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  1. Lutz' Inferno Hoover and Bleeding Tower of Pisa by Mike Reed UAC Dead mall.wad school.wad (Steve Katz)
  2. How could I forget? Probably the most talented collection of punk musicians in any band.. for whatever that's worth.
  3. @Piper Maru Another surprisingly good cover by Ministry with the classic lineup.
  4. Oh Jeeeesus. Taunton, MA is my hometown. I've never met that guy, but he sounds like he'd fit right in the School St area he's from (the ghetto). Sorry for the trauma he caused to your sister, nephew and niece, and as a former Tauntonian, thank you to your sister for getting his ass wheeled into the slammer.
  5. 1Vxx7Mu.jpg

    Gunshot percussion is the hallmark of MIDI exquisiteness.

    Becoming BGM

  6. And you walk over to her door and you start poundin' on her door And you say "Open up the door bitch This is Woofa Goofa with the green teeth, let me in!" We're just 20 minutes south of Worcester, so he's a hometown hero around here. The old timers that would come in at the guitar store I worked at all seemed to have a story about seeing them or Aerosmith at their high-school auditorium for $2.
  7. Need to upgrade my very tired graphics card, monitor and hard-drive, but otherwise she's done right by me.
  8. 5 points - Going Down 5 points - Plutonia 2 5 points - Space DM9 5 points - Ancient Aliens 5 points - BTSX E1 5 points - Phobos: Anomaly Reborn 5 points - Valiant 5 points - UAC Dead 5 points - Sunder 5 points - Adventures of Square 5 points - Greenwar 2
  9. Commense the jiggle
  10. You can probably turn 90% of pwad mapping characteristics into 6 degrees of Nick Baker, given the amount of touchstone releases he's been a part of. Really makes you think, though. Some maps or map-sets are released and they make a huge splash at the time, but may not necessarily translate to generating a whole lot of influence. Identifying mainstays of common map attributes and tracing them back to their source can almost qualify as an anthropology expedition, given the amount of wads that are out there.
  11. Going to see a head-shrinker this week to see about getting on the psych-med train.  I've been in an emotional / mental 'wobble' since around 25 years old and have tried every natural method or action to correct it that I could think of.  It has been debilitating to my work and personal life more than ever the past few years. I am hoping for the best - wish me luck!

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Best of luck to you. :-)

    2. Fonze


      Best of luck Ed; that's a scary thing. You have my thoughts and prayers.

  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJYEW3VluBU Working on Sin City redux
  13. Listened to some today and it was very entertaining. I would love to see an episode about the Gothic map style, which hammered in a myriad of editing tricks and cliches years after they were released.