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  1. fix the damn collision, don't use the shitty DMX sound library
  2. BBQgiraffe

    What / how many languages do you speak?

    English(fluent) Spanish(can barely hold a conversation)
  3. BBQgiraffe

    Do you ever take breaks from Doom?

    yeah to go to work and take a leak
  4. BBQgiraffe

    Nitemare 3D Reverse Engineer

    if you want to see more updates you can check out the discord server on the first post
  5. wasn't there a guy on here that wanted to run doom on 1mb?
  6. BBQgiraffe

    Nitemare 3D Reverse Engineer

    I added the ability to play the original MIDI files
  7. BBQgiraffe

    Nitemare 3D Reverse Engineer

    OH FUCK I LEFT std::cout << "cock\n"; IN THE CODE WHEN I COMMITED IT
  8. BBQgiraffe

    Nitemare 3D Reverse Engineer

    sorry for the lack of updates I've been swamped with work and other projects, I added map loading, binaries are on the first post
  9. BBQgiraffe

    Doom Accomplishments Thread!

    when I was 14 I downloaded Codeblocks and learned to code for the sole purpose of replacing all the pickup text in Crispy-Doom with swear words, I still have it saved somewhere.
  10. BBQgiraffe

    SNES Doom source released under GPLv3

    would be fun to port to C, too bad I'm horse shit at assembly, but hey at least it's well commented
  11. BBQgiraffe

    Favorite type of cookie?

    "those cookies that have jam in the middle" are called thumbprint cookies and they're awesome, I made some a few days ago
  12. BBQgiraffe

    Worst movies you've ever seen

    The Dead Don't Die, the acting was super wooden and the story was all over the place
  13. BBQgiraffe

    Quake 2 Or Half-Life 1?

    Half-Life, it's the game I grew up with.
  14. HDoom, I'd like to imagine them sitting some poor intern down and going "alright John I'm going to need you to port this script that makes Doomguy cum to C"
  15. speedrunners are actually mental patients frantically slamming a keyboard on a broken laptop while screaming about lost souls