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  1. Tarnsman

    Sands Of Time Reveal Trailer (ZDoom half TC)

    For reference BTSX E1M1 This Trailer
  2. TIL. Honestly had no idea the names of the tracks were community invented.
  3. Tarnsman

    [Megawad] Tarnsman's Projectile Hell - RC2

    Thank you for the thorough testing, it's much appreciated, particularly the niche skip stuff and what it breaks.
  4. Tarnsman

    Worst looking texture

    This is the only stock texture I dislike.
  5. Tarnsman

    [Megawad] Tarnsman's Projectile Hell - RC2

    4.03 is a repo build but necessary for certain items to work properly.
  6. Tarnsman

    [Megawad] Doom 2 In Spain Only [Now on idgames]

    -Patch A fully respect the map names, but doesn't show the map slots (example automap: ''Pasillos de debajo'', ''Estado tracendente'', etc.) -Patch B two map names are cut off (map21, map28) but it shows map slots and all maps show their respective gfx lump name (example automap: ''2:Pasillos de debajo'', ''21:Estado Tracende'', ''28:El mundo de los espitiru'')
  7. Tarnsman

    [Megawad] Doom 2 In Spain Only [Now on idgames]

    Updated version to fix Map 04 not being 100%able and Map 06 having a softlock. https://www.gamers.org/pub/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/d2isov2.zip Also since people have asked a bunch for an actual map author list and it's been a while since release, here you go.
  8. Tarnsman

    [Megawad] Tarnsman's Projectile Hell - RC2

    More testing is always welcome. I'm sure there's still things to find. Even in something as tested as BTSX we didn't find a game breaking bug until 7 years after initial release :).
  9. Tarnsman

    [Megawad] Tarnsman's Projectile Hell - RC2

    If you have locations I can look into fixing this for the idgames release. Playing with infinite height actors off is intentional so getting stuck behind trees is a bug I'd like to fix.
  10. Tarnsman

    [Megawad] Tarnsman's Projectile Hell - RC2

    Ah. In normal order I guess?
  11. Tarnsman

    [Megawad] Tarnsman's Projectile Hell - RC2

    Sorry I'm not quite sure what you're asking. Are you asking what maps you access the secret levels from?
  12. Tarnsman

    New rule against offsite harassment

    The biggest problem with "don't be a jerk" policies is that they're never actually that. Being a jerk is generally tolerated in many "don't be a jerk" places as long as it is directed towards the correct person or group. Truly neutral policies are impossible. You'd have to basically ban any discussion that could be considered even remotely political to have a truly neutral policy and even then it would be tough. You can't create a space that is actually tolerant of all. Some ideologies are diametrically opposed and directly cause each other harm. To use the example that has blown up in this thread: I'm sure that Killer5 has some very deeply held convictions that causes him emotional duress if he is not able to express them. Said opinions if he expresses them will cause other people emotional duress. Therefore one side has to win. So really instead of hiding behind a "don't be a jerk" I would honestly suggest being more open and honest and straight up saying what will get banned and what is not tolerated (most people already know what these things are given how they instantly jumped on them when this thread started). And to the people who say you just ban nothing and people get over it. That doesn't work. If a community allows a group to be tolerant of behavior another group finds abhorrent, that group will find that community toxic and not want to participate in it (much like the backlash here from people who find this toxic). No larger scale community can do that.
  13. Tarnsman

    [Megawad] Tarnsman's Projectile Hell - RC2

    It's in the text file but I can put it here for convenience.
  14. Map Playing/Review Repository:


    Been meaning to make one of these for a while. If you see this and you have a map or map pack or megawad you want me to play, post it under here (or PM me if you don't want it to be publically released yet).


    Content will be played primarily on Friday and Saturdays on my Twitch stream. (If you don't want it played publically I can do a written review but make no promises on the time table for that)


    All content welcome.

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    2. Phobus


      Did you ever get round to doing 25 Years on Earth, Tarnsman? I know I got inundated with streams early on, but I don’t remember seeing one from you.

    3. Scotty


      Always thought a Boaty Mcboatwad playthrough might make for a fun stream, it's on idgames :) 

    4. DMPhobos


      Hello, if you're still taking requests, i would be interested in hearing what you think of a set i just released



  15. Tarnsman

    TNT: The Way Speedmappers Defiled It (SPEEDMAPPING CP)

    Rules are a little confusing. So this is like "TNT in Name Only" where you're working off the name of the map?