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  1. AlexMax

    PrBoom+ name bikeshedding

    I like this. It makes it clear that it's a Boom derivative. It's not yet another "extension" of the existing prefix or suffix. The port's headliner feature is UMAPINFO. U just makes sense in that context.
  2. AlexMax

    Duel40: A classic duel map compilation

    Duel40b has been released. http://files.funcrusher.net/wads/duel40b.pk3
  3. AlexMax

    Diablo Immortal

    We're not talking about bedroom programmers who are barely scraping by. We're talking about a huge corporation that employs thousands of people who totally misunderstood the people they were advertising the game to. No company is entitled to the undying love and admiration of their audience. People have a right to not like a game. I feel bad for the individual developers who had to deliver the news and had to put up with angry fans at the Q&A, but not the corporation. I do agree that perhaps the fans could have had more tact at the Q&A, but that's about it. For what it's worth, I don't even think it's the fact that it's a mobile Diablo game that is pissing people off. I think that if they had revealed Diablo 3 for mobile, people might be disappointed but not angry. It's the fact that it's a new Diablo game, developed by a third party with a very questionable track record, exclusively for mobile devices, and it was supposed to be one of the big surprise reveals of the convention. If they had revealed it elsewhere, people would still be angry, but at least those same people would be at home, and not at a convention they paid good money to get into.
  4. AlexMax

    Diablo Immortal

    You're probably right, but judging by Blizzard's recent output, it's more than likely just going to be another Diablo 3 which was, at release, not that great game, and only became thoroughly mediocre by the expansion. It's an allright game if all you wanted to do was turn your brain off and click on monsters, but the story was not great, and builds and itemization were simplified to absurdity. And judging by Blizzard's recent output, I wouldn't expect a sequel to be any different.
  5. AlexMax

    Diablo Immortal

    At least there seems to be some sign of Diablo 4: http://playdiablo4.com
  6. AlexMax

    Duel40: A classic duel map compilation

    Duel40b is currently in release candidate: http://files.funcrusher.net/wads/duel40b-rc4.pk3 There is now a new RANDOM dimension! Select from one of four randomly selected maps, one of which is an unknown secret map. If you don't agree with your opponent, a coinflip will decide the map. No stalling allowed, the second player must select a map 10 seconds after the first one. Other than that, a significant number of maps have been added and removed: ADDED: + BSPEPI + CGI1 MAP08 + PYRRHIC_ MAP01 + PYRRHIC_ MAP10 + ROSDUEL + SKIRMISH MAP18 + URITEDM MAP06 CHANGED: = UPTIGHTDM UPTDM31 to URITEDM MAP12 REMOVED: - FULOSER - GEOGRAPHY_DUEL - KID_DUEL MAP01 - LAZARUS1J MAP01 - SKIRMISH MAP01 - UPTIGHTDM UPTDM08 There is a server up on FUNCRUSHER for testing purposes. Please let me know if you find any bugs or glitches. [NJ] FUNCRUSHER || DUEL40b Duel (Testing) @ nj.funcrusher.net:10689 EDIT: RC4 is released, changing the look of the RANDOM dimension and portal to something a little nicer and different.
  7. AlexMax

    Online Doom Dying?

    Yeah, traffic isn't what it once was. But it's far from dead. As for why the stagnation, I think that there are simply not enough new players playing the game, and the old blood has gotten tired of the game. The latter happens naturally to any game, but I have a theory about the former. I suspect it was a lot easier to discover and play Doom in the 2000's because it was easy and cheap (or dare I say it, free) to get hold of, and ran on literally any toaster of a PC you had, even if you didn't have 3D acceleration. There wasn't a whole lot of competition in that space, so it was easier to get new players. However, these days, even cheap laptops have some form of hardware acceleration. Plus, there is now an absolute glut of free to play or cheap games out there such as Fortnite, League of Legends, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, and so on. And that's even assuming somebody has a PC - I bet that in terms of percentages less people have access and the desire to use a "home" PC today than a decade ago, since smartphones and tablets exist. So yeah, in a market like that, Multiplayer Doom has some pretty tough competition for people's attention these days.
  8. AlexMax

    Doom Legacy 1.47.2 Release

    For your information, there are usually two ways that people usually go about adding PNG support to their project. The first way that 99% of people do is using libpng, or some wrapper around it. It is the 9,000 lb gorilla of PNG support libraries. On Linux, you link against system libpng. On Windows and MacOS, or other platforms where libpng can't be found, you build libpng and its dependency zlib as part of the build process, and either statically or dynamically link them into your software. The second way is if you don't want the hassle of setting up your build system and are fine with a reduced feature-set. There are a popular series of single-header libraries out there called "stb" that have modules that allow you to read and write a variety of image formats. You include them in your project and there is no step 2. They can be found here for the reader and here for the writer.
  9. AlexMax

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    Go for it. I even tried starting from a clean config and the trick still didn't work.
  10. AlexMax

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    In MAP02, there is a trigger that when pressed is supposed to open the walls for the blue armor and then turn on the lights. I have tested the trigger several times in GZDoom 3.4 using Strict compatibility (and once in 3.4.1), but I was only able to get the switch to work once.
  11. AlexMax

    Source port for MP action?

    To my knowledge, all client/server multiplayer source ports make use of the "remote console" paradigm for servers that are primarily driven by console commands, so unfortunately, you will find no respite there. However, there are two major server browsers out there - Doomseeker and Doom Explorer. If you're pissed off with the server hosting capabilities of one, you might want to try the other.
  12. CONF17 causes a crash on GZDoom 3.3.2 running the software renderer. No crash message, just an unceremonious quit. Upgraded to 3.4.0, and the crash seems fixed, but I thought you oughta know.
  13. AlexMax

    Announcing AJBSP

    What would it take to support ZDoom compressed nodes (ZNOD)?
  14. Strange, I also had a similar product called a 5 foot 10 pack. Shareware Doom was included, but of course I didn't need it because Internet. I think it also had a CD for Kings Quest 5, but that game was hard as nails and I never got far in it. But one or two of the other included CD's had some interesting weird random stuff on it, like Corncob 3D, a 3D walkthrough of a house, and Fishtro by Future Crew. I wish I could find it again so I could more fully explore the CD's and remember what was on them.