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  1. DynamiteKaitorn

    The Mis-Adventures of Dynamite 3D [ALPHA BUILD]

    Hello again everyone! I'm bumping this thread since I FINALLY released BETA 1.2 . So, what have I done so far? Well... Also, there's a bug that WILL crash GZDooM should you jump through a portal that leads to a new map (Not guaranteed to occur). I'll see what I can do to fix it. (Walking through seems to work just fine). Anywho, ON TO HUB 04! THE FINAL HUB! Also I'm gonna start compressing some of the textures down since the .PK3 is now over 100 MB in size.
  2. DynamiteKaitorn

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Unless it's a third marine I just realised, the pinky demon just to the right of the doom marine is in-fighting.
  3. A recent issue I've noticed whilst messing around with vanilla DooM is for some BIZZARE reason, the chainsaw from DooM/DooM II is crashing my project with a "R_ProjectSprite: invalid sprite frame 68 : 0". This makes little to no sense since I'm not editing the chainsaw at all, I'm just editing my player sprites. I checked the DooM-Wiki and apparently the crash occurs when I've either not provided the frames needed (since I'm not editing it that's illogical) or from not having a second frame to jump to (Eventhough it states it will jump to frame 67?). Any idea? :l
  4. If it as I'd LOVE that. It does wear on my thumb having to hold the run button. Plus, the run button also makes you turn faster.
  5. DynamiteKaitorn

    What's a good map design for you?

    A few little tid-bits about map design I try to avoid. (not all of them, just a few ^w^). 1 - A good amount of health, armour and ammo. Not so much that I could swim in them for days but enough to not feel like I have to be strict. 2 - Fair traps. I don't want to walk down a hallway and spring a trap containing 3 archviles when all I have is the regular pistol and the chainsaw. Maybe space out the tougher enemies later in the map and not swarm the player unless they're sufficiently armed (WITHOUT secrets). 3 - Not forcing me to kill hell knights, revenants and especially barons with the regular shotgun. There's a reason the super shotty and rocket launcher exist. 4 - Layout. Quite often people make maps that are juuust a bit too confusing. If I make it half way through a map and realise "Oh! I needed a blue key! Okay I'll go find it." and then I have to wander through the maze of a map I just crawled through just to find out the key was in some side room at the start that I didn't feel was necessary to enter at the time... yeah I'd say either add teleporters to shorten the journey back (maybe make the exit side to the key a secret ;) ) or just re-design the map. 5 - Choice. I'm not fond of being forced to play a map the way the map creator wants me to. If I want to go in guns-blazing then I should. Now to be fair not all wads should have this (especially if its one with a story behind it), but wads that don't allow at least some variation to how I can approach a situation tend to lose my interest real fast. (Doesn't need to be drastic, maybe instead of letting me blast away at the enemies with the shotgun I might wanna use the chaingun).
  6. DynamiteKaitorn

    Reimagining Maps. (Contest idea...?)

    There's definitely a good few maps from DooM/DooM II/TNT/Plutonia I'd happily give a re-design so if such an idea like this occurs, count me in for some of them! :D
  7. http://www.mediafire.com/file/5k8j3cl19idybjd/vanilla.zip/file
  8. I wanted to edit/re-texture the HUD for chocolate DooM yet when I try to use my new HUD graphics, I get this error "Z_CheckHeap: next block doesn't have proper back link". according to doomwiki, it occurs during a heap corruption. Any idea how I managed to slightly corrupt choccy doom and any ways around it. :l
  9. DynamiteKaitorn

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    H O L Y N O O D L E S ! ! ! I GOT A CUSTOM SPRITE TO WORK IN CHOCCY DOOM WITHOUT BREAKING! :D Oh hey look! Working flats and wall textures in vanilla as well! I'm on a roll. <3
  10. Okay so I finally got myself a controller (Nintendo Switch Pro Controller) and weirdly now I CAN input some of the cheats like god mode and the X-ray cheat. Not fully sure why the codes don't work when I used my keyboard but at least I can now test maps more efficiently. :D
  11. DynamiteKaitorn

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    @Kizoky The fact you're doing postal 2 stuff in GZDooM makes me really excited to play test when it is released. :3 (also, you working on "that" mechanic from Postal 2 any time soon ;) )
  12. DynamiteKaitorn

    What's the best gun in Doom II?

    Technically the super shotgun since it's the ONLY new gun added for DooM II. Rest were from DooM. :3 Otherwise counting DooM 1 guns, P L A S M A R I F L E .
  13. Wait if they override club doom that'd mess up GO2IT... I'm fine with hollywood holocaust go2it hybrid :D
  14. Mostly been goofing around with the editor (mostly doing a SIGIL map ;) ) and I'm having a bit of an issue. The clip mid-texture feature is PSXFinal only. Is there any way to enable this for classic PSX DooM or will I have to use some trickery to bypass this issue?
  15. If you have both the chaingun and the plasma rifle, think about what and where the enemies are. Chaingun is better for sniping enemies or for clearing out hordes of weaker enemies like imps, demons or any of the three hitscanners (though BFG is better for chaingunners). Plasma rifle does more damage and can clear out the bigger enemies faster. Remember the default shotgun doesn't spread vertically, making it somewhat viable even at medium range. Don't pick up a green armour when your mega armour just dipped to like 80-90%. Save it. Green armours fill only to 100% and provides only 33% damage reduction whereas that mega armour still retains its 50% damage reduction.