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  1. NokturnuS

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Some shots from map pack i work on, for Eternity Engine. Use last build to test (359). Lots of portals, slopes and some cool stuff from EE. Align floors/ceilings still pain in the ass. UDMF format. Edit for EE is really fun, have great time crating the map (learning, trial and error, etc.) Map pack will contain 6-7 maps, but i hope i could release for test first map on a week or two.
  2. NokturnuS

    Requiem Reimagined (Soundtrack) Released

    So awesome, thanks a lot!
  3. So nice! Thanks a lot! 🤘
  4. Does healtheffect, armoreffect and powereffect only applies to artifacts or to regular items too? I remember sprite based pickup effects were deprecated 😭. Or maybe there's a way to associate things/ sprites with pickupitems effects?
  5. NokturnuS

    The /newstuff Chronicles #513

    AAliens is a nice megawad, like what i see so far (MAP 13). Love the palette, sure going to use in the future, with a few tweaks. Thanks for share!
  6. NokturnuS

    What is your favorite movie of all time?

    I like a lot bad/low budget movies (Kung Fu movies from 70s, UFO from 50s, cheap terror-gore from 80s, Kaiju's from 60s and 70s) like Bad Taste, It conquered the world, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, any Vincent Price movie and some of Bela Lugosi's, just to name a few. For a more mainstream point of view, this is my list, in no particular order: - The Good, the bad and the ugly - Once upon a time in the West - Empire Strikes Back - The Godfather I and II (and even III) - Hellraiser I and II - Aliens - District 9 - Blade Runner - The Hateful Eight - The Great Budapest Hotel - The Wrestler - Carlito's Way - Gravity - 2001: a Space Odissey - Apocalypse now - Full Metal Jacket - Robocop - Snowpiercer - The LEGO movie - Transformers (The animated one from 1986) - Akira - The Shinning - The Last Emperor of China - Pacific Rim - Flight 666 (yes, the Iron Maiden one!) - Mad Max II - The Elepahant Man Just to name a few
  7. NokturnuS

    Star Wars The Force Awakens

    Not bad at all, of course not like the OT but much better like the Fckg prequel. I rate a solid 8. A solid PWAD in doom terms.
  8. NokturnuS

    Romero Goes Ham, Reveals New-Old Artwork

    Amazing! definitively going to use this pile of meat and burning green column in some maps.. (and some of those vintage textures)
  9. NokturnuS

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I think is prboom+. When enemies die they don't inmediately lost their SOLID flag (don't know about the SHOOTABLE flag). In general, first death frame don't have pointers, next have the SCREAM pointer, and the next the FALL pointer. Each have a duration of 6 iirc. So is 12 tics before the monster lost its solid state. As i said, don't know if you can shoot 'em during this window. I try to upload a video or demo as soon as i can.
  10. NokturnuS

    ThingSummon codepointer

    Hi there! I just experimenting with the engine and their codepointers. I create a monster that spawns other demons via the ThingSummon pointer. Works fine, but summoned demons always attack the player, even if him don't inflict the summoner. Are there any way to change this behavior ? Thanks!
  11. NokturnuS

    Things about Doom you just found out

    You can gib zombies (and maybe imps) with a shotgun if you reduce the delay between shots via dehacked (so you can fire the shotgun like a chaingun). I think you can still shoot enemies after they die before enter their frame with the FALL codepointer, which removes the solid flag of the thing, don't sure about this, but happens a couple of times while im toying with weapons frames.
  12. Civilization games have a large active MOD community. They even release some mods from old games like Civ2 and Civ3 (yes, and in the past i remember saw a doom-mod for civ2. Really weird). http://www.civfanatics.com
  13. NokturnuS

    What's your Favorite Doom Music Track?

    "Sign of Evil" (E1m8) definitely the most iconic music track for the most iconic level of the series... come on.. 2 Barons?? you're kidding me ?? Hard times when you must play with kayboard only!
  14. NokturnuS

    Doomworld Mega Project 2013 - 54 maps - /idgames link

    Yes, you can add new things in Eternity via EDF without replacing existin ones, and EDF files can be embedded in WAD files. Nice you enjoy my wad :) Can't believe it's 15 years old now!