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  1. nue

    Slade 3 issue

    I am no guru with textures but it seems as if your deleting the textures while the patches of them still exist. If you send the wad download link I or someone more savvy with textures could take a look at it.
  2. I havent given you a deserved update. I am still working on it!
  3. nue

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    It is. Its incredibly moody
  4. nue

    Kinda dumb enemy question

    I fixed it never mind. Question solved
  5. nue

    Xeno Effect Demo

    Just gave this a runthrough. And I quite like the idea, has great potential for a story driven TC. Heres my critiques: The Art, I really like the cartoony mspaint look, but I think the weapon sprites could be improved, mainly with the perspective of the items as the perspective changes between weapons. Ill give credit to your texture selection though. It really does fit the aesthetic with ease and it makes it feel natural. Im also not a fan of the stick figures, but thats down to just my taste as theres nothing inherently wrong with them at all. The maps, I do like all of them. They have a good sense of progression but theres some obvious flaws, such as misaligned textures, too bright or too dark of areas etc. That Im sure will be fixed with time and development. What I like the most: The textures, of which I mentioned before and the layout of most maps, creative ambushes, fun traps (Thinking of the crusher traps in the Gold Tomb level). Once again I do see a lot of potential. Will give this a look as soon as another update comes out.
  6. nue

    Kinda dumb enemy question

    Oh lord. I believe I am stupid because I get an error that frame C is missing rotations: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uk856nlplckfaz5/MAYBE.wad?dl=0 Please excuse my idiocracy
  7. nue

    Kinda dumb enemy question

    Facepalm moment. Thanks for clearing that up
  8. nue

    Kinda dumb enemy question

  9. Ive ran into a problem when using decorate for an enemy. The enemy has sprites that have angular sprites (like WRAEA2A8 etc) But the enemy doesnt show these frames when looking at it in other angles. Heres the DECORATE code right now: ACTOR WrathElemental : Cacodemon 15000 { Health 1000 Radius 48 Height 112 Mass 400 Speed 10 PainChance 16 ActiveSound "WEIDLE1" DeathSound "WEDETH1" PainSound "WEPAIN1" MONSTER +NOGRAVITY +FLOAT States { Spawn: WRAE A 8 loop See: WRAE A 6 A_Chase loop Missile: WRAE CD 6 A_FaceTarget WRAE D 0 A_CustomMissile ("WrathRain", 60, 0, random(-5, -5), 0) WRAE D 3 A_CustomMissile ("WrathRain", 60, 0, random(-5, -5), 0) WRAE D 0 A_CustomMissile ("WrathRain", 60, 0, random(-5, -5), 0) WRAE D 3 A_CustomMissile ("WrathRain", 60, 0, random(-5, -5), 0) WRAE D 0 A_CustomMissile ("WrathRain", 60, 0, random(-5, -5), 0) WRAE D 3 A_CustomMissile ("WrathRain", 60, 0, random(-5, -5), 0) WRAE D 0 A_CustomMissile ("WrathRain", 60, 0, random(-5, -5), 0) WRAE D 3 A_CustomMissile ("WrathRain", 60, 0, random(-5, -5), 0) Pain: WRAE E 3 A_Pain Goto See Death: WRAE FGHIJKL 5 A_NoBlocking WRAE M 4 WRAE N -1 Stop } } ACTOR WrathRain { Radius 10 Height 10 Speed 10 Damage 8 SeeSound "imp/attack" DeathSound "imp/shotx" PROJECTILE States { Spawn: WRFI AB 5 Death: WRFI CDEF 10 Stop } } Any fixes?
  10. nue

    A odd Problem with SLADE...

    I believe this has something to do with the MAPINFO file, if two lines overlap where they connect to, they fuck everything up
  11. nue

    Share Your Sprites!

  12. nue

    How do I encourage players to switch weapons?

    Heres an idea. Dont give the player the plasma rifle. In my opinion the Plasma rifle is the most versatile weapon in the game. Fast fire rate, decent velocity and a ridiculous amount of damage. With that being said the chaingun, ssg and rl have different uses that you can make well designed encounters that focus on using the weapons strong suits.
  13. nue

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    From the first version of EriGuns published by Xaser. Sorry I shouldve been more specific
  14. nue

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Its from Eriance