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  1. Took me some time to get accustomed to this (especially when it comes to the last level since I suck at platforming, so crazy sequences it features aplenty are genuinely intimidating to me), but in the end I can definitely say that I had some quality time. I'm far from being a Castlevania enthusiast (as long as we're not talking Lords of Shadow series that are much more like my alley, macrosurgical dissections ahoy), yet from such a perspective things are interesting and engaging enough to... feel the vibe, so to speak. Overall - a very nice fast-paced reflexes-oriented marathon that can basically be completed in one evening (a shame, really, wish it would've been longer), and a great piece of work overall, a worthy distraction from space marine's chores. Thank you for making this! P.S. Dracula fight was easy as pie, duh. Though I suppose all bosses aren't that much of a hassle once it becomes evident just how effective the boomerang cross is against them.
  2. ^Cool, thanks!
  3. Slaughterfest 3 map18 ("Via Tortuosa") is still my favorite and the one I'm most pleased with, the amount of times I replayed it to date is comically high. Pretty much ideal representation of my initial intentions even though it also fell victim to my cutting spree back in the day (there was at least one big area that didn't end up satisfactory so I scrapped it as a whole, as well as some smaller things here and there). MAYhem 2015 map29 ("Solace of the Shadows") is also more or less spot on, I like how its gameplay turned out in the end in spite of its utter simplicity, so in the end I can conclude the experiment was successful from the experimentalist's own POV at least. Noctambulist in its entirety turned out more or less okay, also don't mind replaying it from time to time. Surprisingly I can't decide whether I like map02 or map03 more, even though those who played the wad didn't really hesitate to make their pick as far as I could tell.
  4. Hey there uncle Steve the Pelt Collector! Fun stuff, it's nice to have a map where the player can determine his own pace without caring about things too much once in a while, the music was also intense enough (and spot-on enough from that perspective) to encourage frantic carelessness and daring stupidities. Nevertheless this map's got many things right for its intended purpose, fast but not pressing, many ways to play it, intuitive enough weapon progression and some meatier scenarios to keep things entertaining, also once again - you're doing an interesting work combining the ways of yore and contemporary tendencies to achieve something that's both modern and nostalgic, yet it's not something you're not already comfortable enough doing as far as I can tell, so I wouldn't even think you're going to fail that part. Good work! Have a lazy (lousy?) FDA if you like.
  5. It's fantastic that you decided to carry on with this theme, Impie, never really expected the sequel, and yet here it is. Great as always, beaten the episode and never noticed anything wrong this time around (aside from exiting some of the levels with low % of kills, but I was also missing secrets most of the time, so I guess it's related). Thanks a ton, definitely hope to see more, and considering how damn fast you are - I also hope the wait isn't going to be very long, heh. Cheers!
  6. @Steve D jesus h christ, that's, like, sporting some seriously brutal look, mr. Duff, sir. Standing in awe!
  7. Hey there Paul, nice map, quite lenient indeed compared to your stuff we've seen before but nevertheless competent and certainly enjoyable. I find it funny that most setpieces are arranged in a somewhat foreboding fashion, yet in fact they're quite manageable and forgiving when it comes to actual encounters they contain. Still, things like that work in my book, so why not. The music track is nice, should take a note of that one. Attaching leisurely crappy FDA, gotten fairly rusty as of late and it certainly shows, so don't expect anything beyond mediocre. Still, thanks for these minutes of fun I've had, hoping to see more from you in the future.
  8. Thanks, guys! @WH-Wilou84man, that's quite an impressive performance, you have ultimately destroyed this mapset. I never really anticipated m03 FDAs due to its supposed-to-be-harsh nature, glad to be mistaken then. Not to mention your great work on previous maps demo-wise, you're awesome. Well, I can see where you're coming from re: early bfg, yet I knew the risks from the very beginning (obviously) and was nevertheless willing to take them without changing much in the grand scheme of things. The more subtle "experimental" aspect of this map (and yet another shade of "free-form" I mentioned) is that I, for once, wanted to stop strictly enforcing my rules and my ways of playing my maps. It's like "oh, you found the bfg early? okay then, good for you, go there and destroy them all the 'unintended' way and feel free to think that you've outsmarted me". For maxers, the preferrable route is apparent, but for anyone else there are simply opportunities to approach things differently without me being that much of a dreaded puppet master that keeps carefully orchestrating things and punishing everyone "not good enough" for slightest deviations from my strictures. So for now, I don't really want to change that and tighten the grip again. Nevertheless I did some small tweaks (and yeah, at this point I agree that the YSK route needs another PG to avoid unneeded vexation), so thanks in any case, your thoughts and your great demo were really helpful. ============================================================ The OP has been updated with the new version, changes were made to 03, the rest remains the same.
  9. Oh hello there, missed my q1tex stuff? No? Well that's too bad, coz you're getting it anyway! "Noctambulist" is a set of 3 rather difficult maps for Boom-compatible ports (PrBoom-Plus -complevel 9 and beyond) designed to be played from pistol start, each one approaching said difficulty differently. What these maps have in common is Quake-influenced visual appearance, though once again, the actual themes vary from map to map. While I wasn't able to participate in MAYhem 2016 - I was nevertheless keeping an eye on that project and its resource pack in particular, in spite of some nuances - I was way too interested in using it myself one day for the sake of much more authentic Q1-like look to just let it pass me by. It's also been a while since I last made anything that isn't just a single map meant for some community project, so... The other thing I want to mention specifically is the music. This mapset uses the .OGG tracks, all written by Marc A. Pullen (goes by Fanatic around these places), and they're actually among the main reasons for this mapset's very existence that influenced many things. His musical work has always been totally awesome, so let this be my humble thanks to him for what he's been doing on that front all these years. Short summary on the maps: PROTIP: I quite like using candles and various "showy" decorations (demon faces, altars etc.) purely for the sake of atmosphere and environmental detailing, so if you're hunting for secrets - these aren't really going to lead you anywhere, you should look for other clues. Apologies for the confusion. Screenshots: Download link: So this is it. Have fun?..
  10. It's great that this thingie has got more maps, I can only agree with Ribbiks in that it's easily the most D-D-like maps I've seen since the guy left (02 kinda stands out as this mapset's black sheep, but oh well). There is a definite amount of his followers around these places, yet their style is obviously more of "inspired by" rather than "a tribute to". In that regard, you've done a great job Paul, though I have to note that these are much less of an ordeal than what they're mimicking, heh. Sure, they're still lethal but far more manageable when it comes to cracking the fights on the fly. All of the maps were fun and cool, though 04 has probably resonated with me the most, the most elaborate one and featuring rather solid and consistent variation between cramped stuff and more spacious scenarios, with some not-too-shabby infighting applications to create tense situations. Overall you definitely managed to capture the feel and general mechanics of D-D's maps, also applying some of their better features while leaving some of the more questionable ones out, and also made them hard but fun to play, with good balance between tough challenge and "casual" playability. Thanks for bringing back the memories, and just doing some solid mapping job in general. Keep up the great work!