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  1. The two things i am involved with are here and a uk weather forum. So i am having a great day reading the cacowards arcticle whilst looking out on a winter wonderland for the first time in years. Some great picks, i did think tntr might have made the final cut but i guess that it is consistent with many community projects due to the hit and miss nature of the maps. Dobu ia a fantastic choice for mapper of the year, stunning visuals, gameplay and gimmicks and is a fantastic pillar in this community. Here is to another year of fantastic doom projects.
  2. That is fantastic, that would be a great idea for a titlescreen.
  3. I interpreted it as one run in the fact that this is just one wad, that said I segmented the episode 1 and 2 demos because it felt simpler for me to do. I might be wrong and in that case I might need to do some heavy editing to my post above.
  4. Lol, I make that two of us Definitely category 2, I played this years ago but I am pretty unfamiliar with episodes 2 and 3 and a few of the E1 maps too. [THAT SECRET CRUSHER]
  5. If only I could grab some of the parks I made when I was younger, alas old computer which has been long disposed of. Great video and it has brought back a lot of fond memories.
  6. Another map done (Maps01/02/03/04/05/09/10 completed now of the 11 map episode) These taken from map05
    An interesting wad with each map taking on a specific theme for the most part. The visuals are generally good with some real epic moments littered across the wad, that start warehouse room and some of the later maps are good examples. The gameplay is pretty forgiving for the most part but there are some moments which will bring some moments of panic. Some ofthe fights are a little hit and miss at times with some which can be neutralised fairly easily. Overall a really pleasant surprise and a great effort, especially as the author is still in the process of honing their own style. I really look forward to future releases from Forli.
  7. I guess it is almost time I guess, I did mention NEIS at the start of the year as it fell into that 2016/17 crossover period and it still deserves some recognition. Anyway so whilst I have not played enough doom related stuff this year there has been some real decent releases, some of which have come out of the blue somewhat. So firstly - To be honest this is no real surprise, Mechadon is probably in my view one of the best mappers out there creating huge and immersive environments with some compelling gameplay to boot. Now the other two were certainly ones to come out of the blue by mappers who have not been on the scene for long. This came out at the start of the year, whilst there are flaws, there are some great visuals and some real standout encounters in here. Very similar to disjunction in my thoughts, some great ideas and settings produced here.
  8. Doing the red key area for the recreation of a map from 2012. The blue key area is done, so it is almost time to populate the map and get the major mechanics working.
  9. Still working on some doom 2 maps, this one is actually going to be a remake of a map I made back in 2012 with hopefully some better ideas of visuals and gameplay compared to then.
  10. No excuse, no excuse whatsoever. This is by far the most embarrassing death from me probably. So, I made it to map 05 with a close call on maps 3 and 4. I was pretty much strolling along but I simply didn't try to avoid that revenant rocket and alas I died. Nice set of maps by the way, some really nice visuals at times. Probably a category 2 run then.
  11. I don't know whether I should feel proud or ashamed of doing this. :p Still it is a long time ago and I have probably redeemed myself slightly......
  12. I guess the large amount of time that has gone past means that I could take a look at my entries in a fresh perspective which could be a good thing. Two maps I am not overly happy with (Maps24/25) which feel too close to the origionals. Maps16/18 I would say I am happy with barring any gameplay issues people come up with. I will have a look at these at some point in the future though progress is going to be pretty slow as I am currently moving house and lets say infrastructure has been difficult to get in place.
  13. It is possible to make exciting maps without the use of the doom 2 mid-tier monsters. Try to keep baron usage down and mix them in with other monsters in incidental combat, it is certainly possible to use them more densely in traps where space is limited. Otherwise keep a decent amount of low tier monsters and cacodemons. It would be nice to see what you have come up with so far, at least so some suggestions could be made to get the maps to a complete state potentially.
  14. Given my lack of contribution this year, I was thinking of putting together a quick episode of doom 2 maps. The pics are from maps01/2/3/4 respectively.