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  1. Bloodite Krypto

    The DWIronman League dies to: Ultimate Doom The Way id Did

    Blind survival in 1:12:23. DWIronman_udtwid_BlooditeKrypto.zip Very cool E4 replacement which focuses on close quarter combat with a high trap density, although I was surprised how cramped most of the maps were, taking place in tight corridors, funneling hallways and treacherous caverns. I was expecting more large outdoor areas which mimic the likes of E4M3 and E4M6 in scale and traversal, it's not a criticism but merely a curious observation; the gameplay focus is shifted towards intense firefights in small sized maps, with the player in combat most of the time, rather then in depth exploration in moderate sized maps. While their is deviation from a linear path, you won't really get lost as the maps aren't large in size, say in contrast to Double Impact or No End in Sight. So yeah it was different to what I was expecting, it replicates the texture scheme and style of E4 faithfully but the mapping layout is distinct in putting the player under pressure most of the time with strategic monster placement and devious traps, an interesting deviation from the original executed well :) With Thy Flesh Consumed you weren't always in tight areas and had room to breath, but this set demands you to be alert and cautious always as danger lurks around every corner. The last level felt like an oddball with it's layout, a set piece of symmetrical hallways connected by various teleporters with caged snipers and some adjoining outdoor sections, it wasn't poor but felt bizzare in contrast to the previous maps in theme and gameplay. The section with tech base textures felt really out of place, how does this section of the map fit in with the location? Could it point to a dimensional opening where a small outpost once lay dormant before being assimilated by hellspawn? But then why are their no portal openings or UAC equipment, it just abruptly begins and ends without any connectivity to the rest of the map and visual coherency on how it manifested there. The bleeding brown skull texture appears frequently, but it feels out of place to be used so excessively in an E4 level, especially when placed next to marble walls. The gameplay was peculiar, suddenly changing to a slow, cautious approach where the threat comes from caged snipers and tricky corners, but you actually have breathing room in the interior sections, however all this was a distraction from the cataclysmic finale with it's innocent Spider duet, before descending into a frenzied bloodbath where your surrounded on all sides and under pressure from several Cybers, a fantastic adrenaline rush to say the least. Well done on a smashing release, but I'll take 2002 A Doom Odyssey E4 as my favourite replacement ;)
  2. Did a deathless/saveless playthrough of Serious Sam: The First Encounter.



  3. Survived Renascence in 1:33:41 and Resistance in 1:01:44, both are blind as I'm not a fan of TNT. I enjoyed Renascene more, being a revamped and alternative interpretation of the original levels, while Resistance was a lot more challenging I find the level design boring and uninspiring, a lot of traversal through predictable, generic hallways and cumbersome outdoor areas, just wanted to get it over and done with, hence poor play ensues leading to low health moments. Well done @leodoom85 and @Beginner :) Although I'm genuinely surprised how a single mapset took over 2 hours o_O DWIronman_TNT-REN&TNTRESIST_BlooditeKrypto.zip
  4. Bloodite Krypto

    The DWIronman League dies to: Doom 64 for Doom 2

    Another blind conquest in 3:22:53, twice in a row, this is getting serious! DWIronman_d64d2_BlooditeKrypto.zip Category 1 as I've never played Doom 64 for Doom II before, but I have played the original via Doom 64 EX once, that's what the OP means right? Or does it mean if you've played the original Doom 64 before then your considered Category 2, it's misleading as fuck, also MAP33 was played for 50 Monsters Ironman; so what the hell xD Some periods of getting dumbstruck at where to go arise and the endurance starts to buckle on the home stretch from the long playing time. What a dirty fucking trick with the three Cybers on 29, fuck you mapping duo :< Your sneaky, devious and underhanded scheme failed to decimate me however! ;D
  5. Here be another rare Cat 1, blind run from myself in a delightful 25:11. DWIronman_cchest4_BlooditeKrypto.zip I've never liked the Cchest series, considering them a mixed bag of mediocre to average maps, being a community project where their are a variety of mappers, it has the potential hindrance of the overall quality varying greatly as a result. The first one I played around 10 maps then concluded this hasn't been fun so far, the gameplay boring and the level design dull. The second was the same scenario with even less maps tried, I could only play it more thoroughly in a 1 life survival session a few years ago with a friend, but even then we got to the start of episode 3 and grew tired of it. The third one starts out intriguing with some tense gameplay, but then oddballs show up where the mapping quality nosedives which spoils the overall experience. The fourth is definitely a step up in both artistic and gameplay design, but it just isn't too my taste; so I've never played any Cchest to completion and I don't intend to, wads are like chemistry to me, I either click with them or I don't. This run was a case of run around like a headless chicken, looking ahead and deciding whether to rush forward and see what I could get away with or hang back and clear out enemies in the near vicinity so I don't get blindsided. I got dazed by one teleporter on the first map due to not being observant and confused with progression on the second map, having not paid attention and being mesmerised by the sensual detail on display. It was an exhilarating ride with numerous ballsy moments, can't be cautious when I'm trying to compete against prepared runs. Now that the topic has been brought up again I guess I'll share my stance, yeah prepared runs are lame as they cripple the challenge and therefore purpose of participating in an Ironman, I don't consider them a serious submission and they shouldn't be held to the same standard as a blind or you've played the wad in the past and are familiar with it territory, which is a more authentic demonstration of playing ability, but they are still a valid entry in demonstrating one's attempted or successful victory over a set deathless and saveless. However you wouldn't be able to ban prepared runs anyhow, if you so desired, the current system doesn't have any method to regulate or deny participants from doing prepared runs, even if you hypothetically made submissions stream only, this doesn't change the fact you have a whole month and can simply practice beforehand then stream it live at a date of your choosing, you'll just have the pressure of a live audience but still familiarity with the wad at hand. Their isn't any means of changing this unless the system was radically overhauled, problem is I can't think of an alternative, other then changing the winning criteria to incorporate not only fastest completion time but a more substantial element as well; however that starts to make things complex then and could detract from the overall enjoyment of the event, ultimately who cares? I see this as a bit of simple fun and something engaging for those who don't play saveless regularly, as the OP states 'It could change the way you play Doom!' so maintaining the fun factor should be exalted above everything else and maintaining the spirit of keeping Ironman simple and welcome to all players should be respected. If anyone has a potential alternative to the current system it would be interesting to hear. Congrats @leodoom85 ;)
  6. Bloodite Krypto

    Urania demos [-complevel 4]

    UV-Maxes for 05-10. un05-1739.zip un06-1944.zip un07-2329.zip un08-1346.zip un09-1144.zip un10-514.zip
  7. Bloodite Krypto

    Urania demos [-complevel 4]

    Lost hope to surpass current records? :D I'd like to see other runs but it's an inevitable fact this wad won't have any, as few like Urania. I don't find the maps complicated from a first time experience, but I have great navigational skills, for example I play Wolfenstein 3D mapsets from time to time and rarely get lost as I can map out the layout of a level in my head from recalling the geometry of rooms; certain shapes, objects and colors can help to distinguish one area from another, in Urania's case the only one to confuse me entirely was 06, where linedefs and switches don't trigger things in your immediate vicinity and I had to look up actions and tags in the editor to progress. I'd compare it to Eternal Doom only in average time to beat maps and not in navigational complexity, the levels considered 'huge' taking an average of 30-40 minutes from a successful, saveless, pistol start, but that doesn't take into consideration an average of one to two deaths from 05 onwards, so it's more like 45-50 minutes.
  8. Bloodite Krypto

    Urania demos [-complevel 4]

    Somewhat, I went with my intuition when planning each map in my head prior to starting a first practice session, formulating a route which minimizes backtracking and emphasises efficient killing by being aggressive and making the best use of available ammo. Then making minor alterations after going through a level and experimenting with different approaches. With 01, I used to go up by the lift in the waterway after getting the RL, but changed it to taking the passageway outside which helped in killing stragglers and made things quicker overall, as opposed to waiting on a lift and not doing anything. 03 was brilliant in that my first practice session nailed the route down, then it was simply a matter of working out how to distribute ammo effectively, knowing when to use rockets and how many to use at a certain part for example. 04 needed around two playthroughs in god mode to become familiar with the layout as it's intertwining and continually links back onto itself, then a 3rd run to nail down ammo use and strategy. Only 28 more to go! :D
  9. Bloodite Krypto

    Urania demos [-complevel 4]

    UV-Maxes for 01-04. ua01-404.zip ua02-751.zip ua03-836.zip ua04-1728.zip
  10. Bloodite Krypto

    Slaughterfest (201)3 [-complevel 9]

    Cool route improvements :] MAP01 - UV-Max in 3:16 sf301-316.zip
  11. Bloodite Krypto

    Disjunction demos [-complevel 9]

    Thanks! Lambda base max attempts really pissed me off! Which is unusual as I'm often laid back when speedrunning, but this map manages to conjure up so much RNG bollocks with monsters misbehaving, it fucks up a lot of attempts and started to push my tolerance threshold too far.
  12. Bloodite Krypto

    The DWIronman League dies to: The Plutonia Experiment

    Yeah that's what I'm talking about! Balance your ammo distribution equally so your unlikely to run low on a certain type, as an example I sometimes like to soften Barons with 2 to 3 rockets or a volley of plasma, then finish them with the SSG, better then using all 5 rockets on one. Try to save powerups for the end of the map so you can enter the next level refreshed, unless your about to die or need them for a hard fight where your likely to take a beating.
  13. Bloodite Krypto

    The DWIronman League dies to: The Plutonia Experiment

    @leodoom85 I finished watching your run. What an excellent display of bold and methodical gameplay. You have a systematic approach to each fight, selecting a different weapon depending on the circumstance, utilizing the arsenal to it's fullest potential, I can see your quite the fan of the pump action Shotgun ;D using cover and thinking before moving, excellent technique for the bridge fight on 02, you handled Anti-Christ a lot more smoother then myself :P You didn't panic at the brief moments you were bleeding hard, but kept your head on and overcame inexorable odds, 30 was particularly scary ;) also kudos for attempting to go for max kills on most maps, a brave endeavour on a challenging set. It was an entertaining run to watch, congrats and well done :] Nah, I expect someone else to speedrun this despite Dime's failure, I can think of a few potential candidates ;) or DotW may best me again :]
  14. Bloodite Krypto

    The DWIronman League dies to: The Plutonia Experiment

    Here is my cat 2 run in 2:08:57. DWIronman_Plutonia_BlooditeKrypto.zip Glorious Plutonia! Champion of the IWAD! A rip-roaring beast of a ride, a leader in the creation of a new standard of hardcore gameplay and still a joy to play to this very day.
  15. Bloodite Krypto

    Disjunction demos [-complevel 9]

    MAP02 - Tyson in 17:48 dj02t1748.zip