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  1. AlexMax

    Dosbox Staging 0.79 Has Now Been Released

    Keep in mind that if DOSBox didn't exist, none of the forks would exist either. You don't need to downplay DOSBox to uplift Staging and X, and whatever gripes you have with their development process wouldn't be solved by moving to Github.
  2. AlexMax

    An Evening with Nirvana [Ep 9 - MtPain27]

    That's what happens when you put in the work to make something as amazing as Dean of Doom. You're definitely worthy.
  3. Odamex 10.2 has released. Download it from Sourceforge or Github. This is a pretty low-key release. Inside the box, you'll find a modest assortment of new customizations for players and server admins to play with, a good number of netcode fixes, horde fixes and an assortment of other improvements. I Am Invincible...and I can actually see! Perhaps the most obvious new addition is a new r_softinvulneffect setting, enabled by default, which changes the invulnerability effect to the visible weapon as opposed to the entire screen. The vanilla invulnerability effect has always been a bit of an eyesore, but now that we have spawn invulnerability what used to be an annoyance has turned migrane-inducing. That said, the current look is not necessarily set in stone, and we plan on making further tweaks to it in the future. Big Ol' Box Of Toys Yep, I could really only think of a single thing that would stick out as a big headliner feature. But in 10.2, the long tail of smaller additions and fixes is quite long indeed. There's even a number of new faces in the commit log. Added A new g_preroundreset setting which will reset the level between the pre-round countdown and the actual game. Previously this was hard-coded for certain gametypes and not others - now you get to play with it. You can now change the length of time messages appear in the obituary feed with hud_feedtime. This setting is also surfaced in the menu. Item counts now show up in the automap. A new cl_centerbobonfire setting which emulates the ZDoom 2.x behavior of centering the weapon when firing. You can now remove the 20 count lost soul limit with co_removesoullimit. Offline, there is no limit, online it's limited to 128 lost souls. Thanks, Mia! Horde now respects sv_nomonsters. Test your horde maps behavior free of monsters. Boss monster projectiles now have the same palette shifts as the bosses themselves. The projectile behavior itself is still identical...for now. Don't give us any ideas. The hordenextwave console command now respawns players. Thanks, Mia! There is a brand new "AUTOMAP" graphic in the automap options menu. Thanks, Acts19quiz! Support for the new Steam WAD file locations. Changed Horde bosses now lose their "sparkles" on death. All non-RGB sliders in options menu now display current value to the right. con_notifytime and con_midtime now accept non-integer message timeout times. Certain variations of the scoreboard surrounding round and lives logic had less-than-useful configurations, these have been improved. Fixed A significant "pump fake" misprediction of online monster behavior was fixed. Multiplayer vanilla demos did not play back at all, now they should work, though there are some remaining assorted issues. Ultimate Doom E2M7 didn't always get detected correctly in the previous map behavior fix, now it should. Online, certain trigger-once line specials were not properly cleared by the client, or improperly able to be triggered again by a newly connecting client. Now these issues have been fixed. Scrolling floors were being mispredicted in client/server by a factor of two, now they scroll properly. Secrets areas were not getting cleared properly when triggered by other players - now they clear properly. Online, scrollers were being inited twice when restarting the map, this has been fixed. Horde bosses now trigger special lines again. Horde spawns were capable of being pushed around by scrolling floors, now they stay in place. Online, glowing sectors were incorrectly reinitializing when restarting the map, this has also been fixed. Sector flags did not properly save to a savegame, now they do. Single-activation specials were not being cleared on the client, resulting in a desync. This has been fixed. Horde monsters no longer get crunched by doors. A_HealCorpse did not give resurrected monsters height, now they do. judgment.wad now loads correctly. WDLStats now properly count the last frag in deathmatch modes. Fixed instances of doubled sounds when using A_PlaySound. That's about it! Before I go, I'd just like to shout out the amazing "Hordes of Odamex" project, which will be shown off during QuakeCon. Not only are there 50 !(!) brand new arenas for the nascent gamemode, but a unique set of custom monster waves that had been developed just for this WAD. How is this possible? It's all thanks to the flexibility of Horde, the power of DECOHack, and the creativity of the amazing folks over at The Hellforge.
  4. Unfortunately not off the top of my head. I suspect there's some Unity timing bullshit going on, given that the issue wasn't called out on consoles or on other people's PC's.
  5. I didn't want to snitch on myself, but yeah. For what it's worth I used the same approach for Unity Doom that I did when I wrote the initial uncapped implementation that was used Crispy Doom, which was copied for many many other ports. The Unity code I wrote was from scratch and used no Crispy code, but I just reused the same idea. Sure. On PC specifically, I imagine the official port, while better than DOSBox, is still eventually going to get replaced with a real sourceport if the player is at all interested in Doom...unless they really like split-screen. But for someone just wants to try the game out for the first time or doesn't even have a PC, it's far and away the best official port for Doom that ever existed. Not having to explain away "Yeah, the music is kind of jank, the framerate is bad, it's only 4:3, the best maps are third-party, but trust me there's a cool game in here" is just....a relief.
  6. "Okay, I'm convinced, how do I play it?" "Well, first you download DOOM2.WAD, then you download a source port..." "I only have an iPhone and a PS4." "..." I mean, you can try, but I prefer showing friends by playing some good old-fashioned split-screen on Switch.
  7. I'm saying because I believe that the Unity port is the best version of Doom ever released by id Software on an objective scale. I also think it was the second best version of Doom ever released relative to the environment it was released in. DOS Doom will forever be #1 on that list for being an amazing DOS game in 1993, but it bitrotted quite poorly, and I cannot imagine trying to convince somehow how great Doom is with DOOM2.EXE in DOSBox in TYOOL 2022 - assuming their gaming platform of choice can even run DOSBox. I personally will always prefer playing source ports because I'm already a superfan, but if I want to show the game off to someone, I'm using the Unity port on Switch.
  8. ....I think you're trying to equivocate "Official" with "Good" which, I suppose I'm not sure where your getting that definition equivocation from. Regardless, taking your equivocation on its face, I actually agree with you. I think the source ports can be an altogether better experience than any official port could ever hope to be. I just also think that people who just buy the game off Stream or the console stores should also have the ability to have fun with Doom without having to install a source port.
  9. Not at all. I've written code for several of them, and I'm proud of the work I did. However, there is the simple matter that source ports are hamstrung where they can't possibly have the reach or convenience of official releases. Doom's license precludes its distribution on many platforms outright, and the fact that the original Doom game assets are still proprietary means there will always be some setup involved for the platforms that allow it. Before the modern Unity port, the official ways of playing Doom all stank, so realistically source ports were all you had. The Unity port is the first time I can ever recall a re-release of Doom being anything other than a quick cash grab. Not only that, the Unity port is on all of those platforms that source ports can't touch or is a pain to set up on. A first time player playing Doom can just click on any of the following links, buy the release, hit "Play", and have a grand old time: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2300/DOOM_II/ https://www.nintendo.com/store/products/doom-ii-classic-switch/ https://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/store/doom-ii-classic/9plt62lrf9v7 https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP1003-CUSA15595_00-DOOMTWO199400000 https://apps.apple.com/us/app/doom-ii/id1470090748 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bethsoft.DOOMII&hl=en_US&gl=US Source ports aren't bad, but you shouldn't have to use a source port to have a good time with Doom.
  10. Bethesda + modern id Software are doing the old games more justice than independent id Software ever did. Not counting the actual release of course...but years down the line id left their old games to bitrot, unworthy of a decent glow-up like Unity Doom or Nightdive Quake, instead getting bare minimum, buggy ports with no extra features. It is a crying shame that unless you had a PC and knew how to work source ports, up until the Unity port there was no good "official" way to play Doom.
  11. These changes are pretty smart and long overdue. Only thing I'm a little weirded out by is removing the "Hell on Earth" subtitle from DOOM II, but it's pretty small potatoes.
  12. At some point I'm pretty sure trying to disable devices or prioritize certain devices simply didn't work in the new sound control panel in Windows 10. I forgot if that was fixed in a later Windows 10 update or 11, but since then I've had nothing to complain about - no more will my PS4 controller silence my microphone every time I plug it in. Overall, new Windows 11 control panel is a huge improvement over 10's and and at this point I prefer it to the old-style Win32 Control Panel. Also, Linux is in no position to be talking about sound. I'm pretty sure the last time I had to change my default sound device I had to use the command line. Always remember YOSPOS: Your Operating System is a Piece Of Shit. Which OS? Your OS, whichever one you happen to be using. All of them have nice features unique to them, but all of them have their own warts and annoyances.
  13. AlexMax

    What happened to the ROTT remaster?

    That's more of a "remaster" in the Doom (2016) sense, than in the Quake (Nightdive) sense. One is a new game that uses the same IP and has gameplay inspired by the original, the other is literally the old game updated to work on modern hardware.
  14. AlexMax

    opinions on breaking bad & better call saul

    I don't think it would've had to have been too much bleaker, if I'm being honest. How about this - Walt doesn't take the stray bullet. He survives, is arrested, and sees the inside a prison cell. With Walt in jail, Elliott musters up the courage to go to the police, so the drug money Walt was going to give to his family - money they don't want in the first place - is done away with. Walt succumbs to his illness in a prison hospital with the knowledge that he saved Skyler from prosecution, killed the gang, and saved Jessie.