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  1. Finished :) That was a great bloodbath, very generous with health but intense moments where you can potentially crumble, thanks for hosting ;)
  2. Finished in 32:47 completely blind. As soon as I saw the weapon sprite replacements I knew I'd not played this before. The one I recall playing in the 90's featured the HUD face with those shades seen in Deus Vult II. Pretty stellar set and that's not just because I'm smitten for all things Egyptian :3 The modifications to enemies and pickup messages is awesome, 'A measly stimpack' brilliant! :D The Flamethrower is kick ass, essentially an alternative plasma rifle without the delay after you stop firing, making it effective for rushing and barbequeing the hordes away. The Archvile Pharoah is intriguing, slow yet packing a powerful punch, pretty daunting in close quarters! Good navigational awareness combined with using the automap meant I didn't get lost much ;)
  3. Sure, I'll probably be free tomorrow afternoon and that map description is too enticing to pass up ;)
  4. An important note to avoid the all ghosts bug: If your using PRBoom+ make sure 'Try to emulate intercepts overflow is disabled' Go to: Options > General > scroll to the page where it says Emulation > 'Warn on Intercepts Overflow' just below it 'Try to Emulate it?' > set to No True that, but it makes sense to go from a very challenging wad to a more leisurely one in the following month, as the average player can enjoy the wad with a lower difficulty curve rather then suffer the frustration of a premature death after getting battered from the previous month. It also changes the aspect of the challenge, if a wad is hard your only concern is to survive as it's unlikely anyone else will do so, where as if the wad is easy, the focus becomes beating it quickly as it's likely many will survive, therefore time becomes an important factor so your encouraged to change your play style to be more fast paced. In my case it doesn't make a difference as I'm always fast and reckless ;D As for Osiris, uhhhh I think I played it once? Back in the 90's, on ye olde Doom95 xD I vaguely recall playing some Egyptian themed wad from that decade, but it could have been it's predecessor Anubis.
  5. Thanks for the kind words fellas (: Looks like I'll still get to be top of the dead ;)
  6. Hereeeeeee we gooooooo Alfonzo! Dead on MAP30 in 02:40:43! First celebratory videos! Turns out I remember these maps better then I expected, enough to do some ludicrous speed tricks which put me in hot water far too many times to be comfortable with, but which allowed me to skip a good portion of maps. Some of them I noticed during the TNS session and others from being observant of AV placements. I recall when Unholy Realms was released as a preview thingy with 5 or so maps back in the day incidently. I got trolled so hard during Episode 3 when I had the rad suit, then the game thought it was funny to all of a sudden commence the infamous rad suit leak bug and sap my health for no reason at random intervals. Lots of crazy oh shit moments throughout the whole run. At first I thought I DNF'ed on MAP28 due to wallrunning along a fence and getting trapped behind some bars with no red key, but thankfully it was a timed trap and they opened back up. The deal breaker on MAP30 was the game going into troll mode overdose and refusing to let me finish the Icon of Sin swiftly after clearing the Cybers and AV's in the surrounding area, sometimes their were lost souls by the pillar after stepping through the teleport, one time I teleported up there and the damn thing refused to descend for no reason. The death takes the cake though if you watch it in the 3rd person camera, a perfectly timed Marine meets rocket at the right place, at the right time. There we have it! A master really does fall from grace once in a blue moon ;) Take a bow Alfonzo on an exceptional choice and finally giving me my just deserts.
  7. Thanks for the encouraging words mon ami :) I'm familar with Unholy Realms from playing the Zdaemon Thursday Night Survival session back in March and April of 2016, then I played it in SP before the end of last year, we'll see how reliable my photographic memory is from those two experiences. I was betting you'd make it to Episode 3 so great job :D I took a peek at Alfonzo and Dime's deaths following all the commotion. An unfortunate oversight on behalf of Alfonzo with missing the green armor followed by the devious placement of the second Archvile. Dime's death was despicably cruel and undeserved, essentially being fucked over a rare instance of the game engine descending into the realms of lunacy. What's funny is the same scenario killed me in the pain rotation of TNS, where monster damage is doubled and fast monsters is enabled :D
  8. Their was a sequel called 'Drakan: The Ancient Gates' but it's a PS2 exclusive. Mobygames EDIT: Welp you beat me to the post xD what was wrong with the console title?
  9. Here is my survival in 1:12:39 For the record I've played this 4 times in the past, x1 vanilla, x1 survival, x2 gameplay mods (An old version of Ceejay's Duke mod before it was 'Duke it out in Doom' and Immoral Conduct respectively.) I'm intentionally aggressive and take a beating, but due to the abundance of health you can afford to play recklessly, it results in some tense moments which makes for interesting viewing. I had a shitty experience on 08 getting lost trying to get the yellow key and on 10 working out where to go after acquiring the red key. Thanks for selecting Insertion, it was a blast to re-visit :)
  10. An easier method is to go to: Options > Setup > Status Bar / HUD and it's on the 2nd page under 'Advanced HUD settings' :)
  11. I love me some David Shaw and Adam Williamson mapping ;) Very fond of the Memento Mori megawads and Requiem. I discovered this nearly a decade ago, on Andy Olivera's youtube channel funnily enough, when he was uploading TAS runs of Twilight Zone, Darkening II, Eternal and this cropped up :D It has a nice, classic feel with it's cavernous outposts and subterranean excursions. I don't recall it to be difficult at all, it's on par with the aforementioned megawads they went on to manifest, played it a number of times, guess I'll have to wait till next month for another megawad I hope :D The last was March with BTSX, although not exactly the whole 32 levels, so that would be a partial megawad :P
  12. Memfis to the rescue! Thanks :D Thanks (: It's one of DD's most forgiving offerings, given the surplus of caches you can retreat to in the event of taking a bludgeoning and the ability to escape most teleporter ambush encounters by retreating out of the room quickly. By contrast his other levels envelop the player with claustrophobia, forcing you into small areas with teleporter ambushes appearing all around you, with an instinctual reflex required to avoid getting plastered quickly. It's a key distinction with other maps in the slaughter genre which provide the player with dodging room and the capacity to cheese or backtrack encounters, DD broke this mold by creating a level design aesthetic which forces the player into most encounters with no plausible escape and is very unforgiving putting you point blank in nearly every situation. Merci (: An impressive undertaking, floundering in the BFG corridor is fatal as the Archviles bring you to the brink of death if multiple hits are sustained, such was the case with myself due to clumsy movement and misanticipating the timing of their attacks, I was fortunate to not panic at the Cyber's intimidating approach. The dreaded flesh caves is an inexorable obstactle to claiming victory, it requires precise execution and foreknowledge of the Archvile ambushes to come, if ammo isn't stocked up prior to entering you've already shot yourself in the foot, if the Archvile teleports catch you off guard they'll spread everywhere like a swarm of spiders and pin you down in the blink of an eye. I recall my first playthrough of the level and reaching the area with a gross lack of resources and being baffled at how it's possible to due the absence of health, with the troll health potions sealing your fate :) then seeing it's a case of going in well stocked. An exceptional effort, despite the few lethal flaws which brought you to the brink of death, you maintained consistently high health throughout, it was especially impressive demolishing the BFG corridor without taking so much as a graze, where as I took a pummeling throughout and made several uncanny errors. I was perturbed by your strategy following crushing the Arachnotrons prior to the Megasphere secret, unleashing the duo Archvile and Cyber pair on the lift, but rather then dispense them quickly, instead luring the AV's out to resurrect the imps and taking refuge by the corner up the lift, which only exasperated the danger of the encounter and extended it's duration. I assume it was due to not recalling the best strategy (: It was a shame the boon of the Mega was taken away by the crossfire of the Cyber duo, a more acceptable fate then the embarassment of eating a rocket from the distant turret cyber as was my case xD A tragic turn of events in the flesh caves, if you made it to the caverns below, I'm certain you would have claimed victory. I'm personally hoping for a megawad next month, of moderate length and seasoned difficulty. A great attempt, but it was peculiar and disappointing you didn't go for a full attempt given the extortionate amount of preparation you did :D playing it twice, watching everyones attempt, practicing it several times, but choosing to go for the most optimal means of farming kills. Nonetheless it was an intriguing read and undertaking :)
  13. Oh nice you made 06, that explains why it's so similar to that map from Sparta 2 :D I didn't give the western fight much effort, so I'll try it again in SP and re-evaluate my judgement. It's already been mentioned but: MAP10 - Too many stacked cell packs causes the source port (Zandronum anyway :P) to struggle in loading the map, which can cause unnecessary client side lag and kick players. This one hasn't: MAP13 - When the bars for sector 557 rise, if someone dies in the trap their's no way to get back in and they don't lower either, so map progression is halted.
  14. At long last, here is my eagerly awaited... While this is one of Death-Destiny's longest maps, I wouldn't place it in his top 5 most lethal. The following I consider more challenging when blind or even when knowledgeable, as they require genuine skill to beat without saves and don't fall victim to the design flaw of being able to cheese fights. Without hesitation the infamous No Chance reserves first place, being based off Erik Alm's Xtreme, which is another notorious wad restricting the target audience to speedrunners solely, it requires foreknowledge on the map layout and encounters to progress, but almost every encounter is close quarters and in your face which demands dexterious skill and intelligent strategy to defeat. The final two maps from Dark Resolution 2008, The Soulscarred Universe and Lich are pure murder even when intimate with the map layout. The former oozes claustrophobia and gives you small room for error due to the limited resources, it forces you into most rooms and denys escape by placing cybers by entrances and devious use of Archviles. The latter borders on ludicrousy denying you armor for half of the map, very tight resource management and the final fights one can argue to be luck based due to their absence of space and is dependant on whether Archviles are aggressive and pin you down. Elysion is a straight forward map from beginning to end, but every encounter is literally in your face and punishes you severely for the slightest margin of error. It again features close quarter slaughter fights you can't escape from and continually flanks the player with DD's trademark teleporter ambushes. Abyssion takes the fifth place for being notoriously cramped with dickish placement of Archviles and Cybers. The latter in ranking from hardest to easiest are Grime, Crimson Horizon and Satan's Angel, excluding the Beesong as I never played that and the map appears to be lost :P Distrubia is distinct as it features an abundance of supplies arranged in health and ammo caches which the player can easily go back to and replenish when needed, which is a stark contrast to DD's other maps which don't incorporate this design feature at all. The secrets reward the player generously for keen observation and are essential due to the power ups stored within, this holds even more weight when you consider the blue armor at the start is the only armor piece not in a secret. As for the encounters, you can see it's oozing with teleporter ambushes so one can repeat the formula of every time a switch is pressed or a corridor is approached, get the fuck out of dodge to avoid being splattered. The brutal encounters are few and far between with the hallway with the Cyb near the beginning, the BFG trap and the infamous ending being the other, but as for the rest of the map it can be approached cautiously and leisurely if one wills it, without the pressure of being locked into a area and encountering a fatal scenario. It is for these reasons I consider Distrubia to be one of his easier maps.
  15. Thanks for your approval of zee feedback (: I also forgot: MAP06 - The opening area becomes tedious and obnoxious due to the amount of Pain Elementals, while it puts pressure on the player, it restricts your ability to effectively dispatch the more dangerous demons as their constantly getting in your face no matter which corner you choose to go initially, as a result this encourages you to camp the corners as you can't effectively use the RL or get a foothold. Their presence is effective but their numbers should be reduced. I recall Anc mentioning the exit trap is bullshit but he didn't go into detail why :D That trap after the lift descent with 2 Cybs teleporting from behind and HK's blocking your path is slightly cheap and luck based? It looks like you can't squeeze past the HK's if your quick enough after descending and you don't have time to kill a few to get past either before the Cybs are on your ass. So you've gotta rely on those 2 cybs hopefully hitting the HK's and infight so you have an opportunity to escape?