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  1. Making sure timidity was working was one of the things I checked when working on midiproc. How exactly do you have timidity set up?
  2. Using the numeric 0 key on the automap saves your position and zoom level and zooms out so the map takes up the entire screen. Pressing 0 again returns to your saved zoom level and position. I never realized this was a feature of the game before today, and it's even listed on the help screen. I've likely glossed over it in countless bind menus as well.
  3. Unless I am misinterpreting what she's done, it looks like she's replicating the look of the software renderer in a truly 3D OpenGL renderer. The novelty that jmickle appears to bring is doing 3D rendering using a palette, and then using the proper colormap index based on distance, which to my knowledge has not been done before. If all you want is literally the software renderer on an OpenGL context, which is my understanding of what ZDoom used to do, the later steps she is taking are unnecessary (if it's even possible), you just do the red palette index trick from the normal software rendered output and you're done.
  4. That's amazing. That "palette index as red value" trick is something I recognize and have used before, but seems like you took it the rest of the way. Wonder if @Graf Zahl would implement something like this in GZDoom - if he hasn't already.
  5. I might be a bit biased, but considering how widespread of a standard two-team CTF is in multiplayer-centric child ports, I'm kind of surprised that there is no upstream implementation. It's work, but it's not THAT much work, and could pay dividends if GZDoom ever improves its multiplayer support. I know that it could possibly be implemented in ZScript, but CTF isn't a game mode that changes a whole lot and there are already a bunch of maps for it out there.
  6. Okay, I've actually got some playtime on some of the maps and I've got a few more comments - please note that these are not from an experienced dueler, more of an amateur, so take with a grain of salt. MAP01 - Some of the helper items like rockets could stand to be a little more out of the way, so they're not gobbled up carelessly. MAP04 - The SG spawn near X: -592 Y: 469 is damn near suicidal - not to mention it's right next to two other disadvantageous spawns. I think you should get rid of it and maybe add another spawn elsewhere. Also, is it me, or is there only one SSG? I think the SG near X: 863 Y: 522 could be replaced with an SSG instead - seems kind of pointless to have a SG there when there's an SG spawn right next to it. Also, I think that maybe my dumb switch idea was a little dumber than I had anticipated - it's incredibly hard to accurately hit that green button unless you're careful. MAP10 - I really like the way this map is laid out for a duel. Seriously, it's great, it reminds me of Aerowalk in a way. However, this is just my personal thing, but I am incredibly prejudiced against SSG spawn slugfests. If there was some way to make this a 2-3 SSG map, it'd be perfect in my book. You'd have to be incredibly careful about it though, to make sure no spawn is too awful - and who knows, maybe you want a SSG slugfest, which is okay I suppose. Also, I agree with Decay - the grassy courtyard area is awkward, perhaps lower the height of those metal railing/barriers by 16 so you can walk over them one way?
  7. Found out about this last night. Hasn't gotten any easier. Rest in peace dude.
  8. MAP07 has a lot of instances of bars that bleed through the top or bottom of windows. Also, I had a dumb idea for moving the switch that lowers the BFG door on MAP04, to make it more obvious.
  9. Good to see you back in the saddle, hobo. I'll see if I can get some duel servers up for these sometime today on Zandronum. EDIT: [NJ] FUNCRUSHER || Pyrrhic Duel is currently running at Server is running final version
  10. If we're talking individual maps, I'm incredibly proud of, and feel incredibly lucky that ZDCTFMP MAP08 turned out the way it did. It's a very visually striking map, was fun to play in pubs for years, and I got rather lucky that rocket jumps were found much later on that kept the map competitively relevant.
  11. Seems simple to me, you start with Doom. You subtract two from the first letter, you end up with Boom. Just subtract two more from the first letter, you end up with...@oom. Clearly, this is the correct answer. of course if you wrap around, you end up with Zoom, which ain't half bad actually...
  12. Because security in web browsers is a huge problem, and Google and Mozilla can barely keep up as is. If you're going to use a privacy-focused browser, use one that actually keeps up with upstream, and doesn't keep the flame alive for dying, unmaintained, insecure ecosystems like XUL and NPAPI. Also, irony of ironies, I visited Pale Moon's homepage and found Google Doubleclick advertising URL's in my network inspector tab. Turning on my ad-blocker made a big red banner appear at the top of the page begging me to turn it off. 🤷
  13. Positron has fixed up his reference document on BCS and it's actually readable now. It's...quite the list.
  14. I do try to use default gamma if at all possible, but if thinks are just way too dark, why not. It has its own dedicated key, after all. The only thing that bugs me is if you take screenshots with increased gamma and the port doesn't normalize it somehow. IIRC, ZDaemon used to default to 1.5 ZDoom gamma, and you could nearly always tell who was using it just by their screenshots.
  15. Almost. Competitive players can tell when Doom's random table is enabled, because the SSG does more damage more consistently. This is because the random table has more numbers that result in 10 and 15 damage pellets than a true random distribution. There's also guaranteed initial deathmatch spawns that are specific to Doom's random table as well - changing the table or the method either changes or completely randomizes them. It's not as widely known or complained about though, of the major multiplayer ports I think only Odamex emulates that.