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  1. DynamiteKaitorn

    Post your Doom textures!

    Please don't tempt me. ;)
  2. DynamiteKaitorn

    PUSS XX: Hell Yeah (2nd Anniversary Speedmapping!)

    Map Name: Miniscule Cavern Author: Heich AKA DynamiteKaitorn Music: Sturm's theme [Advance Wars] Sky: A hellish looking sky from the usual skybox pack I use. (BooM still hating me :( ) Format: BooM? (Teeeeeechnically this map is also vanilla). Difficulty Settings: Lower diffucties do have a tiiny less amount to worry about. Gimmicks Used: [1] Hell map [2] No hitscanners Build Time: 50-ish Minutes Comments: Accidentally taking the wrong turn, our protagonist enters a hellish cavernous rocky location, surrounded by imps. Screenshot: Miniscule Cavern.zip
  3. Medic bot: Follows you and occasionally throws stimpack or medikits in your face to heal you. :3
  4. DynamiteKaitorn

    Things about Doom you just found out

    No, ID actually cocked up this part of the sky as the ceiling as a metal texture: Kinda funny, though that makes me wonder if this room was meant to have a metal roof originally?
  5. DynamiteKaitorn

    PUSS XX: Hell Yeah (2nd Anniversary Speedmapping!)

    Map Name: Tiny Shore Author: Heich AKA DynamiteKaitorn Music: Coral Cave [Ape Escape] Sky: I added some blue cloudy sky but for some reason WooF hates me... ._. Format: BooM? (Teeeeeechnically the map's vanilla). Difficulty Settings: None - all difficulties play the same Gimmicks Used: [1] Beach Map [2] 13 Monsters [3] No Hitscans [4] Referencing past PUSS maps Build Time: 43 Minutes Comments: Sailing across the calm waters, our protagonist steps onto the calm, smooth sands of this tiny shore. Screenshots: TinyShore.zip
  6. DynamiteKaitorn

    My first time messing with doom builder

    So this is 3 very poorly made, ugly maps. My personal recommendation is look up tutorials on Youtube as well as play the IWADs to learn what does and does not work for map design. One personal gripe I have it the extremely linear nature of the maps to the point you can w+m1 your way to victory almost.
  7. DynamiteKaitorn

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Recently just finished going through MDK 1 + 2. And now I'm forcing myself through MDK2 on Jinkies! difficulty but I'm abusing the feathers out of it via cheat engine + Lua scripts to let me spawn in any item I want for shits and giggles.
  8. DynamiteKaitorn

    Do level stats affect your wad perception?

    Sadly, yes. If I see a seriously high enemy count, I expect the map to either A: Be a slaughter map; B: be really long and boring or C: Be filled to the brim for a laugh.
  9. DynamiteKaitorn

    Brutal Minecraft or Brutal Terraria?

    Brutal Terraria? Oh, Calamity mod! Yeah TBF, Terraria's combat was built with fighting in mind, Minecraft wasn't.
  10. DynamiteKaitorn

    What is your opinion on weapon wheels in video games?

    Ehh, if it makes it easier for me to select my weapon when playing on PC then I'm not really bothered by them. Heck, technically A Hat In Time uses a weapon wheel.
  11. DynamiteKaitorn

    fellow doomers, any mobile games you like?

    Cookie Clicker (Cookie tapper?). Don't need to do much other than see that big ol' biscuit slowly become the reason everyone in the universe has diabetes. :3
  12. DynamiteKaitorn

    When Do You like to Know a Secret Has Been Revealed?

    Wrong pitch, but this is how I like my secrets:
  13. DynamiteKaitorn

    Favorite Destruction from the angry video game nerd

    I forget the episode but I know at one point James literally flamethrower's a game to death.
  14. Not sure if this fully counts but it IS technically an IWAD: Hexen for the Playstation 1. I swear, it's impossible to beat that version of the game as anyone but the Cleric... >_>
  15. I'm going to toss in Arachnotrons since it is VERY easy to cheese them in some maps because their hitbox is so massive, thus people just use them as long ranged plasma turrets. The gimmick is overused to hell and back and due to their size, you can very easily rocket them down. Another enemy that can usually ruin a map is Archviles when not done properly. They're meant to stall you and force you to not act so belligerent, yet some maps happily toss them in your face without much thought. Lastly, Pain Elementals. Whenever I want to add these to my maps, I HAVE to add at least 1-2 extra boxes of bullets as they can quite easily flood a map against your will cause some cacodemon half-way across a massive cavern decided to try and get a cheeky shot on me 10 years ago.