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  1. Rince-wind

    Random Image Thread

    Full scale here
  2. Rince-wind

    Random Image Thread

    Urheber: Mike Franchina
  3. Rince-wind

    Share Your Sprites!

    Thanks for the response, this is supposed to be a player sprite based on this guy.
  4. Rince-wind

    Share Your Sprites!

    Thanks for the advice, glad you like it.
  5. Rince-wind

    Share Your Sprites!

    My very first player sprite concept, so it's a bit raw in some parts. Tell my what you think of it!
  6. Rince-wind

    Random Image Thread

    Bubble Bath (1980)
  7. Rince-wind

    Random Image Thread

    The Dutch Proverbs
  8. Rince-wind

    Random Image Thread

  9. Rince-wind

    Random Image Thread

    ùghdar: AngusBurgers
  10. Rince-wind

    Project Uber

    Weird and frantic are the two words that best describe this gem. Made by the same mad genius that gave us Beyond Reality, this wad lets you dual wield BFGs, puts you through 6 massive and trippy levels filled with such enemies as Freiza imps, four armed Hell Knights and rocket propelled Revenants and lets you loose. Probably the most fun I've ever had playing a wad, I recommend this to anyone who's up for a challenging arcadey adventure. I would have given this 5 stars if it weren't for the last two levels though. The levels are a bit demanding, but the last two become so hard I could only beat them with godmode on, and even then there are so many enemies it becomes a slough to progress, but maybe that's just me being a scrub. Try it for yourself and see.