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  1. Goatlord - what model packs are you looking at? This is a sampler from the one KuriKai and myself are working on...
  2. Nope. the models are specifically made for Doomsday 2.0 as that is (as far as I know) the only port that will support the normal maps and other graphical goodness. We don't have the time to create separate packs for all the different Doom ports. Having said that, for the modelling project, we do release our source files and encourage other modders to adapt our resources for other ports. We want modders to take our models and use them in other ports, we just don't have the time make all the different packs and optimise the models to each port.
  3. Getting a C&D from Bethsoft is a real possibility, but with careful wording and a few "Doom is property of Bethesda etc., we claim no ownership of the title (link to site to buy game)" then I think it's something that could have been worked around. The other reason that they were super cool with Sgt. Mark was that they borrowed a lot of ideas from his mod for the new Doom game. If it all came to nothing and I got a C&D, then so be it. They send you the C&D, you withdraw what was infringing, maybe you can work something out with them, maybe not, but if you are a good boy, they leave you alone after that. No, they aren't going to send a wolf pack of Wall Street lawyers after the Doom modding community. Jeez. The sprite project is dead. I'll probably put a polite patreon on the model project. "If you'd like to help us out, we'd appreciate it, but no pressure". The reason I wanted to kickstart the sprite project is that it's something I'm not that into. I appreciate good spritework, but it's not my main interest. I'd want some compensation, mostly for time, to devote a large chunk of resources to doing it. The model project is something I'm doing as a hobby because I like making Doom models. So a Patreon will be nice for appreciation, as I was going to do it anyway. Here are some of the 'Duke Spookem' sprites, just to see what kind of thing I was talking about. Here is the new Cyberdemon model. It's not in-game, but in Painter. Note to one poster here: if you have to pay money for it, then it isn't free. Again, sorry it didn't work out. Thanks for your input!
  4. Do you really believe that me starting a kickstarter is going to bring down the entire Doom modding community? Really???
  5. Hmm, extra viewing angles. To get the extra viewing angles you are back to models again, as that is the fastest and easiest way to generate all the extra views. If you are pathological about models, then you either draw them all by hand, hoping you get all the angles and details correct by eye (good luck with that!). Option 3 is to use some kind of photogrammetry software to reconstruct the missing views. Something like this: http://cvl-demos.cs.nott.ac.uk/vrn/ . But, surprise, it creates a 3D model to map the image onto so that you get accurate rotational views of your object. Even though you never manually handled a vertice, you'll know that they are in there somewhere, unseen. Not sure if this will keep you up at night or not.
  6. Doomsday 2.0 has a support for FBX, normal and spec maps along with pretty sophisticated shaders. Here are a few in-game shots from Doomsday 2.0 with some of the models we've made.
  7. I'll just take it from here that this was a bad idea. Thanks for your input guys.
  8. The thing is that we have actually released a lot of models for the Doom High Res Models project. We've been working on this for years, so we aren't going to disappear overnight. I'm glad that you have your rent, software and electricity paid for, but I don't have that luxury. To do this, I will be taking time away from commercial projects that I would be doing, so it would be taking money away from me to do this. Blender is free, but as I said in the original post, ZBrush and Substance painter are not.
  9. So I take it that's a no? OK.
  10. We are talking about high-res sprites here. Look at the example above.
  11. Hi all. I'm Tea Monster, the guy who makes the next-gen, game ready models for Doom. I've been talking to a few people and it seems that a lot of you guys prefer sprites. Now, it's not normally my thing to do, but I've worked out a few ways that I can do it relatively easily using 3D models. The models would have to be created to be accurate to the sprite and would be initially done for the monsters, but we could then move onto props and maybe some wall textures. The reason I'm suggesting a kickstarter is that it's not something I'm really normally going to do on my own. My usual thing is to make next-gen game models, not sprites. So it would be taking time away from both commercial projects and my own personal projects that i want to do. Plus, some of the software that I use, like ZBrush and Substance Painter, isn't free and I need to be able to offset these costs to get a professional result. The other reason I'm suggesting this is that myself and Kuri-Kai have a record of 'getting things done'. We have already issued a fairly sizeable prop collection, and have several of the monsters to a high level of completeness. These aren't just pretty renders, but real packs that you can download and play right now. For the sprite program, we would probably be-recreating these to be completely accurate to the existing sprites. One example model that we have made... If people would be interested in contributing to either a Patreon or a Kickstarter, then chime in below. Do you have any ideas for perks for subscribers? Or would you be more interested in a Patreon page to help support the effort to create more accurate models?
  12. 'Photorealism' means it looks like a photograph. Like this: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/asia-modern-apartment And this: https://ue4arch.com/shop/complete-projects/barcelona-pavillion/
  13. s13n1 - That stuff is gorgeous! Now me wants printer!!!! :D
  14. KuriKai and myself have celebrated the release of Doomsday 2.0 and it's snazzy next-gen renderer by releasing some props and a new monster model. Apart from the new Cacodemon, we also have the start of a fully next-gen model pack for Doom. You need the new Doomsday 2.0 to see him in all his glory. Link to the pack, containing the Cacodemon and a selection of other models for Doomsday: https://github.com/KuriKai/dhmp/wiki Link to Doomsday 2.0: http://dengine.net/ Source files (including Blender source file): https://github.com/KuriKai/dhmp Model is by Tea Monster and animation, game packaging is by KuriKai. Model is sculpted in ZBrush, retopoed in Topogun and baking/animation was done in Blender.