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  1. I think a better way of doing it is exporting the COLORMAP lump as a png, editing it externally then open up slade and I think you "import" when you right click the lump inside Slade and select your pic? If that fails, you can delete the COLORMAP and then import the PNG, making sure to convert via "FLAT" not as a regular texture.
  2. DynamiteKaitorn

    The Mis-adventures of Dynamite 6: Floodrene Falls [RELEASED!]

    BUMP! Hey guys! Thnx for being patient with this project and glad I finally got the main 1.0 release out! Go ahead and enjoy a world of aquatic fun and swim through the mazey depths of Floodrene!
  3. DynamiteKaitorn

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Unless it's just a weird bug, I found out that in MBF when you exit a map via secret exit, it uses a tiny bit of extra memory than simply warping to map31. I noticed this since my recent DooM project, I can warp and save happily in map31 but leave map 15 and NOPE! MBF is upsett-spaghetti! I know it has the intermission text screen but it's juuust enough to cause a Z_Malloc crash under the right condition.
  4. There isn't really a strict purple in the DooM palette since it's mostly blues but if you want a result, you need to edit the "COLORMAP" lump, find the purple bit of all the shade scales and I think colouring that whole block solid purple keeps the section as 1 tone no matter the lighting (might cause visual bugs however so I'm not 100% on this).
  5. DynamiteKaitorn

    Angry Quilt 2 - a limit removing map for Ultimate Doom

    mind giving a specific time I can start since I'm in the UK and thus, time zones can be a bit wonky.
  6. NGL the name is fairly fitting as not only is the battle really not that fun, the map still can't be finished by another broken mechanic (switch this time) and there's barely enough supplies to make it through for HMP. Also, -20hp floors is generally used if you don't have access to the instant death floor mechanic some source ports support or if you wanna punish the player harshly. Do bare in mind it has I think a 2% chance to zap through a radiation shielding suit and harm the player (though I think it deals less damage?). If you need help on good ways to lean how to map, I recommend the man who helped me learn the basics of DooM mapping. Sure they're outdated but most if not all of it still rings true even to today:
  7. So this map is quite literally unplayable since the first door you meet has been incorrectly tagged, thus it doesn't open at all. GG
  8. DynamiteKaitorn

    Bigger Boomstick Nearby

    Pretty solid idea for a map and I love the use of coloured sectors and portals but... after around 3-5 minutes of shooting, the map gets kinda repetitive, only containing around 3-4 enemy types. Biggest issue also is at one point you go down a spiral staircase and all of a sudden there's no health, armour or ammo pickups, thus I was widdled down by the several "cacodemon" enemies in my way.
  9. DynamiteKaitorn

    Could doomguy survive throughout WW2?

    I'm pretty sure the DooM guy would not only survive WWII but probably single-handedly rush into German territory and 1-shot that lil' mustachio freak, instantly winning the war.
  10. DynamiteKaitorn

    moments that made you quit a wad

    Any time a WAD forces me to somehow kill off a load of high tier enemies with the basic shotgun. Seriously, the regular shotty is meh for high tier enemies!
  11. DynamiteKaitorn

    Absurdly well known videogame trivia

    Bethesda's open world games are guaranteed to glitch out or crash at some point, without fail.
  12. DynamiteKaitorn

    Favorite band?

    My personal favourite genre is Rock, so naturally I've got a couple rock bands I listen to. Most fave being The Killers, but I do also listen to Green Day, Scissor Sisters, Kaiser Chiefs, Gorillaz, Daft Punk and lately starting to get into The Newsboys.
  13. DynamiteKaitorn

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    time to visit R/eyebleach
  14. DynamiteKaitorn


    L A T A I L O R G I R L https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=58343
  15. DynamiteKaitorn

    How long should a video game be?

    It's hard to define a set length for a game since each genre has their own reasons for being long/short. Open worlds, RPG's and Sandboxes contain very long (or infinite in the case of Sandbox) playtimes since they're usually filled with a ton of side quests and optional endings/ways to play. Despite this, you can easily bomb through The Outer World's 8-10 hour long story or New Vegas' 3-4 hour story in one sitting. (probably 2-3 for OW though). FPS games are more focused on killing enemies as you blast through level to level so play time will vary wildly depending on skill and speed. DooM's 4 episodes takes me around 4-5 hours since I usually try to find the secret exits (and cause of the likes of E3M7...) yet Half Life, another FPS, can easily take me 10-15 hours due to the dialogues and the exploration of Black Mesa. Platformers can either go the Sonic route of high speed jumping, Mario's multiple exits + tricky puzzles and/or A Hat In Time's collect-a-thon in a big world. In one sitting AHIT will take like 20 or so hours since I'm usually trying to get all 6 hats yet I can burn through Sonic 3 in like 4-5 hours. Overall it's kinda tricky to define a solid length of time for a game.