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  1. "some women do deserve tortures, and Pussy Riot are the first candidates on it."
  2. You had me up until the 3d printed part. I mean, maybe the end product would be something that is constructed in the way of 3d printing to resemble the desired food product and probably the most desirable taste and texture.. but I don't know about printing it into just whatever. It would be utterly insane to go into a Wendy's and at table 1 there's a kid eating an Air Jordan sneaker, and over in the booth there's someone eating a Tom Brady bust and some teenagers end up printing a Baconator into the shape of a comically large penis and leaving it on the table. I don't think we could expect sensible restraint.
  3. Yes, it's the same guy. Operation Arctic Wolf and the Astrostein series are probably his best work.
  4. That Russian wad that was essentially just torture porn was pretty reprehensible. Maybe the game-play was great, I don't know. If the author is so much of an asshole that their assholery directly affects the end product than it could probably be too distracting to enjoy.
  5. You have to synthesize!
  6. Fun Twitch tidbit - original picture that was used for the album art:
  7. Junior making his first completeable map at 4 years old (while being rightfully distracted by the Powerpuff Girls).  This is actually a few months old now, he's graduated to having skies and variable light levels. He still wants blood floors everywhere,  should I be worried?



    1. 40oz



    2. Fonze


      That's awesome! I like his non-orthogonal room shapes; makes me wonder if we box ourselves in as we get older...


      Also... 1 step closer to a good great drinking buddy when you get old ;D

    3. Doomkid


      My god, mapping at age 4! When I was about 8 or 9 years old I was also obsessed with having liquid flats for every floor. Maybe it's some kind of weird psychological thing in chillins. Best status update!

    4. R1ck


      Best dad

    5. DoctorGenesis


      That's pretty kick ass! Only question: Is he watching the original Powerpuff Girls or that weird(er) looking new one?

    6. bzzrak


      So getting Cacowards is becoming a family business now? :]

    7. Ed


      @DoctorGenesis Pretty sure it's the new one.  He doesn't watch too much tv,  but I do try to load him up on the classics.


      @Fonze Even now we'll be eating breakfast and he'll hit me with the line of questioning about  'what planet the aliens are flying to in Ancient Aliens' or 'what do they keep in all the crates'.  Suddenly, you're finding yourself in an IRL "Do Demons Go To The Bathroom?" threads.  

  8. Congrats on the release! Looks awesome - I'll give it a shot tonight.
  9. Favorite Movie Genre: Body Horror Favorite Food: Dry-roasted edamame with dried cranberries Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving Favorite Memor(ies): The birth of my son. The day I got my license. Tripping on acid in the early AM in the still nature, watching fog blanket over a pond. Worst Memory: The house I grew up in getting foreclosed on Age: Old Favorite Outfit: Jeans, Chucks, button down shirt Favorite Genre Of Music: Post punk, classic / garage rock & psychedelic, classical, industrial, ambient Most Hated Genre of Music: Whatever that bad punk sounding stuff was in the early 2000s with the effeminate teenage males lamenting about their broken hearts. I called it emo, but people that are into emo usually hate it more than I do. Left Handed or Right Handed: Right Worst Injury: Very few injuries, thankfully. A broken finger might be the worst. Favorite Hobby: Fishing Your Definition of Success: Being a good provider of wisdom, financial support, structure and love for my family. In your opinion, are situations typically black and white: No
  10. Some thing I drew years ago. It's Sharpie on posterboard. My son got a hold of it when he was a baby and purple-crayon'd it to death.
  11. Owner of the company I work at passed away. He was pretty old,  86, so it's hard to do anything but look back and celebrate his life. 

    I would wear my work coat with the company logo on it and on more than a few occasions cashiers would ask how he was doing and that he was such a nice guy.  He would go to work like everyone else every day up until a few months ago.  Worked his balls off,  smart as hell.. he would bring the whole shop to his lodge in Maine once a year and we would drink, eat meat and fish.  I would tell my son to look up to the guy, but I'm a grown man and I looked up to him (obviously).  

    I feel lucky to have gotten to know him and know about him - the best people in the world are people you meet that make you want to be a better person yourself by their example.

  12. One of my favorite Ministry tracks! That album desperately needs a remaster.
  13. 40's opinions aren't without validity. I don't share the same sentiment exactly. The new design is better for my needs personally, where I want to mostly read about Doom related topics. Most people here are into or on the cusp of being middle aged and should have their big boy/girl pants on by now. I'm not scared of reading words I don't agree with on the internet. If someone is willing to write a mini-editorial about something they feel strongly about, it's only because they probably care deeply about the place. If that's a place their coming from, then it shouldn't be hard to at least meet at that relative understanding. It's clear that these forums mean many things to many people and it shouldn't be a surprise that people are going to be worried after a pretty significant change. I personally feel much more optimistic about it as a whole, even for thoughtful discussion, it's just as welcoming as a platform. It just has to come down to making the forum what you want it to be.
  14. Breathing, Shiny and Moist - Some of my favorite MIDI work I've done recently for Becoming.  The end has a pretty unsettling timbre, despite it's Roland SC pallet.