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  1. Walter confetti

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #021

    Water Flood from Hell & Gorilla Gore II by Michael Lundy - Vanilla Doom 2, 1995, played with Eternity engine 4.0.2 Forseti Not a bad map for 1995, it's actually a pretty cool with it's nice and clean layout and the new textures (one railing texture from Obticuary texture that i used too in one of my maps too, Mancublood from 1monster to be more precise, and a darker blue WFALLx texture that i saw used in another old map from 1996), set in this under\above watery station, kinda reminiscent of The Waste Tunnels in some parts too and another small hellish like place. MAP01 transition between under and above water sections is pretty bizarre, i've expected some teleports or lift between areas, but instead you just cross a WFALL wall and you're underwater! That's pretty odd, but all the map is pretty cool. MAP02 is a remake of a old map that i've played one year ago, what i though abou that map is wrote in the link below. Overall, a nice pair of maps. Rocker4 by Joe Winter - Vanilla Doom 2, 1996 but uploaded in 1997, played with Eternity engine 4.0.2 Forseti A pretty average castle-like map with some pretty good arches structures scattered in a pair of sections and a overall nice theme execution with some rawness derivative of old 90s editors, all having a Dirt midi by Alice in Chains with some weird instrumentation due to MUS conversion made by this carpenter\musician\Doom addict back in 1996. Is also kinda semi-linear, with some monster closets and rooms that have the key that opens randomly at your passage. The final locked door hides a tall maze with some imps scattered in (at least in HNTR), oh joy! Overall, a not bad map that was fun to play, but not that exceptional for my tastes to have such high votes on idgames imo.
  2. Walter confetti

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Neat Megaman X Propic
  3. Yes, it is a very big coincidence, i didn't even know about it thinking it was a different wad, going to see what he/she wrote about it...
  4. Here's a real rarity i found from one of my old cds, so rare that isn't even on idgames! The Hunt by Sator (Doom 2, MAP01 - MAP06, 2003, played with Gzdoom 4.7.0) DOWNLOAD LINK A small (first time? it looks so) 6 maps made of small\medium maps maps (it takes 20/30 minutes to be completed) with a small unfinished MAP07 as a final map for quitting the mapset, it isn't a groundbreaking mini episode but... it's a cute and fun map sets in this gigantic starship with techbases and even a small city remake, cool! It also includes a lot of small doomcute parts, new pretty cool textures, 3D bridges in Hell Revealed 2 style plus some vanilla trickery like instant floor lowering, 3D catwalks, animated switches and other fancy tricks. Overall, a pretty cool first time effort map from this unknown italian mapper that i've downloaded long, long time ago on the web looking for doom maps. The only nad point is a door that i didn't know how to open in MAP05 (that is also the longest map)... Overall, a small fun mini episode.
  5. Walter confetti

    DBP42: Slime on Earth

    A small patch that makes monsters non infighting each other in the Dehacked lump, that's it.
  6. Walter confetti

    DBP42: Slime on Earth

    Congratulations for the release! I wanted to make more than one map, but i didn't have the inspiration to do it at last. Also, MAP06 is a map by Komori and SuperCupcakeTactics
  7. Walter confetti

    How do you aproach building maps?

    I mostly build out of the stream of creativity i have at the moment, with pretty rare occasion that i make a plan for the map I'm making... When I plan my maps, i usually draw a raw picture of the map layout, top view, and then remake it on the editor plus adding more stuff. Latest map i did with this treatment was for Oops! All Techbases MAP20 How do i approach my maps? Mmm, at first i make my map upon some central shape with a what i find a interesting set-piece, mostly based upon horseshoe or just a rectangular (or other weird shapes) room, and with some wild themes that comes in my mind or mostly some stuff that is been stick in my mind from previous maps I've played or seen, as well for other sources like media or real life moments that caught me. Actually the map theme is the most important thing to me! Rooms first, ugly encounter that needs lot of testing later last. And if possible, ALWAYS add a door behind the player spawn lol. Or just make some sort of entry point from where the player coming from (a portal, a outdoor area, a hole/stairs from a cave entrance that is locked like in Slough of despair). Always make the textures scheme first, for the music it depends. Sometimes is based upon it, sometimes comes when I make the map and i add it at the end. But mostly the second choice. I make some small textures edits if needed, I'm absolutely not good at making music. My results are always some chaotic mess, the few moments I tried (last music piece i made was for... Wooo 3 iirc) With some rare occasion for zdoom maps, i tend to stay closer to the original game limits. Also because I'm not at the level to break completely the engine limits
  8. Walter confetti

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #021

    Escape from the Hellbase(demo) by @TwinBeast - Vanilla Doom 2, 2003, played with Eternity forseti 4.0.2 A small "speedmapping" experiment sets in a dirt, abandoned, ugly cement techbase but that's somewhat nice, like TNT evilution maps, There's aslso a lot of misaligned textures but overall it's a ok map. More polishing could be better but i'm ok with everything here. THEYARD2 by David Davidson (AKA DRILLER) - Vanilla Doom 2, 1995, played with Zandronum 3.1 alpha and bots A pretty neat small deathmatch map, feels like a simpler brit series map with it's usage of brown brick and metal textures plus a central grass yard as a main arena. Gun placement is kinda lame having the guns almost out of reach from the player spawn spots plus a small series of 64 unit wide corridors is the bad part, but the map itself is good and fun! shriek.wad by fubar@who.cares.i.wont.get.email.anyway - Vanilla Doom 2, 1994, played with Zandronum 3.1 alpha and bots Wait, is this one of the first Doom 2 user maps? If yes, this will be a interesting thing! Anyway, this is a pretty nice wood map (and since the file name, is this the Shrek cabin? And 7 years before that movie?) that makes me want play more and more of it, the layout is good but the gun placement is a half disaster since there's no gun-ready spawn spots and the gun placement is pretty weird, with guns put in weird angles, the SSG is the main threat in the middle of a lava pedestal and the chaingun is semi-secret? Odd. Overall a nice map with some weird directions for gun placing. And since i want to keep the Shrek jokes... Why not using this midi as music (yeah, i know that it wasn't even made the song in 1994, but you can always dl it and make a small wad)?
  9. Walter confetti

    The Dude's adventures: Part I "House invasion"

    Blue broken rooms and ugly texturing, lots of HOMs, lots of monsters and no way to resemble any house of sort. Or to tribute The big Lebowsky movie at all. A very bad old style jokewad map, unfunny at all.
  10. I'll give you the slots you want...
  11. Walter confetti

    Tax Money Space Odyssey (Community Project Based on Elon's Tweets)

    The map screenshots looks really good, but i don't know if i want to join this since I'm already engaged in another lot of community stuff... But the idea sounds interesting for a kinda jokewad-ish concept (but with the joke part more relevant), so I'll send you my best wishes for the project! Good luck!
  12. DNA technology laboratory wad for Doom ][ by Doug Ryerson (Doom 2, MAP01, 1995, played with GZDoom 4.7.0) DOWNLOAD LINK Not a really bad map, the design is pretty nice and make me think of the previous reviewed Sky City, sets in this white marble lab structure where DNA experiments are done, the new graphics are pretty cool, layout is good and the gameplay is fun. The only negative thing is that glasses windows doesn't crash and there's not really too many details, but for the time is a interesting small map.
  13. Walter confetti

    CHURCH of DOOM ][

    A medium sized map sets in a sort of church surrounded by burning men, graveyards and other type of stuff around. The level is simple but fun to play, both in SP and DM. Same simplicity reflects in the detailing work and fell.
  14. Walter confetti

    CITADEL ][

    A wooden and metal structure that also have some prisons, hidden locked doors as normal textures and everything here is brown, very brown. Overall a fun map with a fun gameplay and a spooky atmosphere, especially thanks to the music. Cool stuff.