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  1. Walter confetti

    Boaty McBoatwad - let's all make boat maps (Boom CP)

    What a cute old time boat @jerrysheppy!
  2. Walter confetti

    Good Urban-themed Texture Pack?

    There's also Ghostbusters Doom texture and Realistic texture pack
  3. Walter confetti

    Heretic Episode Wads

    More episode for your list: Oh-no (Episode 1 replacement) Frags96 (12 custom Heretic levels) (Episode 1 - E2M1, E2M2 replacement) Heretic Upstart Mapping Project (Episode 1, Episode 2 and E3M1) It's real and it kills! (Episode 1 replacement, limit-removing?) Serpent's Wake (Episode 3)
  4. Walter confetti

    The Wasteland Series

    A series of 3 classic maps joined in one pack, including new detailing and graphics (especially E2M1), really good stuff for the time it was done.
  5. Walter confetti

    List of all VANILLA slaughter maps

    Always from 1994 mapping era there's awsopale.wad and for some extent also Pie can be considered as a slaughtermap... Also I recall Far side of Phobos as a hard / slaughter mapset, but I didn't played this from quite a long time....
  6. Walter confetti

    Random Video Thread

    This is lysergic and hysterical at the same time.
  7. Walter confetti

    Boaty McBoatwad - let's all make boat maps (Boom CP)

    Version 2 of Ume Maru. the round boat has benn enlarged and difficulty has been spiced up, according to @ABearInThaWoods feedback
  8. Walter confetti

    The New Doomworld Pet Thread

    I think to have already posted a picture of my pet on the old thread, anyway: (Spoiler picture because it was too big!) Here's my dog, Gioia! She is a 2 and half year old long fur chihuahua. I made this photo after a bath 2 weeks ago.
  9. Walter confetti

    What are you listening to?

    Pretty cool free album:
  10. Walter confetti

    What are you listening to?

  11. Walter confetti

    My Wads

  12. Walter confetti

    Looking for newer Doom 2 wads...

    Check Idgames under "latest files" at the bottom
  13. Walter confetti

    What level themes should I make?

    OTEX texture? How about using the pink / magenta textures present in the pack for a psychedelic level?
  14. Walter confetti

    Hell City Remastered (V.1.1)

    Looks really impressive!
  15. Walter confetti

    What was the lowest point in your mapping career?

    I didn't knew it was a map from you! Back on topic: Every time i tried to do jokewads, with the only expection of this thing. Oh, and probably one map from WOOO 3. I don't have a really great sense of humor, unluckily. So i've filled the archives with pretty much a series of unfunny jokewads with horrible inside jokes that nobody's get it...