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  1. cannonball

    Ultimate Doom In Name Only - Limit removing project

    I played on Ultra violence, I look forward to seeing the final version in the not too distant future.
  2. cannonball

    Ultimate Doom In Name Only - Limit removing project

    I think it is the earlier sections up to grabbing the blue key. Beyond this wasn't an issue for me, the melting platforms are fine as if you are unlucky with the shotgun shots you can just push on through. Obviously for 100% kills this could be frustrating. A few recovery items could be a good move though.
  3. cannonball

    Ultimate Doom In Name Only - Limit removing project

    Right played the old version of E3M6 General thoughts, it is certainly an interesting map, I can certainly see some frustration coming from this map in both the combat and platforming sections. That first fight with the rocket launcher is incredibly tight, otherwise the fights were fine with decent solutions available. I really struggled with the rising platform section, probably because I am a little clumsy with the keyboard. The rest including the end of the map I found okay. I must admit the level of lava damage is very harsh, possibly too harsh perhaps? I certainly paid the price many times for my millisecond accidental steps off solid ground.
  4. cannonball

    What would be your ideal doom movie?

    If we are talking about the straight up one person vs the forces of Hell then frankly nothing will beat the game and thus why even try going down this route. A film would be far better to explore other elements of the Universe the game is set in, like the fall of the UAC based on Phobos and Deimos prior to the marines landing there and the events of Knee deep in the dead start. I mean a horror film base on the initial hellish outbreak would be a far easier task to pull off here.
  5. cannonball

    Ultimate Doom In Name Only - Limit removing project

    I will get round to playing this later next week when I will hopefully have some free time. But having casually browsed through this I must admit that there is real promise there. Also, I don’t mind the more left field approach to the gameplay here.
  6. cannonball

    Just for fun: My 5 favourite DooM mappers

    Tough choices but; Skillsaw Ribbiks Dobu Gabu Maru Erik Alm Mechadon
  7. cannonball

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    After a long time, the beginning of the end is here...... Well the design of the opening area is done at least.
  8. cannonball

    Theresa May resigns as British PM

    So we have had parliamentary inferno under Theresa May. Now it will be time for thy democracy consumed under the next PM. changing the leader will do naff all as it doesn’t change the maths in parliament. It just continues the never ending joke about the people who are in charge of the UK....
  9. cannonball

    Switcheroom 2 revival (1 map open)

    Right time for some updates Changes Map24 in City style (Plays in Map16) - Final fight tweaked slightly to make it less annoying - This transferred across all difficulties. Map09 in City style (Plays in Map18) - Lots of structural changes, more inter-connectivity in the second half of the map. Suggestions by Jaws applied. Map14 in Hell style (Plays in Map24) - This is a brand new map, replacing the last effort which I felt was not really in the spirit of the project (It felt lie the map had been transferred into a UDoom E4 style than D2 hell) - So this map is sort of in a style which is a mix of map24 and 25 of Doom 2. Co-op has not been properly done yet. CB updates.zip As for my last map (Map13 in hell style) - Not sure how to proceed at the moment.
  10. cannonball

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Some nice shots, Mayhem19 looks like being another fine effort. @Lutz The only issue I have with your shots is the environments look more like somewhere I like to go on holiday, rather than fighting demons. Fantastic stuff... I am currently redoing a made for Switcheroom 2 to feel more worthwhile to the project aims as my previous effort felt more like a re-texturing. It is pretty much finished apart from some final monster placement and implementation of difficulty levels.
  11. This petition is pointless to be honest. It’s now done and we can move on. in all honesty the last season was rather underwhelming and a low point of the series. But then again this is not the first tv series to do this though here it seems the lack of source material which is still being written was part of the issue. Then again the hook of the books and in a way the tv series was never really the big battles which was clearly where the effort was made in the final season.
  12. cannonball

    Please support your favorite content creators.

    Considering you have been consistently producing high quality work either in the form of music or mapsets for many years now. I like many others can only offer the greatest of thanks and the community for be a far lesser place without you. Like many others, I am short on money with a poorly paid job and raising a child. All I will say is given the effort and motivation you put in here, I hope you will be able to transform your hobby into a fully fledged career (whatever path that may take). It is always the best reward for your career to be around the things you enjoy doing than solely for paying the bills.
  13. That is one well kicked can, and a frantic road building project to stop that Brexit bus careering off the cliff. I guess they hope that if the EU elections happen in the UK then it might prompt some movement one way or the other, but allows the UK to leave beforehand if the deal gets through the commons (This looks unlikely).
  14. Well Farage would need to become an mp, which he has tried and failed to do on many occasions. addressing a post further up, a trade deal with the US would not get public approval. We hated TTIP which was thankfully mothballed. How can we go down this route when our position is weaker and we are now dealing with Trump instead of Obama? It sounds like a desperate sell out. As for Ireland, leavers had a long time to think up a solution to that border and simply decided that pretending it didn’t exist was a better option. Putting a hard border down might not be that simple, if the border is directly protected by the Good Friday agreement then the answer is you won’t be able to, the precedent of that peace treaty is that the public approves any changes (both N.Ireland and the Republic). That pretty much stuffs us most WTO routes in the process which is why other solutions are being tried to prevent this from happening.
  15. Interesting factoid for you, the person in charge of handling the brexit coverage during the referendum was a man called Robbie Gibb, who was a prominent promoter of Brexit. The BBC unfortunately has become increasingly the mouthpiece of the government over the last ten years thanks to the conservatives who took a dislike to how certain elements were being reported. BBC political programmes tend to have a strong right wing or pro-Brexit bias, for example Question time, in the last five years there have been 35 MEP appearances, 33 were UKIP, 2 two were conservative, all of whom were leave supporters. You then add to that the most popular newspapers are also right leaning like the telegraph or the likes of the Daily Mail or Daily Express. The BBC is a real shame to be honest, reporters used to drive fear into politicians but these days if you are representing the government position you literally be eating a cat on live tv and you would still get an easy ride... opposition side is a different story.