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  1. Try turning FXAA on (low setting in your case, I use medium because RX 480) because once I did this, I didn't see the white "edges"
  2. I wonder if you can record a little bit of video, exit out of the game and take screencaps of the bugs this way? If screenshot button doesn't work, why not just do the old-school Alt-printscreen (screencaps only the active window) then crop the image that way?
  3. You're not the only one who still uses the non-BFG version of Doom 3, hell I even have a set of the original 2004 CDs/DVD in my drawer.
  4. My RDND mod is there, but it's there as an addon, not a mod page like BD is.
  5. I managed to convert the levels and built the BSP tree for the maps for it but I've noticed two things: Industrial Zone and The Chasm were segmented into two maps each, likely a limitation of the Doom 2 GBA engine port.
  6. You can still do this via isolated rooms serving as the "monster closet" and using the same same sector reference as the ambush room (so they can hear you when you make noise in the ambush room) and using teleporter lines in vanilla/Boom/Hexen format without the need for scripting. I do this all the time in my maps, a famous example of mine would be the map Edgy. Open it up in your editor to see how it works.
  7. I know 1080p@30 takes longer but I find it worth the extra time personally.
  8. You don't need to be passive-aggressive in response. On my own, I've been confined to 60Hz monitors the entire time I've been using computers (since 1991-1992). The idea with 60+ Hz monitors is you wish to show off if you got some top notch hardware if you can even get a fluid frame rate for 120, 144 or even 240 Hz. Achieving 60 FPS is doable with 1080p but it starts becoming an issue getting such frame rate at 4K (3840x2160, double of 1080p) depending on your computer setup. How you'd achieve that on 120, 144 or even 240 Hz monitors is beyond me besides spending thousands of dollars on cutting edge equipment. To the OP: See if @Graf Zahl can answer you, maybe @Rachael, @Maes or even @dpJudas?
  9. Absolutely not. We don't need another substandard Doom movie with a butchered plot and ultra-inclusive nonsense that would make no sense being in the movie.
  10. It sounds like you registered to defend the mod somehow, Illasera..
  11. This isn't any use on say, OpenGL ports is it?
  12. "Best Ongoing Mod" would be better than "Best Mod of 2017" considering it's been developed for 5+ years. Honestly, we don't need to see it as "Mod of the Year" every year on ModDB because clearly there's bias due to the fanbase on the BD and PB pages which most I think are too afraid to step onto Doomworld and debate/argue with some of us because it's not an echo chamber here.
  13. Why one would want a 240Hz monitor is beyond me. 60, 90, 100, 120, 144Hz but could argue on the technical limitation of the human eye (if there is one) but I won't go there as I don't go there since my monitor is 60Hz.
  14. You really don't need more than 60 FPS, to be honest..