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  1. Here's another question, how would changing the domain name affect Google/other engine search results? Or would just the metatags just take care of that?
  2. Glaice

    ZokumBSP 1.0.10 finally released!

    This just builds standard nodes/blockmap/reject, correct? No GL stuff?
  3. Glaice

    "Caco" in "Cacodemon" is pronounced:

    Cake-o but for the longest time beforehand I pronounced it as cock-o.
  4. If that's all said and done, how exactly would places like Facebook police groups using the name "Doom" in their name? There could be hundreds, if not thousands of groups and it could be a game of whack-a-mole if you resorted to those tactics and not only piss off users but fragment the smaller community that is there.
  5. You'll confuse the site with iddqd.ru, which is a Russian Doom fan site that has its own forum and own community. So no.
  6. WAD City. Also! Wouldn't this mean GZDoom and QZDoom need to change their names too?
  7. Glaice

    Could the CDI run Doom?

    According to the visual specs, there certainly would have to do some hackery to get it to work on the CDi, I'm wondering how much would have to be sacrificed even with the 2MB, and how would it handle with Doom 2?
  8. I don't know if the one near me closed but I am certain it did when stores shuttered around here.
  9. Glaice

    What do you think of Mr.Icarus?

    He would be who I would be if I had a voice for commentary and experimented more with mods as for my channel I stick more with showing off more of user created levels without commentary (lack of enthusiasm, dunno what to chat to to keep users engaged, etc.)
  10. I'd be all over this mode as well as the single player mode if this is in DE.
  11. Glaice

    Doom Eternal won't have Snapmap

    Welp, there goes the longevity of Doom Eternal in the long run compared to the other Doom titles..
  12. Glaice

    Do People Really Like Classic Doom For What It Is?

    With mods, but nothing that drastically alters the core gameplay. I'll still play without just because I can.
  13. Glaice


    Hello, long time Doom mapper and modder here, what is 15G Games? Also, add an avatar for yourself as well to be easily identifiable.
  14. Glaice

    Some sprites from unfinished boom compatible wad.

    Digging the pistol replacement. I'll take those sprites alone for my own personal use.
  15. Glaice

    UltraHD Texture Pack - 2nd Tech Demo released!

    I've not heard from you in a while and it's great to see you back on your feet again regarding this project.