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  1. Tarnsman

    ion fury is out

    Anyways to actually discuss the game instead of yet another worthless dumpster fire that is modern political discourse. I'm really enjoying the environments, weapons, and general feel of the game. However the game has one gigantic overpowering flaw that really hampers the experience. The bestiary. Even by build game standards of bad enemy selection. So far the enemies can be broken down into 4 different hit scan enemies that basically all perform the same function, 3 annoying head things that exist to justify the Loverboy's alt-fire, and worthless centipedes. I am lumping the grenade guys in with the crossbow guys, shotgun guys, and machinegun guys because even their grenades don't feel all that different with how they're used and how their AI behaves. Enemies also tend to go into ambush stances way too frequently. I feel like with some modifications and tweaks to usage the existing enemies could be diversified because like the homing missile spam scrags sound fantastic on paper but they're dispatched almost as easily as the quadcopter heads so it's just more Loverboy fodder.
  2. Tarnsman

    ion fury is out

    No one is being forced to be trans. Go find me one person who is being forced by their parents to be trans. Seriously. I'll wait. In terms of "forcing themselves" upon people, really all trans people ask from other people is to be addressed the way they want to be addressed. If that is a bridge too far for you, then you better never call your parents mom and dad because mom and dad aren't their given legal names. You either are woefully ignorant of the reality of trans individuals because you have next to no experience with them or you're engaging in purposefully bad faith efforts to hide your bigotry.
  3. Tarnsman

    ion fury is out

    There's nothing naive about actual objective facts. Trans people have a high suicide rate because they spend most of their lives listening to chuckle fucks like you tell them that they're abominations. (Usually the same people who then turn around a whine about the disenfranchisement of young white males and how it's leading them to violence or whatever. Because god forbid someone says something bad about a man.) Either you genuinely believe these things, in which case I would encourage you to expose yourself to more trans individuals and their life experiences, so that you can gain perspective away from bad faith propaganda. Or you just hate transpeople and need an excuse to make yourself feel good about it because you don't have the balls to just admit you hate something because it makes you feel uncomfortable.
  4. Tarnsman

    ion fury is out

    Instead of celebrating that some wonderful people from our community were able to profit off of their hard work and talent and release an exceptional product, we will forever have their efforts tainted by this experience. It's the sad reality of this situation. It's even more unfortunate that these decent people are being forced to answer for actions other than their own. We're having a discussion about what we feel someone like Cage's actions should be when Cage has straight up no responsibility to do a single fucking thing in this situation. Bro made some great art and should be profiting off of it. There no longer is allowed to be a gray area on things particularly when they're things that honestly are kind of super shitty. Like outrage and cancel culture is a toxic thing that's often filled with bad faith efforts and general assbagery. I could dig through the logs of some very progressive trans-friendly places and find plenty of shit that we could deem cancel worthy. A good friend just today expressed anxiety over a joke that a conversation from her discord was going to be screenshotted and posted to twitter. Unfortunately speaking out against it is difficult because it makes people think you're agreeing with their horrendous toxic shit and empowering it. The middle ground between "you're being ridiculous chill out" and "we should openly support fascism" has basically disappeared. The high suicide rates for trans individuals is almost entire a result of a lack of social acceptance and family support. There is a big difference between a parent forcing their child into a gender and a parent allowing their child to express themselves as they wish and a lot of the time the concern for parent's supposedly "forcing their child to be trans" is bad faith concern trolling because a parent is letting their child express themselves, which reduces the chance that they're going to kill themselves later in life.
  5. I don't think it's possible to argue that the mapsets wouldn't be treated differently if they weren't "official" so to speak if only because there would be an objective change in the level of exposure to said mapsets. John Romero releasing a mapset is going to draw some more eyes than some random guy releasing a mapset. People are always going to form opinions about stuff based on that and there always are going to be more opinions and expectations when it comes to something that gets broader recognition in that way. However I don't think beyond that aspect people's opinions on the sets would really be that drastically different. Obviously anyone who was "disappointed" by Sigil likely would not be disappointed if it wasn't a hyped release but I doubt the aspects that they disliked that resulted in the disappointment would suddenly be things they enjoyed and the other way around. No one is suddenly praising aspects of map making they hate just because John Romero's name is attached to it or it's something packaged with an official Doom release. People do sometimes exaggerate the level of how different from community output these mapsets are (as evidenced by the post praising 'catwalks' as unique) but it's not like someone is talking about how The Chasm or The Pit are the worst levels in Doom 2 and then turning around and talking about the brilliance of Sigil. If you look at the things someone does or does not praise about these mapsets and then look at the general style of doom level design they typically appreciate or disparage, you'll find a lot of consistency.
  6. Tarnsman

    The DWIronman League dies to: Base Ganymede

    I don't think anyone is suggesting that handcams or streams become the norm. Just that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. With something like standard speedrunning you have thousands upon thousands attempts so skill ends up shining through at the end because you end up with an average of all the items skill can't control for. With the ironman runs, particularly blind ironman runs, the things that skill can't control for become a lot more of a factor. There are plenty of things in doom that qualify as 'random bullshit' that can end even the most skilled of runs. Avoiding this pitfall in 1 of your 100 attempts that you happen to post is believable. Doing it in 28 of your 30 attempts is much, much less. This is the critical component of Zeromaster's protest. This isn't simply someone being really good at Doom, it's someone being improbably lucky in a way that's increasingly unlikely as it continues to happen. And if the response to this is to drop the dramatic-reading-of-the-year candidate and accuse Zeromaster of all people of jealousy, that's not exactly a good look.
  7. Tarnsman

    The DWIronman League dies to: Base Ganymede

    @ReaperAA Nah, sometimes art deserves to be appreciated and the creator thanked for their contribution to history. I will say, Bloodite's comparisons to things like J4rio's previously thought to be impossible Tyson runs doesn't hold up. Those are the culmination of countless failed runs. Where as ironman is supposed to be a singular attempt. That is where the contention comes from. Someone being able to pull off an insane feat through constant struggle and attempts is a lot different than consistently performing at that level on single attempts, often supposedly blind.
  8. Tarnsman

    The DWIronman League dies to: Base Ganymede

    This post really deserves to be engraved on like a ten foot tall stone tablet and placed at the entrace of some sort of Hall of Fame for legendary posting.
  9. Tarnsman

    The DWIronman League dies to: Base Ganymede

    I'd like to thank Bloodite for providing the framework for my new favorite copypasta.
  10. More projects need to do this. It gives individual tracks more personality and flavor and helps get them more exposure. It's a shame when a track is 9 minutes long and only gets used on one two minute map.
  11. what do you think of the recent cacowards? :+)

  12. Tarnsman

    Ultimate Doom The Way id Did — Now on /idgames!

    Wow. Now if only the other things that are 99.9% done that Alfonzo and Marcaek are holding hostage can get released.
  13. Tarnsman

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    What does this even mean? How would one even go about "inappropriately" inserting black people into a film about Doom? Is the film going to randomly turn into a Black Lives Matter rally 15 minutes in? The "I can't believe it's not a white male protagonist" brigade complains as if films featuring anything but them randomly insert massive gay orgies that have the characters look directly at the camera and insult every white male person watching the film. Which actually thinking about... would that really even be a bad thing if they did? I don't know about you, but that's the sort of artistic panache that I think we really need in this world.
  14. Tarnsman

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    It's at times like these that I wish I had that Doomguy667 screed about Doomguy being a man because Doom is a man's game for men (or whatever nonsense he was on about) so I could just paste it here. P.S. If you're losing your shit because a movie did a thing you didn't like? You probably shouldn't be calling other people triggered.
  15. Tarnsman

    Cacowards 2017 discussion (24 years)

    It's not the cacowards without someone questioning the legitimacy of these here "doomworld" "forums" and their right to give out "awards".