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  1. Crunchynut44

    Crunchynut44 Midi Pack (60+ In Total)

    UPDATE***** (see top post) Ive added a few more midis from this year. FYI i think these are far better in terms of quality and arrangement, they are well worth a listen! Cheers CN44
  2. Map01 has been changed / replaced. As has map21 and 23 which are new maps. Thanks for letting me know on the broken closets, ive fixed those now. Which map has the broken archies? Cheers
  3. Ive got so many I could almost make 2 more WADS XD I like that better than the name I had in mind. Baculus 2: The Crappening Thanks for the feedback, the ammo balance is something I worked a bit on, spark some infighting and you'll find you have a surplus on every map. I've always wondered about changing that gameplay aspect or not. There is a few tough maps but overall the Wad should play a lot easier than most that come out today, especially when you find the right route throughout the maps. I've tried my best to make sure its all possible without save-scumming or any prior knowledge. Worse case some maps might take a few attempts. I made that Palette years ago, and it holds up well. I cant remember the specifics but I was inspired by a Wad from both Jimmy and AD333 that had a very similar colour story.
  4. Thanks Galileo, I might retrace that and do a bit of a hotfix of all known bugs. I personally hate those old maps, I do have them saved under a separate wad ive called "Crapulus". Might be worth its own overhaul XD Another edit, ive fixed all known bugs including the game breaking one in map 19 and the buggy ass bridge in map 16.
  5. Hi everyone, Sorry to do this to you again. I think ive finally finished the wad! Who knows! Once again ive somewhat overhauled the project, ive replaced multiple maps and midis and all that good stuff. I also returned Map01 to its former glory. Not mention ive sped up the gameplay on most levels by adding more weapons / ammo so its not as sloggish to get through. Should be a somewhat quick run and gun adventure now! https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/0nlu2gsdw6bruesxykqum/BACULUS.zip?rlkey=3x96z8tm4zw30l6c5wgpdok1o&dl=0 Thanks again and sorry to everyone that has been invested. I would like to say this will be the last edit (unless any massive bugs are found) and ill finally get this on ID Games Archive! Edit: Also im just only now reading these comments (sorry i know its been years) looks like a few bugs are present. Ill get those fixed ASAP! Sorry folks Cheers - CN44
  6. Crunchynut44

    Crunchynut44 Midi Pack (60+ In Total)

    Wow thats really cool, hearing it with a different sound font was refreshing too. Thanks for this C75.
  7. Scotty, Thanks for bringing this back to life. I think it would be worth starting a new thread so you gain control on the first post, and I can then link it on this thread and have it closed by a mod. It makes me really happy to know that this project is interesting and worth the time to look at and revived. So thankyou to all involved and to who will be involved. And sorry to those who contributed in the past and it ended with no result. Cheers
  8. Crunchynut44

    Crunchynut44 Midi Pack (60+ In Total)

    Thanks for the kind words everyone! If you end up using any let me know id love to see how they are interpreted and used in maps :)
  9. 60 Midis (plus some REALLY bad ones and unfinished ones), you've probably heard a few of them already. They are mostly average but I think a few might stand out is pretty listenable, and I hope somebody gets some use out of them. Enjoy! Crunchynut44 MIDI Pack.zip Midis made or edited in 2023 CN44 2023 MIDIS.zip
  10. Its your Marswar playthrough that got me on the Doom creating journey because I thought that you had made it yourself which got me into my own level creation. I just cant believe that was a decade and a half ago. I was only 13 at the time :O Such good memories, honestly ill never forget those times. I still have Demons Paradise somewhere deep on my computer! Summoning @shonoa here as I think she was part of that project
  11. Thanks for the kind words everyone. Glad I could provide some good times for you all. I'm sure I'll make maps again one day and certainly hope I do, but I guess we will wait and see for now Cheers :)
  12. Hi all, To my regret I have not been able to map for the last year and a half and will not be able to for the long foreseeable future. I miss nothing more than the feeling of cracking open a fresh beer after a hard days work and mapping out a few new levels but this is sadly a remnant of the past. The best I can do for the community that I've cherished for a long time is allow you guys to scour everything I've ever had to offer in the DOOM community. I apologize in advance that so many of these maps are unfinished, broken or unplayable. I was hoping one day I could get it all done but sadly I realize now I simply wont be able to. I would highly recommend you play everything with ZDOOM so that they actually work. Something I never wrapped my head around was working with tools like SLADE and although I tried my best I always found a way to break my WADS from vanilla compatibility. Everything in a folder is the best I have to offer but I chucked in a few random projects I worked on simply for if you're curious. I also have nearly a 100 MIDIS I've composed nearly ready to be uploaded, so stay tuned for that. Thanks for all the memories, Glen Crunchynutt44 Giant Wad Pack
  13. Crunchynut44

    About the people who aren't here anymore

    I still lurk around, I've got SO many unfinished maps and midis I find myself too guilty to post anything these days. I'm very well though, I hope you are too 😁
  14. Crunchynut44

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    https://imgur.com/a/dTZpZSY I saw this today and it reminded me of the IOS panel textures.
  15. Crunchynut44

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Mate that looks pretty damn good to me! Exciting to see what you've got coming.