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  1. Tea Monster

    Doom with PBR materials

    That is ASTOUNDING. Can you use POM on those face wall textures?
  2. Tea Monster

    DHMP - Doom High-res Model Project

    What is the DHMP? The DHMP is a DOOM community effort to recreate the original DOOM,DOOM2, and Final DOOM sprites as 3D models, to be used by DOOM engines that can support models. This is while keeping the same style and feeling of the originals (highly important) that may also have inspiration from the concept sketches and models the id create when making DOOM. The aim is to create modern, high quality 3d models using modern shading techniques to the highest quality possible. We are making our models for the Doomsday port, but we are releasing our source creation files so that others can use the models in their source port of choice (depending on the ports graphical ability). In this thread, we hope to highlight future releases and to show work in progress on new models. Where do I find it? You can download from here http://dhmp.hiriwa.com You can see installation instructions here https://github.com/KuriKai/DHMP/wiki/Installation You can report bugs here https://github.com/KuriKai/dhmp/issues For helping improve the models and textures you can grab the source and creation files from github here https://github.com/KuriKai/dhmp All models are under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. cc by-nc-sa
  3. We have now released a new version of the doom high-res model pack for The Doomsday Engine This release has added the: Rocket Launcher hud model Chaingun hud model Chaingun pickup model Ammobox model We have also fixed a few issues since the last release Grab it here https://github.com/KuriKai/dhmp Again, sources will be released for other ports.
  4. Tea Monster

    Doom with PBR materials

    I would as well for a HUD item. It looks pretty good in game and it's much smaller as per percentage of screen area, so it all works out.
  5. Tea Monster

    DOOM HD Project

    I think he meant to make in-game sprite-replacement models out of.
  6. Tea Monster

    Doom with PBR materials

    Thanks! Here is the FP view.
  7. Tea Monster

    Doom with PBR materials

    PBR Chaingun model.
  8. Tea Monster

    Some questions about Doomsday Vs Zdoom

    Also, Doomsday supports FBX, which is much more modern. Trying to make models that look good with PBR while using the old, saggy-tits MD3 format, or even worse, MD2, is going to end in tears.
  9. Tea Monster

    Spider Mastermind Model Released for Doomsday

    Doomsday has recently become quite active. They now have multiplayer and the beginnings of a very good, modern renderer. PBR is on the cards in the future.
  10. Tea Monster

    Doom with PBR materials

    I'm loving your work there Reinchard. Looking at your examples, I think the height map does add a lot of extra presence to textures with a lot of depth such as the door textures. It makes them really pop. To anyone who wants to make textures, and can't afford either Quixel or Designer, there is a good looking bit of free software here: http://www.boundingboxsoftware.com/materialize/index.php. I don't know if anyone mentioned it before in the thread.
  11. Tea Monster

    Doom 3: Phobos

    There are a couple of areas I've found you can go into, usually with the flat glass blocking them off. There are the shops at the beginning of Chapter 2, and the basketball court (complete with physiced-up basketball!). You have to strike the glass several times with your hand to break the glass, then you can crouch and enter some of them. Others don't allow access even if you crouch.
  12. Tea Monster

    Spider Mastermind Model Released for Doomsday

    Thanks Reinchard! We did match up the sprite with the model a few times during production to maintain accuracy. I know what you are seeing and I see it too. I think it's because the thing is in real 3D and proper perspective, the legs look the wrong scale. But we did check. DooM_RO - All our models were textured using PBR materials. Currently, Doomsday dosen't use PBR, but they do use what is called 'Next-Gen' materials, so it uses normal, specular and gloss maps to give it a good, modern appearance in game. If not quite up to PBR standard, it will still look like a modern game model. The program we use to texture models (Substance Painter) allows you to output different material sets based on what engine you are using. So we just chuck out what Doomsday uses. Doomsday will eventually get proper PBR-metallic materials, and we will just re-issue the model with those textures when the renderer is ready. GZDoom now uses PBR-metallic materials, We don't have the time to configure and test on multiple different ports, but we have issued our source creation files so that others can transfer our models to other ports. We reached out to the GZDoom community to see if someone will do this. KuriKai has even uploaded the PBR-metallic material files up to GitHub for the Pinky Demon to use as a test case. We wait and see what happens!
  13. Tea Monster

    Doom 3: Phobos

    I'm not against story in my shooters. I love the bonkers storyline in the new Wolfenstein games. I just need the story to have some impact, and I'm not feeling like it's up to an acceptable standard to be worth interrupting the slaying mechanic of Doom. I'm only half way through chapter two, so I can't really pass judgement, but that's what I'm feeling about what I've seen so far.
  14. Those of you who like these things should be happy to know that we have just released the Spider Mastermind for Doomsday. You will need the latest unstable build to get him to stomp around and try to kill you. Get him here: https://github.com/KuriKai/dhmp Note: The source files are also being published so that he can be packed into other source ports.
  15. Tea Monster

    Doom 3: Phobos

    Voice is OK. I can't understand why you went with the artwork icons on the comms screen.