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  1. We recorded this with out friend Dan. I did all of the video work myself. Footage was capped and keyed in AE, then inserted over planes in Blender as animated materials. The entire video was sequenced from start to finish in Blender with some minor color correction done after in AE.
  2. Ed

    Post a picture of yourself!

    My wife and I on the cover of the local news rag from my hometown. This is framed in the living room.
  3. Ed

    Megalyth Brendt Pantley R.I.P

    My condolences to you and your family. I talked to him a few times on IRC, but I remember his name and avatar were a constant presence here.
  4. Ed

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Blender scene.
  5. Remix of Traveling Light by Bootblacks.
  6. Ed

    Animated Short

    This was supposed to be a 30 second promo video, and ended up turning into a full-blown animated short. I've never done any kind of animation in Blender, so it was definitely a 'learning in the trenches' experience. Brian from The Gothsicles jumped in and did some voice over work and vocals on a Butthole Surfers cover midway through. The whole thing was supposed to ape the overhype, late 90s E3 vibes with different nods to games of that era, but ended up being more irreverent and self depreciating. It's a mixed bag of resources. Most of the character models are reskins of N64 meshes. I made a ton of original content as well. The Quake sequence was actually built in GZDoom, and exported as an OBJ. Even for a lightweight animation compared to something more visually robust, it was still a ton of work. Much more than I had anticipated. After the dust settled, the project folder was 30 gigs and the whole thing took several hundred hours.
  7. Ed

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Roland R8 drum machine built in Blender.
  8. Ed

    Creating 3D environments in Doom for artwork

    Well, the first one is basically composite photo rigging. There isn't any kind of sector geometry aside from projecting layers of a chopped up photograph towards the camera. The pan in was very subtle. Anything more than a few units would give away the effect. The second one, that's all sector built. There used to be a user here, gggmork. He released a level set of all sector art years ago and it was absolutely mind-bending. If anyone has a copy of that kicking around, it'll throw you through a loop.
  9. Ed

    Creating 3D environments in Doom for artwork

    I used Gzdoom for film composition for a few different applications. Still image, broken up into layers to give the camera some depth when panning in. The layers were set to mid-textures and set up in a forced perspective array. It could have been done in Blender, but not nearly as fast. The back layer was all solid green, full bright to composite the mid/character in on a green screen. Everything else was After Effects after the fact. I wanted a tight shot of the painting in the frame. This was built with sectors and a PBR texture. You can see GZDoom's Ambient Occlusion on the frame edge. Coffin was built in GZDoom. The ground was a still photograph set as a floor texture. All the hue was added in AE, as well as the body. It takes a bit of trickery (a lot of trickery, actually), but if you're working with fixed angles, you can get away with a lot. Sometimes, if I just want a quick thing, or I want to have something I can attach some camera tracking to after the main filming is done, I can make a scene to gussy up in AE a lot faster in GZD than in Blender. Plus, being able to control the camera in real time and from a first person perspective is pretty useful.
  10. Ed

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Some Blender work
  11. Last night, we got to play a benefit show for Darkest Before Dawn on the Darkotica Cincinnati livestream. The host is a great guy and coincidentally, a tremendous Doom fan. Taking full advantage to nerd out with/for like minded company, we made a little-more than elaborate, Doom themed 'stage'. The map is a chunk of one I released in 2016, Warphouse. All kinds of new assets, decorate actors and textures were created for the setup. The lights were sequenced via ACS in the same manner as a traditional DMX lighting rig, with different sequences scripted for each song. A 30 minute set turned into a hell of a lot of typing! The video capture was done with a three camera setup, and the entire room was green screened like a holodeck. Audio was captured from the interface to individual channels via ASIO, and that was piggybacked to a dummy mic input on OBS. The green-screen footage utilized an effect that analyzed the background footage and applied color / light correction to the foreground. We pulled so many tricks for this one; Decorate, ACS, DeHacked, shaders. It's something I've always wanted to do, but completely underestimated how much work it would be.
  12. Ed

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Green-screened Doom show calamity.
  13. https://open.spotify.com/track/4q4b8ER7VeyaODszMMW1k3 Grendel prettied up this song on our last album. The guy's got hit-sauce flowing through his veins.
  14. Good luck with your future endeavors! Your photography is top notch and I'm sure you will find success wherever you plant your feet. Thank you for all that you've done in these two decades.
  15. Ed

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Acrylic in canvas