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  1. I am actually quite surprised as one I remember well was Marswar by Nathan Lineback which hasn't been listed so far by anyone. A fairly solid set of mapsets for the time by someone who had some "issues" with Microsoft :P
  2. Looking at this, I will throw my hat into the ring to make a map or two, I don't mind using the stock textures to be honest. :) Not sure what I will make yet, maybe another HR throwback or maybe something more contemporary.
  3. I am going to be honest, the maps in both versions still have serious zdoom testing problems where you have sectors being opened on zero tags which break the map horribly, again I ended up stuck in the same spot viewing the red skull key. The texturing in both I hate to say is very 1994 which isn't really the quality I want to come across, I am not looking for sunder type visuals, whilst I stated the project as limit removing, a clean looking map which fits in vanilla limits will be fine. The episode 1 version still kind of feels more E2 in feeling and the level of darkness in places and again I just can't see the computer station in either version. I would go into detail about the specific issues regarding where these maps are broken, but fundamentally I feel that the best course of action would be to start again as it will be easier for you to build a new map from scratch and slowly experiment the basics of mapping and with help hopefully deliver something decent. :) I left your post a while just in case someone bit on the offer, I guess the question is whether you want to give your slot up and hope that another opens up in the near future?
  4. E2M7 of "Return to Hadron", more due to the now very old gag of hatred towards helipads in Doom. Yeah I know I am very self obsessed and should put something more constructive as a cover photo.
  5. Who is really the evil one, those demons or the human who puts their cacodemon and pain elemental plushes on his lap and makes them watch their own kind being slaughtered level after level.

    1. Xyzzy01


      You convinced me. Down with the hissy hogger!

    2. Fonze


      I want one of those plushes for no real reason.

    3. R1ck


      Caco is adorable tbh. PE in the other hand... 

    4. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels


      I'm not doing anything wrong. ;-)

  6. Wow, great to see an update on this. Hopefully we are near the end of the journey and we can get to see some serious demo recording :D
  7. Right, I have seen a lot of entries which have come quite shortly after people have claimed slots. All I can say is that there is no rush, take your time and think of a concept which is robust enough to accommodate the map you have chosen. Same goes to building the map,take your time and make sure the basics are there at the very least. I am happy to help where I can in regards to some of this, though my time is pretty limited at times. Anyway.... First draft of E1M6, playable and maxable though no difficulty or co-op stuff at the moment.
  8. Okay Well one major major issue here is that there are no tags whatsoever with teleports and other actions marked by zero tags which will break horribly. Secondly the slot you have chosen is in E1 and I would rather stick to a more techbase style, secondly this map needs as part of the project to fit the name of the map with some justification. This map has a lot of problems with it but at this point trying to get to a playable point would be a start. I get the feeling that this might be your first foray into this type of mapping, I am and i am sure others would be happy to give you some tips on this type of thing and help push this map along. Well this does work so I can finish this map. That said I must admit I didn't have much fun with this. The shotgun is a primary weapon for a good part of this map (Was this intentional). I am also not sure whether there is sufficient supplies to take care of most of the monsters, well there is the chainsaw but that isn't much use against the bigger monsters. Visually this is okay I guess, though it could do with a more consistent level of detail, some tiny bits here and there and large sparse areas. In the end considering the slots filled in this episode, this lacks a certain visual flair, and also difficulty in some regards. Well there are a few points I would consider, oddly enough everything seemed to work fine using pr-boom (complevel 3), including that switch. Lastly Glaice, I still feel the end baron fight reveal needs to feel a bit more epic in a sense, I would consider teleporting the player into the centre of it instead of raising the ceiling to reveal the last area and really getting creative visually with that last room.
  9. So... umm....yeah VV1 - Dead on map one, fell into a pit and died, somehow my course managed to teleport to dry land. VV2 - Breezed through the first 4 maps and then died anima style to a long range hell knight fireball which I guided myself into. So bottom of the pile again :P
  10. Okay that's fine, I would suggest that removing the imps in the exit room would be a good idea as to me they serve no purpose but to be a door of meat. The rest is fine and I want to make clear that the main gimmick is in my mind absolutely fine and well executed. :) Right back to general management, E4M8 is the only map I have had no response for, everything else seems to be ticking along fine for now. I did say I would do a bit more of a review for all the maps submitted so far which I will do slowly but surely over the coming weeks.
  11. Probably sinister E2M6 - I just love the dark, eerie feeling of it. I like most of the IWad soundtracks but when making UDoom maps, the E2M6 slot is the only one where I have kept the stock soundtrack.
  12. Two new maps to comment on, sweet. E1M8 - Visually it is a little crude but nothing too jarring, it kind of evokes a similar feeling to the ultimate doom. Generally the layout is okay. The baron fight is pretty fun to deal with, it isn't too difficult, I will hold tight on this for now mostly as when we get all the maps to a semi-completed state then I will try to judge a reasonable difficulty curve, then I may say that the combat here needs to be beefed up or not. One issue for me was the red key ambush, the teleport set up is very inefficient and slow, this should be addressed to put more pressure on the player as at the moment it seems to be a slow and gentle trickle, the grabbing of the red key could also be linked to the lowering of the bars by the red key door. Another one is that I don't get too much of the anomaly part from this map which is where I agree with necrumwarrior. Overall a reasonable map but one I feel needs a little more work. E3M2 - Visually this is pretty great. The map gives off a good eerie vibe at the beginning before launching some more deadly encounters towards the end. The jump to the blue key at the moment is rather irritating, making this a little easier would help, also like others I think the red key needs to be sign posted a little better, though being a fairly short map then I guess this isn't a big issue, one suggestion would be to put the key on a pillar which shows the player where it is and make it only reachable from the current red key location, hence players should be able to figure the route out more quickly. Otherwise a fine effort, also slough being another name for a swamp I think this ticks the boxes as well as the feeling of despair.
  13. I think most of the gripe from me is after the encounter, the map doesn't need to be made much bigger to be honest. The imp crowd in the exit room doesn't really need to exist to be honest. Mosshopper - That's fine the slot is yours. Glaice - Looks interesting, I look forward to playing it. Benjogami - Just given this a quick play, it looks great, I will delve deeper into the gameplay tomorrow hopefully.
  14. Go for it, consider the slot yours.
  15. Some progress on E1M6, layout is near enough done, some of secrets have been added, just need to finish this off and then add the incidental and more staged combat scenarios.