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  1. What is your favourite secret Level?

    I'm curious, what is everyone's favourite secret level from DooM 1/2? I personally am a massive fan of Warrens. Sure it's mostly a clone of E3M1 but I always had a soft spot for how much fun it is to run through and blast everything! (if it wasn't designed how it was, Military base would've won)
  2. Did anyone here ever play on a tv connected to their pc?

    My PC is connected to my TV so... I guess I still am?
  3. Your favorite colors in WADs?

    Black with green as highlights. Has that night-time neon design.
  4. Why don't the majority of mappers plan out their creations?

    I don't plan my levels because I am literally too lazy... Which weirdly is a good thing because when I go back over them, I usually do better at cleaning up imperfections.
  5. How did you react when you first gazed upon the SSG?

    No joke I switched back to the regular shotgun. I didn't think it was a shotgun at the time.... even WITH the text in the top-right corner! Probably explains why I kept dying so easily when I first touched DooM 2 .-.
  6. Do you actually run away from enemy encounters?

    *insert DooM 2 MAP 10 on Ultra-Violence played through DooM 3 BFG Edition here* I practically ran away from EVERYTHING and tried to keep my HP high as possible! Map 10 is NOT fun! :l
  7. GZDoom Multi-Color settings like Doom 64?

    I always use UDMF... is there a special version of GZDB that has this? I wanna test out the colour feature!
  8. GZDoom Multi-Color settings like Doom 64?

    I would recommend g3.0.1 or newer. also: How did you get access to the "colours" tab?
  9. Quick Hub Question

    Just a quick question: what does one need (script maybe?) to teleport the player from the hub to an off-shoot map that's connected to the hub. I already have two maps but I'm not to sue what kind of trigger I need to make the player exit the map from one to another and capable of going back to the hub.
  10. GZDoom Multi-Color settings like Doom 64?

    Define "Multi-colour". If it's a sector that is coloured, DooM in UDMF format supports it. (I think it has to be x in zdoom format maybe if UDMF is not visible). To colour a sector, make a sector then open up it's properties tab screen and then just edit the colour/fade to colour a sector. [DooM Builder 2 / GZDB. May vary with other editors] if however it's more dynamic, then you will need ZDooM's Dynamic light entities. GZDooM Builder comes with those entities. Hope these help :3
  11. my avatar may look goofy right now, just testing GIF format pics. :)

    1. DynamiteKaitorn


      And now it is done!




      Yeah don't ask why Dynamite is doing the Idle animation of the Mannrobics taunt from TF2 whilst dressed as femscout. .-.

  12. Flats and walls

    Wow, for literally one derpy question I made one hell of a comment wall!
  13. Flats and walls

    Since my first three "The Mis-Adventures of Dynamite" all the floor, ceiling and well textures are using flats. Since I know not many source-ports can see flats on walls (Than again with 3D floors and 3D models that probably shrinks the source-port pool more) is it really necessary to use wall textures instead of flats for textures on walls? (Also I literally have no idea how to texture a wall outside of flats... yup! I can do 3D models, scripts and multiple levels with multiple classes but can't texture a wall! :P)
  14. GZDoom Builder freezes on Visual Mode

    When I use GZDB's Visual mode it two will also crash. I'm not sure what causes it so I recommend you save BEFORE entering visual mode. :l
  15. gzdoom md3 viewmodels

    When you convert a .md3 model remember to set the export direction from Z to Y. This then stands the object upright. As for height allignment, the player's actual hotbox height is 56 units so My guess is about 48 - 50 is where the eyes (camera) will be.