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  1. Salut Mes Amis! For your hard work, have my FDAS for the first 5 levels (I accidently recorded them in -complevel 9) the rest tomorrow! 05 does it's best to pull me under, but I prevail in the end :) A very acute grasp of what makes engaging and addicting gameplay with intricate visuals to draw you in, as I've come to expect from the French Doom Community! The medieval theme reminds me of certain Quake mapsets, I'm glad this was extended to both the monsters and texturing! My only complaint is no map by Oxyde! His levels are visually stunning and very challenging, the most memorable for me is MAP27 from 3 Heures d'agonie 2 which was a real bastard ;D
  2. Electro Wizard - UV-Max in 10:28
  3. Ok bud! Outhouse - UV-Max in 3:54 Crappy first exit, too many Revenants and stragglers near the end cost me time, if the Cybers can infight with the Revenants they'll be minimal to clean up afterwards which can save quite a pocket of time. I hate the start due to the Pain Elementals :D They make it a russian roulette luck fest, I've had golden runs where I leave the room above 160% as everything bunches up on the left and infights immediately, most of time shit just goes wandering all over the place. The texture usage and green slime coupled with the ferocious gameplay reminds me of Darkwave24, which is another brutal and unforgiving ordeal. I'll try to improve this later.
  4. Very likely ;) I only make demos when the mood strikes me and on maps I really like, so submissions can be sproadic.
  5. A little late but I've finished 04. The key word to summarize is well choreographed, acute attention to color and lighting with evocative architecture that is captivating and memorable, it reminded me of Sunder, particular in the outdoor section with those uniquely crafted buildings on the outskirts, placed for immersion and a sense of scale rather then being part of the playing area. The gameplay was balanced and carefully refined, it's the right level of challenge without being flawed with poor monster setups which make it impossible to avoid taking damage regardless of one's playing ability. That being said the only two fights I was reluctant to consider fair was getting stuffed in that square box in the outdoor area with two cybers, their fine to deal with if their not aggressive, but I question how detrimental that setup will have on UV-Maxing the map, to get so far and get slapped in the face with bad luck as it's a very tense encounter, on the other hand you could just stand on their spawn point till the archway opens. Also with regards to the secret fight by the exit, when that flood of Archviles teleport in you've got no cover and can be low on cell ammo by that point, the only method I can see of dispatching them is to have foreknowledge of when they are about to teleport in and pre-fire BFG blasts, unless this has been changed for the /idgames release then consider the point invalid, but that's the only encounter I considered genuinely unfair. Overall these are some of the best slaughter maps I've played all year, great architectue and addicting gameplay with the right scale of difficulty that challenges the player but doesn't push them over the edge, this is thanks to a balanced distribution of resources, you've got just the right amount of health and ammo to support you, never an absence which makes you struggle in dispatching lethal encounters quickly and never too abundant to make you play cocky and recklessly. The player has just enough breathing room to manipulate and negotiate horde movement so as not to get trapped, which makes for tactiful fights, but their are never big, open areas which leads to the lethargy of running around in circles holding down the fire key, your always under pressure to kill monsters quickly to avoid getting trapped and are encouraged to prioritize targets when Archviles and Pain Elementals are thrown into the mix. Congratulations and well done!
  6. Uhh, this links to an entirely different wad called untitled_v2.wad with 680 monsters :S
  7. Anc is the best :)
  8. Yeah that was pretty much my strategy, but I had trouble getting more cells and a soulsphere as I'd get blocked by Cacos and HK's, in hindsight I think I had bad luck with the Cyber teleporting in late. No issues with 02, The layout is very simple, just a straight forward gauntlet which ascends in intensity. I really liked the opening battle due to the minimum amount of space you have to work with, you have to be precise with your aim in killing the Revenants as if you let one straggler get ahead it's easy to get trapped by the wall. I don't see many revenant horde fights in an enclosed area where you'll get trapped unless you kill them quick enough, which is a nice touch! I thought this was the hardest fight ironically :D The drop down to the Mega with the Cyb, goats and AV's along the walls is pretty ballsy, you need very quick reflexes to duke and dive between the goats while avoiding the cyber on the platform and take out the AV's. I'm glad there were additional medkits as it's impossible to avoid taking damage, which is clearly the intention from the setup of the fight, but is manageable given the included Megasphere. I yoloed the last fight on my first try, just had the right timing with some tactical footwork going back and forth between the Barons and the corner with the Archviles to avoid getting fried, and had some nice infighting with the Cyber and BFG usage to avoid being trapped. I liked the Pain Elemental armada at the exit which are deadly if your low on health by that point, they prevent the tension from grinding to a complete halt :) 03 had great gameplay which flowed well from beginning to end, I never felt any fight was tedious or included just for filler, but had intelligent monster placement combined with cramped layouts that forced you to act fast with your weapon usage and footwork. I especially liked the cyber setups as they were crucial for infighting in featured fights to avoid getting trapped and added a great strategic aspect. The finale was a great deal of fun, but not frustrating as your flooded with all the cells you could desire and a good surplus of Megas to keep you patched up, some nice duking and diving between rampant Archviles and cyber rockets :) Great set of maps once again, I enjoyed the gameplay from the beginning of each map to the end and never felt it was a chore to playthrough or unfair in design, have yet to play 04..
  9. Hi :) Great opening level, the architecture is stellar to say the least, never seen that cubic stairway pattern executed with such a refined look. I found the challenge just right for the most part, with no unfair fights where your forced to take unwarranted damage or get pummeled by poor enemy placement. The hardest battle is definitely the stairway full of Revenants, HK's, Cacos swarming in with Pinkies and Imps in the rear. I beat it but I couldn't find a full proof strategy which always works, I tried killing as many Revenants as possible, then shooting rockets at the Pinkies and Imps before being forced to switch to Plasma and situate myself in the corner by the Soulsphere while moving through the thicket. Then getting lucky being able to free myself from the swarm and dive for the opening now present at the top of the stairs, from there it was much easier to clear the remaining group without being trapped from all sides. I can't really comment if this needs altering without opinions from others, maybe their are too many enemies? I assume the difficulty was designed with demo recording in mind? I can see that fight being a real bitch unless you know exactly what your doing :D The final battle was ironically the easiest, only because your given space to move without being trapped and it's quite generous throwing in Medkits along side the much needed Megasphere. If you time your movement just right going between the groups of Pinkies, it's possible to do this taking little to no damage. I don't have a criticism with final battles not necessarily being the hardest section of the whole map, just thought it was humourous and unexpected after the ordeal of the stairway fight :)
  10. These comments are misleading. Since when can you record multiple episodes of Doom 1 in one demo file? I just tested recording a demo for E1M8 from the original game and it fades to the end text but doesn't let you progress to E2, it won't let you select new game either. Is their some secret trick I'm missing? D:
  11. Me to :( it's wintery and fun. Why you shatter our hopes and dreams Alfonzo :<
  12. Here I am at the 11th hour! Crossing the finish line at... NOT! Dead on the final battle due to getting blocked from getting precious cell ammo, better luck next time chummer! :) Category 2 run - I've played Oscillation twice shortly after it came out due to being captivated by the screenshots. The first was a standard, casual playthrough, the 2nd was a speedy one, going through the maps quickly looking for shortcuts. I didn't intend for the run to be done today, I was tied up earlier in the month recording runs for Mystery1 then got raked into real life business and only remembered something important a day ago haha :) Good Job Anc, it was about time you survived another Ironman :)
  13. Your welcome :) I'm glad you didn't take my criticism the wrong way, if you intend to make future levels I hope you implement Invuls in the way I described ;) I think 02 would have been more interesting if it didn't use as many Invuls and featured locks in which trap the player in a room, then you would encounter fights where your under pressure to kill enemies quickly or risk being overwhelmed, that's the type of slaughter I find the most appealing, rather then tedious holding the fire button down and moving back and forth in a big, open area, their is no challenge and it becomes boring as a result. Thank you :) At first I thought this level wouldn't be so bad to speedrun, but it proved to be frustrating and quite an ordeal in many respects :D
  14. MAP04 - UV-Max in 27:43 I finally beat this son of a bitch. Their is a small essay in the text file :P
  15. It's a Chillax replica only in reference to the layout and texture usage, their are many rooms which are ripped straight out and heavily modified to provide a different experience, as far as difficulty is concerned, it's nothing like Chillax as health and ammo is very generous. That being said it's a slaughter wad, so I doubt it would be considered easy by the majority of players, also not sure if the common consensus of judging difficulty is based on whether saves are used or not, this is certainly easy with saves but would probably be beyond playable for most if doing each map saveless. Skipping 02 for the time being, sorry Yousuf but your design choice was very poor, making a meme out of Invul fights and basing most of the level around this gimmick, slaughter fights are boring with Invuls where your just clearing out a flood of enemies, the correct use is to make it into a time trial, where you need to take out a swarm quickly or you'll be overwhelmed when it runs out, but here your just cleaning up hordes of enemies in very symmetrical and boring layouts. That long red hallway full of Hellknights which went on for an eternity was a hideous chore to playthrough, hold down the fire button and move back and forth, a boring map I'm afraid :/ 03 is pretty kewl, close quarters and intense! :) MAP03 - UV-Max in 21:29