39 MAP06 EXIT 125/125 0 13/13 2/2 7:49+28 24:28 MAP07 EXIT 46/47 1 2/2 2/2 5:03+22 29:31 MAP08 EXIT 96/145 49 2/3 3/3 4:04+22 33:35 MAP09 EXIT 97/317 220 8/17 0/3 3:23+03 36:58 MAP10 EXIT 72/102 30 2/3 1/1 5:41+32 42:39 MAP11 DEAD 102/300 200 13/14 3/4 9:20+04 42:39 Everyone knows Hell Revealed. It's one of the classic nineties megawads, and the fifth most recorded wad on DSDA* - only the IWADs are more popular. Although it seems to have fallen out of favour in modern times. I know it very well, to the extent that I decided I could be less cautious than usual, and not bother killing everything. I had hoped to finish map12 which is the last "easy" map (relatively). After that, it's nothing but the maps which give the wad its reputation. (In that regard, map11, and to a lesser extent map09, seem out of order.) The glide on map02 is the first one I ever saw, before that I didn't know 32-unit gaps were traversable. I also death-exited on map09; it avoided a horde, and map10 is a "breather" like map12 would have been, where I could get most of my inventory back, so I felt the risk was worth it. However on map11 I went too far: I left the first cyberdemon stomping around the base of the archvile towers. I could have left it in its pit, but I raised it deliberately, to help with infighting. But having done that I should have dealt with it. I did not consider that it could stand right under the place where you run over a gap to reach the red door. It blocked the jump, then blew me up in falling. ____ * the old DSDA, I can't find the equivalent page on the new one
  4. Nor will Czerwonka & Keränen
  5. RjY

    The DWIronman League dies to: Epic

    category 2, survived in 2:14:48 (sorry the host I usually use seems not to be accepting uploads right now...) MAP01 52/52 0 6/6 2/2 8:26+02 8:26 MAP02 216/216 0 76/78 4/4 30:11+18 38:37 MAP03 206/206 0 33/34 10/11 50:28+02 1:29:05 MAP04 78/78 0 12/12 2/2 6:49+15 1:35:54 MAP05 337/337 0 46/51 4/4 38:54+30 2:14:48 Although I haven't played it for some years I know this wad pretty well. It's a useful one to keep around if you have tinkering with source ports as a hobby, because it pushes at a bunch of limits. entryway used to use it as a benchmark for rendering speed for example. map01: obviously things were going too well so instead of just running for the exit I had to faff around and let the two revenants hit me from 100/195 to 23/118. Waste of several minutes scrounging for missed stimpaks. map02: this went fairly well, although slowly with lots of meandering around. I don't think it's possible to avoid getting punched when you get the red key. The partial invisibility is useful for once, with all the far-off chaingunners on towers. Of course, I kept on "saving it for later" and in the end didn't use it. map03: I've been really enjoying grand adventure maps recently. I had to spend an age and a half finding all the secrets. Missed the last one frustratingly. I thought it must have been an archvile jump, but afterwards I checked in an editor, it's not. Also the blue bridge, I ended up doing a glide past the switch to find out you shoot to raise it, and if that wasn't irritating enough, the berserk it leads to isn't even a real secret! map04: I was determined not to fall off the train which is why I spent so long waiting for cacodemons to float into range, you don't want them turning up at the worst moment. map05: Here it is, the most renderer-breakingly wide-open map of its day. I kept returning to the BFG secret because I forgot when it became available, and had real trouble with an archvile up there, but with so many spheres (and 4 previous maps of inventory) my health was never in danger of running out. If I hadn't been recording I would have probably spent another 10 minutes trying to remember how to get that soulsphere off the pillar, but I'd got all the secrets (and was conscious that I was running out of month) so off I went.
  6. RjY

    Things about Doom you just found out

    The line-of-sight check required for radius damage is reversed. Sight is checked from the player to the explosion, not the other way round. One would expect a bomb to affect any actor exposed to it. In fact, the affected actor's "eyes" (defined as a point three quarters of its height above its base) must be able to see the explosion. A creature whose legs are fully visible to the blast will survive as long as its eyes are covered.
  7. RjY

    Beat Grazza Demos Month

    Thank you! I didn't consider tyson when making this map. If I ever rework it I'll take your suggestion to provide a chainsaw :). It looks like something went wrong here. The demo version is 214 (prboom_6_compatibility, complevel 17) not 202 (Boom, complevel 9) as was apparently intended. So, at 2:29+15 when the demon sees the player, P_LookForPlayers sets its threshold to 60, because comp_pursuit is off. It won't change target until after 2:37+07 when enough A_Chase calls have passed. It is finally distracted by the hellknight at 2:37+33.
  8. blind run, dead on map04 MAP01 EXIT 99/99 0 35/40 2/2 9:45+27 9:45 MAP02 EXIT 117/117 0 46/46 1/1 15:25+27 25:10 MAP03 EXIT 144/144 0 27/27 2/2 17:49+28 42:59 MAP04 DEAD 112/188 76 14/23 0/2 7:15+32 42:59 I thought it would be a timed siege, with attacks all from outside. I was caught out when stuff started teleporting *into* the cage as well. @NaZa sorry to be a nuisance but it seems I got missed off the spreadsheet last month, can you fix or is it too late?
  9. vrackseries-ironman-2-921k-2.11.57.zip vrackseries-ironman-2-921k-2.11.57.zip wad kills total live dead time ----- ----- ----- ---- ---- ------- 1 445 414 0 414 48:32 (exit) 2b 281 722 441 281 35:01 (dead) 3 226 553 327 226 48:24 (dead) ----- ----- ----- ---- ---- ------- TOTAL 952 1689 768 921 2:11:57 I've played all these before, long ago. I went in reverse order to get the hardest / most annoying one out of the way first. Wanted to avoid extra pressure of having to do better on the harder sequels, if the first had gone badly. vrack3 DEAD 226/553 327 45/72 2/4 48:24+15 Died to ring of mancubi at rocket launcher. Not surprised. Glad it was over before reaching the laser maze of unlimited frustration. Barely survived mancubi at super shotgun. Earlier had nearly succumbed to chaingunner at chaingun ambush, who would not die, or even flinch. The early laser cage, apart from serving as a tutorial for the mechanic, is probably another Free Hissy reference. Was considering suiciding on it -- someone has to, for comedy value. vrack2b DEAD 281/722 441 2/71 3/8 35:01+18 Picked up the yellow skull key and died in the ensuing ambush. The super shotgun was not the right weapon. Annoying, it was such an obvious trap. Apparently there was a hidden radsuit too, which I had completely forgotten about. Oh well. Hopefully the killcount is decent. Many of the monster groups kill each other with little provocation. You just stand at a window and watch it happen. Or waste time sniping at things. Need as many cheap kills as possible since killcount matters more than time this month. vrack EXIT 445/414 0 16/17 4/4 48:32+29 Finally the ultra-cautious approach prevails. Helps that there were no nasty ambushes; the monster teleporters put them far away, not surrounding you. And I was expecting something much worse at that berserk box. Worst moments were a mancubus in the tunnel up to the observation deck, and a baron past the yellow door. The slime pit went well, immediately diving for the escape tunnel turned out to be the correct choice as it led directly to the radsuit, then you can kill everything from below. Couldn't forget the Hissy secret. I wonder if I will regret not farming more resurrection kills at the exit..?
  10. blind, died on map02 MAP01 EXIT 72/72 0 13/13 2/2 13:08+17 13:08 MAP02 DEAD 44/75 31 35/64 2/3 5:27+17 13:08 A revenant missile on map01 left me with 22% health; unfortunately I had already consumed the map's supply of healing items when it happened. I was even worse off at exit, due to the nukage around the blue armour. Still I didn't expect map02 to be so completely devoid of health. I crawled around for some time, somehow being extremely lucky avoiding damage (at least from monsters, if not the floor). My eventual death came as late as opening the red door; up to which, the map had healed me with no more than seven health bottles. Nevertheless I felt the death was not the fault of my mercilessly depleted health, but simply, another miserable failure to react quickly enough to a trap easily avoided if known in advance.
  11. RjY

    Cool Skies - mini-episode 1 release!

    I think you need to merge the texture definitions from the IWAD into those in your PWAD. You currently only have a TEXTURE2 lump which defines the new textures in your wad, and a corresponding PNAMES lookup which only contains your new textures' patch names. Unfortunately this overrides and shadows the PNAMES lump in the IWAD -- in Boom that's just how the lump manager works, Boom will only look at the last TEXTURE1/TEXTURE2/PNAMES across all wads loaded. So when the engine is resolving the textures in the IWAD's TEXTURE1 lump it looks in your wad's PNAMES lump which completely doesn't match. It reads garbage data and crashes. It looks like you are using SLADE. I am sure SLADE has the required function to import/merge texture definitions from the IWAD, but as I don't use SLADE myself I can't tell you exactly what it is called or where to look, sorry.
  12. I also failed to survive a single map DBP21: MAP01 DEAD 73/135 62 0/4 1/3 12:37+00 I pressed a button. Four archviles appeared. I ran in the wrong direction I guess. I should have just kept going through the blue (silver?) door instead of back for secrets or whatever was in there. I mean it's not like you're not forewarned, you can hear the monsters, but for some reason I thought there was only one of them despite there being four cages. The rest of the map up to that point was not unfair. Although having to play wads with custom sprites/sounds/dehacked blind is annoying because you don't know what are collectible resources and what is just decoration, or the strength and capabilities of a monster which you've never seen before. Not that that was relevant here, it was plain old archvile spam to which I died. DBP22: MAP01 DEAD 24/68 44 41/47 0/2 3:45+27 I dropped down into an arena. Almost immediately, an archvile teleported onto a central dais, and attacked. I had no time to react, or known safe location to escape to -- no time to look for one, even. All I could think to do was try to get "under" the line of sight, by hugging the platform, but it wasn't high enough. Without having played the map before, I'm not really sure what I am supposed to have done -- is it simply that I have slow reactions, and quicker-minded players would have spotted a better tactic? At least with the other wad this month I know what I did wrong.
  13. dead on map07, familiar (category 2) - 1:30:07 I thought I was far enough behind the pillar! It was the second time around for the chaingunners on the exit platform. I'd already killed them once but a vile hidden behind can resurrect them. I'd been able to kill the vile by going up the lift to the ledge. (Nearly rocketing myself on an unknown imp at the top, took several scratches waiting for weapon change.) I was having to make frequent trips into cover to hide from missiles. I'd already lost health doing that, as the places to hide are small, smaller than splash-sized. Perhaps I should have taken more notice of how much health I was losing, and changed strategy. I wasn't hitting the chaingunners from the outer ledge. They must be out of autoaim range from there. I needed to go back past the lift. But first the air was again full of missiles, and I needed to hide. MAP01 EXIT 317/317 0 36/36 4/4 20:35+22 20:35 MAP02 EXIT 251/250 0 4/4 5/5 19:12+18 39:47 MAP03 EXIT 56/56 0 9/9 2/2 7:17+05 47:04 MAP04 EXIT 101/94 0 11/11 3/3 7:22+08 54:26 MAP05 EXIT 65/63 0 5/5 2/2 7:43+05 1:02:09 MAP06 EXIT 110/109 0 8/8 2/2 8:51+21 1:11:00 MAP07 DEAD 122/133 21 3/6 4/5 18:43+10 1:11:00
  14. RjY

    Beat 1000 Records Month (Feb 7 to Mar 11)

    Thank you for this. The down-to-the-very-last-bullet ending was great. I am sorry it turned out to be such an annoying map. Ah, you can block the 30s door! Thank you, I can see what I was doing wrong now. Also I am glad you found the notes useful.