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  1. Oh, yes, that reminds me. Run darn you RUN by BPRD is an interminable obstacle course, through which you are remorselessly chased by thousands of rockets, and when you get to the end, the exit is out of order. This is a shame, as I am sure someone would have become obsessed enough to record a highly entertaining demo of it, were it not the case.
  2. RjY

    issue with completing a map (broken spawners?)

    On reflection I think my previous post was worded too harshly. Apologies, I must have woken on the wrong side of the bed today. Good luck with your efforts. I remember dying on this map in an Ironman credit continue. I was able to clear it on Hey Not Too Rough but I would not dare attempt it UV pistol start.
  3. RjY

    issue with completing a map (broken spawners?)

    Open the map in an editor Zoom in on the holding areas that have not deployed their contents Go into sector mode and click on the tagged parts, these are the parts that move to release the monsters Zoom out again If your editor is worth its salt, it will highlight the lines with the same tag Now you can go back in game and press on or walk over them as necessary Your screenshot is so tiny that it is hard to tell which holding areas have not deployed, but I have tried. Regardless, it would be better if you learnt how to solve this kind of problem yourself. Teach a man to fish, as the saying goes.
  4. RjY

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Another inconsistency between Boom's regular/extended (calling EV_DoPlat) and generalised (calling EV_DoGenLift) line actions, this time regarding repeatable switches that start and stop perpetual platforms. Pressing the regular/extended version, a type 181 SR Start Moving Floor action (perpetualRaise), on a previously-activated perpetual platform, or one that is in stasis, the button will still respond (changing texture and making a sound) every time the player presses on it. But the generalised variants, for example type 14147, the button will remain inert and silent, in either case where the platform was still moving, or if it was in stasis, having been previously suspended by a Stop Moving Floor action. (I think in the latter case at least, one would expect a response from the button, as it has actually done something, namely reactivated the moving platform, even if perhaps not in the other, when no change has taken place, because the action was already in progress. But that is just my opinion.) ________ Edit: also type 182 SR Stop Moving Floor always evokes a response from a button, even if the tagged sectors were not moving, while type 188 SR Stop Crusher leaves the button silent unless the tagged sector was already an active ceiling.
  5. I see you have also played Use3d's Community Chest maps. :) Anyway, as ever I recommend the inimitable darkwave17. Also does anyone recall a map with a switch that does nothing but make the switch itself serenely float up the wall?
  6. RjY

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Actually the fellow's name was James Roven but otherwise this is the cleverest, most oblique 1994 wad reference I have ever witnessed. Well done. Unless it was a total coincidence. (ZIGGURAT.WAD of course, for those who do not mouse over links. But STONES.WAD did it even earlier... Seriously folks I am amused by the apparent reinvention of KING REOL EXTREME DETAILING(TM) being a matter for such excitement -- I am sure I recall 20 years ago it was a complete laughing stock! Times change, I guess.)
  7. RjY

    Useless(?) BFG glitch (Classic Doom)

    I recommend reading the BFG FAQ. Section 4C explicitly mentions the trick.
  8. Slosh I played this in March after reading a post that caused a case of contrarian curiosity ("A masterpiece? It can't be that good, can it?"). It turned out to be good enough to hold my interest for a week until I had stubbornly cleared all six maps individually and continuously. map01 We find ourselves in a slime-filled valley at the foot of a mountain. Clambering up the side of the cliff, the terrain is rather blocky, diagonal, and monotextured, but the height contrast is pleasing. At the top, a narrow bridge leads to the entrance of a base, out of the windows of which, imps throw fire at us. The entrance hides quite a crowd, but there are a couple of well-placed barrels to assist. Exploring the small base unlocks the way through to the first combat arena of the wad, a ledge around a lake of lava. Here we must fend off multiple zombies and imps, then release a horde of cacodemons, all without falling into the lava, from which there is no escape, with only a shotgun for defence. Perhaps you can do this without taking damage, but I was not able. Nonetheless with the monsters defeated or dodged we may pass through a short corridor made entirely of wall lights to the other side of the base where we may take a brief moment to look back at the entrance across the canyon. Then the Oppressive Darkness makes its first appearance: a short corridor which, despite being lit by more eye-searing wall lights, is completely black. Perhaps the lights are bright because they are sucking up all the light in the adjacent space? Perhaps it is just glorious nineties Doom sector lighting. Still, the exit is beyond the darkness. map02 The second map finds us facing a door which to enter we must walk the garden path before it, and survive the wad's first plutonia-esque chaingunner trap. Inside is another small base with more chaingunner ambushes, eventually leading to a narrow corridor in which you are trapped with two hellknights and not much room to move. The exit is just beyond. map03 The base continues. This map has a recurring theme of clambering round the outsides of square rooms. First we must raise a bridge while under fire from the far side. A couple of mancubi to grind through with the chaingun. A walk around a half-spiral, overlooked by two revenants in cages, which I cowardly snipe from the entrance because it is safer. A dash around some awkward silver pillars to reach the exit door before it closes. map04 We reach the home of the Oppressive Darkness. With the first room a continuation of the previous map's style, we pass through another corridor of wall lights to a view over a canyon, from over the other side of which, imps throw fire at us from multiple locations. We escape down a supernaturally dark corridor to a slow lift which leads to a seemingly high-tech area, brightly lit and deep blue, surrounding a slime pit. Eventually we reach one of the windows we saw from the canyon, which turns out to have a switch that to no-one's surprise raises a bridge. Unfortunately, on the way back to the bridge, we discover the darkness found a way in to the area, and must now navigate it, finding the button to open the door out, without falling into the slime pit, and also not getting murdered by invisible chaingunners in the darkness, or sergeants behind the newly-opened walls on the run to escape. (I didn't care for this part.) The other side of the bridge reveals yet more imps and a lift down into a maze, to which the darkness has already beaten us. Our only mercy is that the passages are not twisty and most of the enemies are imps, so we have a hope to dodge their fire. One place has an eerily-lit baron face: an unusual ally, it serves to silhouette our targets. Finally we reach the exit, with only the problem of a small horde of monsters guarding it. Fortunately one may retreat to the doorway and clear them from there; if one is lucky the real exit door may be opened by another monster, releasing chaingunners from the back who help with the clearance. (I suffered an intercept overflow here, but have emulation disabled.) map05 We start besides a tower in a pit surrounded by lava, with bridges to side areas. The setup here really reminds me of something else, maybe a simplified version of Requiem map06. Our first stop is an underground chamber whose walls open to reveal a horde of imps, a glimpse of the exit door, and the wad's first (and IIRC only) archvile, which is easily dispatched thanks to the cover provided by the chamber's central pillar, at least as long as the damn thing does not resurrect all the imps. Beyond is a red door, the key for which can be seen shortly, atop a rocky outcropping on the far side of a lava-filled crevice. Reaching it requires us to explore a narrow maze of tunnels full of imps, chaingunners, and wall lights, although this can be skipped by strafe-jumping the crevice. The red door leads to the two platforms overlooking the tower, the second being the location of a switch to raise a narrow bridge from the top of the tower to wherever it may lead. Where it leads is a wide, roughly hewn stone tunnel full of cacodemons. Climbing the tower now, or if we had done so before to retrieve the rocket launcher, we may follow the monotextured tunnel as it snakes around, briefly passing a section where the roof has collapsed into the lava below (and another chaingunner ambush, which is also, inexplicably, the level's only secret). The tunnel thus ends with us forced to jump into the caldera, where fortunately someone has built a metal dock so our feet may remain unscorched. But our faces may not, as the dock door opens to reveal another crowd of imps. map06 We reach the heart of the volcano, into which a fortress has been unwisely built, but the views are very nice nonetheless. First the entrance must be opened and a boss defeated, which might be a problem were we not provided with a BFG. (The accompanying horde of imps is more troublesome, especially if one is pistol-starting the map.) The way into the structure beyond first passes through another wide, low, and characteristically dark tunnel -- but at last some unsung genius has designed a lighting system that can penetrate it. All we have to do is turn it on, one switch at a time. Then we pass an altar guarded by hellknights, more darkness, to finally lead back out to the volcano crater and a winding gantry over it. Here a multitude of cacodemons appear from the far side of the crater. One can run ahead, open the door at the other end of the walkway and escape to the relative safety beyond, but if one wants 100% kills it is wise to remain on the walkway and rocket the cacodemons, carefully, without falling off. This is because the back door to the imp chamber will permanently close, and a cacodemon can easily float into it and become trapped, with no way to lure it out to shoot it. The final part of the map has us ducking around a set of giant pillars being chased by first a spiderdemon then a brood of its children. Both are easily dispatched with the BFG from earlier. The exit door is timed, it may take a couple of tries to run to it before it closes. The End. Overall glorious mid-nineties stock texturing height differences sense of progress dramatic lighting all-encompassing light-swallowing darkness plutonia chaingunner traps uneven difficulty trivial boss fights clearing map06 from pistol start is a fun resource puzzle It is maybe not quite the masterpiece that was suggested, but it is very good, good enough to inspire me to write this voluminous monograph, post a bunch of pictures, and record an Ironman-esque full clearance in 38:46, nine months later. Thank you Maribo.
  9. RjY

    Re-Entry: A Remix of MAP01

    max in 5:04 I went back to this to find the missing secrets. It turned out to be a chain, gate-kept by a single-use switch for an open-and-close door. I think this needs more of a hint in order that a player who lacks clairvoyance might have a chance of finding it. Frankly, I think it should be repeatable, but if you are set on having one-time-only secrets, I think they need to be much better hinted. I also find the weapon balance frustrating. There are several more powerful weapons available, but not until late on, after most of the map has been painstakingly cleared with melee weapons. I suggest that it would be better if they were available earlier when there are still monsters alive on which to use them. OTOH, killing things with barrels is always entertaining. Thank you again for making this.
  10. You may use anything that can record compatible demos in the appropriate format. AFAIK, Woof is fine.
  11. Goodness me, I never thought I would see the day. I spent most of the 2000s looking forward to this. When fbdemo2 came out I jokingly predicted that at the current rate of release we would have the whole lot before 2020, seems I am only off by a couple of years ;). Seriously I am really happy to see this again, I loved the two demos and the single maps released in dac2005. Welcome back.
  12. RjY

    Re-Entry: A Remix of MAP01

    first attempt, 11:24 Seems to be the season for Entryway remakes. This one is several times more puzzley and populated than the standard one. It has plenty of mid-nineties secret-hunting-and-stock-textures charm. I cleared most of the monsters and found the exit after about six and a half minutes, but with only two of seven secrets I elected to keep going. Sadly I was only able to add another two to the count, although I was able to remove all of the remaining monsters. (I had read the tip to use the chainsaw as much as possible to conserve ammunition, which is in short supply.) The secret sector containing the chainsaw is quite small. It is easy to pick up the weapon without getting the secret credit. > idgames archive link extremely unlikely. Please reconsider. The purpose of /idgames is to be an archive of every Doom map ever made, good or bad. It is mirrored on several continents so nothing is ever lost. It pains me when perfectly good wads end up lost forever because they were only ever hosted on some megainstadownloaddotcom or a personal site that disappeared one day without warning.
  13. RjY

    The worst door in all of Doom

    Now imagine being stuck with half a dozen other players impatiently hammering Use on it simultanously! That was a fun night in Odamex :). I always thought this map was called Frustration because you start in sight of the exit and are only blocked from it by a low ceiling. I do not think the door named the map. [...] I must have gleaned that from the infopack, which the wiki quotes. It is not the first example, there was an earlier one in E1M5 (Return to Phobos).
  14. RjY

    [Doom 2] 13 Pillars

    I did wonder. The thread title says Doom2 and there are no Boom line specials in the map, so I recorded with Doom2v19 compatibility, but I had previously tried it with comp_dropoff=0 and it did seem that mode of gameplay was more likely the intended one. You could simply declare the map should be run in Boom compatibility, it would be far from the first map to require a higher engine version despite no overt use of that engine's features. You might be interested by map31 of Experiencing Nirvana, which is a similar idea, but much more extreme.