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  1. @Doomkid Good god, that's some of the heaviest music I've ever heard! I want Terrordrone to be played at my wedding
  2. Very nice!
  3. Music is all live sequenced with FL Studio's MIDI Out plugin. Using the G Stomper app for spoken samples, Alesis QS6 for pads and lead synth overdubs, with a lot of the footwork being done by the Volca Sample and Electribe EA1. There are moments were I had run out of instruments, so instead of switching patches, the CC parameters are automated in the song to dramatically change the synth tones.
  4. In the instances where I have let people into that aspect of my life, I've found myself having to explain the same thing: "Well why don't you build on more modern games?". Having to defend not perusing a career in professional game development to a lot of people is like explaining why you decided to throw away a million dollar lottery ticket to work a 9-5 . They somehow think a single person can drum up a AAA title in their bedroom on the weekend and then drive into the sunset in their gold plated Lamborghini.
  5. Too bad. I was using Sonar 5 as my primary DAW back when it was current. I don't think I could ever get over the clunky piano roll editing, which I think was more or less aimed as performance capture than a primary sequencing platform.
  6. I made this in a little over a couple of hours, mostly transcribing the notation from the original, cloudy, noisy mixed song to MIDI. I should have waited for my rompler to show up in the mail to get all those dark electro choirs/pads in the mix, but the minimal electro angle at least make it sound somewhat unique from the source material.
  7. I've always had a tendency to draw clear lines between what would be considered my day to day life and my internet life. I give to my online interactions things of myself that I wouldn't often give to someone on a more personal level, and vice versa. Not many people I know have any idea that I am involved with this old game and community and on the other hand, I don't very much express myself online in the same manner I would in a face to face interaction. For me personally, it's more to preserve something that's more 'mine'. A little nook of existence that I can fully engage myself without the burden of having to explain it and make it relatable to people that you know can not fully appreciate the game to the extent that I do. Is that common behavior amongst the Doom community?
  8. Quick run-through on how I do my terrain textures using some light Photoshop and GZDoom Builder's vertex slope feature.
  9. Oh, that's just evil. That film will ruin your weekend. Probably one of the bleakest movies ever made and the classic, lofi BBC patina only seems to make it that much more dismal. I'm going to roll with Halloween III: Season of the Witch. The black sheep of the series, but the only film I know of to deal with witchcraft on an apocalyptic scale.
  10. As a mapper, yes, absolutely. Once you establish a level of detail, it commits the rest of the build to that standard, which drains your creative stamina.
  11. One of Trey's guitars with a not so subtle reference
  12. Movies: Pontypool Bad Taste The Thing Anti Christ Reanimator Altered States The Dead Next Door Jacob's Ladder Tetsuo the Iron Man Evil Dead II Night/Dawn/Day of the Dead Return of the Living Dead Dead Alive Videodrome Mordum