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  1. cannonball

    Night on Doom Mountain [Boom] - Released

    Bump - Idgames link; https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/nodmf Enjoy
  2. cannonball

    Worst Doom Level

    Ultimate Doom E1M9 - Military Base - There are quite a few bad maps in the original Doom, but for me the deciding factor was that this level is so far below Romero’s usual standard that it sticks out more than Sandy’s “miss” levels. Doom 2 Map21 - Nirvana - Even the more controversial Sandy maps have some quirk, something interesting. But this is pure garbage in map form. PS I am one of the those people who has been converted into loving the Chasm. It is much more than it’s narrow ledges. Plutonia Map10 - Onslaught - A better name for this map is “Betrayal” because the start is complete BS and frankly the map doesn’t get much better. TNT Map22 - Habitat - No real explanation needed here, this would be a sun-par maximum Doom map with illogical progression and strange visuals. The only redeeming feature is that the map is so broken that it can be beaten without exploring 90% of the map.
  3. cannonball

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Back on the side project now. Very much bare bones but a map that can be summed up as "A version of the Wizard of Oz that has sunken into the abyss"
  4. cannonball

    Night on Doom Mountain [Boom] - Released

    Bump - Hopefully this will be the final version (Being uploaded to IDgames as we speak). https://www.dropbox.com/s/ioesddg455thdur/NODMF.zip?dl=0 No changes with the exception of the removal of duplicate resources IWad resources that I hadn't properly cleared before.
  5. cannonball

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2022 - Roll up, roll up!

    Update to my map; https://www.dropbox.com/s/dt4bu6y1i8pw7jn/DMP22cb.2.wad?dl=0 Difficulty settings added. I probably should change the name of the map too, mostly because it kind of sucks. Given the inspiration, I might go for "House of Dischord" instead.
  6. Funnily enough, fifty shades of Graytall must be pretty high up, especially so for being 18 maps as the majority of the mappers have at least one cacoward to their name.
  7. cannonball

    Thoughts On Mount Pain?

    Drake O’Brien had a very distinct style compared to his peers. Mount Pain from my point of view is better than Administration Center but nowhere near the sense of adventure you get from Central Processing. The mountain is quite something to look at for the time.
  8. After a few rough drafts on the NaNoWadMo thread I thought I might as well give this its own home as we approach the final release to Idgames; The map is pretty large (Probably a 45-60 min run time for a first playthrough) with a slightly otherworldly and halloween-esque theme. Wad - https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/nodmf Cheers to everyone who has commented and provided feedback. Specs; Name - Night on Doom Mountain Map01 (Includes a stop map in the Map02 slot) Compatibility - Boom (Complevel 9) Tested in DSDA Doom Difficulties - Included - HMP is recommended for a first playthrough. Both HMP and UV have the same monster placement/composition, but HMP gives you the big weapons earlier and replaces some items to allow for more mistakes. HNTR is implemented but untested. Co-op/deathmatch - Co - op starts added but nothing more. Credits Pictures
  9. cannonball

    NaNoWADMo 2022 - The month-long mapping challenge!

    Update to my little project; https://www.dropbox.com/s/0vi4w7uj92y8cr9/NODM.2.zip?dl=0 Changes; Yellow key area - The initial graveyard trap can be avoid depending on the route you take into the area. Now this should be triggered from any direction. Co - op starts added Some tweaks here and there to visuals/some spawn points to avoid a couple of unwanted scenarios. Fixed the hom in the stop-map (Same place as the one in the main map). Hopefully unless more playtesting unearths something major, then hopefully I might finish this up and give it the final release treatment.
  10. cannonball

    Do you always play the Secret Maps?

    My heart wants to say the top answer, but ultimately picked "The vast majority of the time." purely down to the fact that I probably did skip a secret map here and there. The interesting thing about those slots is that authors has a habit of implementing them for different reasons. Some chose this slots for more experimental and interesting pieces, some use them as a compromise where maps considered unworthy for the main roster are placed here instead of being ultimately rejected. And then there Is Adam Windsor who simply used them as two extra second episode maps. Personally I play the secret maps for the first element, I loved to be surprised by a map that throw's a huge amount of an author's usual style out of the window to produce something that feels Alien to the player. Think the cybernectic hellscape of Speed of Doom's first secret map, the chilling derelict space station in Uprising. Secret maps done right are some of the best treats you can get.
  11. cannonball

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Ad Mortem & Wormwood 1/EU/3

    I haven’t submitted a suggestion for next month. Mostly because I won’t have time to play it as I will be busy with real life stuff (nothing bad mind you, more a case of a new little person in the CB household) Have fun next month.
  12. cannonball

    Midnight Isle - 8 Very Detailed Maps [Boom] v1.9

    All I can say is that the screenshots expertly crafted and I suspect the combat will leave me a quivering wreck once I finally download this. Congrats on getting this through the door.
  13. cannonball

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Ad Mortem & Wormwood 1/EU/3

    MAP03 - “The Horror” by Ribbiks Confession - I played this on HMP Honestly this is still harder than anything I have made on UV. I think the best way to sum this map up is that I was killed more by the hazardous nature of the map than the big set-piece fights. The fights by the way were a lot of fun. Some of the platforming sections and that whole purple key stretch was just horrible for me. I used the invulnerability for this stretch and still had to do the final section under the risk of instant death. I am impressed at how each Ribbiks entry reveals itself, Revenge of Demon house is a brooding monster, Stabbed with a sword is a quaint but deadly puzzle box and this is sort of a mesh of the two. The map is truly otherworldly and there are parts I loved, and parts I absolutely hated. I guess in the end this sums up Wormwood, why have trick or treat... when you can have both. The final fight went surprisingly easily and made it out on the second attempt. I was mostly surprised at how few hits from the spiders I got, whilst they absolutely decimated everything else. There isn't much else to say, I think Ribbiks is an expert craftsman, meshing more leftfield ideologies with new mapping tricks and his own brand of evil. It is worth playing for the full experience, even if it isn't to your personal tastes because frankly, these maps will leave an impression that no other author can give. At the end of the day I guess that is the ultimate compliment for Wormwood.
  14. cannonball

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Ad Mortem & Wormwood 1/EU/3

    MAP01 - “Life?” by Ribbiks Another year another set of boom mapping tricks to show off. The first room is a bit of a pain and you can easily zap a lot of health from yourself to the point where one unlucky revenant rocket would finish you off. Beyond this you get two fights with the exploding projectiles that offer a reasonable and engaging challenge. The rocket launcher was not used at all as it turns out the hellknights in the middle section can be killed without your intervention. Overall this was really cool and felt more substantial than the opener to Wormwood EU. MAP02 - “Vampire Killer” by Grain of Salt I appreciate that GOS produced a more substantial offering to Wormwood 3, that said the map feels a little on the clunky side in both combat and visuals. The green key fight was pretty cool in the sense of gauging when to swap sides in the middle section to prevent yourself from being swamped. The plasma gun fight looks daunting but I escape pretty easily from the hornets nest. The yellow key is optional and the fight for it is pretty tepid. The sun symbol feels rather out of place with the rest of the architecture (It looks pretty neat though). The final fight has a typical circle strafe outcome (Like Ad Mortem Map07), though it gets a better reception because of the monsters used and the fact that you don't get the instant win BFG effect seen there. In the end the map is rather flawed, but it has its enjoyable moments.
  15. cannonball

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Ad Mortem & Wormwood 1/EU/3

    Map04 of Wormwood EU went kaput, so I will have to try that map again another day, however the journal entries are short relatively easy to scrape through. MAP31 - “Journal Entry I: Killing Time” by Ribbiks Not a fan of this one, mostly because platforming is something I just can't do well with keyboard only. However it is clear that more skilled players should be okay with this one. I guess in the end goading the mancubus into starting the infighting chain reaction can be a bit of a chore as he seemed reluctant to fire when I was starting by the cyberdemon, however stepping on the surrounding blocks closer the mancubus's location did the trick. The rest can be dealt with light footwork and good BFG usage. It's fine but not one I would want to return to. MAP32 - “Journal Entry II: Thus We Spameth” by Ribbiks This one is a solid and more old school style of slaughter map, one where you can blow off steam. To be honest going for the keys right after getting the BFG seems to be the plan, mostly because you want to maximise infighting. Both wings are pretty hectic, but a careful mix of BFG and infighting will see you through. The only gripe here is the Hellknight towers that are a chore to clear, even with the mass of cells at the end. I can't help but feel that a more elegant solution could have been done here. MAP33 - “Journal Entry III: Business As Usual” by Ribbiks I don't like tyson maps really, but I actually like this map the most out of the three. There seems to be a great deal of care to calibrate the map well to both the player and the monsters that patrol it. It is the kind of map that gets forgotten in the Ribbik's back catalog (Same with the compact Sunlust maps to a degree). It is good fun and you do get a little assistance from a Plasma gun and of course the chainguns in the final room that you can grab from the chaingunners. Good stuff.