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Plutonia MIDI Pack project (/idgames link available)

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Eris Falling said:

Bucket. That is all.

EDIT, regarding below: I also submitted two, which never made it.
Fortunately I did get a special request for a track, and that should go through. Hopefully.

Doomhuntress said:

in my defense, i was pretty damn sure i posted some of my MIDIs in that thread when it said MIDIs was needed, but there were no replies to it when i did, so...

Uh, that was more of a joke tone I used, didnt mean to sound aggro, sorry. Yeah, Bucket's made more than I can count, including a custom request for me that I want to be Map 1's theme (Remix of "Into the Beast's Belly" aka Map 30's theme that has elements of his Target Neutralised) but its up to Whoo whether that gets used at all, might not even be in that slot. Its the perfect TNT2 opener! Because goddamn have I played Map 1 a lot to have a feel for how it should sound.

Eris, I heard Counter-Mutation and the youtube version's notes arent really a good fit for TNT2, but this is coming from a hardcore TNT nut, so my point may be invalid anyway. I have like all the TNT tracks and Hell to Pay/Perdition's Gate all lumped together in a playlist, so I tend to be a bit biased if submissions arent at least thematically similar to them. But im just a playtester anyway :)

Doomhuntress, I quite liked your unused midi, listened to it a few days ago. I'd choose it over some of the other tracks in the level slots. Personal taste > official order

Also, my favourite track in general from this pack is Map4's theme, followed by Cry of Desperation. Theres a lot of great tracks in there, and a few "not really feeling it" ones but outside of Bloodrush, I have a hard time remembering anything but 4 and 31.

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rampancy said:

I don't know if you are fishing for complements but your track is a proper headbanger. All those drums add to the fun of running around like a lunatic trying not to fall down into the blood again.

Uh, that was more of a joke tone I used, didnt mean to sound aggro, sorry.

err... i wasn't actually trying to jump on anyone for not liking my contribution/not taking in consideration any tracks i'd donate to the TNT2 project. what i meant was that my track is so old and plain it shouldn't be used because i'm not too fond of it anymore. :P wasn't trying to drag out any attention towards me for it, sorry.

at any rate, i've posted MIDIs in the TNT2 thread now, and whether they get used or not i don't particularly care over. if they do, awesome, if they don't, eh.

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