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  1. Demonologist

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Inside Burj Khalifa skyscraper, Dubai.
  2. Demonologist

    What are your top 5 hell-themed maps?

    XXXI CyberSky [Eternal] In all honesty, to me, this might just be the best single custom map ever made for this game. Epic and gorgeous, quite lengthy yet never boring or dull, and the style of action is definitely right up my alley. Whenever I revisit this one I immediately fall in love with it, again and again. What else to say? Eleven (Tuning Contest WAD map08) [Eternal] This might be one of Eternal's more humble "hardcore" offerings in terms of scale (which is understandable given its base), yet it's ungodly fun to play, an extremely versatile slaughtermap that pits you against frighteningly dense opposition, yet it's so generous with supplies and gives you so much freedom that you essentially forge your own way of having fun while blasting those demonic hosts into oblivion. Brilliant, and yes, I definitely would recommend this one to those looking for "entry-type" slaughtermaps, as well as for great slaughtermaps in general. Belial's Bad Brain [Eternal] Obviously inspired by the entry below, this map still manages to expand upon its source of inspiration in a rather intriguing way, adding interesting twists and references, and, of course, throwing in even more fun combat scenarios for good measure. Yet again, I can hardly imagine becoming bored throughout its considerable length, so there, we're at it again. The 24 Cyber Spirits (oneweek.wad map11) [Erik Alm] The above entry's progenitor isn't too shabby either, the behemoth spawned by the one and only, Erik Alm even before all those works that made him famous, this oldschool-aligned slaughtermap stands quite tall among its peers, sporting a notable degree of nonlinearity, considerable length and delightfully frantic action all packed into one endearingly daunting ordeal not intended for the faint of heart. Legendary stuff. The 32-nd Dimension (32 Inch Nails map05) [Eternal] Probably the hardest map from this author, this is very much Eternal's take on Deus Vult (mostly influenced by map02 but also having nods towards its other maps), and it definitely means business, Huy Pham should be proud. The scale of this map is jawdropping, the opposition is overwhelmingly omnipresent and harsh, yet there's more than enough variety to keep things fresh while it lasts (which at this point shouldn't be surprising I suppose); this beast will keep brutally tearing you to pieces until you figure it out, discern its pace and learn to come (or rather run) along with it, yet I can't help but to say it's totally worth it. This map sure leaves one hell of a lasting impression. Honorable mentions: Deus Vult II map21 "The Unholy Cathedral" Scythe map26 "Fear" Alien Vendetta map29 "Fire Walk With Me"
  3. Demonologist

    Solace Dreams - (Version 1.6.4) New Trailer!

    Man, I take it that you really hated your school and your classmates... On a serious note - I apologize for the long-range bump, yet what can I say, as I can only regret that I was only able to get my hands on this thing now and not [much, much] earlier. Better late than never, eh? I must say, this is really damn impressive. First and foremost - this isn't Doom at all, and one may never recognize where this is coming from, it looks, feels and plays totally different, it's safe to say that this is essentially a brand new game using the engine as a base, in my eyes things like these go way beyond TCs, the modifications are so heavy that the source material very much vanishes in the process, leaving only the technical "skeleton" buried within the package and its numerous files featuring some familiar traits. Your super impressive work with all those voxels that must've taken *insane* amounts of time to pull off, your clear sense of artistic direction, lots of originality and creativity and, more importantly, the amazing variety when things never really get too stale, as the scenery keeps changing all the time, immediately reminding of Painkiller's brilliant eclecticism, and with every level there's a relatively subtle yet noticeable change in the game's rules to make the player re-adapt and rethink his ways - the result is spectacular, to say the least! Yes, the levels are primitive structurally, and many of them are quite short, up to the point of leading to boss battles right away without much prelude, but they're still stylish, charming, atmospheric, not to mention everchanging to make sure that the player's interest is always there. And it's all for free! I've seen much worse games on Steam, and they're commercial, so I can only admire your selflessness in this regard, this kind of attitude in this time and age is worth all kinds of respect, especially given the amount of effort that went into making the game. Taking my hat off to you, sir. I'm not going to dive deep into the details of my experience, let me just say that Rory boss battle was pure brilliance, felt so much more fun and epic that the chessboard in Devil May Cry 3. I stand and applaud, seriously. In terms of visual appeal, I'd say the nightclub wins the cake, even though it can cause some serious framerate drops, not exactly convenient when it comes to shootouts. Some minor (?) thing that I don't expect to get incorporated, maybe something for future consideration - I think it'd be cool to be aware of other students' "human" appearance before encountering their "grotesque" versions, as throughout the game, only Faith and Lee (before his transformation) appear as normal. A subtler touch would be more than enough, really, something like a picture of the entire class in the hub or something, seeing that photos in general play a significant role, portraying the protagonist, appearing in dialogues and all that. Just a thought. Last but not least, the music. If you're the author of the soundtrack (well, sans the Spirit Yuna battle track and a couple more) then I'd like to compliment you some more, those are some cool tunes that also match their respective maps quite well (I'd personally prefer something more sombre for the Underworld but oh well), and boss themes are punchy enough to make for a nice and engaging background. Good work in that regard as well. I see that the development of a sequel isn't going too well, and I realise that the words of a single man like myself aren't really going to change much, yet I still hope to see it completed in the foreseeable future, would love to play it, that's for sure. You're doing an astounding work with these, very cool, very fresh, and obviously coming from a talented and dedicated individual. Some flaws can be found, sure, yet who cares when pros are plentiful, and there's more than enough of them to outweigh any cons. Best of luck with your endeavours, sincerely. Cheers!
  4. Demonologist

    Best community project leader?

    The Green Herring, no doubt, CC4 is still among the very few community projects to have an undeniably high level of polish and consistent quality through and through while featuring a wide variety of mapping styles and gameplay approaches. In my eyes, the best CP is the one to have strict guidelines and quality threshold, and the best leader is the one who's got guts to enforce said guidelines and quality threshold and isn't afraid to reject stuff or demand additional work for a map to become up to par (and that really requires some courage, seeing that at this time and age it's so damn easy to hurt someone's feelings). It's understandable that the development cycle can become way longer than it was originally planned, but the end result is well worth it if you ask me. From that perspective, most CPs are very inconsistent, and most leaders feel merely like compilers as opposed to effective managers. Franckfrag also deserves some praise for his management of Tangerine Nightmare, my guess is that it's also been made according to the policy described above, then again - an attitude I totally approve, the resulting release certainly feels like labor of love and care and not yet another careless mishmash of everything at once like DMPs.
  5. Demonologist

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Struggle MAP25 UV Pacifist in 1:52 st25p152.zip
  6. Demonologist

    Avactor last update is out

    Finally managed to wrap this one up, better late than never. I'll be honest - when I started playing this mapset I wasn't expecting too much, but the more I progressed - the more excited I was becoming about it, as it kept hitting all the right notes as far as big adventurous maps go, and when I say big - I definitely mean it, map09 was especially mind-boggling in that regard, as it's just massive, like, really, that particular map is Vela Pax levels of huge, can easily take up to 2 hours to beat during a blind playthrough. Other maps aren't exactly small, either, 30-50 minutes seemed to be the standard completion time for each one of those for me. And the most exciting thing is that they never felt boring, given the style of gameplay and their sheer length, as you managed to arrange a really smooth and steady transition between "frivolous" incidental skirmishes that said style of maps is mostly associated with, frequent smaller ambushes and bigger setpieces that come along with more hard-hitting brawls that can get quite hairy and threatening, then again, another parallel with Vela Pax can be drawn here as it also tends to be rather harsh and downright slaughtery at times (looking at you, Apollyon), only in here I felt that the overal curve is even smoother. The player is always forced to be on their toes, and overall the action is rather intense and fast-paced throughout, with possible pacebreakers being within acceptable limits, without dragging for too long and without being overdone. This is the approach I greatly admire, if anything - it's a great demonstration that non-challenge-oriented exploratory atmospheric maps can be fast and punchy as opposed to boring "museum maps" where monster placement feels like an afterthought. Lovely aesthetics, too, I'd say it largely feels like "Brotherhood of Ruin meets Mayan Mishap, with a hint of Epic 2 thrown in", the maps are picturesque, highly detailed and are just pleasant to look at, I also loved all those sail ships, very cool and fresh. The monsters' reskins blend in rather organically, and the dehacked enemies, while probably not being anything special (aside from that flying mastermind/octobrain armed with a fucking bfg man, now that's really scary), don't feel entirely out of place, either, adding some more spice when combined with the stock bestiary (stationary turrets ahoy). Also ouch, those super speedy caco projectiles! My only real gripe would be the liberal use of crushers, especially slow ones, and sometimes in a very crass/dickish manner that's very much a guaranteed death when going in blind. I guess that was to be expected given the "mesoamerican" setting, still, wasn't too fond of those regardless as its among my major pet peeves, no matter what. In the end, it's a really damn impressive piece of work in spite of its nuances that can - and should, really - be forgiven, as everything else is so damn cool. I've been loosely following your works throughout the years and always thought to myself that there's a great potential yet to be fully disclosed one day; the first real glimpse would probably be your submissions to TNT Revilution, but this right here is the real deal. I mean, the real deal, a very impressive self-realisation of a promising mapper, this is some damn fine artistry combined with skillful level design and very good sense of gameplay, and the result is a blast. Thanks a ton for making and sharing this, I can only hope it'll get the recognition it deserves. Cheers!
  7. Demonologist

    Preacher - final version on idgames

    Hey there, Darch, grats on finalizing this thing! Upon seeing this latest release I was feeling compelled to revisit the entire thing to get the fresh perspective and all, I've already written many things in this thread (mostly silly ones), so now I'll try to keep it relatively short. This project might be less ambitious than Pirate Doom and maybe more "mundane" compared to some of your zdoom stuff that was all about being grotesque and experimental, but it's still not without its own very specific features, namely coherent visual style, unique personality and very amusing mix of dark atmosphere and humorous underlay that's somewhat similar to American McGee's Alice in its grim and psychedelic insanity. As far as the action goes - at the end of the day, I can only admit that this style of mild chaotic "Nocturnus lite" gameplay is pulled off competently and palatably enough, it's especially interesting how the layouts themselves add to said chaos, being complex, multilayered, nonlinear, with lots of potential for crossfire and unpredictability when it comes to masses of monsters chasing the player down. I'd like to mention map08 specifically (I believe it's the only playable map I haven't seen before) for its unusual quirks that help create quite a hectic mess with lots of moving parts, that's not something to be seen often in pwads, that's cool. So what can I say, it's definitely a labor of love and care, by no means soulless/generic/whathaveyou, by all means worth a playthrough just for the sum of its parts that work very well together, even if the style of action alone isn't exactly my (or anyone else's for that matter) cup of tea, all in all. One of this year's notable works. It's fantastic that this community's still got such creative personailities, with their unique vision and lots of creative ideas that end up being channelled into cool and unusual Doom levels that sure can get the players' attention, even after alll these years of the game's "scene" being active. Cheers, and keep up the good work!
  8. Demonologist

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    @Obsidian one more thing I forgot to mention - on map10 there are two sergeants stuck into each other (things 101 & 154).
  9. Demonologist

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    Oh yes, just my two cents regarding map20 - I agree with Bdubzzz in that it can be a secret one, its gameplay is gimmicky and unconventional (not to mention cruel, heh), I guess that's what the secret maps are for when they aren't aesthetic experiments (ironically, this one also is, to an extent). The orange version has a secret map, so maybe its purple counterpart should, too, and this is the best candidate I think. Shouldn't be surprising that the Zzul/MegaBlast duo prefers the path of the most resistance, eh?
  10. Demonologist

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    Okay, a bunch more qualms below. MAP10's title doesn't fit into the automap, I guess you should go with "..." at some point. Also I suppose this map's got a [relatively] big secret fight hidden somewhere?.. Exited with ~2/3rds killed. MAP16 (Lilac Anomaly) These decorations here don't really look like everything's okay (in sectors 564 & 565): Same near the opposite wall (sectors 981 & 982). MAP17 (Permanganic Shores) - things 2253 & 2254 (hanging bodies in the secret hellish area) are infinitely tall and therefore fuck with player's movement during the immolator encounter, would rather replace those with non-blocking ones; - I understand that this map is supposed to fuck the player over again and again, in a sense, but I still felt that making sectors 1338-1341 (where the player is expected to shoot two switches using the lifts) crushing is a little bit too much of a dickmove. MAP18 (Omega Anger) - regarding this window... ...not really sure what's the point, as the player can both aggro and shoot pinkies in that closet through it; - a minor thing but still - some kind of barrier (or at least a fence) around the playing area wouldn't hurt I think, as hitting the "edge of the world" like this feels rather awkward. The exit floor could also be lowered a little bit further. Then again - these are minor things that hardly affect anything. MAP19 (Murasaki) Some misalignments: - linedef 1949 - sector 833 - not sure how you feel about the stairs, still mentioning, just in case Also what's up with the overall brightness level? Had to increase gamma correction to be able to play comfortably, dark as the moonless night I suppose... Also yeah, for the sake of clarity - map20's midi is this tune.
  11. Demonologist

    Post a picture of yourself!

    ^That's a nice one! =============== Surrounded by speedrunners (but not broken).
  12. Why thank you, though I don't think it's anything special to deserve that sort of recognition, heh. Appreciate the mention nevertheless, cheers!
  13. Demonologist

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    Hey @Obsidian, some things regarding Everwhere I felt like pointing out: the finale is quite a roll of the dice, wasn't able to discern any reliable way to squeeze through aside from by pure luck. Storming with loads of infantry this dangerous that just keeps firing relentlessly, then with that many AVs and replenishing spiders on the flanks... ooof; the rest of the map (quite tricky as it stands) feels like a walk in the park compared to this particular scenario. If you're willing to look into the issue - I've got two possible suggestions: - I see that there are two soulspheres instead of medkits on easy difficulty, at least one of them could return for UV, probably even both though (as for easy difficulty - it wouldn't hurt to have an invul if you ask me, haha); or - removing those spider towers altogether (or at least making them not replenishing, with just a single arach onto each one of them), I understand the urge to show off the chaingun spider for a little bit more but they really are too much of a nuisance, all things considered. Place one instead of a manc in the first tower if you have to, that'd make a whopping two of them, heh. Decreasing the number of AVs might also be the right thing to do, there are two cadres of those arriving in the field, nixing just a single one from each of those should already give the player more breathing room. Cheers!
  14. Demonologist

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    Hey there @WH-Wilou84, a couple remarks regarding Volcaropod: indeed it's like Umbreion Nils expanded, with a hint of Crucifix Held Close perhaps. Certainly enjoyable and entertaining overall, yet I can't help but to mention that the green key cyber madness isn't exactly in line with the rest of the map, clashing with the smooth curve you mentioned upon submitting. I may not be the best dodger in the 'verse, but still, upon arriving into that area with 200/200 without picking up any of the megaspheres I kept steadily losing both of those by the time the revenant wave arrived, craving for at least one more, and those AVs that arrive with them - what a PITA, really, there are more than enough things to worry about by then... The problem is, the rest of the map (including the finale; let me compliment you on that btw, as it's just incredibly fun, the kind of slaughter scenario that makes me orgasmic) is quite generous with all kinds of health pickups that allow the player to go above 100% even without the secret areas (and with said secret areas the player is about to drown in soulspheres for the rest of the map). So yes, would be two possible ways to make things more sharp: either making these kind of supplies more scarce for the rest of the map (i.e. essentially making the whole map harder) or facilitating the green key scenario in particular. For the latter, after several runs I came up with these suggestions (only one should suffice, though of course there's nothing wrong with combining any of them should the need in that arise): - adding one more megasphere, it could be placed on a lift or something like that to avoid the accidental pickup; - nixing the AVs accompanying the revenant wave, as revs themselves combined with those damn cybs around the perimeter are quite a headache on their own; - making the blast shield last several seconds longer. Seeing that you've been making some really hard stuff as of late - I'm not quite sure you'd be willing to bother with all that haha; still - I think these can be worth considering should you feel like making that smooth curve, well, smooth, heh. Cheers, and keep up the good work!