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  1. NokturnuS

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Another EE map finnished, getting closer tu finnish the whole thing, I hope.
  2. NokturnuS

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Another map for the Eternity Engine finished.
  3. Map updated. I fucked up with the special line number (put 87 instead of 97 which is the teleporter one). Happens when you memorize some line special numbers :| ConcreteCult.zip
  4. Hi, didn't catch that alert. Please tell my what are the issues with my submission so I can fix ASAP. Thanks! * Oh, ok, I see now Firedust's post. Ill fix now and send an updated version.
  5. Map updated, thanks to galielo's feedback :) - Add one more green armor for medium and easy diff levels. - Fixed the teleport exit with only easy diff. flag - Reduce the HK room size, so they can teleport faster. Even with the change some HKs last some time to teleport, thanks to the random wandering behavior of monsters. - Add one more destination for teleported monsters in the down area before the red key, so you can fight with the demons in front of switches and some teleporting behind you. Add some pinkys too. - Fixed the misalignments. - Add an spiderdemon and some arachnotrons for multiplayer. ConcreteCult.zip
  6. NokturnuS

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    More levels finished for my EE MapPack. Some skylines and a sector/edge portal made truck :)
  7. Update map, fixed some glued monsters on lower difficulty settings and misalignments. ConcreteCult.zip
  8. Finnishing in time, although not fully tested on HMP or ITYTD. Full test on UV. Name: Concrete Cult Midi: Fear Eater by Mark Klem Tested: Prboom-Plus 2.62 complevel 9, GzDoom 4.7.1, Eternity 4.03.00 Difficulty Levels: Yes New Textures: Yes, 4 more textures and 2 flats, just recolour of some doom texture and old computer textures from Doom 1 Based On: Requiem map 6 and Requiem map 5. Blurb: First and main area is based on "nataS ot etubirT" by Thomas Möller. Find the blue and red key and beware the damagin' outside area (according the original story demons subverted some water facility and contaminate the liquid). Lots of Cacos and enemies firing from different angles. Ammo is abundant, but still take cover and save often (at least in UV). Final area is based on "The Canyon" by Bill McClendon. Go through the bridge to the final area and avoid the snipers on the rocks. I tried to do my best with the current texture pack, which has plenty of nice and cool textures, but lacking some gothic or original Requiem textures. Late I discover most of Requiem textures are on the GothicTX pack, which textures you can use freely. Map have some detail, but didn't use fancy Boom stuff, like conveyors, vodoo dolls, transfer heights or skies or vertical scrolling textures. I tried to keep things as simple as I can. ConcreteCult.rar
  9. Can we have some little extension? I just need a couple days more to finish testing and polishing, map is 98% done.
  10. Yes, you right. Honestly the only texture I really miss is that green computer. Is a recolour of the original COMPBLUE texture, so I think there's no problem if I include in my map. Another one I find useful is the slopped rail (the one used for stair borders), but can live without it.
  11. Some shots of WIP level, main inspiration is Requiem's MAP06, 'nataS ot etubirT' along with other Requiem maps: By the way, will be nice if next update of the resource wad (if any) include some Requiem textures, I miss some computer textures (specially the green version of COMPBLUE that MAP 06 uses a lot). Resource pack is very nice but there's a lot of quakish textures and not too much green or blue ones. Cya!
  12. Very nice idea, i think i can submit my entry in time. RL issues don't allow me to made a map for the last year community project.
  13. NokturnuS

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Another map finished for my Eternity Engine Mappack:
  14. NokturnuS

    Will a non-Eternity Engine version of Heartlands exist?

    Afraid that not conversion to EE to GZdoom of Heartland will be possible. Edge portals are the name of the game, you can literally have infinite options with them, in gameplay and map layout, and Heartland takes adventage of that. Maybe if GZdoom in the future implements edge portals or a similar feature a crossport will be possible.
  15. NokturnuS

    Limit removing problem in Boom

    I remember long time ago to see this bizarre bug, but was on a big arena test map on Vanilla (or Boom?). However, never encounter it on EE, being my biggest map currently between 8800 and -11000 in the y axis. BTW, all my EE maps are UDMF.