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  1. Demonologist

    Post a picture of yourself!

    ^That's a nice one! =============== Surrounded by speedrunners (but not broken).
  2. Why thank you, though I don't think it's anything special to deserve that sort of recognition, heh. Appreciate the mention nevertheless, cheers!
  3. Demonologist

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    Hey @Obsidian, some things regarding Everwhere I felt like pointing out: the finale is quite a roll of the dice, wasn't able to discern any reliable way to squeeze through aside from by pure luck. Storming with loads of infantry this dangerous that just keeps firing relentlessly, then with that many AVs and replenishing spiders on the flanks... ooof; the rest of the map (quite tricky as it stands) feels like a walk in the park compared to this particular scenario. If you're willing to look into the issue - I've got two possible suggestions: - I see that there are two soulspheres instead of medkits on easy difficulty, at least one of them could return for UV, probably even both though (as for easy difficulty - it wouldn't hurt to have an invul if you ask me, haha); or - removing those spider towers altogether (or at least making them not replenishing, with just a single arach onto each one of them), I understand the urge to show off the chaingun spider for a little bit more but they really are too much of a nuisance, all things considered. Place one instead of a manc in the first tower if you have to, that'd make a whopping two of them, heh. Decreasing the number of AVs might also be the right thing to do, there are two cadres of those arriving in the field, nixing just a single one from each of those should already give the player more breathing room. Cheers!
  4. Demonologist

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    Hey there @WH-Wilou84, a couple remarks regarding Volcaropod: indeed it's like Umbreion Nils expanded, with a hint of Crucifix Held Close perhaps. Certainly enjoyable and entertaining overall, yet I can't help but to mention that the green key cyber madness isn't exactly in line with the rest of the map, clashing with the smooth curve you mentioned upon submitting. I may not be the best dodger in the 'verse, but still, upon arriving into that area with 200/200 without picking up any of the megaspheres I kept steadily losing both of those by the time the revenant wave arrived, craving for at least one more, and those AVs that arrive with them - what a PITA, really, there are more than enough things to worry about by then... The problem is, the rest of the map (including the finale; let me compliment you on that btw, as it's just incredibly fun, the kind of slaughter scenario that makes me orgasmic) is quite generous with all kinds of health pickups that allow the player to go above 100% even without the secret areas (and with said secret areas the player is about to drown in soulspheres for the rest of the map). So yes, would be two possible ways to make things more sharp: either making these kind of supplies more scarce for the rest of the map (i.e. essentially making the whole map harder) or facilitating the green key scenario in particular. For the latter, after several runs I came up with these suggestions (only one should suffice, though of course there's nothing wrong with combining any of them should the need in that arise): - adding one more megasphere, it could be placed on a lift or something like that to avoid the accidental pickup; - nixing the AVs accompanying the revenant wave, as revs themselves combined with those damn cybs around the perimeter are quite a headache on their own; - making the blast shield last several seconds longer. Seeing that you've been making some really hard stuff as of late - I'm not quite sure you'd be willing to bother with all that haha; still - I think these can be worth considering should you feel like making that smooth curve, well, smooth, heh. Cheers, and keep up the good work!
  5. Demonologist

    Phlegethontic Waves

    @bioshockfan90 Thanks! Yeah, never really planned an episode but who knows, one day I might just get drunk enough for the idea to root itself deep within my brain. @Benjogami Huh, you were right re demo desync. Heh, now I'm standing ashamed, as I've always thought that every time the nodes get rebuild causes said desync. Turns out there are minor and major changes in that regard. Well, live and learn I guess. Thanks a ton for the tip! The link in the OP is updated, hopefully I've got all of those bleeding midtextures (still, if you happen to find any - please let me know), and all the demos should be watchable. So yes, my grievances regarding the demo playback are no longer relevant. Cheers!
  6. Demonologist

    Phlegethontic Waves

    Thanks @Darch, nice to see you! Yeah, so I've been told that there's quite a number of those bleeding midtextures in software mode, so much for not even bothering with non-ogl stuff anymore, both for me and my main playtester, ironically. So uhh, I'm clenching my teeth and leaving things as they are since I don't want to mess up the demo playback for all the stuff that was recorded during the contest, figures. Apologies for that, gotta be more attentive next time I suppose. For now, the lame advice would be to use the ogl-based sourceport. That switch should open the bars blocking your escape from this building and also grant access to the wooden building left of your current position (you could even see it from this balcony). I wonder if something went wrong there as well...
  7. Demonologist

    dsdacon 2018

    I forgot that there's also this fuzzy pic from Copenhagen taken shortly afterwards. That fabulous battery you see on the table is position #3, I obviously couldn't resist.
  8. Demonologist

    Phlegethontic Waves

    Thanks a lot! What can I say, at some point one must awaken from their nightmare and see the morning light. There are other gameplay styles aside from slaughter that are enjoyable, and stagnation isn't exactly a good thing when it comes to creativity, be it the particular genre or some specific texture pack. Also nice to know that someone considers my stuff sightseeing-worthy, heh. Welp, them's the breaks. Besides, I'm not really a fan of sudden difficulty spikes within a single map, things feel much more natural when the transition is more or less smooth. Not necessarily a steady escalation mind, but still, alleviating notable surges is the right thing to do to achieve consistency and polishedness in gameplay department.
  9. A surprisingly tough map, definitely harder and trickier than part one, featuring both bigger skirmishes (including some downright slaughtery stuff, pre-red key rocket galore à la "sunlust map26 finale lite" probably being the shiniest example) and cramped killboxes that ironically happen to be even more lethal. The yellow key battle and the yellow key part in general are probably as hard as these later types get, all in all. Still, surely not gonna complain about general difficulty or any notable difficulty spikes, as the map is essentially a nonlinear series of setpieces as opposed to an adventurous level with a bunch of upbeat moments in a form of an occasional arena; it escalates fairly quickly and shifts between pinnacle points and "intermediate" stuff rather consistently, so everything seems to be smooth enough in that regard, especially seeing that this brand of challenge is the one I appreciate - the player gets loads of supplies, yet the combat itself is still intense enough to make him/her worry about other things than running out so much more in the heat of battle. Much more fun than ammo starvation, counting bullets and all that. Funnily enough, the finale is rather easy, even though those terminators can be threatening, especially up close. I think you can leave a soulsphere in one of the alcoves and a megaarmor in the other and it would still suffice, seeing that there's a megasphere, lots of small health pickups and also a soulsphere prior to that that's unlikely to be wasted entirely given the modest opposition preceding the final area. Also what's up with that AV trio on the higher ground? They don't seem to be posing any real threat unless the player decides - for whatever reason - that there's an irresistible urge to get past that imp crowd and into the open asap. Visually it can pretty much be described as a quintessence of skillsaw's Moon-themed maps, all fancy and shiny and polished, a pleasure to look at. Also wee, transfer heights everywhere, never really got around to mess with those, myself. Anyway, this was some fun stuff to blast through, tough but never too demanding or unforgiving, with some obvious designing skill and some good understanding of what makes for a fun "modern mainstream hardcore" type of gameplay at play. The map also feels bigger than it really is, quite eventful as to make sure the playtime's going to be rather significant in the end even if the size itself isn't that huge. Didn't notice any bugs or anything, though I can't say I looked hard. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Demonologist

    UAC Invasion: The Supply Depot

    A huge monster of a map in the vein of ZDCMPs (minus the inconsistencies caused by the multitude of authors) that's quite expansive, intricately detailed and gorgeous to look at. I keep saying that the realism doesn't fit well into Doom since it's alien to the game's nature, yet it's nice to see that some folks can still bend such questionable thing to their will and end up creating something interesting and engaging as a result. You said that you started this back in 2007 (quite a dedication, huh), but it's still got its fair share of fresh ideas and neat little details here and there that surely give it a personality of its own, so it's not "yet another generic and soulless gzdoom techbase yadda yadda". The exploding cars in the final battle get a nod of approval from me, that's a really nice touch. Degree23 essentially expressed all of my qualms regarding the map's gameplay, though I didn't mind the faster afrits (finally they are threatening even in huge areas, so the decision to speed them up seems perfectly justified to me) and I was also drowning in ammo and health throughout, be it the finale or anywhere else. I can only add that monsters in closets outside the playing area can be heard before they appear in the flesh rather often, I'd put said closets farther away unless map size limits prevent it. A little more about the insta-pops being dominant - unsurprisingly the monster delivery is the one characteristic bane of realistic maps, whenever one tries to create a place that'd be believable compared to real life - it automatically means that monster placement becomes a secondary task totally dependant on the architecture that wasn't really created for fun gameplay scenarios, so such ways of bringing monsters to the playing area become very repetitive, predictable and boring, be it insta-pops or teleports. Well... I guess there's no real way to avoid this issue in these kind of maps, so there can be no universal advice unless one's willing to mess with the map's architecture greatly, making shapeshifting layouts and constantly revealing new areas in the ones already visited, those are the things that'd help alleviate the issue I suppose. A good thing is that this approach is utilized here as well, to an extent, and there are lots of interconnections and previews of the areas to be visited later, so I can't say that things ever get too stale. Anyway, I definitely don't regret spending my time on this one, this was very cool and interesting enough to keep me entertained throughout its considerable length, with lots of nice little quirks and its own charm, definitely among the better gzdoom-based maps I played during the last couple of years. I hope more people will play it and generate some well-deserved praise. Thanks for making and sharing it!
  11. Demonologist


    Hey, recorded some FDAs for RC2. Overall this was a fun little romp for an evening, enjoyed map04 the most, indeed that olde Scythe vibe. Cheers!
  12. Demonologist

    What are you listening to?

  13. Demonologist

    Slaughterfest (201)3 [-complevel 9]

    Much appreciated! Based on my own observations, going for the blue key first might be a preferred option when it comes to speed (though I surely understand the urge to survive the red key area first, heh) since the red key swarm seems easier to suppress quickly before it floods the central area (with both the RL and the BFG on one's hands, that is); going for the RL right after grabbing the plasma might also be a good idea (one could rocket the perched snipers and PEs en route to the blue key area right away without too much hassle, too). Still, I didn't really do any serious speedrunning attempts for this map and these are just some tentative schemes in my head, so take my words with a grain of salt. Anyway cool demo, thanks!
  14. Consider bringing the Mordeth award back for this issue of Cacowards, simply to give it to Slaughterfest 3 and silence all the related jokes that aren't even jokes anymore. The end of an era!