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  1. nue

    Best custom boss battles from any doom wad?

    Winters Fury has some fantastic, multi stage boss fights
  2. nue

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Zharkov goes to the store is a great wad, much respect
  3. nue

    I need ideas for weapons

    pretty sure with an idea like that your set
  4. nue

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    I think its the fact that I cant think of enough variation of that style to make a single map, but i will try
  5. nue

    Do you guys even lift?

    I might as well post my workout routine, it seems as you do it without weights. Cant say so myself (cant remember all the reps and weights and im too lazy to go check so ill post the exercises):
  6. nue

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    In the mean time heres something i definitely wont finish
  7. nue

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    heh funny you said that because its no more its just not there something mustve glicthed while saving it
  8. Thank god because this wasnt doing to well for me
  9. nue

    Do you guys even lift?

    Ha imagine going to the gym. Just have an ex-small time powerlifter father whos turned half of a basement into a gym And yes I use it today is shoulders and back which is worse than leg day cant wait (Clean & press makes it worse)
  10. nue

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    I made an E1M1: Not the flashiest or most detailed but I'm happy with it And now I dip my toes in WhackEd4 to redesign some enemies
  11. nue

    What's the worst megawad for Doom?

    Ill say thats probably the worst one ive played But to be honest the contender for the worst megawad ever is near impossible to say practically. This is because its far easier to make incomplete, broken garbage rather than something actually good. Due to there being wads that date back to '94 theres probably someone who made a megawad that they thought was good when it was probably the worst thing ever, but due to it being lost in time well never truly know. Went off on a tangent. That being said Doom: Rampage Edition is pretty damn awful as well
  12. nue

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Its most likely how far back he is standing
  13. nue

    Ideas for Sprites.

    Well it seems as if you dont have confidence, im just gonna leave you off with this ZDooM forum that has been useful to me with shading. Even though hes using GIMP i still found much use out of it in paint.net. (Theres a tutorial further down the forum in a spoiler)
  14. nue

    Ideas for Sprites.

  15. nue

    Ideas for Sprites.

    Cmon now, dont give up! Its possible that your using the wrong version of paint.net. Or you couldve messed up a step. Try it again, either that or watch a paint.net tutorial.