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  1. Terminus

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON (On IdGames!)

    Congrats on the /idgames release! Will be sure to check this out soon enough. Now would be a probably good time to ask, was MAYhem 2021 ever finished? I think there was a decent number of maps done but I don't ever recall seeing the download link for even a beta.
  2. Terminus

    Doom Streams

    Live with some Doom, after about half a year of not streaming! Going to play a random assortment of wads! Come hang out! :D http://twitch.tv/motiterminus
  3. Hi! One thing led to another and it's been about half a year since I last streamed. Jesus Christ. I'd first of all like to update you all that things are better. I got a new job, I'm financially and mentally recovering and I'm generally doing a lot better in the past couple of months or so! Some people have already asked me multiple times when I'm going to be streaming again. Well, I have... news? Unfortunately I have two major problems that are still preventing me from streaming. First one is, sadly, a lack of time. The new job is more time-consuming than I imagined it'd be, and my weekends fly by before I can even finish playing a single map. The second one is, well, my computer is finally on its last straws. It's 10 years old, gets randomly stuck, and everything is so slow and jittery that it might overheat if I try to play Witcher 3 with Google Chrome open. So, the plan is as follows. Holiday season is coming soon over here (near the end of September), and during that time I hope to stream at least a couple of times. I've yet to try to run OBS lately, but I hope it won't run like dog water. Other than that, if things go according to plan, hopefully by early January or even December, I shall get a new rig and put this one to rest. With a new powerful PC, I should be able to stream and provide some quality content once again. Trust me that I cannot wait for this to happen, and I miss streaming a whole bunch. There's a lot of wads that I've missed, and those that I stopped playing abruptly in the middle, and to the authors of these wads I truly apologize. I'm sure you've moved on to your next projects since I last picked up your wad for playtesting, so once I'm back in the business, feel free to yeet your beautiful maps at me. I once again thank every single person who ever joined my streams, you guys keep me motivated and nothing brings me more joy than to be helpful for the community. I hope to see you all next month. <3 Tl;dr - Things are better, however I'm super busy and my computer is grasping at straws for its life so no streams yet, gonna hopefully get a new one soon-ish!
  4. Terminus

    Azazel's Second Descent - Beta1.5 - 32 map one man mega wad

    Proud of you for finishing the whole thing. It truly does take dedication. This is an extremely solid megawad, glad to have been an early tester for this! Keep up the great work :)
  5. Hey, congrats on the release! I'll be sure to get back to this as soon as possible. :)
  6. Terminus

    I don't enjoy Doom anymore.

    I get this feeling quite a lot unfortunately, however I have found plenty of ways to help get past the burnout. Here's a few tips that might help, some might seem obvious and some less: 1. Play something else. Literally stop playing Doom and go play a different game, preferably a long one, or even several ones, until you get the feeling of "Man, I miss Doom". 2. Don't force yourself through an entire megawad. I have personally cleared almost every megawad that exists out there, and only in the past couple of years I've come to this realization. One-man-megawads or dated megawads specifically tend to have recurring tropes (such as the ones you mentioned you dislike), so it's totally fine to drop a megawad at any point you feel like you've grown tired of it. If anything, skip through the levels with idclev to see if there might be something you find interesting. 3. Play speedmaps between bigger projects. Speedmaps are like having a nice bite-size snack when you're not too hungry. They fit perfectly into that role in Doom - If you just wanna blast some monsters and clear levels that take on average 7 minutes or less, speedmaps are perfect for this. I can personally vouch for this being the most efficient burnout cure - Play a bunch of "bite-sized" projects until you feel like you're ready to tackle the next big one. 4. Replay some of your favorites! It's exactly like having a bad meal and going "man, I could really use some [Favorite food] right now". You'll reignite your love for Doom because your favorite wads will remind you why you've been playing this game for so many years. Most important of it all is not to force yourself to go through any map ever. If you're not having fun, close the game and do something else. You don't have to quit, but taking breaks from time to time is important just as well. Hope this helps :)
  7. Terminus

    Mapsets where you revisit "maps"

    Elysium's Curse Episode 1 feels like a long map split to six, with several cases where you either visit an area that was previously blocked on an earlier map, or glimpses of areas you will visit on future maps. Stellar stuff, if you ask me.
  8. Hey guys! Figured I should give a bit of an explanation for my disappearance. I'm not in a good head space to stream right now. Dealing with a lot of stress involving job hunting and staying afloat. I hardly have time to play Doom on Single player either way. I don't know when I'll be back to streaming unfortunately. I tried to gather mental energy during a holiday last month and I just couldn't. I'm sorry to anyone disappointed by this news. All of the submissions will be played eventually, I promise, whether be it on single player (with testing notes sent to the author ofc) or whenever I go back to streaming, once life decides to throw me a bone. @Astro X I have played some maps of Astroverse a few months back, yes. Twitch VODs usually last two weeks and then they poof, so I make sure to download the stream VODs to my computer to later upload them to Youtube. I've been delaying the Youtube uploads because my toaster computer is struggling to handle it, but they will be up! Eventually. Promise. I'd also like to address that I will continue this and I am not declaring quits whatsoever. I love Doom and I really enjoy streaming, and being helpful for the community is something I'm truly passionate about. I'm thinking of changing the format of how these streams are handled so it's better for both the user submissions and the general pacing of the streams. Right now there's nothing concrete, but this will be more relevant once I return. For now I thank you all for the constant support and hope to see you soon. <3
  9. Hi guys, I'm gonna step down for a while. IRL matters happened and that comes first and foremost. I don't know what's the next stream ETA, but when I do return I will of course let you know. Nothing major's happened and I'm mostly okay, but I need time to process things. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll return, and submissions will be fully reopened by then methinks. Feel free to submit more wads if you want, and I will get to them in due time.
  10. Live Now! Birthday Stream time! Gonna be playing Doom until the clock turns midnight on my birthday. Come hang out! http://twitch.tv/motiterminus
  11. Terminus

    Doom Streams

    Birthday Stream! Playing some Doom until the clock turns midnight on my birthday. Come hang out! http://twitch.tv/motiterminus
  12. Terminus

    Doom Streams

    Doom Playtesting time! http://twitch.tv/motiterminus
  13. Live now! Let's play some Doom, shall we? http://twitch.tv/motiterminus
  14. Hey guys! Thank you for your constant support and submissions. I have something important to prepare for tomorrow so I will unfortunately not be streaming today. However that just means for next week there will be two playtesting streams! On Monday, March 14th, we will start at the usual time of 5PM GMT. On Saturday, March 19th, we will start one hour later than usual - at 6PM GMT, and incidentally it will also be a birthday stream! My birthday is on the 20th, and I am hoping to be streaming for long enough for the time to turn midnight during the stream, so it should be a whole lot of fun. Of course, if anyone wants to submit their map or short episode for me to play on the stream, feel free to do so. I hope to see you all on both Monday and next Saturday! To answer some recent comments: @Stabbey - It definitely is possible to make the first part more interesting! For example, you could make it so more Cacodemons spawn outside, move the Arachno pillar a little closer so they can have a better shot at getting to you and the player gets a little less dodge time, spawn some enemies on the outer pillars, and maybe make it so the Cyberdemons can actually see you for more than just the last 30 seconds. That's just the tip of the iceberg, I'm sure there's more things that you could try to add to make the gameplay of the first half a little more engaging for the player. @cannonball - Thanks for the clarification, your map was very enjoyable none the less and I'm glad my playthrough was helpful. :)
  15. Terminus

    Vaporwave/synthwave doom mods?

    Sounds like you might enjoy Time Tripper.