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  1. Am I the only one that never bothered to look at Post Hell? Was I really missing out on something here?
  2. @qdash Budgie rocks! We were on a Budgie kick at work after hearing "Napoleon Bona Parts 1 & 2" on the Pandora station. Their music is just as deserving of classic rock radio airspace just as much as Deep Purple or Sabbath's tunes. Another under-rated proto-metal jam - this song had my attention at "On the back of a giant bird!"
  3. Anyone want some MIDI soundtrack work?  My musical projects are currently at a standstill.  

    Examples MIDI works:



    I can do Quake style ambient, industrial / metal stuff also. My synths are feeling a bit neglected as well.

    1. Fonze


      I don't have any maps in mind right now in need of a midi, but I would never say 'no' to an Ed midi :)

    2. 40oz


      id like to hear some of that quake style ambient industrial stuff in midi. :)


      you do great work!

    3. Ed


      @40oz With Seashore, Gunshot and Helicopter instruments played at the lowest register,  all things are possible.  

    4. Jayextee


      I know The Becoming could sorely use some original music, if you're down with creating 9 midis for it.

      No? Eh, I tried. ;)

    5. 40oz


      that's what i love to hear!

    6. Ed


      @Jayextee  I'll give it a shot! I'll finish playing through the beta tonight and I'll shoot you a pm

    7. Jayextee


      Awesome! Didn't know if you'd bite, I was being a bit cheeky. But some new music would really give the project some much-needed sheen, I feel.

  4. For creative reasons, I still mod Doom because it's the perfect amount of creative satisfaction for the amount of time invested. Just in terms of time invested, I feel much more comfortable opening up a Doom editor and knowing exactly what to do and where to go to get the response desired.
  5. MAUS HAUS GZdoom / Map 01 - Not finished yet, but pretty soon. My 4 year old sat in my lap and instructed me as to what to add. I guess that makes him some sort of creative director or something. Play at your own risk.
  6. I clearly remember using idclip to walk into the HOM void and painting a colorful tapestry of repeating BFG, plasma and rocket sprites. The 12 year old equivalent of tripping balls.
  7. Forgot about this ditty I was working on. Actually, I thought I had neglected to save it before formatting my hard-drive and found a copy in my Dropbox folder. I definitely remember stopping because the original wasn't a very good map to use as a base, but the work I've already done is compelling enough to maybe start nibbling at it again.
  8. Willem Dafoe getting his junk mashed with a log at the end of Antichrist was a pretty fucking disturbing.
  9. I typically resort to Krautrock when I need my experimental music fix. With avant garde music, there are artists that takes an extreme undertaking in the production, performance and overall conception to the piece (See: Can, Barry Truax, some Nurse With Wound). On the other hand, there are 'artists' that literally make shit-noise and try to shoehorn themselves into the same way-too-broad definition of avant garde (See: 70% of registered Bandcamp pages).
  10. The new forum looks and feels very slick. The mobile experience on the old software was getting much too cumbersome, and the original homepage just served as monument to the longevity of the site. The front-page is now something I could legitimately kill time on whereas before the only thing that you could really do before was dig into a graveyard of broken hosted sites. Is there any idea of how /newstuff chronicles and the Cacowards are going to be handled? I can only imagine the former being depreciated as the Downloads section is a catch-all for recent idgames activity.