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  1. That'd be (at least) the second time you're flattering me like that.
  2. Found this one, should do the trick.
  3. Minsk, Belarus ("stressed" and "relaxed", respectively, heh)
  4. ^^^ Lo and behold, the revelation and, dare I say it, the long-anticipated appearance of a reviewer extraordinaire and a genius of exquisite rhetoric, finally leaving the bleak confines of file reviewing routine and gracing these boards with his radiant presence. Welcome, welcome, the wordsmith of immaturity, the righteous assassin of objectivity, the vindicator of crass trolling and dubious pretense! Please, enjoy your stay, and verily, do think of posting again, for that surely was the one thing needful after all the divine meisterwerks we were lucky to bear witness in the files section prior to this very moment. I believe there will be prying eyes waiting eagerly for more words of the prophet. ================== I sincerely apologize for bringing this up in this particular thread, Viggles, I am to abscond right away. Take care.
  5. Ooooh yeah babe Played this thingie casually during several sessions accompanied by the right mood that'd allow me to look beyond personal preferences / try and appreciate things outside of my tunnel vision (and even that's fairly blurred nowadays, so I'm not sure about anything anymore these days), and in the end I can say that this was actually a time well spent. Let me start with that it's always good to see another community-based project from you French folks, in all of its variety, and the overall style this particular example is sporting, while somewhat pretentious, is still largely something I have a soft spot for ever since Vanguard and its surprisingly refreshing orange take on an otherwise more or less ordinary hellish aesthetics, carried away by Valiant in a somewhat undesirable (for me) direction. It's nice to see something waving that same flag. So in the end, this offering is doing its job well enough I suppose, featuring steady difficulty curve, a variety of gameplay approaches where there's something for everyone to enjoy, and the overall high level of polish and consistency, I can't think of any map that wouldn't have been up to par quality-wise, and that's always great. Props to the project leader, too, among other things, a damn fine job maintaining this said level. And then - the devil is in the details, or so they say... - 05 is a nice map, and pretty much what I expected from this author, a well-staged adventure of [mostly] mildly engaging action and clearly pronounced moments of carnage. That demon horde/arachs ambush felt somewhat harsh, but overall this was an enjoyable journey. - JCD has done a really good work on his submission, the atmosphere, the sense of scale when the map feels bigger than it really is, the action - I can't see any real drawbacks in there, the fact that I camped the crap out of the big showdown doesn't mar my opinion, heh; however, the ending actually felt ludicrously underwhelming with all that space and totally powerless opposition that can hardly do anything noteworthy other than just helplessly dying. A bigger crowd or at least a well-stationed mastermind instead of a cybie boy would't hurt I believe. - I admit that 07 took some time for me to adjust to, but in the end I appreciated it, up to the point of actually thinking that among all the Roofi maps I've seen to date this ought to be his best piece of work. It may have its issues, but after experiencing this map as a whole I can only compliment the author for making something as atmospheric, stylish and exceptionally varied in terms of action as this, there's literally everything in this map, from nonlinearity and lots of optional exploration for those accustomed to that sort of thing (all those writings combined with their surroundings gave me that Phobia: The Age vibe, and I'm always grateful for that) to mass murderfests of varying intensity. Good work, Spyro. - ...and when the initial disdain caused by yet another boss shooter managed to weaken its grip - I was actually able to see that 08 was a fun enough take on HR2 m29-style mountain climb, compact but also epic enough to be a suitable conclusion. Not really a remarkable map per se, but it works nevertheless. - and yes, of course Wilou, and this time, dare I say, the unprecedented brutality of his, as 10, while being rather slow initially, quickly escalates into a series of harsh and imposing ordeals clearly not intended for the faint of heart. What can I say, cool stuff, you surely know how to keep people awake and on the edge of their seats, W. So this is it, here's hoping that I'll live to see the necromantic green after all.
  6. Took me some time to get accustomed to this (especially when it comes to the last level since I suck at platforming, so crazy sequences it features aplenty are genuinely intimidating to me), but in the end I can definitely say that I had some quality time. I'm far from being a Castlevania enthusiast (as long as we're not talking Lords of Shadow series that are much more like my alley, macrosurgical dissections ahoy), yet from such a perspective things are interesting and engaging enough to... feel the vibe, so to speak. Overall - a very nice fast-paced reflexes-oriented marathon that can basically be completed in one evening (a shame, really, wish it would've been longer), and a great piece of work overall, a worthy distraction from space marine's chores. Thank you for making this! P.S. Dracula fight was easy as pie, duh. Though I suppose all bosses aren't that much of a hassle once it becomes evident just how effective the boomerang cross is against them.
  7. ^Cool, thanks!
  8. forget about it
  9. Hey there uncle Steve the Pelt Collector! Fun stuff, it's nice to have a map where the player can determine his own pace without caring about things too much once in a while, the music was also intense enough (and spot-on enough from that perspective) to encourage frantic carelessness and daring stupidities. Nevertheless this map's got many things right for its intended purpose, fast but not pressing, many ways to play it, intuitive enough weapon progression and some meatier scenarios to keep things entertaining, also once again - you're doing an interesting work combining the ways of yore and contemporary tendencies to achieve something that's both modern and nostalgic, yet it's not something you're not already comfortable enough doing as far as I can tell, so I wouldn't even think you're going to fail that part. Good work! Have a lazy (lousy?) FDA if you like.
  10. It's fantastic that you decided to carry on with this theme, Impie, never really expected the sequel, and yet here it is. Great as always, beaten the episode and never noticed anything wrong this time around (aside from exiting some of the levels with low % of kills, but I was also missing secrets most of the time, so I guess it's related). Thanks a ton, definitely hope to see more, and considering how damn fast you are - I also hope the wait isn't going to be very long, heh. Cheers!
  11. @Steve D jesus h christ, that's, like, sporting some seriously brutal look, mr. Duff, sir. Standing in awe!
  12. Hey there Paul, nice map, quite lenient indeed compared to your stuff we've seen before but nevertheless competent and certainly enjoyable. I find it funny that most setpieces are arranged in a somewhat foreboding fashion, yet in fact they're quite manageable and forgiving when it comes to actual encounters they contain. Still, things like that work in my book, so why not. The music track is nice, should take a note of that one. Attaching leisurely crappy FDA, gotten fairly rusty as of late and it certainly shows, so don't expect anything beyond mediocre. Still, thanks for these minutes of fun I've had, hoping to see more from you in the future.