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  1. magnolia map03 / fcff map07 listening to their midis for 6-8 hours straight has a profound and irreversible effect on you
  2. updated to include coop/dm new vertex count: 62 v64v2-jc.zip
  3. Hello goose how's that project that looked like FCFF going.

    1. akolai


      Coming along, considering yoinking it from the current cp and making a new 6-map project

  4. Title: Jade Crescent Midi: don't know (from toad map02, which also has no credit :/) Vertices: 64 Slot: any ep1 Format: Vanilla/cl2 Build Time: ~1 hour v64-jc.zip
  5. akolai

    What are your mapping rules?

    always start your project by spending an hour tracing large, intricate patterns into a flat: if you run out of ideas, just make something with platforms over death pits and cybers (poogers map25, ass61, more unreleased) draw shapes first, make a convincing map later "i beat it with saves once, so it's balanced" fcff broke my brain to the point that i can only map with its city textures *something* to troll the maxers (stupid unbalanced fight, glide, nasty platforming, anything i can come up with)
  6. akolai

    Lunar Eclipse - The Delinquent's Megawad

    this was absolutely not worth the effort
  7. akolai

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    "a good layout takes careful thought" ... "hehe pretty shapes go brrr"
  8. akolai

    Strang bug in Sunlust.

    Just checked in udb, it seems like their destination sectors are tagged 21 and 22, and no such sectors can be found anywhere in the map. The enemies are only flagged for easy, so this is a itytd/hntr exclusive bug. ignore that i didn't read the post all the way through, can confirm they're busted
  9. akolai

    The wad journal: record the time spent on doom

    Quite enjoyed fw map06 myself. Most of the combat is less setpiece-y and interesting than some of the other maps in the set, but...
  10. Hey, I'll be dropping out of this project. I've got a finished map, but it's hilariously unbalanced and I have no intention of changing it. Good luck to the rest of you.
  11. akolai

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    pwacP map 01 UV-Max in 6:28 pw01m628.zip Video:
  12. akolai

    seeking out platforming WADs

    Dimensions map 02 Zzul Bases map 31 Both have some interesting ideas, especially the latter
  13. akolai

    seeking out platforming WADs

    Archvile Jump has ~spicy~ platforming and puzzles
  14. akolai

    Choosing Only 5 wads to Play Forever

    Abandon - Picking this one for sheer content, first playthrough must've been in the 40-50 hour range. Consistently (mostly) fun fights Finely Crafted Fetish Film - Too much variety to ignore, and maxing map 7 should keep me busy for about a month :p Fractured Worlds - Just excellent all round Sunlust - Haven't even played it in months but it's sunlust, it's just good Alien Vendetta - With midi pack if I can sneak it in, something 'easy' so I don't completely lose my mind
  15. akolai

    Memorable fights you have overcome

    That one fight in frog and toad map 4 took about an hour to pin down once: