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  1. -Constantly trying to instigate infighting and sometimes losing health for it. -Berserk punching hitscanners. -Actively trying to avoid picking up large ammo or health when I don't need it in narrow corridors. -Savescumming, especially when recording. I like doing this too. This as well.
  2. Mancubus, because of the sloppy goopy noise and the Baron because the cow-like noise.
  3. Wasn't there a secret level on some slaughter megawad that recreated Brookhaven that had puzzles?
  4. I've added an Easter egg to RDND.

  5. Went straight for the green armor on the left.
  6. Robert Prince should just sell this on Bandcamp as well.
  7. I'd love to see the MIDI version however.
  8. Probably going to be looking the worst visually.
  9. I know a MIDI of the original extended version of Donna to the Rescue exists somewhere, does anyone know? I don't see it on DoomWiki..
  10. There are many crappy 1994 maps but there are still some gems in the rough that is the year 1994 and early 1995. Example: I had a lot of fun playing through this older map. The copy of the map on the D!Zone 2 disc I have dates to March 1995.
  11. I did too, Johnny. Was weird.
  12. Minor update to archive (and file) for RDND, Zandronum 3.0 can run the actual main file now. No more RDND##Z.pk3!

  13. If it hasn't been mentioned already, one of the grated lines by the switch in MAP06 that opens the door leading to the exit section is pass-thru, specifically Linedef 991.