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  1. Junior shredding it up on Zandronum
  2. 20 years of Doomworld is closer
  3. Cool! Thanks for sharing this. Didn't realize the Mastermind model was quite that large.
  4. I can imagine that, definitely. I don't think their tactics in getting a foothold in the money stream is going to be as blunt as legal whack-a-mole. The Youtube channels, user commentary, mods and everything else become part of the larger experience. They know user created content drives desirability of the product and sustains popularity. It's not the users that are sitting on a mountain of gold for this, it's the channels in which the content is hosted. If they hold everyone, including content creators, to a standard in which their intellectual property can be monetized, it would be in Zenimax's better interests to allow user content to flourish and then press the hosting sites for compensation.
  5. I don't think creating uncertainty in the Doom community on account of Sarge would be the big downside for Bethesda in enforcing any legal action against his Patreon account. His decision to open a Patreon account is exception within the Doom community because of it's traditional openness and general 'share and share alike' collective mindset. In other modding scenes, I don't think it would be quite as alien to do so. That snowballs into Youtube content creators, Soundcloud DJs and anyone else that generates a revenue stream through Patreon by modifying other people's intellectual property. That's a can of worms that Bethesda would probably avoid opening at all costs.
  6. After reviewing those chat logs, I am sure Mark will dispatch any future legal disputes he may have in a mature, tactful manner.
  7. I think on whether or not legal action would be warranted would depend on how the Patron account is presented. If it were worded as such that monetary compensation is desired for work directly related to a mod, then there could be a case. We all know who SgtMarkIV is and what he does and why anyone would consider donating to his Patron account, but a Patron account can be opened for completely arbitrary reasons not directly related to modding or anything else for that matter. I don't think that Mark is making money hand over fist from his Patron account. Best case scenario, just enough to make up for the loss of revenue doing something more lucrative, like a running lemonade stand. Now, if Doomworld or another gaming site were to pursue advertisement revenue not to make a profit but to make up for operating costs, could Bethesda issue a C&D in that scenario?
  8. Trying to channel my inner Skinny Puppy superfan with some Sunday night synth jammin'. Everything is live off the board being sequenced from my PC via FL Studio. There's a lot of CC automation on the live synths. My phone is also set-up to receive MIDI in and being used an instrument as well, stacking some choir samples from my old Korg X5.
  9. I built a tune-able tongue drum / wood xylophone!


    This was made from mostly knotty pine with red oak on the trim pieces.  The 'fretboard' is a milled down strip of dense teague with aluminum rails running into a 1/8" trench to act as the frets.  The keys are adjustable and fretted down with 5/16" machine screws.  The inserts are t-nuts mounted in through the bottom of the fretboard. The length is around 11", 8" wide and 7" or so in height.





    Keys mounted, also red oak.  The keys do not resonate as well as I'd like, but the modular design allows to change materials or have a mix and matched material configuration if I want. 




    Front view



    All in all, about $30 in material and a month or so of work off and on.  I have to play around with the key material,  but the body is acoustically very loud.


    This is why I can't get a wad out the door in less than 2 years!

    1. Mr.Rocket


      Very cool!

      I'd like to hear it!



    2. Fonze


      That's awesome Ed, build me a big enough one and I'll play it ;D


      Nah but seriously you can sell full sized ones for easily upwards of $1,000... I bought a marimba in 2008 for $1,000, which was incredibly cheap but then again it's prolly not unlike something you would build... the resonators are cardboard tubes heh, but the thing sounds and plays great. For the cost it was a great buy :)

  10. Post-shower / pre-bedtime situational picture Son: "I'm doing a Sonic pose, so you have to do Knuckle's pose" Me: "I don't know what Knuckle's pose is" Son: "Just look tough" Best attempt