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    Let me tell you how I don't like Brutal Doom

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  1. Glaice

    Do you still have your very first map?

    No, my first made map is long gone but you can find a list of my playable maps on my profile.
  2. Yeah, it has resurfaced: https://saveyourinternet.eu/act/ I feel bad for you Euros having to deal with this shit.
  3. Glaice


    Yeah, the fact I wasn't able to rebind movement keys to arrows in Cube World pissed me off, let me to awkwardly using WASD and Space.
  4. Glaice


    The fact Cube World failed hard on me is that I will remain cautiously optimistic on keeping an eye on this, considering Minecraft-esque dungeon/world generation is stuff I like. (And OBLIGE, of course)
  5. Why none of these are not on /idgames/ is a damn shame. That's why I got the Planisphere series on there so it wouldn't vanish.
  6. The use for the Motherdemon for the Arch-Vile is an odd choice, plus I find it a bit large heightwise.
  7. Glaice

    Best Way to Play the Aliens TC

    Nighttime, lights off, keyboard illuminated, sound system/headset up and no distractions.
  8. Glaice

    Completing Doom without losing any health

    Very hard when you have the shotgunners and chaingunners to account for.
  9. Deathless by Jimmy. However, it's for Doom, not Doom 2. A great mapset nonetheless as I played through it. Link to the post to the embedded video of me playing E1M1 of Deathless.
  10. I built my channel up initially on Brutal Doom starting around February 2011 through mid 2014, officially ended its use January 2015 as I built up my own similar mod called Random Deaths & Decoration. I just stopped caring about Brutal Doom and its offshoots like Project Brutality. How the mod still has relevancy or appeal in 2019, I don't know.
  11. Glaice

    DHMP - Doom High-res Model Project

    Definitely looking forward to the former humans and the imps, however.
  12. Glaice

    Mappers' first world problems

    Here's some to add to the list: Donuts not working correctly. Raising stairs not working correctly. Raising floor w/ changing flat changing to incorrect flat to match adjacent floors. W1 teleport instead of WR. Monster ambushes partially or not working at all. Not raising sector ceiling for step areas when you can ascend but not descend. Forgetting to sector tag platforms/remote doors/etc but forgot you have to make it Boom/Vanilla compat. Not enough ammo/health to complete/survive a level from pistol start.
  13. Yeah, that came to mind when I was typing my comment on the video, Ralphis.
  14. Hmmmm, sounds a lot like the DOOM tracks according the track samples in TheQuartering's video here:
  15. Glaice

    Most creative Cyberdemon encounter?

    Doomguy's Pimp Ventures series.