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  1. This thing in Cleimos 2 was the first thing I thought of. Looks like an automap screenshot of an early version of map01 turned into a texture.
  2. If you think that's well-hidden just wait until you find the soulsphere inside the wall!
  3. Just declare that UV Max rules are UV -respawn rules on maps with monster spawners! Then mappers will be encouraged not to use the wretched things on their maps if they want proper maxes. Not entirely a serious suggestion but no sillier than increasingly complex and hard to verify counting rules :)
  4. Heh that's pretty annoying. What should be done? Convert everything to lower case in the footer and hope there's no-one out there who named their iwads in upper case?
  5. I've often thought about a trivial extension to the binary wad format that doubles the width of half a dozen fields. This is all I think that's needed for traditional mapping. Sidedef and vertex numbers in linedefs and sector numbers in sidedefs are doubled in width to increase maximums from 64K to 4G (although you'd hit the limit on the size of a lump before you reached them). Might as well change vertexes from integers to 16.16 fixed coordinates while you're at it. Then you stick a magic number on the start of the lump to signify it has these extended width fields and use basically the same existing wad loading code you already have, just with a few more conditionals in it. It'd probably add maybe 100 lines of C code tops. This is much easier to justify adding to a source port than a whole separate text parser.
  6. I think you are mistaken; I checked doom2.wad, which has a yellow skull there. There is also a rocket launcher that I forgot about, which explains the extra two rockets (unseen in the first shot as he's standing too close to it).
  7. Oh, so more or less irrelevant to the context of the quote. I thought he'd found a way to make my patch do something I was certain it did not. But this is just a misunderstanding caused by unclear language. I should have said "the patch does not allow you to..." instead of "you can't...".
  8. PIcking up the key gave you two rockets..? Oh wait, no, I see it, the blue card on the status bar turned into a skull.
  9. What is "-control"? Sorry for my ignorance. It doesn't appear to be a PrBoom+ command line option.
  10. This one is especially impressive for its high number of layers/levels. More than one above the ground is rare, two I'd never seen outside an Iikka Keränen* map, but here we have four. ________ * thanks to the Doom wiki for a source from which to copypaste the spelling.
  11. Oh are we doing piano keyboards now? Deus Vult II map21: Community Chest 3 map14: Bonus WTF from same: @rdwpa (below) hahaha, that's hilarious, thank you :)
  12. That looks like regular infighting. The arachnotron has been aggravated by some other monster which has now stopped moving but its line of fire is blocked by another arachnotron which does not feel the plasma hitting it. End result, it'll sit there forever, firing at something it can see but never hit.
  13. You mean the 10/256 chance to ignore target's death (or loss of line of sight) in A_SpidRefire? Thus same for spiderdemons, and also chaingunners/wolfSS (except chance is 40/256 for the latter) Edit: never mind, I need to learn to post faster
  14. As a mapper, seeing your work utterly destroyed by the highest skilled players is the best. Thanks to both of you.
  15. True, and I would extend that to most if not all top-end modern slaughter maps. You have to figure out the exact sequence of moves, you can't just run at them however you like.