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  1. I was just going to post something in here to say that whilst I have a map in the pipeline, it probably won't be finished before the deadline, plus with plenty of submissions already in here, perhaps leaving it for something else wouldn't be a bad idea in the long run. Here is a screenshot of part of the map at the moment.
  2. Some mapping progress at last.
  3. New year, new home, new??? me perhaps.
  4. A category 2 run So; UV - Dead on map 2, didn't make it far on this map HMP - Dead on map 2. this was hilariously short HNTR - Dead on Map 3, died on the final battle So in short, yeah I sucked badly here.
  5. Right you and Riderr3 have been given the slots, I look forward to these maps. I have put links to the two maps you could not download, I will update the OP as well. As for quality control, I would like to move to a decent standard throughout which may involve some harsh critique at times, though I would like to see whether we can make progress on the maps we have nothing for just yet. hellkeep (2).zip
  6. I wanted to wait until the New year before posting an update, so here goes. Right I have heard back from Cell and now E4M8 is open for anyone who feelslike they could make a map. Also Xaser contacted me just before Christmas withdrawing from the project so E2M2 is also now open. It would be nice to get the wheels turning on this again, hopefully I will be able to do some proper playtesting at some point.
  7. To think my 2018 goal was to survive a DWIronman challenge. I think Alfonzo revels in failure. :P
  8. It's great that a doom mod has reached this profile which will draw people in, though I must admit that the whole saga really is an example of what could have been if Mark was a nicer guy, I mean help from other coders involved in doomworld and more interaction fromits initial build could have resulted in a much more polished product and probably a more harmonious community. In the end the whole thing feels a bit bitter sweet in the end. His coments in that thread pretty much show that his level of arrogance hasn't dropped in any way which means the whole saga will likely continue.
  9. I should have done this ages ago, but I am tweaking a couple of fights for Wavebreaker based on feedback from Bloodite Krypto, hopefully I will have this done by the new year. Actually this is done So changes; The cyber/HK fight has been altered, now only one cyber, as a response I changed the HKs for imps with a few pinkies thrown in, I have adjusted the ammo at this point respectively. Final area - Changed a few monsters and altered the room/progression slightly to make the fight a bit more engaging, I also removed a co-op archvile. This probably makes the map a bit easier to play but hey-ho
  10. Here is an update to my map with a few tweaks based on feedback.
  11. Clear a mapset in the Doomworld Ironman challenge. Yeah... I know.... realistic goals Finish Return to Hadron E3 UDINO Be more active on the forums UDINO!!! Make maps for new projects, even the speedmapping sessions perhaps UDINO YOU LAZY SOD!!! Maybe someone needs to make it their mission to prod me at times as frankly I need to become more active in the project I lead as a start.
  12. The two things i am involved with are here and a uk weather forum. So i am having a great day reading the cacowards arcticle whilst looking out on a winter wonderland for the first time in years. Some great picks, i did think tntr might have made the final cut but i guess that it is consistent with many community projects due to the hit and miss nature of the maps. Dobu ia a fantastic choice for mapper of the year, stunning visuals, gameplay and gimmicks and is a fantastic pillar in this community. Here is to another year of fantastic doom projects.
  13. That is fantastic, that would be a great idea for a titlescreen.
  14. I interpreted it as one run in the fact that this is just one wad, that said I segmented the episode 1 and 2 demos because it felt simpler for me to do. I might be wrong and in that case I might need to do some heavy editing to my post above.
  15. Lol, I make that two of us Definitely category 2, I played this years ago but I am pretty unfamiliar with episodes 2 and 3 and a few of the E1 maps too. [THAT SECRET CRUSHER]