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  1. Favorite Movie Genre: Horror/Sci-fi blend. Favorite Food: Mexican Favorite Holiday: Halloween Favorite Memory: Getting 120 stars in Super Mario 64. Worst Memory: Moving out of my childhood neighborhood. Age: 35 Favorite Outfit: Jeans/shorts and a metal/game tee. Favorite Genre Of Music: Heavy Metal (Black, Doom and Thrash specifically) Most Hated Genre of Music: Country, Dubstep and most Hip-Hop/Rap. Left Handed or Right Handed: Right. Worst Injury: Stitches on head. Favorite Hobby: Video games. Your Definition of Success: Perseverance. In your opinion, are situations typically black and white: No, I see some gray areas in most cases.
  2. I doubt it gets past the level of horribleness that A Serbian Film has..
  3. Loss of inspiration/ideas and MAPPER'S BLOCK.
  4. 1. Fragile 2. Incompetant 3. Capable 4. Ruthless 5. Deathwish I use this for my alternate skill name micromod.
  5. Troll 2.
  6. 18556822_1603895542968677_29562139820331

    Possible Tom Hall level?

    1. Marnetstapler




      I don't care what people say, I love Tom Hall's maps.

    2. Blastfrog


      Oh my god, yes. All of my yes. Do this, Tom, you are my game design hero :D

    3. bzzrak



    4. nxGangGirl


      Yay! A possible full on Tom level... or maybe not, maybe he won't finish it and Sandy will see it an be all like "well this looks neat, let me work on this a little"

    5. Glaice


      It would be pretty neat to see a new Tom Hall level or short (3-4 maps) mapset from him.

    6. Job


      Wait, is this a joke? Am I missing something? The screen looks like E2M2 to me.

    7. DoctorGenesis


      @Job Yeah it does look an awful lot like E2M2... maybe he is going to make a map that looks like E2M2... also @nxGangGirl Why must everyone hate on Sandy?

  7. Being wired can count, yes. Also, another screenshot of the first map: And a titlepic: Other resources accrued so far: Intermission graphic & music, CONBACK, M_DOOM, skill names, map skull icon and title music.
  8. Another thing you could do is create a slightly smaller map using the same textures used in this for a single/co-op style map.
  9. Clarifying some rules up top.
  10. Make this a single player map, you will get praise for it in most cases.
  11. This might be more of an afterthought but I have the idea of mapping while drunk to see how things are, following up with touch-up while sober. Anyone like the actual premise of this idea? Primary thoughts would be Doom 2, limit removing minimum, stock textures, custom music allowed, etc. Note this is to be a fun, casual, not super large/long style of maps or Tormentor667/skillsaw level of detail maps but with some detail without being excessive, so don't burn yourself out! PS: This doesn't mean I'm not contributing! PPS: Check below for rule stuff. See here for my own map: Must be inebriated (drunk, stoned, etc.) when starting the first map. You may continue afterwards with a sober state of mind in the subsequent maps. If drinking, I highly appreciate if you are of legal drinking age in your country. Doom II, stock textures and Boom limit removing preferred. Map size small to medium preferred, with medium to medium-high difficulty and difficulty settings. Custom music is welcome. Single and co-op compatible, not sure about deathmatch just yet. Most importantly, have fun doing this!
  12. Lady Gaga is blah, that's all.
  13. When will people start recreating the Realm667 monsters based on the player, zombieman and shotgun guy utilizing the 8 rotation frames? Mirror frames feel "off" nowadays..

    1. Death Egg

      Death Egg

      I should hope so. They also should be updated to utilize ZScript, at least if Zandronum supports that yet. I've also thought that they should standardize the way the code is formatted across all the downloadable enemies.

  14. Another thing others have brought up is take a couple weeks or even a month on a map if possible.