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  1. This is why I stick to "safe" music such as made by the community and such (or from my Rock It! series)., probably not as stringent in the music/audio department compared to YouTube.
  2. So I went to one of the gun ranges on Long Island, had a great old time. Got to handle a Sten, Remington 700, a Mosin-Nagant, an SKS and the AR-15.

    See some photos here: 

    I am the one in the black shirt aiming in a couple of the photos.

    1. Decay



      >Mosin Nagant


      I own each of these, very solid guns, both cheap AND fun to use. Rem 700 can go to hell, would love to try a Sten though.

    2. RUSH


      I was lucky enough to score a mint Izhevsk SKS will all matching serial numbers from Cabela's for a mere $100. Find of a lifetime, especially for that price. Quite collectible since they were only in production for about a year (that particular kind). You got to get lucky sometimes I guess, granted I've had a lot of bad luck too, lol. Take the good with the bad.



    3. Decay


      Nice. I don't buy anything that isn't matching number lol. My SKS is Tula, but my nagant is Izhevsk. I took a pic of the nagant stamp but you can't really see it for shit, it's got the triangle and arrow on the bottom and the hammer and sickle crest on the top though.



    4. RUSH


      Sweet man, nice that's a beautiful weapon all around.

  3. Some of @Jimmy's MIDIs work for cold environments.
  4. I made this post because I do not believe such a creative map should vanish into the ether of the internet and did not want to bump a 1 and a half year old thread, on top of FanTaZTICxD has not been on the forums since September of 2015. Download Mirror here: Requires ZDoom bassed port. If this isn't already on /idgames/, I might just upload it there.
  5. Using a MIDI in its place and renaming the files isn't that big of a hassle. Check the /idgames/ sticky to know more if you have questions on it. I don't know why they still choose to use 8 character limit, probably easier to look things up and let the title/description show the full name?
  6. I suppose you could do that AND put it on /idgames/. Mediafire is unlikely going to be a permanent file host in the far future, see what happened to MegaUpload and Rapidshare, they're both gone now. Getting it on a more permanent location for the final version is the best idea.
  7. Here is RC2. Changes include: -Red key ambush is more fluid and a little tougher. -Blue key guard is harder. -Additional secret added. Lets you get the RL early. -Corruption added, as if Hell portals opened up from various walls to let monsters through.
  8. I'll see what I can do on making the red key teleport ambush quicker.
  9. Glad you enjoyed my map, I tend to put effort into tech type levels when it comes to details like consoles, lights, etc. I playtested through this with and without secrets and it is doable, but obviously easier with because of the plasma gun. Did you load udino_liquids.wad with the map because I used the BFALL# texture for the pentagram lower texture. I did make this map DM compatible but in the last two areas, there are switches (look around the flooring on ground area, they're hidden) to make teleports accessible to get back to the demon flooring before the Baron fight so one is not stuck there, same goes with the remote doors and pillars blocking way.
  10. Here's the first release candidate of E1M8, let me know what you think.
  11. I know you like making slaughter maps Timothy but you should put in some work to make some shorter levels that are less slaughtery. Could still have an above average count tho. Keep in mind not everyone likes super high monster counts and very long maps. You could build up more of a reputation with making standard maps and your extreme maps.
  12. UDINO E1M8 is almost done, need to do some touch-ups and set down the monster, health and other items down.

  13. Author hasn't posted since last May, so I don't see this project being full finalized.
  14. I've further work on E1M8 so far. It looks darker because I used "Doom" sector light level for a moodier look. Also, what's the word on music used?
  15. There will be Barons but not just two, I intend to have that battle to be harder.