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  1. Terminus

    Popular/highly rated WAD's you're not a fan of?

    Anything Slaughtery. (SL2011, 2012, SlaughterMAX, Chillax, etc.) Nicolas Monti wads. Have to agree on Stardate 20x7 unfortunately. 20x6 was way better.
  2. Avactor is splendid. It's gonna get really hard to pick a favorite this year...
  3. Terminus

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    Last time I played something that exceeded 250mb it was Grezzo 2. We all know how that one turned out. :P
  4. Terminus

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    I'm not one to complain about filesizes but 490 MB zipped feels like a little too much... Hopefully this won't disappoint.
  5. Terminus

    What are you playing now?

    Currently plowing through MAYhem 2018: Orange Version. Will move on to the Purple one right after. Loving it a lot so far, unusual color-themed maps have a soft spot in my heart. Afterwards I'll probably play the recently released Avacator.
  6. Terminus

    Your Guilty Doom Pleasure

    Plowing through Slaughtermaps with sv_fastweapons 2, sv_infiniteammo true and the Shotgun only. It's effectively the deadliest railgun and it's so damn satisfying.
  7. Up to map27. Can easily say this is my favorite 2018 release so far. Been fangasming all over Twitter on this project haha. I found a small bug: Other than that my only "complaint" is that in most of the later maps, most big fights have at least one Archvile in them. They keep kicking my ass but I love it anyway. Is this sadism? Who knows.
  8. Struggle by Antares. I mean holy shit.
  9. Congrats on the release! I've been looking forward to this for the longest time. I'll make sure to check it out soon enough :D
  10. Terminus


    Pizza Quest 2 was so overwhelmingly good it basically overshadowed every other wad showcased on that stream. And that was a long ass stream. It did everything right and I laughed my ass off the entire time. Can't wait to play this myself when it comes out. :P still waiting on dragonfly's map
  11. Terminus


    Stream started on an early Wednesday morning, I usually have classes around that time but I stayed home sick, so this was a pleasant surprise. I was actually able to be in a stream on time! Anyway, highlights from the stream were definitely Hydration which was an incredibly good map, the first one by the author too apparently. It's better than everything I've ever made :P Also today marked the first time Joel openly shat on an entry. Granted it was a very ironic, meme-y entry but it was still pretty hilarious. Wonder when are we gonna see @Dragonfly's map.
  12. Terminus


    Oh, I probably missed it then. Hopefully he'll still do a Doom stream on Friday, but that seems unlikely. Thanks for letting me know :)
  13. Terminus


    Is it just me or did Joel completely skip Doom this week? I hope he just delayed it and isn't gonna make it a biweekly thing. There's so many cool maps to see, having to wait to play them until the entire session is over is gonna be a long wait..
  14. Terminus


    https://www.twitch.tv/vargskelethor We're starting!
  15. Terminus


    Joel said on the 2nd stream, before picking the last wad to play that day, that so far only 120 were accepted out of 300. He asked people on the chat to speak up if they've submitted a wad for the contest and he checked some of them and said they're not approved yet. There's some mods that approve/disqualify maps and they only got through around 120 of them. That doesn't necessarily mean that a whopping 180 wads were disqualified, they just didn't get to them yet.