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  1. I recall one of the Slaughterfest maps, don't remember which one, had a midi of Gangnam Style. Have to say it got me off guard.
  2. Nightlife by Dragonfly. Not really sure if it's a disco map per se, but the colors and setting, especially the background track, can really give you the vibe. Pretty sure it plays along with the beat.
  3. Hey, Israel representative here. I haven't made a lot of maps and I'm not that great of a mapper either, but my latest work can be found in Joy of Mapping 5. I usually publish Doom content under the name "Moti".
  4. Waterlab GZD is very detailed and has a grimy atmosphere. It's a big map with custom monsters, I'm sure you'll like it.
  5. I recall Hellbound's map29 being very laggy, especially the start room. There was also an old wad called EvilStar that ran on Skulltag's resources, a couple of maps in there really took their toll on my framerate.
  6. Cyberdreams and the various Slaughterfest wads come to mind. Cyberdreams is more of a gimmicky wad on creative ways to kill Cyberdemons, though. Speed of Doom's latter maps are also guaranteed at least 2 Cyberdemons.
  7. Hooooly crap. Screenshots look fantastic, can't wait for the release :D
  8. Steep Town is a decent city-styled map. Or town-styled is a better way to describe it. Great map that uses city textures well.
  9. Finished my JOM5 map!
  10. Been so long since the last time I mapped. This tiny room took me like an hour to make.
  11. I'd very much like to try my hand at mapping again. Haven't done so in years, and if the tutors can help me get over my "stop mapping after 2 rooms" syndrome, hopefully it'll turn out great. Can't wait for this. :)
  12. The Joy of Mapping 4 was quite a fun experience, in comparison to the rest of them which mostly felt like a first-wad compilation. Skulldash Expanded Edition is really good too, the new maps are incredible. Void and Rainbow is a flashy adventure through a fun and colorful map. Those are just off the top of my head right now, there's many more great wads that came out and you should definitely check the Cacowards menitonation thread as scifista recommended. Welcome back!
  13. Screenshots look great, can't wait to play this!
  14. Can hardly wait. Link up anytime soon?
  15. Finished playing the entire Vinesauce contest wad folder. There were over 100 wads, some great and some bad. Overall it was quite the fun experience with plenty of gems to be found. Gonna pick up Oscillation and 300 minutes of /vr/ soon.