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  1. There are no lamps in doom2 (thing type 2028)
  2. "Changed default gamma correction to 3 (only affects people with a missing default.cfg -- I hope there are no objections -- it's just I hate having to turn up gamma correction everytime I start with a fresh default.cfg)." — boomsrc/log_lee.txt The reason it was changed originally was that Lee Killough's monitor was too dark. I guess following maintainers all thought "there must be a reason this was changed, annoying as it is" and left it alone. FWIW, it's been back to zero in latest PrBoom+ for a while.
  3. Suggestion: Fix it when it can't possibly break a demo if (!(demoplayback || demorecording)) A_FaceTarget(actor); (I did similar in my source port years ago)
  4. Yeah looks like map03 was inserted between map02's REJECT and BLOCKMAP. 7689836 0 MAP02 7689836 2740 THINGS 7692576 44464 LINEDEFS 7737040 143550 SIDEDEFS 7880590 14044 VERTEXES <- map02, left extent == -2352 7894634 67140 SEGS 7961774 7852 SSECTORS 7969626 54936 NODES 8024562 13988 SECTORS 8038550 36181 REJECT 8074731 0 MAP03 8074731 4740 THINGS 8079471 94864 LINEDEFS 8174335 336750 SIDEDEFS 8511085 29852 VERTEXES <- map03, left extent == -3904 8540937 156672 SEGS 8697609 18628 SSECTORS 8716237 130368 NODES 8846605 28782 SECTORS 8875387 153182 REJECT 9028569 25772 BLOCKMAP <- map03's blockmap, bmaporgx==-3904 9054341 16048 BLOCKMAP <- map02's blockmap, bmaporgx==-2352 The first of the two BLOCKMAP lumps following map02 (length 25772) has x-origin matching the left extent of map03 (-3904), the dangling second BLOCKMAP lump (length 16048) has x-origin -2352 which matches the left extent of map02. Conclusion: map03 was inserted into the wad between map02's REJECT and BLOCKMAP.
  5. MAP03 EXIT 162/162 0 32/32 2/3 25:05+19 The third map is a day early! First attempt. Third time lucky, I survived this one. Some spoilers below. In summary this was a really good map, better than the first two I think (not that the first two were bad). If there were any bugs, I didn't spot them. The demo is about the opposite of a speedrun though, so as usual I suggest if you watch it to speed it up a lot.
  6. I've also just played that (thanks for the recommendation; it was good, except for being too dark). I think you have misunderstood what the stair jump is referring to. All the text file says is this: It does not mention the red key, which I believe is indeed meant to be accessed by the lift switch behind the blue door. I think instead the stair jump refers to the area after the red door, where there is a thin, zig-zagging staircase that looks like a tadpole on the automap. At the top (the head, as it were) there is a teleporter surrounded on three sides by green marble pillars, and on the fourth a raised barrier. At first I thought I had missed a switch, but unable to find one I resorted to the map editor which showed one did not exist. There is no way to lower the barrier. It was at that point I realised it was this part that the text file must have been referring to. You must climb the tadpole tail carefully then hurl yourself off the end in order to clear the barrier. This is tricky to say the least. _________________________ Edit: should have watched the second video, sorry. But still, here it is in doom2 complevel without rocket jumps: fubar-nomonsters.lmp
  7. A helpless cyberdemon being eaten by spectres. Combat Shock 2 map03.
  8. UV 01-03 in 61:31, HMP skipped, HNTR 04-05 in 85:14, total 2:26:45 (prepared) map skill kills live items secr time total ----------------------------------------------------------- MAP01 UV 212/212 0 52/52 4/4 17:56+30 17:56 MAP02 UV 378/363 0 6/6 2/2 26:07+15 44:03 MAP03 UV 503/614 112 5/5 2/2 17:28+14 61:31 ----------------------------------------------------------- MAP04 HMP 0/2401 2401 0/12 0/0 0:00+02 0:00 ----------------------------------------------------------- MAP04 HNTR 2181/2141 40 9/14 0/0 27:02+00 27:02 MAP05 HNTR 3025/3025 0 25/29 0/0 58:12+16 85:14 ----------------------------------------------------------- I did maps 01-03 on UV. These allowed some form of retreat to a safe location surprisingly often, but inevitably devolve into arena lock-ins. 03 being the worst offender. I then did maps 04-05 on HNTR for fun. I skipped HMP (2-tic demo recorded for strict rule compliance / avoidance of doubt, although the intention should be obvious).
  9. -format %k gives a calculated count of unique colours. With and without -unique-colors gave the same result, 3386. If there were no duplicates, the result would be 3584 (i.e. 256*14). rjy@vile /tmp % convert -size 256x1 -depth 8 rgb:playpal.lmp -append -format '%k\n' info: 3386 rjy@vile /tmp % convert -size 256x1 -depth 8 rgb:playpal.lmp -append -unique-colors -format '%k\n' info: 3386 rjy@vile /tmp % convert -size 256x1 -depth 8 rgb:playpal.lmp -append info: rgb:playpal.lmp RGB 256x14 256x1+0+0 8-bit sRGB 0.000u 0:00.000 rjy@vile /tmp % convert -size 256x1 -depth 8 rgb:playpal.lmp -append -unique-colors info: rgb:playpal.lmp RGB 3386x1 3386x0+0+0 8-bit sRGB 0.000u 0:00.000
  10. rjy@vile /tmp % deutex -get playpal i WR19 Reading WAD /usr/share/games/doom/doom2.wad: (2919 entries) i WR19 Reading WAD /usr/share/games/doom/doom2.wad: (2919 entries) i PL05 Palette is Doom i GE02 /usr/share/games/doom/doom2.wad: PLAYPAL: extracting w PI10 Picture PLAYPAL: width < 1 (0), skipping picture i AA99 Normal exit rjy@vile /tmp % convert -size 256x1 -depth 8 rgb:playpal.lmp -append -format '%k\n' info: 3386
  11. MAP02 DEAD 134/136 2 34/50 1/2 14:05+11 First attempt. For me, the cyberdemon was far more than just a waste of time. I managed to die to it. Again, like last week, right at the end, so I didn't bother to restart. Again, I missed a secret. I was fairly sure I knew where it was though, I just didn't spot the trigger. Finally, I think the brick texture on line 1265 looks like it is meant to be rock3. Overall, nice map, not too difficult. I just failed at dodging.
  12. One based on an old version of PrBoom, functionally identical for demo recording purposes. The demos are just regular Doom2 v1.9 format (complevel 2), gzipped for uploading. Any vanilla demo-compatible engine should play them once uncompressed; I am led to believe various common windows tools such as winzip can handle them.
  13. MAP01 DEAD 121/182 61 52/64 10/15 29:09+33 Second attempt on Hurt Me Plenty, got quite far (~2/3 or so) until left with no choice but to run through slime in pitch darkness and ran out of health. Was a shame that I ran too fast from sector 269 up the stairs and off sector 100 to avoid an unknown number of hellknights remaining on the ledge; leaves no choice but to do the slime run again and go all the way back around the entire level. I was enjoying this, except for the excessive darkness which just invites gamma abuse / ddt mode. Please raise the light levels, and stop using mass lights off specials so much: as it is, it's a total annoyance to play. Bug: sector 238 doesn't open from the north as door special line 1334 is blocked by crusher special line 1349.
  14. This seems to me like quite a brazen attempt to subvert said rules; let's just hope for your sake you don't get caught!☺ At least there's always the "other" DMP2018. MAP01 DEAD 17/231 214 14/64 0/15 1:58+34 Anyway, here's a very short first attempt. So at first, before I get any kind of weapon upgrade, or ammo, it seems I've to squeeze past multiple revenants in fairly narrow corridors. Not enough ammo to kill them and all the other imps/zombies around, and even if there were, I'd have to use a pistol to do it. No thanks. I dodged through some other pair of doors, and ended up in an arena with the blue key, but with naught but a pistol + 17 bullets, reduced to 42 health / 10 green armour, surrounded by lost souls, a row of revenants and hellknights on a ledge, and the way back out apparently now locked, I pretty much gave up. Perhaps I just missed something obvious (e.g. there are 15 secrets of which I found exactly 0) or, most likely, should not have recorded blind on UV (you did say HMP recommended).