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Walter confetti

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    most certainly i made a map for the community project you playin

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  1. Walter confetti

    DoomWiki Months in Review (Issue #53)

    Uhm... Aren't Green cacos from Coop build shooting fast BFG projectiles? Or most simply It was a false memory...
  2. Walter confetti

    Fastest Shovels 13 - Speed of PSX

    Ports and recreations made before are ok
  3. Walter confetti


    What i was thinking of when i read the OP post and the linked article on It! However, gonna wait until a trailer of sorts gets released for better judgements but.... Yeah It kinda feels more like Eternal Doom conceptually, really.
  4. Walter confetti

    modified doom2 rpg sky (great for space/moon maps)

    Looks beautiful!
  5. Yeah, i was going to post It here too! I like your idea overall...
  6. Walter confetti

    Super Doom 2 3-D

    This thing really gives me strong 1997 user map vibes lol
  7. Walter confetti

    Fastest Shovels 13 - Speed of PSX

    Looks cool!
  8. Walter confetti

    ryona.wad [-cl 21]

    Interesting concept, never see a ero guro themed mapset actually!
  9. Walter confetti

    Fastest Shovels 13 - Speed of PSX

    I'll upload them when possibile. FS11 is complete and 12 needs to be compiled all togheter, but the sessions are both ready for idgames.
  10. Guess what's back Back Again Build a map for PSX Doom, 6 hours limit (excluding play testing) Mapping time can be non consecutive Use psydoom for testing purpose: Use this Doom Builder fork for making your maps: https://github.com/Erick194/DoomBuilderPSX If you can't run Psydoom on your computer, you can use Doom CE as a substitute: https://www.moddb.com/mods/doom-ce Deadline: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20240603T00&p0=2500&msg=Fastest+Shovels+13&font=cursive
  11. I like the weird palette in the shots!
  12. Fixed (hopefully) the inespicable pit puzzle and added difficulty settings. 1kx1-v1.zip
  13. Walter confetti

    Das Teufelswad

    This looks pretty impressive! Good work!
  14. Walter confetti

    What are your favourite "Thanks for playing!" maps?

    Ancient Aliens
  15. Walter confetti

    Textures from Little Big Adventure 2: Twinsen's Odyssey

    I remember that i really liked Little Big Adventure 2 when i was in my 12/14, what a charming title.