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Hi, I've been playing Doom since I was eight years old, and making Doom maps since I was eleven. The majority of my work involves survival gameplay, although I've dabbled with dozens of game modes and gameplay altering mods. As such, I'm pretty proficient with DeHackEd, ACS, and wad authoring in general. I like doing a little bit of everything.


I've spent a lot of time over at ZDaemon, so that's where most people know me from. I'm probably most known by my contributions to the ZDaemon CTF series and through Rocket Space Jumping, a massive trick-jumping wad that I authored during The Great Rocket Jumping Renaissance. I was also a member of Unidoom.


Currently, I'm working on an MBF-compatible survival project called Sinflux, which has been tossed around since 2003. I plan to release it in 2033.


As far as non-Doom stuff goes, I've invested a lot of time in playing Diablo 2, Minecraft, and The Binding of Isaac. Some of my other favorite games include Quake, Thief, System Shock 2, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Music-wise, I listen to metal. My favorite band is probably Veil of Maya. The best movie ever is Alien. You cannot disagree, unless you like being wrong.