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  1. Demonologist

    Black Room (Doom 2 map)

    Hey Paul, great map as always, at this point it's safe to say that you've perfectly nailed this kind of gameplay, the talent at establishing these quirky D-D-esque encounters that are able to cause a heart attack both before being triggered (by the sheer looks of them, that is) and in the actual process of dealing with them when the chaos gets unleashed is evident. Once again, it's pretty much as if the guy himself didn't truly leave, so good job carrying that torch even though I've said it before. Now, to the, uh, theatrical side of the question. Of course I picked UV right away because hey, it's me, managed on my first try, attaching my FDA below. Inbefore anyone actually realises what's written in the previous sentence - I'm making it clear that I'm attaching it for laughs and genuine amusement since it's not a demonstration of skill or anything related to it, rather than of a fact that today seems to be an extremely lucky day for me and I probably need to quit writing this post and go get the lottery ticket asap. All this fluke all the way through is so ludicrous that I was chuckling towards the end and upon exiting the level laughed like an idiot. In fact, pretty much all the damage I received throughout was due to my own stupidity as I seemed to try really hard to counterweight my good fortune with self-inflicted suffering, so is there any skill in that?.. Grab your popcorn and have a good laugh I guess. Thanks for the map once again! Blackroom_dem_FDA.zip
  2. Neat maps, especially towards the end. 10 is probably my favorite. And hey, a prison break map that I actually ended up liking, now that's rare. Recorded some FDAs, attaching below, the current version of the wad is included as well to make life easier for anyone who happens to care, fwiw. Thanks for sharing this work of yours, cb, will be waiting for more! ddeve1_dem_FDAs.zip
  3. Demonologist


    So, is it yet another introspective compilation, or is there actually something not previously seen by the esoteric order of masochists following one of its high priests closely throughout the years? edit: took a stroll through a memory palace upon looking at the maplist and realised that I'm more or less familiar with all the separate entities this set is comprised of, so no more stupid questions. Thank you for you attention, dear parishioners, we are now adjourned.
  4. Demonologist

    What is your favorite Heavy Metal Band?

  5. Demonologist

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    The flak it's been getting is largely understandable, not because it looked dated but largely because of its questionable design decisions and crossplatforming issues resulting in cramped tiny levels, fairly short overall playtime (I guess we all remember how huge the original DX actually is) and overall simplification of pretty much everything, among other, less significant things, so yes, DXIW is objectively weaker than its great predecessor. In that regard its "sibling" that is Thief: Deadly Shadows managed better by swapping "lost" elements with something else worth praising. Of course it doesn't mean that it's a bad game per se, and if anything - I believe its storytelling and overall approach to moral questions and courses of action definitely deserve some applause. Whereas MJ12 as a whole and Bob Page in particular are undoubtedly scumbags and mass murderers in DX, and DXHR/DXMD largely paints the Illuminati black in that they're ruthless and greedy for power so that the players shouldn't have any real incentive to feel sympathy for them unless they're megalomaniacs themselves - there are no good or bad guys in DXIW, it's all about shades of grey and bright ideals that outweigh (or do they? you decide) ethically questionable methods of trying to reach for them; each major faction's motives are understandable, and different players can certainly feel more sympathetic towards one or another. That's very cool actually, and makes for at least one aspect of that game that's much more deep and complex than it may seem, with layers of "second bottoms", even if other aspects are lacking in both depth and practical implementation compared to other games of the franchise. It's a very good thing when a videogame raises some mature questions and gives its players some food for thought. And of course there's an obvious extra bonus in the form of an opportunity to kill or otherwise ruin a significant part of the original DX's key characters including its protagonist. All hail the Omar.
  6. Demonologist

    What are you listening to?

  7. Demonologist

    Post a picture of yourself!

    That'd be (at least) the second time you're flattering me like that.
  8. Demonologist

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Found this one, should do the trick.
  9. Demonologist

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Minsk, Belarus ("stressed" and "relaxed", respectively, heh)
  10. Demonologist

    What are you listening to?

  11. Demonologist

    Brigandine [RC2, updated 2017-05-13]

    ^^^ Lo and behold, the revelation and, dare I say it, the long-anticipated appearance of a reviewer extraordinaire and a genius of exquisite rhetoric, finally leaving the bleak confines of file reviewing routine and gracing these boards with his radiant presence. Welcome, welcome, the wordsmith of immaturity, the righteous assassin of objectivity, the vindicator of crass trolling and dubious pretense! Please, enjoy your stay, and verily, do think of posting again, for that surely was the one thing needful after all the divine meisterwerks we were lucky to bear witness in the files section prior to this very moment. I believe there will be prying eyes waiting eagerly for more words of the prophet. ================== I sincerely apologize for bringing this up in this particular thread, Viggles, I am to abscond right away. Take care.
  12. Demonologist

    Tangerine Nightmare [idgames link]

    Ooooh yeah babe Played this thingie casually during several sessions accompanied by the right mood that'd allow me to look beyond personal preferences / try and appreciate things outside of my tunnel vision (and even that's fairly blurred nowadays, so I'm not sure about anything anymore these days), and in the end I can say that this was actually a time well spent. Let me start with that it's always good to see another community-based project from you French folks, in all of its variety, and the overall style this particular example is sporting, while somewhat pretentious, is still largely something I have a soft spot for ever since Vanguard and its surprisingly refreshing orange take on an otherwise more or less ordinary hellish aesthetics, carried away by Valiant in a somewhat undesirable (for me) direction. It's nice to see something waving that same flag. So in the end, this offering is doing its job well enough I suppose, featuring steady difficulty curve, a variety of gameplay approaches where there's something for everyone to enjoy, and the overall high level of polish and consistency, I can't think of any map that wouldn't have been up to par quality-wise, and that's always great. Props to the project leader, too, among other things, a damn fine job maintaining this said level. And then - the devil is in the details, or so they say... - 05 is a nice map, and pretty much what I expected from this author, a well-staged adventure of [mostly] mildly engaging action and clearly pronounced moments of carnage. That demon horde/arachs ambush felt somewhat harsh, but overall this was an enjoyable journey. - JCD has done a really good work on his submission, the atmosphere, the sense of scale when the map feels bigger than it really is, the action - I can't see any real drawbacks in there, the fact that I camped the crap out of the big showdown doesn't mar my opinion, heh; however, the ending actually felt ludicrously underwhelming with all that space and totally powerless opposition that can hardly do anything noteworthy other than just helplessly dying. A bigger crowd or at least a well-stationed mastermind instead of a cybie boy would't hurt I believe. - I admit that 07 took some time for me to adjust to, but in the end I appreciated it, up to the point of actually thinking that among all the Roofi maps I've seen to date this ought to be his best piece of work. It may have its issues, but after experiencing this map as a whole I can only compliment the author for making something as atmospheric, stylish and exceptionally varied in terms of action as this, there's literally everything in this map, from nonlinearity and lots of optional exploration for those accustomed to that sort of thing (all those writings combined with their surroundings gave me that Phobia: The Age vibe, and I'm always grateful for that) to mass murderfests of varying intensity. Good work, Spyro. - ...and when the initial disdain caused by yet another boss shooter managed to weaken its grip - I was actually able to see that 08 was a fun enough take on HR2 m29-style mountain climb, compact but also epic enough to be a suitable conclusion. Not really a remarkable map per se, but it works nevertheless. - and yes, of course Wilou, and this time, dare I say, the unprecedented brutality of his, as 10, while being rather slow initially, quickly escalates into a series of harsh and imposing ordeals clearly not intended for the faint of heart. What can I say, cool stuff, you surely know how to keep people awake and on the edge of their seats, W. So this is it, here's hoping that I'll live to see the necromantic green after all.
  13. Demonologist

    Castlevania: Simon's Destiny [V1.2 OUT!]

    Took me some time to get accustomed to this (especially when it comes to the last level since I suck at platforming, so crazy sequences it features aplenty are genuinely intimidating to me), but in the end I can definitely say that I had some quality time. I'm far from being a Castlevania enthusiast (as long as we're not talking Lords of Shadow series that are much more like my alley, macrosurgical dissections ahoy), yet from such a perspective things are interesting and engaging enough to... feel the vibe, so to speak. Overall - a very nice fast-paced reflexes-oriented marathon that can basically be completed in one evening (a shame, really, wish it would've been longer), and a great piece of work overall, a worthy distraction from space marine's chores. Thank you for making this! P.S. Dracula fight was easy as pie, duh. Though I suppose all bosses aren't that much of a hassle once it becomes evident just how effective the boomerang cross is against them.
  14. Demonologist

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    ^Cool, thanks!