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  1. Crunchynut44

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    https://imgur.com/a/dTZpZSY I saw this today and it reminded me of the IOS panel textures.
  2. Crunchynut44

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Mate that looks pretty damn good to me! Exciting to see what you've got coming.
  3. Crunchynut44

    BACULUS: 2020 WAD Overhaul

    Ahh shit, I knew I shouldn't have messed around in slade before I posted this. Easy fix though, ill re upload it when I get home from work. Thanks for the feedback!
  4. Crunchynut44

    BACULUS: 2020 WAD Overhaul

    Hey everyone. After all these years I have finally given this project a MAJOR overhaul. Nearly every single level has been changed in some way for the better, whether its a a small area being changed to an entire map being replaced, Baculus should play very very fresh if you've ever played it before. Most noticeably will be how less grindy I have made it, you'll see a lot more weaponry and ammo early on. I don't think much of this project, but I hope you guys do. I hope you enjoy where Baculus as is it in 2020! See DL link in description. Thanks! PS. I always have wanted to respond to all these amazing comments, but I don]t really like taking control of the first page in Wads and Mods as there are all sorts of projects you can miss with these kinds of threads taking over. However I can't thank you guys enough for the support.
  5. Crunchynut44

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Solid candidate for the biggest slime trail competition;
  6. Crunchynut44

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

  7. Crunchynut44

    Jimmy and Josh would like to play your WADs

  8. Crunchynut44

    PATHOGEN.wad - An episode in isolation

    Thanks for the kind words everyone, really appreciate it and glad you've all had a good time playing it so far. It hasn't been uploaded yet so I have a feeling ive done something wrong, ill try again tonight. Hopefully it will be up on idgames soon! Thanks again
  9. Crunchynut44

    Tormentor667. Care to explain why you plagiarised Epic 2?

    I don't get it by the time youve dragged it over, connected it to your existing map, re shaped and textured the room, changed it in various ways so its not exactly the same you could have made something completely original with all that time spent. Sad.
  10. Crunchynut44

    Mutabor [on /idgames]

    How did I miss this? Seriously one hell of a map, visuals are second to none the game play while not typically my taste was very cool due to the fact that the different difficulties cause you to start at different positions. Had a blast playing this, and more than anything thanks for the clean automap that was much appreciated!
  11. Crunchynut44

    "ISOLATION" speedmapping project - BETA 2 RELEASED

    I've updated my map with only one simple addition, a nice glowing light on top of the shotgun. Since @Dragonfly so seldomly walked past it ;) Cabbage Cave V2
  12. Crunchynut44

    PATHOGEN.wad - An episode in isolation

    Thanks for playing everyone, regarding the boss fight its a bit of a mixed bag sometimes I cant get the barons to infight what so ever sometimes I dont even have to try. I like the fight though, when it works. I've just uploaded this so hopefully it gets accepted, im kind of retarded so I probably did something wrong but we will see! Ive made some very minor changes such as fixing the bugs Caleb13 pointed out, and other small changes. I did however leave it mostly untouched as I want the 6 days work to stand on its own, adding polish to the levels would take away from that in my opinion. Anyway, thanks for all the kind words! If I end up in lockdown I will most likely make another episode or 2, in saying that 1 episode was a huge mental toll in of itself. I guess we will see. Cheers!
  13. Crunchynut44

    PATHOGEN.wad - An episode in isolation

    Don't tempt me. I'm back at work though, but if full lockdown is initiated thats probably going to happen.
  14. Crunchynut44

    Struggling with everything mapping related

    Over the past 2 weeks ive made 11 maps, the secret to the constant flow of creativity? Beer. I've been fairly inebriated whilst making every single one. That's the key.
  15. Crunchynut44

    "ISOLATION" speedmapping project - BETA 2 RELEASED

    Yeah he did, my bad! I'll fIx that asap.