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  1. theDia

    Empire of Sin - New strategy game made by Romero

    Yup, found it, bought it and will spent my holidays in July playing it. :)
  2. theDia

    Empire of Sin - New strategy game made by Romero

    Wow thanks. This looks exactly like it was made for me. ;) Time to visit Steam again after years of not using it...
  3. theDia

    The Legacy of Heroes - on idgames

    Wow @gaspe, you made this eternally old Doomer feeling eternally happy again. :) Admitted, due to time-problems, I only checked level 1 so far, but you got the feel and look of Eternal Doom down. Also, don´t get this wrong, I´m also feeling a little bit proud that our work from the nineties still influences new mappers. :) I will give the whole set a playthrough at the next available time-slot - it´s a long time since I got lost in Eternal Doom. But from what I saw (and read) so far you get my seal of approval and could even call it Eternal Doom 4.5. :) BTW I´m also back on the mapper-scene, but - as in my work for ED - I´m still no castle-guy and just trying to use the ressources slightly different and - also as before (and man, did I get hate for this back then and still) in a more surreal way. At least we had the time-travel plot back then and this is exactly what I will use in my upcoming level-set again. ;) Keep on the good work and thanks for keeping Eternal alive... dia
  4. theDia

    Empire of Sin - New strategy game made by Romero

    If it could bring back the feeling of the original Syndicate it would be great. I don`t know how many hours I spent mind-controlling whole citys. :)
  5. theDia

    INVIS10.wad - 15 years in the making. :)

    @Suitepee FYI - the map was completed in 2004 for ED IV and in this way you were right - it was a time we all experimented with all the new features of ZDoom. Interesting enough I could surprise you a few times with tricks I build 15 years ago, so I wasn´t totally on the wrong way back then when ZDoom was in it´s infant days. What I did for version 1.0 (which you played) was just fine-tuning and re-learning the scripting language. What has become of the map in between will probably surprise you when it will be released in it´s final form - just gimme a few weeks. :) What I found interesting when re-visiting the forums was that most of the younger Doomers prefer a more "vanilla"-approach, so I will adapt to this a bit more (f.e. the jumping/mouselooking is gone now), but I will still use the Eternal ressources, because (as you could see in Invis(city) ), there are still new ways to utilize them. At least I didn´t bore you and you weren´t lost in the map or in the puzzles (which was one of the biggest criticism Eternal got even back then). So be prepared - there is more Dia-stuff coming in the near future. :)
  6. theDia

    INVIS10.wad - 15 years in the making. :)

    Thanks - i will watch it after work. :) I like your style of playing...but as mentioned, by now the level is really different. :)
  7. theDia

    INVIS10.wad - 15 years in the making. :)

    A little update. In between Invis (will be level 4 or 5) is ready to go. Mouselook and Jumping aren´t needed anymore, because in the week I spent again here on DW I discovered that most of the recent players prefer a more vanilla play-approach. All bugs - even those @leodoom85 found and exploited in his (unreleased) video-playthrough - are squished and some areas look and feel very different now. So even if you played invis11 before you´re in for some surprises. :) But the best thing of all I have an composer on board. Electronic- and filmmusic-fan Michael Engels (https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1477657/) will compose some action-packed tracks fitting the levels. For invis I used one of his unreleased themes from "Violent Shit" for now and even if it´s only a placeholder - his style works really great during the action. So if anyone wants to test this (almost final) version - just PM me. Have fun and a great weekend...
  8. theDia

    Tell Me This is A Joke...

    Hey, it's not funny to make jokes about us humorless Germans. We also can laugh - just look here: Hargh hargh, tschuess wachhund... :)
  9. theDia

    Tell Me This is A Joke...

    This would be a RIFFenant then. :)
  10. theDia

    Tell Me This is A Joke...

    And don´t forget the dopefish in Quake. :)
  11. theDia

    INVIS10.wad - 15 years in the making. :)

    Thanks a lot for your comments. The double save thing never came into my mind, but that´s an easy fix - I will add a few seconds delay to it. Call me stupid, but I really never used the teleporter when hunting the stooges, but of course you´re right, also I will ad an "in sequence" to the according message and switch 2 and three around, which will fix the telefrag possibility. I also will change a big point some other tester pointed out. Because really jumping and mouselook are only needed for grabbing the goodies and the first shootable switch. I used both back then when starting the map, because this was the big new thing, but now I´m probaby losing the more vanilla-players due to it. The update will come after my next map, because right now I´m planning to use Invis as level 2 in a episode of four or five levels with an ongoing theme. Let´s say it will be Eternal Doom 4.2. :)
  12. theDia

    What's your playing style?

    And I thought I saw it all in the last 25 years. :)
  13. theDia

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Doom

    Who summoned me from the realms of the dead? ;) Serious - after 15 years I´m back in the saddle and for all who missed me I brought a lost Eternal.wad with me. :)
  14. KEEN was the first platformer I really fell in love with. Played it a lot at times when I should be working, without my boss ever realizing what I was doing - at least I was typing something. :) This abomination has nothing to do with the Commander I knew and loved. The grafix I could even live with, but the gameplay looks nothing like what I think about when KEEN flows through my mind. The worst with all this is probably that it´s in portrait mode - there´s problably nothing else what destroys the platform genre more. :)
  15. theDia

    What Was the First Map You Published or Made?

    I build my very first map around november 1995 but never released it. :) My second work was a project called "Weapons.wad" in which the player was forced to survive each level with mostly one special weapon in mind. While fiddling around with this (and completing the first 4 levels) I was hired by Team Eternal for Eternal Doom. So my first published maps were ED 03 and 08. The starting level of weapons.wad became level 14 of ED later. After ED I swiotched to Quake and Quake2 for a time, worked a year with the Acknex-Engine (talk about hell) and just a few weeks ago the bug bit me again. So one could say Invis10.wad is my first ever released level - and it took 15 years to complete. :)