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  1. A few things, first: was I meant to install all the files and extract everything into 1 folder or is separating the downloads fine? and secondly, any idea what this error is? (I don't know what language it's in... possibly spanish?)
  2. Don't be surprised if I have to bail on map 32... Avast is cock-blocking me every few seconds :l Also, is there any form of time limit I should worry about?
  3. If I can, mind if I try to give map 32 of plutonia [Go 2 It] for a spin?
  4. DynamiteKaitorn

    3D Guns?

    I just moved the model so that it it either +y, +z, -y or -z since I wasn't sure which side the model would load from. turns out it;'s -y! (Do bare in mind I'm talking when you set the export angle to Y, not the default Z)
  5. DynamiteKaitorn

    3D Guns?

    I can move it a mere few inches in Blender but I can't seem to find the location of where my screen is relative to the model. Edit: I found out how it is rendered! :D When you press "7" (and 5 for Ortho), the direction the in-game camera faces relative to 3D models is -Y.
  6. DynamiteKaitorn

    3D Guns?

    So I've been working on 3D modelling for DooM (Kinda wanna try to make a full 3D mod a-la quake style) but I am struggling to get my weapons to render properly in-game (specifically when used for the HUD). At first I thought I had the model's scale too high so I lowered it to "1.0" from "2.0" in the MODELDEF. This did nothing. I shrank the actual 3D model in Blender, delete the old model and replaced it. Oddly, it's not budging. What could be causing this rendering issue?
  7. DynamiteKaitorn

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Because Hexen Exists.
  8. DynamiteKaitorn

    Doom builder 2 make line straight

    First off, increase the grid size. sticking to a size of 1 is not an easy thing to utilise. Secondly, with the larger grid-size, re-alligning the vertecies to said larger grid. Trust me, it's faster than you may think. ;)
  9. DynamiteKaitorn

    Post your Doom textures!

    Actually Teder, it's less than 8 colours.
  10. DynamiteKaitorn

    Post your Doom textures!

    These are just a slight taste of what I've been working on. You may be thinking "why is it so orange?" Well, this is a DooM wad that will be using a certain colour palette ;)
  11. DynamiteKaitorn

    SLAD3 .PK3 And MAPINFO issue

    Just curious, if I made a dummy map, (for example, map entry 666 (ha ha >_>)) would it work outside of the dummy map? (Obviously I wanna make sure the dummy map is capable of being loaded... don't want it empty :P) EDIT: Well it will fix my issue... but it will only work for defined maps... guess I hit a limit with DooM? XD Thanks for the help guys :3
  12. *walks into the battlefield with a stereo* *Loads up Justin Beiber's Baby* *Puts on headphones to block the noise* *sets volume to full blast* *hits play* But in all seriousness, humans have nukes. We can take down a huge chunk of their army very quickly.
  13. DynamiteKaitorn

    SLAD3 .PK3 And MAPINFO issue

    Still doesn't fully explain how it worked for TMoD EP 2 but not for this side-protect of mine.
  14. DynamiteKaitorn

    SLAD3 .PK3 And MAPINFO issue

    Both DefaultMap AND AddDefaultMap with the same method and it STILL wont register the extended air supply... :l