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  1. It looks a little cramped, hopefuly there are some nice spacious areas mixed into that map.
  2. Well I died on map06, the first 5 maps were relatively easy, but man the first archvile plus the crushers resulted in reating an almost unwinnable position with several ghost monsters which made me flee to another area with naff all health. My death was then innevitable. I guess, this wasn't an awful effort considering how low I usually end up.
  3. I am so far behind with many things, but finally got round to reading this at least. Thanks for the review Not Jabba and I am glad I have left a positive feeling in terms of this, the third episode is slowly coming together (3 maps done), but how long it will take is unknown at the moment, a lot going on in the background and at some point I will play through many of the new releases so who knows when I will tie this all up.
  4. Finally getting back to some mapping, some work on a certain E3 episode that I should probably do to conclude the work of the last year or so. Nothing special in the first one, just abusing red colours in a typical cliched manner. I thought I would use some textures I am not so comfortable with for this map. Not sure how this will turn out in the end though.
  5. Hmm, not sure how that happened, I have tried again, hopefully my laptop hasn't screwed it up again.
  6. Well I died on map03. I survived all the other stuff yet I did not see that spectre in the water. Lesson - Never doom on an empty stomach, though said demon is certainly not hungry any more.......
  7. Right, I like the concept here, I think this could be workable, though I suspect that a lot of work would be needed to make this a great experience, but there is something there about this map I like. I will have to do a deeper playthrough to offer some decent suggestions though. I must apologise, I haven't been on for nearly a month now, way too busy outside of the forums at the moment.
  8. Fantastic to see this released and I really hope everyone enjoys this. Congrats to all the team for getting this out of the door. Now to prod other slow moving project. Ah crap that still includes me.....
  9. That is two stupid kills for that one arch vile. I honestly thought I would be the only one to have a stupid death there :P
  10. I have hopefully fixed the issues in map02, though if Ribbiks has addressed this then that is fine. Map06 will require some more thought though but I guess the issue is with multiplayer for the start, not sure how to address the fight on the west side of the map though.
  11. Dreadful effort, I tried to be clever and distract the arch vile, alas epic fail commenced.
  12. @UAC-Janitor and @Quantum Dranger, map slots have been swapped, I hope you can both pull a great map out of the bag.
  13. I am actually quite surprised as one I remember well was Marswar by Nathan Lineback which hasn't been listed so far by anyone. A fairly solid set of mapsets for the time by someone who had some "issues" with Microsoft :P
  14. Looking at this, I will throw my hat into the ring to make a map or two, I don't mind using the stock textures to be honest. :) Not sure what I will make yet, maybe another HR throwback or maybe something more contemporary.
  15. I am going to be honest, the maps in both versions still have serious zdoom testing problems where you have sectors being opened on zero tags which break the map horribly, again I ended up stuck in the same spot viewing the red skull key. The texturing in both I hate to say is very 1994 which isn't really the quality I want to come across, I am not looking for sunder type visuals, whilst I stated the project as limit removing, a clean looking map which fits in vanilla limits will be fine. The episode 1 version still kind of feels more E2 in feeling and the level of darkness in places and again I just can't see the computer station in either version. I would go into detail about the specific issues regarding where these maps are broken, but fundamentally I feel that the best course of action would be to start again as it will be easier for you to build a new map from scratch and slowly experiment the basics of mapping and with help hopefully deliver something decent. :) I left your post a while just in case someone bit on the offer, I guess the question is whether you want to give your slot up and hope that another opens up in the near future?